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prepared Maha Purusha Yoga analysis 2 yrs Scan:

1. Effects of Maha Purusha Yoga:
Maha Purusha Yoga is formed due to special locations of anyone of five specific planets in a horoscope and confers much greatness with various positive attributes.
The nature of these attributes depends on the specific planet causing the yoga, as each planet will activate and energize one specific Chakra [nerve center] of a person.
Mars renders much courage with combative power and skills, along with leadership quality.
Mercury renders strong intellect, intelligence, intuition and ability to earn through analytical power,
communication and high power of speech.

Jupiter makes a person gain due to his wisdom, knowledge and fairness.
Venus gives a beautiful and strong body with the mind full of artistic intellect and much creative ability.
Saturn gives the power to tolerate many challenges in one’s life and still win over the obstacles with tremendous determination, enterprise, patience, and tolerance.

Exceptional financial & professional progress & recognition comes to a person blessed with any form of this yoga.

2. How the yoga forms & which house are involved in your birth chart in its formation:

Pancha Maha Purusha Yoga is caused when any one of the causative planets - Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn - is either exalted or placed in own sign, in a Kendra house from ascendant of the birth chart.

The Kendra [angle] or quadrant houses are 1, 4, 7, 10 positions from the ascendant.
In your birth chart your ascendant is Capricorn while Venus is placed in the 10th house of career from
Thus one of the major Maha Purusha Yoga is formed.
This yoga of your chart is called Malavya yoga.
Malavya yoga can offer you good looks with good health, many opportunities for success, enjoyments and
luxuries and much fame and recognition in life through original creativity.
In addition to Malavya yoga, your Venus also forms a Kendra-Kona Yoga [since Venus is the lord of 5th and the
10th houses] and can bestow you with much success and wealth.

3. Principles on which Maha Purusha Yoga operates:
The basis of this yoga is the inherent strength and positivity of a planet [due to his placement in own or exaltation sign] being used for promoting the ascendant arising from his defined location with respect to ascendant.
Ascendant of a horoscope is the person or self [Purusha] while a strong and auspicious planet [yoga planet] boosts the strength of the ascendant to a great degree and makes the person worthy of various exceptional skills, traits and good fortune.
In the process of promoting the Purusha, the yoga planet actually strengthens and activates a particular chakraor nerve center as ordained by the specific planet forming the yoga.
In your case Anahata Chakra will be energized.

4. How to best utilize Maha Purusha Yoga for success:
The basic premise of any Maha Purusha yoga is to make way for growth and satisfaction of self while at the same time one must strive to share his good fortune with others.
Thus much impartial clarity of mind and focus of thoughts on doing well for and to others is the best way to make the yoga successful.

Thus you will do well to act in virtuous, well-meaning and inclusive manner.
Welfare of others should be the priority and this will bring benefits for you as a corollary.
Trust the almighty to guide you while you should abhor any shortcut to make any undue personal gain or submit to any temptation.
Such good efforts should be consistent and free from any optimization or rationalization.

5. Remedies:
Worship Lord Siva, daily morning.
Chant “Om Durgaoii Namah” every day, as very frequently as possible, the more the better.
Even silent chanting will do.
For specific support to the yoga planet, donate Ghee, rice and sugar to any temple on every Friday early
This should continue all through your life.
Opt for regular physical exercise.

6. Times in life when Maha Purusha Yoga effects would manifest:
The next two years of your life [till 15 Aug 2018] will be ruled by the main period of Saturn and sub period of
Jupiter [till 18 JN 2017] and then the main and sub period of Mercury.
Since no main or sub period of Venus [yoga planet] will operate during these two years direct effects of the yoga
will not be seen.
But the Kendra Kona yoga of Venus along with very favorable transit positions of Saturn and Jupiter will open up
the gates of good luck and success.
Till 27 Oct 2017, transit Saturn is placed in the 6th house from Moon and in the 11th house of gain from
At the same time transit Jupiter will be in very favorable houses from both ascendant and Moon.
Thus progress in career is a nearly assured possibility.
This growth point will come during the period after 30 Sep 2016 but can spill over to 2017 too.
This progress in career will promote well your income from it.
This and all other positive events will happen in a destined manner and will bring much unexpected happiness and material gains.

After 27 Oct 2017 till 15 Aug 2018, transit Saturn will be in the transit Saturn will come into your 7th house from Moon and therefore your responsibilities at work will increase much but you will handle them quite well.
But at this stage you will need to remain much careful about your equation with seniors and your communication with all must be smooth and convincing.
No over confidence about your communication ability will work and this must be avoided.
Transit Jupiter will continue to support increase of your income but you may tend to spend and invest without sufficient care and caution.
This can make your finance somewhat tight.

Avoid all emotional expenses and investments on the spur of the moment.
Home life and relation with spouse will be just moderate till 27 Oct 2017 and you should pay more personal attention to your marital life.
After this date the demands for various things, materials and emotional needs will increase and you will need to be ready to face these well.
Social life will tend to be active but no significant relationship will develop.
Matters of children will be comparatively better handled by you throughout.