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The strength of 3 tripods (1st house, 5th house & 9th house):

The ascendant [1st house], the fifth house [Purva Punya or accumulated Karma – good or bad Karma, accrued over the past births] and the 9th house from it [fortune and luck due to good karma during the present birth but also includes some effects of Karma of the last births] are the main houses that determine what benefits one enjoys or what sufferings one faces.
These houses are linked through mutually trine positions.
The strength and disposition of these houses gives a measure of the quantum and quality of the benefits or otherwise and ideally all the three should have high strength for better results.
In your birth chart, these houses have 6.76, 9.10 and 5.71 units of strength respectively.
Thus your PurvaPunya is very high and supportive than your punya of present life, while the Punya acquired during the present birth is demanding consistent & serious efforts to make balance in life due to lesser position of it.

Planets that influence the 3 tripods and the effects that would be felt on luck:

Venus, the lord of ascendant, is ill placed at his inimical sign of Leo.
It is also having close conjunction with 3rd the house of immediate environment, courage and efforts lord Moon and Ketu, which is giving attaining prosperity and happiness through your own efforts.
This planetary combination is strengthening your thought, vision and approach about life along with positive results.
But it is having close opposite aspect with male Rahu which is reducing positive influence of Venus and scatter your opportunities that’ why it may also create condition of confusion, which would be troublesome for continued growth points.
However favorable aspect of Jupiter with Ascendant is also increasing your abilities and skills along with leading approach but sometimes you may incline for rash decisions, temper tantrums, and excesses. The desire to oversee the goings-on in their circle can sometimes amount to bossiness.

Mercury is the lord of 5th house from ascendant, which is well placed in own sign of Virgo.
With this, Mercury is also having lordship of 2nd the house wealth, possession and family along with having conjunction aspect with 4th lord Sun and income lord Jupiter.
The conjunction of Mercury-Sun is making two important yogas in your chart-Budhaaditya raj-yoga and Kendra-trikona raj yoga, which is strengthening your destiny and expected accomplishment.
However square aspect with most inharmonious planet Mars is reducing natural positive expression along with troubles in your attainments but not able to obstruct your path.
That’s why it demands concerned approach in professional relationship, otherwise it may cause of trouble in your growth point of career.
You should maintain your self-esteem and recognition through consistent efforts & support of your seniors, then you will be able to give a right direction to your professional activities and relationship.
Thus the 5th house of PurvaPunya is auspiciously strengthened to a very high degree and is qualified to offer much positive luck and many useful opportunities to you and also success in your endeavors.

The 9th house lord is Saturn which is most precious planet of your chart due to having lordship of 10th the house of professional activities too but placed at his debilitated point in 12th the sign of Mars.
The debilitation of Saturn is unable to give better opportunity in your native place but its impacts will be increasing and convert into positive expression if you make your establishment ion abroad.
However trine aspect with Most inharmonious planet Mars is also affecting your fortune in present birth but it will get strengthen through trine aspect with Venus and Moon.
Due to this, your fortune is quite weak and each thing will be attained by you through your hard efforts & karma.
Communication will also be very important and become base of your karma and consistent efforts.
Due to this, tension and pressure would be part of work which may create condition for communication gap or disagreement with working associates and dear friends.
Overall this would be supportive to reach at higher position of professional life along with availability of all happiness and pleasurable things.

Description of effect on 5th & 9th house to see Purvapunya & comments on what you did or experience in the past birth:

Due to the various planetary influences on the 5th and 9th houses as described above, the following effects emerge about what you did in your earlier birth and how these will influence your life in this birth:

5th House:
You come from a past that held an extremely limited perspective for you.
However, you bring with you an extraordinary understanding of the motivations of mankind.
So much so, that knowing the potentials of life, you are ready to explore them.
You have already walked in the shoes of many types of people in many different situations.
All of this experience is stored in your subconscious.
You wanted to allow you opportunity to deepen spiritually and come to a place of full self love and acceptance by releasing any accumulation of unresolved issues.
You also have ample opportunity to gently nudge others along their path though sharing your sensitivity and insights.
As a result of all these, romantic inclinations are also highlighted, as are any kind of celebratory, playful, and just-for-fun endeavors.
You will be especially aware of your need for approval and feedback from others, deriving pleasure from the ways your own creativity impact the world around you.
This can be a passionate time for you, and a time when you might feel more bold than usual.
Creative projects are likely to fare well and could possibly even bring some type of recognition or reward.
You are feeling quite free from responsibilities at this time, making it easier for you to let your hair down and have a good time.

9th house:
Your past lives probably involved a lot of waiting for and watching others.
You have learned the danger for yourself of excessive daydreaming.
Needless to say, life didn't happen at your pace, but at theirs.
This could have come about from some kind of confinement or disability.
Learn and discover from your past life influences.
Your test is to not be afraid to take action when you feel a nudge from within.
Your intuition is good and your impulses may take you to just the right place at the right time.
Sometimes you may feel as if you've just worn yourself out in past lives.
You've actually carried a lot of information forward into this life with you.
You were attracted to religious fervor, had good moral standards and enjoyed material fortune.
However you were not fond of gathering more and more wealth and were ready to part with it anytime for any good and worthy cause.
Thus in this life, you will see prosperity, enhanced prestige, respect from others, happiness, pleasures and happiness at home, increased income and land and houses.
Pilgrimage and good spiritual progress will be possible.
You may get opportunities for extensive and long travels.
You will be interested in studies of profound subjects like philosophy, metaphysics and religions.
Gain through religion, correspondence, foreign travel can occur or you may be involved in business, contracts and other similar things.
You will develop a more religious and awakened mindset.

