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Mars-Saturn Scorpio Sojourn with dates_Readings:
Overall Trends:
Transit Mars and Saturn will be together in Scorpio from 20 Feb 2016 to 18 Sep 2016 with a gap from 18 Jun 2016 to 12 Jul 2016.
Mars & Saturn are two very strong planets but they are poles-apart in their effects.
The effects will be even more pronounced since the conjunction of Mars and Saturn is occurring in the sign Scorpio ruled by Mars.
Mars gives the ‘energy’ to fulfill your needs and ambitions while Saturn is the ‘control’, which is necessary for eventual efficiency in your expression and growth.
During the Mars–Saturn conjunction, the essential energies fight with necessary controls.
This conjunction may often result in a stalemate or indecision. Occasionally this can also make a person prone to accidents.

These effects will be significantly influenced and even modified when either of Mars and Saturn or both turn retrograde during their sojourn through Scorpio.
Mars enters Scorpio sign on 20 Feb 2016, will turn retrograde in Scorpio from 17 Apr 2016 to 17 Jun 2016, and then enter into Libra on 18 Jun 2016 in retrograde motion, turn direct in Libra from 29 Jun 2016 to 12 Jul 2016 and reenter Scorpio on 13 Jul 2016 and finally leaves Scorpio on 19 Sep 2016.
Transit Saturn will be retrograde in Scorpio from 25 Mar 2016 and will remain in that state till 12 Aug 2016 and will turn direct in Scorpio from 13 Aug 2016.
Thus effectively Saturn-Mars conjunction in transit in Scorpio will operate from 17 Apr 2016 to 17 Jun 2016 and from 13 Jul 2016 to 18 Sep 2016.

Specific Effects:
Placement of Mars in your ascendant:
It is a time to make impression on others with great activity and much hard work.
Every relationship will be hard to handle but working independently will pay you more than usual.
You will be more dominating at this stage than usual.
The period is of revengeful nature, you should avoid fight even if somebody attacks or blames you first.
Stay careful against illness and accidents.
You will feel easily dejected as you will find many obstacles on your way, suffer displeasures of superiors and may face separation from relatives and friends.
Take guard against high blood pressure.

Effect of Mars due to Moon Sign:
This is a period when you will feel much egoistic.
Since Mars is in a house of pleasures, any game related activity will be much rewarded.
Your love instincts will be very strong and physical love will be more active but with anybody new.
Children may have serious conflict with you and you may find the situation harder to tackle.
Keep yourself busy and stay careful against accidents and also about welfare of children as you may lack the usual discipline in these areas.
Avoid improper desires, mental anguish, troubles and quarrels with children, wounds through accidents, physical weakness, irritable temperament and even threat of theft in your household.

Effect of Saturn due to ascendant:
It is a time of shearing away from various aspects of life.
Your responsibilities will increase and your accomplishments will be quite good.
Focus on projects and things that require short time for completion.
Do not start new or long range projects as these will be delayed.
Since your Saturn is a functional malefic, health of your spouse, children and close relatives may suffer.
You may face disharmony, disagreements with others, and may have some fear from enemies.
Journey to a distant place may separate you from family.
Loss of wealth and honor, obstructions and delays to your undertakings, failure in attempts and increase in expenditure are quite possible.

Effect of Saturn due to Moon Sign:
This is a difficult time.
You will face false allegations, loss of money, increased expenses, mental agony, and separation from family and disputes with children, if applicable.
You may feel the burden of matters related to children.
Love affairs will become very difficult.
You may be associated with men/women older than you and though it may quite be unpleasant, it may turn out into a growth experience.
You will have confrontations, but if dealt with wisdom, these will be to your advantage.
Do not gamble or speculate or take any other risks in any matter as you will certainly lose in all of them.

Related Effects:
Mars-Saturn combination moving over natal Saturn, Rahu and Venus in birth chart D_1 birth chart.
Excessive energy and intolerance will develop and will make you much impatient, intellectually arrogant, and indifferent about possible consequences of your aggressive attitude at this stage.
Relation with seniors and colleagues and also with spouse, partner or lover will suffer and your personal image in their eyes will decline.
Communications issues will take the center stage and will highlight frequent failure in communication leading to increasing obstructions to your plans and views.
Significant slips can occur in speech and action while working in your career due to various pressures on your mind.

