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Effects of Mars in transit:

The effects of Mars in transit will be related to the sign and house travelled by Mars and the status of transit Mars [direct or retrograde motion].
Due to his travel through Scorpio sign at the present stage, your energy level and the power to push ahead will be quite high and this energy will need to be channelized in the logical and right direction, as otherwise failure and unhappiness will result.
Your courage, capacity to work hard, and your executive prowess will increase.
You will be basically positive, confident, ingenious, aristocratic and successful.
At the same time, you may become selfish, unsocial, ungrateful, rash, extravagant, revengeful and passionate.

Loss and disappointments through opponents and through members of the other gender are possible.
Due to his travel through the 8th house from your ascendant and Moon sign Aries, Mars can cause fever, fear, accidents, wounds, and sinful acts, loss of money, blood poisoning, mental worry and fatigue.
These effects can be either subtle or blatant depending on your maturity and self control.
Your ego will have strong confrontation with others.
The 8th house being the house of values that one shares with others, it will cause powerful effects in others and in turn that will cause a change in you.

You will have disagreements with your spouse or partner.
It is not a good time to raise a loan from anybody or any institution.
Your sex drive will become much stronger as an expression of your acute ego.
This period can transform you depending on how you understand and use the period.
Whenever, Mars gets into retrograde motion, all effects of transit Mars, good or bad, will be further energized while more mistakes, arrogance, misplaced pride and loss through impatience and arrogance will occur and can spoil the effects of all the good work that you have done or still doing.

Effects of transit Mars being conjunct with transit Saturn:

Transit Saturn in Scorpio in the 8th house from ascendant/Moon:

This is a difficult transit but good for you on long term.
You may be liable to take incorrect actions.
Even otherwise you will see your actions being criticized.
Troubles through relatives, possible litigations, unworthy company and possible disrepute can occur.
Unsavory displeasures from superiors or the authorities and some restrictions or confinements are expected.
You will have problems with your finance and various possessions.
Money held under the custody of others will not be available when you need them.
All resources from others will be cut off.
On the positive side you will learn to depend more on yourself and will get to know your own resources and the value of them.
You will also get to know the reality of people around you.

Mars-Saturn combination moving square to natal Mars in birth chart D_1 and square to natal Saturn and natal Sun in career chart D_10.
Excessive energy and intolerance will develop and will make you much impatient, intellectually arrogant, and indifferent about possible consequences of your aggressive attitude at this stage.
Relation with seniors and colleagues and also with spouse, partner or lover will suffer in major ways and your personal image in their eyes will decline quickly.
Communications issues will take the center stage and will strongly highlight frequent failures in communication leading to increasing obstructions to your plans and views and also various persecutions and restrictions on your working including possible censor.
Significant slips and mistakes can occur in speech and action while working in your career due to various pressures on your mind.
You may even resort to unethical or not very legal courses of action and will reap the results immediately.

Mars-Saturn combination moving square to the transit nodes:
Some degree of cruelty and very stern nature will be indicated and you will notice much impatience in your thoughts and actions that will disturb your physical vitality.
This will, in turn, adversely affect your basic health and physical sufferings.
You will often find that you have no energy left when you have a lot to do.
Also you will have excessive energy when you have nearly nothing to do and this will disturb you physically and psychologically.
You will have too much sexual energy, sometimes to the point of being pushed to a temporary state of promiscuity.
Also all events in life will move in destined manners and your own views or expectations or ambitions may not be given much weight by others.
You will need to accept them, whether you like them or not.
Any efforts from your side to block these events or to neutralize or ignore them will bring doubly negative results.

How retrogression increases/influences the effects:
Mars represents raw energy, physical expression, individual action and assertiveness, as well as anger, desire, sexuality, competitiveness and motivation for self interest.
You will not know how to deal with power issues, conflict, aggression or anger.
As Mars has masculine energy, its retrogression can create problems with how you deal the masculine-aggression of others, females or males.
During retrogression, energies of Mars will tend to burst forward in short duration.
What often results from such outburst are upsets and frustrations in daily life.
When the time to analyze a situation arrives, you will explode, causing you to act aggressively against your own self interest.
Your ability to control and/or review your thoughts, speech and actions before expressing anger will be affected adversely.
Retrogression will push you to search out competitive situations but will not give you the capacity to handle these well.

