Analysis of effects of all planets:
The following are the effects of individual planets in your charts.
The future events will NOT necessarily be exactly in these lines due to mix and match of their effects and also their locations at future points of time.
Mentally alert.
Success after suffering.
Good children, if any.
Unfriendly to relatives.
Intellectual arrogance.
Lacks originality.
Low vitality.
Ability to influence through speech and writing.
Fond of travel.
Fond of music.
Negative relation with paternal side.
May create family feuds.
Harm to education.
Harm to mother.
Harm to home life peace.
Harm to property.
Restless for change.
Mental aberration.
Long life.
Inherits ancestral property.
Financial gain from spouse.
Money through legacy or spouse.
Academic accomplishments.
Tenacious memory.
Win in law suits.
Life in general unhappy due to own faults.
May be blameworthy but blames others.
Emotionally and sexually overbearing.
Power conscious.
Holds grudges.
Inclined to speculation and gambling.
Miserly yet profligate.
Loss of spouse.
Weak constitution.
Gains in service career [job].
Communication skill can be used to earn money.
Power of concentration.
Loss of money.
Financial problems.
Loss of spouse.
Slow in thought and action.
Shrewd and practical.
Business minded.
Indifferent to relatives.
Devoid of happiness.
Lack of scruples.
Defective vision.
Long life.
Inheritance of patrimony.
Enjoys many comforts.
Healing ability.
Success over enemies.
Defeats enemies even in litigation.
Over dutiful to own work.
Faces failures.
Enmity with own people.
Unhappiness with elder siblings.
Loss through enemies.
Devoid of fortune.
Financial stringency.
Given to easy anger.
Ill health.
Long life.
Earns by own effort.
Liked by opposite gender.
Makes own future, good or bad.
Financial upheavals.
Marital life full of trials and tribulations.
Several love attachments.
Prone to instant attractions.
Mentally passionate.
Expects and relishes flattery.
Ambition to get comforts in life.
Lacks politeness.
Hard hearted.
Hidden sexual desires.
Devoid of courage.
Windy diseases.
Endowed with gains.
Increase of wealth.
Prosperity after marriage.
Eloquent speech.
Many impediments.
Slow accumulation of wealth.
Sharp tempered.
Harsh and boastful language.
Non believer.
Mental worry.
No bodily comfort.
Long standing illnesses.
Diseases of eyes and bladder.
Fond of arts.
Lives away from home.
Setbacks and fluctuations in career.
Troubles from government.
Loss from theft and fire.
Expenses exceed income.
Separation possible from spouse.
Loss of relatives.
Continued illness.
Danger from water.
Noble minded.
Strong willed.
Defeats enemies.
Increase in enemies.
Loss of wealth.
Accidents from machine tools and fire.
Digestive problems.
Analysis of effects of all bhavas [houses]:
First House [Udaya/Tanu Bhava]:
This house basically covers matters related to your personality, looks, attitude, temperament and basic strength of your horoscope.
Slender in stature, middle sized body, round eyes, sharp sight, bushy brows and developed bones.
Dynamic and creative, independent, forceful, pioneering, enterprising, brave, assertive, decisive, power to adjust to circumstances, planning ability, self confident, love for art, elegance and beauty.
Fickle minded, quick tempered, restless, selfish, unsubtle, impulsive, impatient, quarrelsome, aggressive, and stubborn.
Health will not remain good with many common ailments of functional nature.
Education will be good but with some significant obstructions and failures.
Career will face many delays, obstructions, fluctuations and stagnations despite much determined hard work.
Lucky after marriage.
Dominating but good spouse.
Material gains from spouse.
Indifferent health of spouse.
Poor marital happiness.
Low chance of getting progeny.
The basic strengths of your charts are related to your confidence, intelligence, diligence, much ambition and affectionate nature.
The basic weaknesses of your charts are affected health, stubbornness, anger, much sexual passion, and weakness for addictions like gambling and speculation, and attraction for all mundane luxuries, pleasures and comforts.
Second House [Dhana Bhava]:
This house basically covers matters related to your family life, speech, thinking patters and accumulation of wealth, success in investments, income source and general level of affluence.
Your speech will be impressive but often quite hasty, biased, harsh, haughty, and unconvincing.
