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We have been providing Astrology Consultation and advice on true Vedic principles since the year 2000. Over two million customers have benefited with our free and premium services till date. We have prepared MahaPurusha-Yoga analysis 10 years Scan:

1.Effects of Maha Purusha Yoga:
Maha Purusha Yoga is formed due to special locations of anyone of five specific planets in a horoscope and confers much greatness with various positive attributes.
The nature of these attributes depends on the specific planet causing the yoga, as each planet will activate and energize one specific Chakra [nerve center] of a person.
Mars renders much courage with combative power and skills, along with leadership quality.
Mercury renders strong intellect, intelligence, intuition and ability to earn through analytical power, communication and high power of speech.
Jupiter makes a person gain due to his wisdom, knowledge and fairness.
Venus gives a beautiful and strong body with the mind full of artistic intellect and much creative ability.
Saturn gives the power to tolerate many challenges in one’s life and still win over the obstacles with tremendous determination, enterprise, patience, and forbearance.
Exceptional financial & professional progress & recognition comes to a person blessed with any form of this yoga.

2.How the yoga forms & which houses are involved in your birth chart in its formation:
Pancha Maha Purusha Yoga is caused when any one of the causative planets - Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn - is either exalted or placed in own sign, in a Kendra house from ascendant of the birth chart.
The Kendra [angle] or quadrant houses are 1, 4, 7, 10 positions from the ascendant.
In your birth chart Maha Purusha Yoga is NOT DIRECTLY formed while a more potent and even more result oriented “Raj Yoga”, called “Dharma-Karmadhipati Yoga” takes its place.
This yoga will cover longer and more frequent periods of good fortune and better opportunities.
This yoga is formed due to the combination of Sun [lord of 9th house of dharma/fortune] with Mercury [lord of 10th house of karma/career] and they are very well placed in your ascendant Sagittarius while lord of ascendant, Jupiter is exalted.
Thus this yoga is capable of bringing you considerable progress in wealth, position and power.
Simultaneously this combination also gives rise to strong Budhaditya yoga.

3.Principles on which Maha Purusha Yoga/Dharma-Karmadhipati yoga operates:
The basis of this or any other yoga of this class is the inherent strength and positivity of a planet [due to his placement in own or exaltation sign] being used for promoting the ascendant arising from his defined location with respect to ascendant.
Ascendant of a horoscope is the person or self [Purusha] while a strong and auspicious planet [yoga planet] boosts the strength of the ascendant to a great degree and makes the person worthy of various exceptional skills, traits and good fortune.
Like all good yoga-s, both Maha Purusha Yoga and Dharma-Karmadhipati Yoga are related to the basic philosophy of right acts, foresight, enterprise and patience and above all dependence on self.

4.How to best utilize Maha Purusha Yoga or Dharma-Karmadhipati Yoga for success:
The basic premise of any form of Maha Purusha yoga or Raj yoga is to make way for growth and satisfaction of self while at the same time one must strive to share his good fortune with others.
Thus much impartial clarity of mind and focus of thoughts on doing well for and to others is the best way to make the yoga successful.
Thus you will do well to act in virtuous, well-meaning and inclusive manner.
Welfare of others should be the priority and this will bring benefits for you as a corollary.
Trust the almighty to guide you while you should abhor any shortcut to make any undue personal gain or submit to any temptation.
Such good efforts should be consistent and free from any optimization or rationalization.

Worship Sun God, daily morning, for specific support to planet Sun.
For specific support to Mercury, donate sugar and camphor to any temple on Wednesdays within two hours before Sunset.
To cover other planets, chant “Om Durgaoii Namah” every day, as very frequently as possible, the more the better.
Even silent chanting will do.

