• Name: XYZ
  • Date of Birth: 9th August 1975
  • Place: New Delhi
  • Gender: Male
  • Time: 01:01 AM
  • Report: Medical Astrology Consultation


Question 1: I am suffering from pre-diabetes, any cure possible?


  • Exalted Jupiter in the center of the nodal axis is a major affliction for blood sugar.
  • Saturn aspects Jupiter in D_9 chart.
  • Saturn square Moon in D_1 chart and opposite Moon in D_9 chart makes the status more difficult.
  • It is quite likely that your "pre-diabetes" will develop into full fledged hyperglycemia.
  • Only medical attention may not cure this fully and may only suffice to keep it under some degree of control.
  • Many restrictions in living style would be needed.
  • It is necessary to resort to Yoga and Pranayam in addition to medical attention.
  • Pursued steadily over a long period, you can get rid of diabetes finally through this method only.

Question 2: I am having a high myopia, please suggest cure and control?


  • Cure of Myopia is a medical impossibility.
  • Astrologically too, your Sun and Moon are very strongly afflicted by Rahu and Saturn.
  • Dasa lord Mercury too is in the star of Saturn who is very weak.
  • You can resort to appropriate Pranayam and also yoga for support to the normal medical treatment
  • These will give you better control over possible exacerbation.
  • Also perform Surya Namaskar every morning within one hour of sunrise.

Question 3:  Are there any future health issues?


  • Nerve related weakness and exhaustion, anorexia, fluctuation of BP and problems of prostrate gland are likely to develop gradually.