Tactlessness, over confidence, impatience and impulsive attitude will further devalue your speech and image.
Money will flow in quite well [though in a fluctuating manner] but financial stringency may be present due to unstable and indiscreet handling of funds.
You will spend and invest without sufficient judgment or care.
Wrong priorities will affect your marital life adversely.
Children, if any, may not be healthy or lucky and may bring in many problems.
Gain from/through parents and spouse will occur.
Financial status will remain frequently fluctuating in major ways and may not be reliable.
Third House [Shourya Bhava]:
This house basically covers matters related to your initiative, courage, competition, communications ability, siblings, friends and other associates.
You will be very firm, determined and generally brave with high level of self motivation and initiative.
You will express your views in hasty, unreasonable, insensitive, irrational, stubborn, overriding and selfish manner.
These will cause enmity and many problems and obstructions in life and career and spoil your peace of mind.
Your social popularity will not be reliable or much useful at any time.
Fourth House [Sukha/Matru Bhava]:
This house basically covers matters related to your parents, domestic harmony and the level of happiness in life.
Your mother will have weak health.
Your father will have comparatively better health.
You will gain financially from father.
Your accomplishments in formal education will good but after crossing some occasions of major obstructions and possible failures.
Happiness at home, before or after marriage, will remain much disturbed, and especially after your marriage.
Material gains from spouse.
Indifferent health of spouse.
Poor marital happiness.
Sexual life will remain insatiate and disturbed.
Children, if any, may not be healthy or lucky and may bring in many problems.
Fifth House [Atmaja Bhava]:
This house basically covers matters related to your children, social status and creative powers.
Your virility would weaken further over the years.
Your spouse will have many problems in her gynecological system.
In case you get children, they will miss out on good health and good luck.
You will be very intelligent but not quite creative in any area of your life.
You may choose wrong routes to develop your financial standing and these will bring you loss.
You will lead a luxurious and materialistic life style.
Your social status will not be very high.
Sixth House [Vighna Bhava]:
This house basically covers matters related to your enemies, health problems, debts, obstructions and service to others.
You will have many enemies throughout your life.
Several obstructions and fluctuations will occur in your career and life and will disturb your health, career, income, home life, social life, happiness and general wellbeing.
Your constitution will be basically weak and several functional disorders will affect you.
Low immunity, nervous debility, eye diseases, various digestive and abdominal disorders, intestinal troubles, possible hyperglycemia, windy troubles, gout, rheumatism, urinary problems, kidney ailments, declining virility, pulmonary ailments, danger from water and bad effects of much worry, anxiety, depression and anger will be present.
Disciplined life style, regular physical exercise, regular prayers, control over activities of pleasures and enjoyments will help you to keep better.
Faulty investment decisions and speculation, much luxury and indulgence in mundane pleasures and also medical expenses will cause significant losses over time.
Thus financial stringency will occur repeatedly and accumulation of wealth will be disturbed.
Seventh House [Kalatra Bhava]:

This house basically covers matters related to your marriage, partnerships and all other relationships.
You will get a good natured and faithful spouse.
She may be from a wealthy family and will bring material gains for you.
Lucky after marriage.
Ill health of spouse will be present.
Marital felicity will be quite low.
Sexual life will remain insatiate and disturbed.
You may or may not have any progeny of your own due to poor marital relationship, poor health of your spouse and your declining virility.
In case you get children, they will miss out on good health and good luck.
Eighth  House [Guhya Bhava]:
This house basically covers matters related to unknown or hidden or suspicious issues, unearned wealth, sudden losses of wealth and also property and luck.
You will not go for earning money in unfair ways.
You will get legacies from father and possibly from spouse.
You will have strong chance of being interested to maintain liaisons with other women too but this inclination will gradually come down.
At any stage of your marital life, you may not really try to improve the quality of your marital life.
Ninth House [Dharma/Bhagya Bhava]:
This house basically covers matters related to your level of luck, length of marital life, interest in religion & spirituality and level of morality.
You will enjoy much good luck to cross some obstructions to your education, several fluctuations in career, and to get a good spouse.
Your luck for unearned wealth will give you major gains from legacy from father and from spouse.