6.Times in life when Raj Yoga [Dharma-Karmadhipathi Yoga] effects would manifest:
The next ten years will be ruled by the main period of Mercury [yoga planet] till 25 May 2024.
Thereafter the main period of Ketu will rule [it is not a yoga planet].
The effects of the Raj yoga will be directly seen during period till 25 May 2024 as seen from above.
During main period of Ketu, sub period of Sun [22 Dec 2025 to 28 Apr 2026] will offer yoga effects.
Sub period of Mercury under Ketu main period will also offer yoga results but this will not arrive within these ten years.
For any person or for any yoga, the final results in life will be much influenced by transit of Saturn and Jupiter.
Thus in your case too much modification of results of the Raj Yoga will have chances to occur.
Under this additional influence, the next ten years of your life [till 30 Sep 2026] will offer their results.
To give the above trend a higher tone, you should take full advantage of the various suggestions given in your report.
Thus you will need to handle the next ten years carefully and extract the maximum possible advantage and benefit from the Mahadasa of the yoga planet Mercury and also of the applicable transits of planets, [and avoid leaving everything solely on the yoga effects].

Period till 27 Oct 2017:
This period will be basically quite progressive but in a mixed manner.
Transit Saturn in the 6th house from natal Moon [very positive] and in the 12th house from ascendant [not positive] will offer good chances of growth.
Transit Jupiter in good houses will offer additional support.
Growth in career through change of job or change of role in current job will give higher responsibilities and much better income.
These opportunities should be searched out and taken.
Income will increase accordingly.
Natural inclination to mishandling of finance will cause loss but this can be improved with determination.
Love or romance are not favored.
Marriage is not expected now, if not yet married yet.
Disturbed marital life is expected, if married.
Children, if any, may not enjoy good health or good luck.
Equation with children may not be very cordial as they grow up.
Happiness of or from progeny will remain much restricted, throughout the next ten years and beyond.
Indifferent health with stomach issues.

Till 25 Jan 2020:
Stable career but only moderate progress in possible through change of role or area of work.
High workload and many responsibilities.
Too much demand on you at work place but performance remains very good.
Differences with seniors should be avoided.
Avoid haste in communication to avoid misunderstandings.
Good hikes in pay, despite disagreements with seniors on many matters.
Many demands for money on you from various sources like from family, friends, relatives and others.
These cannot be avoided easily.
Expenses will remain quite high.
Lack of sufficient control on avoidable expenses and through risky investments.
Social life may not see revival or improvement.
Marriage is possible during 2019 if applicable.
Disturbances at home and in marital life, as applicable.
Transit Jupiter will do some rescue act and this should be utilized fully.
Indifferent health.

Till Apr 2022:
Much mixed period.
Yoga planets help positively but transits will be too adverse.
No progress in position but high position is retained.
Lack of cooperation from both colleagues and also seniors.
Many restrictions on your work style.
Need for mutual adjustments to get growth point in position.
No hike till mid 2021 but significant increase in income after mid-2021.
No better handling of money.
Loss through needless expenses, speculative or other risky investments come down but are not eliminated.
Also many unexpected yet unavoidable needs or demands for money develop [transit Saturn in 8th house from natal Moon - Astama Sani – very negative].
Financial status much affected.
No financial support from other sources.
Even own funds may not be accessible when you need them most
Social life gets better with many new associations.
Good enjoyments are possible but there is need to choose friends with much care or you will lose money.
Marital life needs steady and better handling for improvement.
Common functional ailments are expected.

Till Mar 2025:
Mixed period but can improve well with due efforts and cautions.
Change to a much better job around end of 2023 or early 2024.
Higher and more varied responsibilities.
Very good performance but some major mistakes at work leads to strong opposition from the top.
Several restrictions on your power to take decisions.
Hikes in pay will continue but may not be steady over the period.
Wrong handling of finance and influence of social life will cause loss of money and affect accumulation.
Marital life below par, but can be kept much better, with regular dialogue, adjustments and compromises.
Health will be generally normal.

Till Sep 2026:
Expansion in role, due to excellent performance, despite differences with seniors.
Heavy workload but handled quite well.
Decent performance in this position.
Hikes continue with minor restrictions.
Better handling of money yet some dissolute expenses and investments remain and can cause some losses.
Stable marital equation but no significant betterment.
Ill health of spouse possible
Restlessness and impatience affect digestion and sleep.