Mars Karma & Fortune Trends Report  


The coming months will see the transit effects of several important planets.
These effects will influence and modify the overall effects of your birth horoscope.
The most potent and important transits now are of Saturn, Jupiter and Mars.
On short term, the effects of transit Mars in Virgo will be the most prominent, much challenging, often quite sudden and very important.

These situations can be quite difficult to handle without advance knowledge and preparation.
Presently Mars will remain in retrogression in Virgo till 19 May 2014 and then in direct motion in Virgo till 14 Jul 2014.
Mars is NEVER comfortable in Virgo in any house, either in birth chart or in transit chart.
Thus this location of transit Mars in Virgo will cause many restrictions and issues.
These restrictions will be more during his retrogression period in Virgo till 19 May 2014 and will be somewhat moderated from 20 May 2014 to 14 July 2014 when Mars becomes direct in his motion in Virgo.

Period from 14 Apr 2014 to 03 May 2014 will be specially challenging while period from 14 Apr 2014 to 22 Apr 2014 will be the most challenging phase of this transit of Mars.
This is due to the fact that Mars will be MOST uncomfortable in Virgo during the above days.
Since the period of Mars's transit in Virgo is a difficult phase, it is necessary to avoid acting in a hurry and to introspect and review your goals and target dates while you remain focused on deeper planning.
This approach will allow you to act more effectively after the retrogression phase is over.
Then you can start any new work or continue your work as per plans and expect better and quicker results.

The details of effects given below along with the suggested remedies will let you make maximum gain from this period while you can cut down on most of your problems.
Detailed readings:
Astrological trends running now:

Dasa [planetary periods]:
Your current main period lord Jupiter rules till 29 May 2026.
Current sub period lord Saturn rules till the end of 2014 and beyond.

Jupiter will make you very intelligent and intuitive.
You will be involved in large scale projects but will enjoy general prosperity.
You may get ancestral property but may lose it too.
Loss through speculation is expected after some initial gains.
You will live your life to the full.
You will be humane and will love solitude but will remain somewhat undisciplined.
You will have windy disorders.
Saturn is not favorable for your Moon sign or for your ascendant.
Saturn is strong but quite inauspicious in your overall chart.
You will have quite good progress in career and all material comforts in life.
You will do well in foreign countries.
Saturn makes you ingenious and a gifted speaker but gives you an unpolished way of speech.
You will be very active but will harbor ill feelings quite easily.
You will be friendless and have a much chequered career graph.
You may have to struggle for even smaller achievements.
Career will not be smooth.
Marital life can be unromantic and devoid of charm.
You may have to face moderate financial condition and many forms of harassments.
Miseries in the matters of progeny are possible.
You will have a long life but many chronic ailments.
Digestive and abdominal disorders are expected.
Saturn and Rahu:
Exalted transit Saturn is in Libra, in the 2nd house of wealth from your Moon sign Virgo, in the 7th house from Sun and and in the 12th house of loss from ascendant Scorpio.
Rahu with Saturn in transit will promote the effects of Saturn.
Some good chance of progress in career and gain in income through career may be possible since Saturn is the lord of fortune house and career house from Sun sign and is exalted.
Both transit Saturn and transit Jupiter will promote and protect your career growth and will offer encouraging increase in income.
But you will have major issues in all relationships but especially with superiors at work and may suffer through these.
But transit Saturn is not well placed in the 2nd house from Moon.
Promotion may or may not be possible while it will be more possible for you to change your job to a better one and this can be within your current organization too.
Alternately you may also get a better role in your current job with better income but without amounting to a regular promotion to a higher position.
Your responsibility will increase and income will develop through any of these options but promotion is least likely to occur.
You will get into major controversial situations, with your superiors and also colleagues.
Your performance will be up to the expected mark throughout the year.
But your communication will often be quite inadequate, untimely and unconvincing.
You must take care of communication, both oral and written and also work very hard while you maintain total calm and avoid loss of temper in any situation.
Strictly avoid controversies with all.
Lie low and stay patient and tolerant while you speak, and take all actions very tactfully.
Remain visible in your positive and proactive ways but avoid being seen as self-centered.
Transit Jupiter, is very favorably placed in the career house from Moon, placed over Saturn, the career house lord from Sun and is very favorably aspecting transit Saturn and Rahu thus creating auspicious yoga effects.
Jupiter will promote your career, income, finance by himself and will also augment and reinforce the good effects of Saturn and Rahu and support and enhance your career progress, increase in income, overall material growth and good luck to significant degrees.
Transit Mars will remain in retrograde motion in Virgo till 19 May 2014.
Mars will travel through your Moon sign, through your 11th house from ascendant and the 6th house from your Sun sign.
Through Moon sign:
It is a time to make impression on others through much activity and hard work.
All forms of relationships will be quite difficult.
Many obstacles are expected.
Health may be disturbed.
Through 11th house from ascendant:
Group relationships will offer success.
Team work WILL BE the watch word.
Maintain balance for effective success.
Gain of money is possible.
You will get reward for hard work done.
Through 6th house from Sun:
It is necessary to work hard to get things done.
Focus only on necessary work and nothing else.
Obey superiors.
Honor team work.
Gain, progress and happiness are expected.
Favor from seniors for good work and victory over enemies can occur.
Infections, fevers and injuries are possible.
Changes that would come due to retrogression of Saturn and Mars:
Retrograde Saturn:

Saturn remains retrograde in Libra till 19 Jul 14.
This will cover the 12th house [of loss] from Moon and the 2nd house [financial accumulation and family life] from Moon.
Retrogression of Saturn will primarily slow down the good effects of natal Saturn and thus the benefits and gains suggested in birth chart may happen to a lesser degree or speed.
At this stage your retrograde Saturn will induce hastily made decisions not based on any wisdom or genuine analysis but based on intolerance and impatience.
These can even lead to some complications through inimical actions from others, especially from superiors and the authorities.
You may be in a quite confused, tense and anxious state of suspended animation of mind.
Thus your analyses, judgments, decisions and above all your communication will be much deficient and afflicted by bias, stubbornness and ego.
This will make any task much more difficult whether it is work or handling various relationships or handling personal finance or health.
But things will be much easier to handle if you are relaxed and grounded.
Determination to win conclusively, without caring for the speed of achieving such win, will make all your tasks much easier and will give you more assurance of success.
Do not try to fight out every single issue or enemy as these will not be productive.
Retrograde Mars:
Mars is retrograde in Virgo till 19 May 2014.
This is not a right time to opt for any contract or settlement or even verbally agree to anything of consequence.
It will be better to wait and allow the retro phase to pass and then act.
Such a wait, whether done arbitrarily or on own volition or under advice or under divine interference, will surely prove to a blessing and will make your success much easier and more assured or at least will avoid many problems cropping up later unexpectedly.
If you do not wait, much of your energy of restlessness or frustration can be expressed too early in the matters ruled by the houses where Mars is retrograde.
The houses involved in your case are 11th house [of material gains] from ascendant, the Moon sign, and the 6th house [of enmity and obstructions] from Sun.
Thus to ensure maximum gains, minimum enmity and good health, you will need to avoid taking any major decision or making any definitive changes or committing to any important proposal, to any relationship or taking on any adversary or making investments during the retro stage.
Schedule all important tasks or activities [like health care, travel plans, appearing for an interview for employment, joining a new job or project, changing your residence, investing your money, borrowing of money or dating a friend etc] after this period is over.
You may be apprehensive about this waiting period but you will stand to gain if you do as give above.
Things that will happen irrespective of anything (Karmic):
Your nature and attitude will tend to be rather cruel and stern.
You will be quite impatient and your physical vitality will be disturbed leading to physical sufferings.
You will often find that you have no energy left with you when you have a lot to do and also the vice versa.
Sexual energy will rise too much and may lead to possible situations of inclination to promiscuity.
You can be a bit reckless and will need to slowdown and think afresh before taking any major decision.
Very frequently, your analytical and objective mind will clash with your experience, wisdom, fairness and sense of sound judgment and can lead to states of confusion, stress or misguidance or downright wrong actions.
Things we can do or avoid for better result or avoiding damage [Free will]:
Plan your targets for each of your days and act as per your plan but remain within limits of righteousness and sufficient humility and also remain ready to make on course corrections or changes in your plans.
Avoid being over confident or looking for too much gain too early.
Honor your labor and that of others and also honor whatever results you get from them as this will give you much peace of mind and better health.
Maintain good relationship with all but especially with your seniors and colleagues.
Offer cooperation to get cooperation and do not consider this as a price.
Honor superiors or elders, at home, at work and in society.
Control all desires to within healthy or achievable limits, especially in private and intimate matters, since many of your desires may face obstructions or cause complications.
Rise early and take to bed early.
Other advice or remedies:
Offer water to Sun God every morning.
Worship Goddess Durga daily.
Keep fast during evenings and nights of all Saturdays.
Perform some social work or community service voluntarily.
Sleep with your head pointing towards south.