But you will not be lucky enough to enjoy a happy or satisfactory marital life and you may not get your own children.
In case you get children, they will miss out on good health and good luck.
You will be more or less religious but may not develop any inclination to spirituality.
Tenth House [Agnya/Karma Bhava]:
This house basically covers matters related to your career, your Karma & the kind of deeds, your authority and name.
Business or self employment will not be suitable for you.
Only service career [job] will be suitable for you.
Career will remain unstable throughout, mostly due to your own attitude and repeated mistakes of judgment.
But your overall achievements will be quite decent.
You will not be adequately flexible at work and will be quite obstinate and easily angered.
Health too will act against your doing better in career.
Areas dealing with the following in the given order of preference will be suitable for you.
Intellectual careers involving much mental activity.
Leadership roles.
Advisory positions.
Managerial positions.
Executive authority.
Medicine and all allied areas.
Health care services industry.
Scientific and technical services.
NBF industry.
Statistical analysis.
Travels industry.
Fine arts.
Eleventh House [Labha Bhava]:
This house basically covers matters related to your gains and inflows from various sources.
You can gain meaningfully from only three sources.
These gains can accrue to you from your occupation, from legacy from parents and from spouse.
Investments in safe deposits like government bonds and securities and mutual funds with capital appreciation or capital security guarantee will be suitable for you.
Land related investments will not be beneficial for you as an investments option for making gains.
No gain from speculation is seen.
Landed property and cash assets from ancestors and from spouse will bring much gain.
Twelfth House [Vyaya/Antya Bhava].

This house basically covers matters related to sexual desires & their fulfillment, losses, expenses, travel to other countries and events beyond your control.
Mundane pleasures and enjoyments, luxury, various other indulgences, addictions and speculation will cause loss of considerable amount of money.
The primary pleasure of bed will not be satisfactory within or outside marriage.
You will have moderate basics for religiosity.
Loss of health, wealth, lack of marital bliss and basic happiness, absence of or unhappiness from progeny and many other frustrations will be quite high.
Analysis of future events during the balance periods of
Viomsottori Dasa:

This part talks of events in the broad time frame of the main periods [dasas].
All of these periods may not be applicable in your case.
The indicated events will be valid till the period of your actual life span.
Break down of the various periods:
The breakdown of remaining periods are:
Up to 07 Apr 2018: Balance of main period of Saturn.
08 Apr 2018 to 07 Apr 2035: Main period of Mercury.
08 Apr 2035 to 07 Apr 2042: Main period of Ketu.
08 Apr 2042 to 07 Apr 2062: main period of Venus.
Period wise analysis of future events:
Up to 07 Apr 2018: Balance of main period of Saturn.
Most of the balance five years of this period will remain difficult.
Period till 2014 will bring in many unexpected mistakes at work and the negative results arising from them.
This will cause major conflicts with seniors though you will accept your mistakes and will sincerely offer to rectify them.
But this offer and effort will be much obstructed by both superiors and also colleagues.
Yet you will successfully redeem your mistakes and will also perform your regular duties quite well.
But these actions will not bring any specific appreciation or support.
Period from 2015 to 2017 will face many obstructions from colleagues and success rate will come down.  
You will face many obstructions and no help from any source will be available due to movement of transit Saturn in the 8th house from your ascendant.
Your observations and analysis of all career related events may go wrong and communication may suffer too.
You will need to be much alert and less confident in your plans at work at this stage.
2018 will give mixed results as most of the problems will start coming down but professional relationships will need more attention.
Growth points are not expected in this period but good stability of job will be maintained.                    
Income will remain quite decent.
Increase in income will occur throughout but this may not be very high.
High expenses get higher and accumulation will suffer.
You will need to restrict avoidable expenses and also avoid speculative and other risky investment.
Many unexpected expenses will occur too and you may not have any way to stop them or avoid them.
No financial support will be available from any one, especially during 2015 to 2017.
Financial stringency may occur at that stage and only your own disciplined efforts can keep your financial health stable and safe.
Love Life:
Unfavorable position of transit Saturn with respect to Venus, the planet of love will keep your love life on allow key and it will face various obstructions.
There is no point in trying too hard.
