• Name: ABC
  • Date of Birth: 9th August 1980
  • Place: New Delhi
  • Gender: Female
  • Time: 01:01 AM
  • Report: Love Marriage - Consultation


1. Why do I have problems in my love life. Will I find someone soon ?

Answer: Since you are a little skeptic by temperament with mars in retrogression. this makes you somewhat inaccessible to those people too who would be interested in you.
There could have been some one on the horizon where things did not work out.
Lowering of expectation as well as standards in your love life will help you achieve happiness in this area of life.
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2. Marriage - is it possible , if yes when ?

Answer: Timing of marriage - looks possible after mid 2001 with but better chances in 2002.

3. What would my spouse look like ?

Answer: Description of spouse - two marriages are possible (as per conventional norms). Person could be tall , fair , well to do with a good family background is likely to approach you. The persons nature could have some unknown shortcoming making the attitude very material in life with an aggressive temperament. Eyes should be prominent on the face.