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Saturn-Rahu Maha Yoga:

  • One of the rarest conjunctions in astrology is Saturn & Rahu placed together in the same sign of the zodiac.
  • This is a rare conjunction since both these planets are slow moving.
  • This conjunction happens once in 18.5 years and lasts for about 18 months.

1.Effects of Saturn-Rahu Maha Yoga:

  • The results of this conjunction can be quite detrimental or at least significantly obstructive yet very important and potent.
  • However the effects can be very positive too under certain conditions.
  • Rahu doesn’t have any physical body and is said to have a nature that is in some ways similar to that of Saturn.
  • Rahu mainly exacerbates and complicates the characteristics of the sign and house he occupies in a horoscope and also aligns itself with the nature of any planet it comes in conjunction with.
  • Hence in the case of Saturn conjunct Rahu in a birth chart, Rahu works as double Saturn in the chart and this can be of much serious effects.
    However there are many positive exceptions also.
  • For instance, when Saturn is a Yoga karaka planet or is the ascendant lord and is placed with Rahu in a trine or quadrant house [while the lord of that house is either exalted or in own sign, without any other affliction], then this Saturn-Rahu conjunction creates a massive Raj Yoga.
  • Further, a well placed Jupiter in the birth or transit chart can easily and effectively moderate the negative effects of this yoga.

2.How the yoga forms & which house are involved in your birth chart in its formation:

  • Saturn-Rahu Conjunction Maha Yoga is present in your birth chart.
  • This Maha Yoga is located in the 9th house [father, fortune, travel to other country, litigation etc] your ascendant in Leo sign.
  • Since Saturn is the lord of the 2nd and 3rd houses from ascendant, the effects of the yoga will be related to your 2nd house [speech, family, income and accumulation of money] and the 3rd house [younger siblings, immediate environment at home, society and at work, initiative, courage and some obstructions].

3.Principles on which Maha-Yoga operates:

  • Saturn is a planet of law & order and of strict discipline and obedience [albeit imposed obedience], while Rahu is the planet of breaking rules and of limitlessness in thoughts and actions and does not accept any boundaries or impositions.
  • Therefore a person with such conjunction [Saturn conjunct Rahu] has strong tendency to go against the rules, laws, customs, conventions, religions, social directions or sanctions.
  • Saturn is law abiding and a planet of disciplined karma but Rahu has much obsession for getting immediately everything it wants or desires and is ever ready to resort to adopt a short cut in life.
  • These opposing trends of these two planets make a person’s life uncertain, unstable, and inconsistent and possibly even the person himself may remain clueless about his own idiosyncrasies and the trends and targets of his life events.
  • He may miss out on the opportunities to improve his life as he often fails to look back and introspect on what and how much he has lost and what and how he can salvage from the lost opportunities to rebuild his life.
  • If he gets a supporting and positive Mahadasa at such stage he will be a different person, almost magically, that will give him the vision and tolerance needed to recoup his life.

4.How to best Harness Maha-yoga:

  • Saturn is a secretive planet and Rahu placed with Saturn enhances this inclination.
  • Therefore one can get involved [consciously or otherwise] in many shady, dubious or deceitful actions or deals or even in unscrupulous activities, many of which may be of unfair or illegal or illegitimate nature.
  • In the simplest form this combination can generate a tendency to engage in petty politics at work place or within family or in social life.
  • In extreme situations these activities may include conspiracy, major secret dealings, and other clandestine activities and may even include political maneuvers or even espionage.
  • Thus in order to harness the good effects and avoid or restrict the bad effects, you will need to remain focused on utilizing the disciplining influence of Saturn.
  • You must develop good working ethics, an open minded and well organized approach to all important activities and events of your life, take rational care of all relationships and shun your ego and combative inclinations at your work place or at home or society.
  • You must go through all the normally necessary steps, and honor and obey all the laid down or implied rules for achieving anything and strictly avoid resorting to shortcuts in any area of life.
  • Any major or lasting issue will naturally need a major or lasting effort to get sorted out and to improve your life.
  • Else your sufferings can only be postponed while later these will surely get multiplied.
  • Precise and timely communication and total obedience, discipline and regularity in your work will be consistently necessary.
  • Offer honest cooperation to get cooperation and opportunities for growth.

5.Suggestions on what to avoid:

  • The Saturn conjunct Rahu Maha Yoga strongly promotes the Shad Ripu and can easily overshadow your good sense of judgment and propriety, and can lead you to the wrong path of mundane weaknesses that invariably aggravate our problems [sometimes after giving momentary pleasure or satisfaction].
  • It is extremely important that one should make every effort to avoid the evils brought in by Shad Ripu [six enemies].
  • These six enemies are the six mundane weaknesses which stop us from progress and from realizing our true potential.
They are
  • Kaama: Desire, including sexual desire.
  • Krodha: Anger.
  • Lobha: Greed and avarice.
  • Moha: Delusion - getting caught in Maya, trying for temporary goals.
  • Mada: Wantonness & lust.
  • Maatsarya: Jealousy.


Only Lord Shiva can give relief from this yoga.
Worship any one Jyotir linga out of the 12 situated in India. Mahakaleshwar, Ujjain, India is considered the most potent and prompt in giving good effects.
Alternately chant “Om Namah Sivaya” every day as very frequently as possible, the more the better.
Even silent chanting will do.

7.Times in life when Maha-yoga effects would manifest [next Five years till 31 Mar 2020]:

  • The Maha yoga will be very active and functional during the entire period of Maha dasa of Saturn starting from 02 May 2023 till 01 May 2042.
  • Before the Saturn Mahadasa, from now till another two year [till mid Mar 2018] the negative effects of the Saturn-Rahu conjunction will be quite reduced since this 2yr period will be ruled by Mahadasa of Jupiter and sub period of Venus till 12 Nov 2017 and then Jupiter-Sun period will operate 12 Nov 2017 till the middle of Mar 2018 and beyond.
  • Since Jupiter is an exalted benefic planet for your chart and Venus is in trine to Saturn-Mars combination, any negative effect of the Maha Yoga will be quite balanced out and even improved while the very positive locations of transit Jupiter from both ascendant and Moon will further support you.
  • Thus the support of Jupiter-Venus period must be made full use of.
  • Since transit Saturn will be in Scorpio till 27 Oct 2017 and will be square to the natal as well as transit nodes, you will see that all events of your life are moving in a destined manner when your own ideas and views or suggestions will not be accepted and your ambitions may not be fulfilled adequately, at least till 27 Oct 2017.
  • Yet you will need to accept these and follow the natural flow of life events since going against them will bring double negative results.
  • From 12 Nov 2017 the main period of Jupiter and sub period of Sun will operate while Sun is the lord of the sign Leo where Saturn-Rahu has occurred.
  • Further natal Sun is square to your Maha yoga combination and hence he will increase the negativity of the Saturn-Rahu Maha Yoga.
  • At this stage [strictly from after 27 Oct 2017] transit Saturn will be trine to the Maha yoga combination, and this will improve the destined nature of events.
    Thus the period from Nov 2017 to Mar 2018 will be much supportive of success in all areas of life
  • At this part of Jupiter-Sun sub period, transit Saturn will pass through Sagittarius, ascendant and in trine to natal Rahu and Saturn.
  • Thus you will get to greatly improve your working habits and make it notably excellent.
  • You will have a broad and serious outlook and you will stick to them.
  • The more hard work you do at this stage, the better will be the reward.
  • Emotional and spiritual maturity will develop quite well at this stage.