Rather it will be easier and better to avoid social life and attempts for love or romance.
You will do well to pay more attention to family instead at this stage.
However love will remain rather weak within marital life too.
Marital Life:
Marital life will have many situations to cause deterioration.
Mutual equation will not be encouraging or attractive.
Health of spouse may suffer significantly and this can affect sex life.
Mutual relationship will be gradually cold and hard.
No domestic happiness will be expected.
it is important to to take this in your stride and spend more time with your spouse.
This step can improve your domestic life and relieve you of many stresses.
Health status of both of you and unsatisfactory relationship will obstruct birth of children.
In case you have or get any children, they will not enjoy good health or good luck.
This situation will take away the happiness expected from children.
Many common ailments.
Lack of energy.
Wasteful handling of available energy.
Medical attention necessary.
08 Apr 2018 to 07 Apr 2035: Main period of Mercury.
Mercury, the lord of current main period [Mahadasa], will be debilitated at the start of the Mahadasa.
Thus most of the possible good effects will be toned down too much. 
Negative effects will predominate throughout this period.
Enmity will be too much.
You will win in some case through your courage but will lose in many others.
Your level of courage will come down steadily.
Observation, analysis, judgment and communication will suffer acutely.
On one hand your initiative and courage to do better will be quite high but on the other hand many enemies will develop and they will create many obstructive situations.
Thus your initiative and courage will not be able to fetch you the expected or desired degree of success in your occupation.
During period from 2018 to 2020, your transit Saturn will remain right opposite to your natal Sun.
Thus the good effects of both these planets will be destroyed during 2018 to 2020.
Very major differences will occur with seniors.
You will be much proud and may resort to frequent arguments.
Superiors will mortify your pride through regular persecution and restrictions will be imposed on you.
From 2020 to May 2022, your transit Saturn will remain in the 8th position from natal moon.
This will be a very obstructive period for career and your health too will become affected.
Yet you will do very hard work and will be able to get at least one growth point, most likely through a change of job during 2021.
There may not be any more growth point till 2022.
But you will get another growth point during 2023-2024 [more likely during 2024.
This growth point will come through promotion.
Career will remain quite progressive till Feb 2028 and you will be satisfied.
During this phase, your chance of growth will be slower as your health will decline steadily and you may not be able to work as hard as you want or as required by your role.
Period from Feb 2028 to May 2032 will be a quite unsupportive phase due to Saturn, your career house lord being very weakly placed for growth.
Health will not support you either.
At this stage and till the end of this period you will do well to focus on maintaining stability and consolidation than on growth.
Good income will rise further and steadily but somewhat slowly except during May 2020 to Mar 2025 when the rise in income will be much more.
Handling of your money will not improve.
Much wasteful expenses, speculative investments and possible gambling will cause major losses.
Loss through medical expenses will increase steadily.
Thus your accumulation of fund will not be as per your income.
However you may gain considerable asset from your spouse.
Overall finance will fluctuate and you will need to stabilize this by resorting to restricted spending [especially on avoidable areas] and avoiding speculative investments totally.
On the whole overall finance will need to be made dependable and stable through more self control and discretion.
Love Life:
Love life will not get much support from the main period lord and also miss the support of transits.
Yet love life may improve during 2018-2019 and during May 2022 to Mar 2025.
But none of these periods will be permanent or really satisfying.
It is better to remain focused on own family and try to achieve more domestic peace and tranquility.
Marital Life:

Marital life will remain quite disturbed but for occasional reliefs during 2018-2019 and during May 2022 to Mar 2025.
You will do well to promote these phases and make the best of them.
You are expected to be quite successful in improving your marital life during these phases if you try sincerely.
However the health of spouse will keep declining in a rather steady manner.
This may lead to a critical stage and her life may face some threat at this stage.
Loss of spouse may occur [subject to her own horoscope] during 2020-2021.
Much care is required for marital peace and stability till this time.
You may not be interested in going for another marriage and thus marital life may not resume.
Declining health.
Worry affects physical health further.
Most common functional ailments get chronic.
08 Apr 2035 to 07 Apr 2042: Main period of Ketu.

Overall period will be good for material gains in career and also otherwise but this may not be valid for the whole period.