Mars-Saturn combination moving square to the transit nodes:
Some degree of cruelty and very stern nature will be indicated and you will notice much impatience in your thoughts and actions that will disturb your physical vitality.
This will, in turn, adversely affect your basic health and physical sufferings.
You will often find that you have no energy left when you have a lot to do.
Also you will have excessive energy when you have nearly nothing to do and this will disturb you physically and psychologically.
You will have too much sexual energy, sometimes to the point of being pushed to a temporary state of promiscuity.
Also all events in life will move in destined manners and your own views or expectations or ambitions may not be given much weight by others.
You will need to accept them, whether you like them or not.
Any efforts from your side to block these events or to neutralize or ignore them will bring doubly negative results.

Opportunities and Advice: For way of working and living during this period:

This is an excellent time to apply more than usual or normal attention and focus on personal goals and pursue it without being deflected from your course.
If you know precisely what you want, you now can harness considerable force to attain what your desire.
Being patient and accepting the limitations to your desires can fortify you for the occasion when restrictions no longer impede you. However, you can accomplish much during this cycle by working hard on the tasks at hand though it may mean placing your own agenda on hold.
Any discipline that is a combination of mental and physical training and that concentrates your energy in a purposeful yet deliberate manner is likely to produce positive effects which can offset any disappointment now.
One purpose of this period is to slow all movements down sufficiently so that you can see clearly what you truly want and what you don’t want.
Yet if you must confront life aggressively, you can still succeed by knowing well your capabilities and choosing your competition and engagements carefully.
Under the above premises, it is likely that you will get some options to progress your career and income through a change of job at a later date.
In particular transit Saturn placed in ascendant in may cause this change to promote career growth along with financial progress.

This will be very well supported by beneficial locations of transit Jupiter.
If you can follow the suggestions given in this report, you can build up the ground for these gains during the Saturn-Mars transit in Scorpio and get the results after this ends, and most likely during period after mid Aug 2016.
All relationships can gradually improve, new love associations can develop and marital life, if applicable, will get better too but you must act as advised.
Health will be normal provided you avoid needless frustration, anxiety and excessive anger.

Hurdles and issues that could come up:

You may experience strong pressures during this cycle that can frustrate you unless you have an outlet to channel the energy.
Pressures existing now are likely to be too much for you to conquer, and you will do best to bide your time, otherwise you can encounter one obstacle after another.
Further, a lack of direction can mean that you struggle to get much done, and promising avenues often turn out as dead-ends.
You may have difficulty getting motivated, since overcoming inertia [caused by Saturn acting against Mars] may overshadow every impulse you produce through Mars.
At the same time even if you may have a clear ambition, various obligations may redirect your drive towards what others demand of you, and those in authority can diminish your ability to pursue your own objectives.
If you resist the demands placed upon you, you can become angry from trying to make things happen against the will of the times.
Should you have the freedom to follow your dreams, you are likely to still have to persevere against setbacks, as progress will be generally slow.
Exerting too much force can have unpleasant consequences, especially if it is a reaction to something you dislike.
If active by nature and you exercise restraint, you can find this interval a weight that holds you back.
If disposed to a cautious approach, you may grind to a halt.
On ground communication failure, loss of rational image and needless or avoidable controversies may not be actually avoided in case you are not focused to go for restraints in these areas.

Suggested Changes:

It is important that you observe the various situations and people, analyze them dispassionately and redirect your efforts toward what really impels you, which ultimately can allow you to achieve your end.
Although this sometimes is a debilitating interval of frustrating experiences, it usually manifests only if you fight the current and insist on going against the tide.
Pressures and obstructions serve as a reminder that there is a time to press forward and time to wait, and that you benefit more by saving your strength rather than wasting it.
Prioritize precisely and without any bias.
Follow your priorities after showing your obedience and compliances with orders at work place and in society.
Avoid impatience, easy anger, attitude issues and develop your standards of cooperation with others in any area of life.
Opt for better and timely communication and prefer time tested ways of handling people and for developing your accumulation of money.
Take no short cuts in matters of love, family happiness, investments and personal image and health and above all your work.

Astrological Remedies:

Meditate or pray regularly.
Offer water to Sun God every morning, facing east and after full bath.
Chant “Om Durgaoii Namah” as frequently as possible, the more the better.
Even silent chanting will do.
Keep fast during evenings and nights of all Saturdays.
Sleep with your head towards the South direction.

Broad and much favorable period for peace and growth:
14 Aug 2016 to Feb 2017.

Benign periods that demand lesser efforts from you:
18 Jun 2016 to 12 Jul 2016.