You can be openly aggressive or you may try to completely suppress your aggression and thus create an imbalance within your personality. When retrogression of Mars represses you and your attitude, you can become a victim of depression.
At other times, retrogression of Mars gives you a lot of power, but you may not be able to understand the degree or level of your power or how to use it properly.
This can lead to its misuse.
The fire element of Mars can create waste of power through complete exhaustion.
Thus you need to watch your metabolism as it can get speeded up or much slowed down in cycles.
The cycle is vicious, as it has a lot to do with maintaining physical and emotional balance to effectively use your vision and energy. Retrograde Mars will disturb this cycle and will create problems on a subtle level.

The logical side of Mars can get skewed during retrogression or his logic can become quite unconventional but at the same time this logic will be very powerful and can achieve things that are not normally achievable without retrogression.

Things to avoid during retrogression:
Avoid impatience, greed, arrogance, selfishness and rude behavior with all people around you in your life.
You truly need all of them for your success and happiness.
Do your best to prevent opportunity or difficulty from getting out of your hand.
Stop suppressing your feelings, thoughts, desires and actions while you should avoid getting rash in actions and scattering away your energy.
It`s the right time to avoid being obsessed with your agenda on hand or ignore the need to reconsider it or review it.

Avoid refusing to remain rooted in ground reality so that you can get the best out of the situation.
It is also the time to reenergize yourself and so avoid lowering your chin and take positive and practical actions with decent confidence.
You can also be accident prone or inclined to illness and thus do not neglect being cautious, eating healthy, taking sufficient rest while you avoid over work.
The areas that will need specific and sustained attention, relate to attitude at work, control over expenses and readiness to strike a compromising posture with others, especially with spouse, and superiors and colleagues at work.

Dependence on own ability, discretion and intelligence and care to avoid or at least minimize communication failure will be very important.
You must be cooperative with all to get cooperation.
Stay clear of any controversy at work place with both superiors and colleagues.
Strict care must be taken to shun expenses that can be avoided or can be delayed.
Save every possible amount of money to avoid financial stringency.

What to do, in order to increase gains:
Mars retrogression period is an excellent time to channelize your energies to the external world but in a very delicate and controlled way.
You will need to let go both timidity and impatient activity as both can lead to a lack of direction and end in failure.
Think and choose to be active without creating depression for you or creating any needless chaos, controversy and consequent failure.
All effects of Mars retrogression are far from normal and are dependent on your own free will to control the final outcome.

You may find that you are fighting others fruitlessly or waging an internal battle in your mind causing difficulty in asserting yourself, because of ignorance or because you are afraid of the consequences of releasing your energy.
You may tend to think too much before you act and may develop a tendency to hold back.
Whatever the cause, you may prevent yourself from standing up directly for your own interests.
This works directly against the life lesson that you are here to accomplish.
You must define who you are by what actions you take.
Act or speak you must, but do these with precisely right discretion, self control, timing, balance and propriety.

Remedies and suggestions:


Take this period of retrogression Mars as an opportunity to unravel and utilize the hidden strengths that you have.
Use your past experience of life and your maturity and education to accept that the retro transit of the one very major small planet can easily promote or undo the otherwise good effects of your horoscope.
Also you can put its typical nature to much good use only with a bit more patience and a bit less ego.
Otherwise you may see several situations of difficulties, many of which are quite avoidable.

Meditate or pray regularly.
Keep east side windows and doors of your residence open for as long as possible.
Offer water to Sun God every morning, facing east and after full bath.
Chant “Om Durgaoii Namah” as frequently as possible, the more the better.
Even silent chanting will do.
Keep fast during evenings and nights of all Saturdays.
Sleep with your head towards the South direction.