Your health may not allow you to continue working beyond 2037-2038.
Per se career will remain stagnant and may not grow as far as your role and position is considered.
Your health and mental strength will not help you much to strive for more at this stage.
Career is quite likely to end during 2037-2038 within this period.
The end will come by your own choice and there will not be any pressures from your employers.                        
You will enjoy very good income from career along with regular hikes in your pay till 2037-2038.
Income from assets and savings too will be there for you.
Even after this time, your income from assets and legacies will be quite encouraging.
No financial shortage is expected at all but streamlining of handling money will continue to be necessary.
Strictly avoid speculative expenses.
Love Life:

No love or romance is seen.
Your priorities will be different now.
You will be more focused to yourself and to family [as applicable].
Marital Life:
Marital life, if applicable at this stage, will be somewhat more stable.
But domestic happiness will remain low though better than before.
It is better to change your approach your marital life so that old age affects you lesser.
Affected health.
Much debility.
Many functional ailments.
Lack of energy.
Any care taken now will be useful later.
08 Apr 2042 to 07 Apr 2062: main period of Venus.
No career is expected to continue at this stage.                        
Finance may remain slightly tight due to rise in medical expenses.
But no acute situation or stringency is seen at all.
All your needs and more can be met quite easily and smoothly from your own funds.
Yet adequate control on expenses will be advised.
Love Life:
No social life now.
No love or romance.
Marital Life [if applicable]:
Poorer health of both.
Mutual equation improves slightly for practical reasons of mutual dependence.
No domestic happiness however.
Health declines too fast.
Period till Aug 2045 will be quite risky and uncertain.
Hospitalization is expected.
You may not be able to cross this period of 2045.
2) Results of Sade Sati
The period of Second Cycle of Sade sati- 18 Apr 2030 to 14 Jul 2034:
In the second cycle of Sade sati, Saturn exerts mediocre influence compared to first cycle.
During this period you succeed through determined physical struggle and labor.
Despite mental unrest, your worldly progress continues.
You may suffer separation from or loss of parents or other elders in the family.
3) Remedies for Sade Sati

To alleviate the ill-effects of Sade sati of Saturn and Dhayya, the following are prescribed –
125,000 times recitations of Maha Mrityunjaya mantra should be done (daily 10 malas for 125 days)
Gems and Metals:
On Saturday, wear an iron ring made from the bottom of a boat or a horse's bridle in the middle finger
Vrata (Fasting):
Observe Vrata on Saturdays.
Worship Lord Saturn with kavacha, stotra and mantra.
It is beneficial to recite the Saturday Vrata Katha.
On the day of Vrata, consume milk, curd and fruit juice during day time and in the evening pay visit to the temple of Lord Hanuman or Bhairavji.
To appease Lord Saturn, donate urad (a type of pulse), oil, sapphire, sesame seeds, kulathi (horse bean), buffalo, iron, money and black clothes.
4) Results of dhayya and Kantaka:

Results of Saturn's Dhayya of 10th House:     
Second Cycle
From 31 Mar 2025 to 23 Feb 2028:
During waxing Moon, there will be mental agony, impediments in the way of good acts and charities.
There will be many difficulties in the family.
All your efforts will be obstructed.
During waning Moon, there will be mental agony, loss of money and material, fear of vehicular accidents and in the end there will be some comfort and relief.
Results of Saturn's Dhayya of seventh house (Kantaka Saturn)
Second Cycle from 27 Oct 2017 to 25 Jan 2020:       
During waxing Moon, you will get mental torture due to women.
You will suffer from headache.
You will go to foreign land under compulsion and will suffer there too.
You will also suffer during travel and mental tension will prevail.
During waning Moon, you will be afflicted by mental worries through your spouse or partner.
There will be lack of appropriate food and losses in business or work related to black colored items.
Results of Saturn's Dhayya of eighth House
Second Cycle:
From 25 Jan 2020 to 01 May 2022:     
When Saturn transits the eighth house from the Moon, its full aspect is on the second, fifth and tenth house from the Moon sign.
Therefore, age suffers.
There is a possibility of long term ailments and accidents.
There is a fear of being insulted.
There is a chance of change in work-sphere.
Work/business may suffer.