Forecast for the next 5 years:

Career events will be quite positive during these five years as transit Jupiter, the unexpected changes, hopes, expectation and sources of income house lord, will be in house of immediate environment, courage and strength till 14 Jul 2015 and thereafter in your 4th house of stability, security & happiness till 12th Aug 2016, then in the 5th house [house of growth & devlopment] till 12th Sep 2017, then in the 6th house [house of enemy, hurdles & service for welfare] till 5th Nov 2018 and in the 7th house [house of association and partnership] till 20th Nov 2019..

The 1st three transits out of these five years, you will see prosperity, enhanced prestige, respect from others, happiness, pleasures and happiness at home, increased income and land and houses.
This position for transit Jupiter is very good for expansion.
You may get opportunities for extensive and long travels.
Your priorities are easier to see, as you gain perspective on your life and its meaning.
Faith in your purpose and in a higher meaning to your life helps to ease stress and open doors for you.
Authority figures and influential people tend to look upon your favorably.
More freedom is likely to be experienced in your career.
This can be a time of fulfillment of professional and social goals if you have been working toward specific ones.
But you will have to make balance with your working associates and partners, otherwise such important issues may stop due to conflict of self-esteem.
In 4th year it’s a cycle in which you can rid yourself of self-destructive tendencies, deep-seated fears, and deeply-ingrained tendencies towards guilty feelings, acting much like a guardian angel.
You are more able to get in touch with your subconscious mind.
By 5th Year of transit it will bring again noticeable improvements to your environment as well as self-confidence to your personality.
This transit heightens your optimism and increases your generosity along with inclination towards objective of life.
Investments in stocks and other speculative matters could earn good profits.

But transit Saturn in your 2nd house from ascendant in your career chart D_10 and 12th from Moon sign your Sadesati has started.
The bosses will not be favourable and your competitors will be at your throat.
If not careful you may have lose your position and may be forced to change your job.
There will be unnecessary expenses and waste of money.
Income will not be sufficient and money will not come when required.
Peace at home will be at a premium and there will be constant disputes and arguments with your family members.
Your love life will take a beating.
Your social life will not be smooth either and you may lose your reputation.
Very careful about your professional relationship and shouldn’t faith on others, otherwise such losses may occur due to dependency on them.
However it would be good to make plan for financial assets through investments.
But avoid risks and new assignments about monetary transitions.
Health would also be average and getting gradual weakness.

The period of Jupiter would be very progressive for your professional growth and enhancement.
But existing period would be constant for your professional growth due to gradual improvement.
Till Dec 2014 professional progress would be slow but you should adjust with it.
Earlier hurdles and problems will remove gradually along with such little growth points in professional phase.
Period till end of 2014 will be average and things would be continued as earlier sequence.
With starting of 2015 there would be better positive sign for professional enhancement and get opportunity to expand your working area.
The remaining period of 2015 and 1st half of 2016 will be more prosperous for your work and professional deeds.
During this time you can get the better results by your regular efforts.
But post May 2016 you should be careful about professional association or important decision; otherwise such losses would be there by your over-emotional attitude.
Subordinates can also generate regular hindrances and obstacle during getting targets of work.
In this period you may also loose the support of superiors.
Need to balance in professional and personal relations up to Apr 2017.
By May 2017 onwards you will have to do frequent changes of place in working environment or frequent opportunity in professional deeds.
In remaining period of 2017, 2018 and up to Oct 2019 you will get very decent returns of your efforts, so you should utilize your all available resources in this period.
In this period you will have much strength in your position and work.
You will be getting expected results along with beneficial changes in career.
Professional profile would also be as per your wish and your working position may enhance.
Your performance will be better in your work in this period.
In this period you will also get reward of your running work and success in completed work.
You will get much betterment as professional enhancement, and you may reach at authoritative position.
Overall you will meet with ups and down in professional life but never back from possessed position.
You will earn well through career and will have many comforts.
You will get good hikes in pay too despite the displeasures of your seniors.
The period of 2017-2018 would be very favorable to make a property or fixed assets.
But expenses will also increase time to time and you may spend more than necessary which will cut down on your possible accumulation of fund.
You can improve this area with more attention to financial prudence.
This period would be good for marital relation if you will take the precaution.
Some confusion might be there in your personal relationship due to different view on issues of routine life.
Professional responsibility may disturb your personal life, which can give such regular disturbances and confusions in your personal life.
You will have to leave your suspicious nature towards spouse.
You should trust own self and partner’s attitude.
If you do it then you can maintain your relation by mutual understanding.
Children will do quite well and happiness through them will be quite satisfying.
Growth of child will respective in all ways.
Physical and intellectual growth will be at pace.
At this stage physical growth will be noticeable over intellectual development
Happiness of children will give you more strength for life.
Your health and vitality will be stable but demands regular care for future.
Headache & functional problems may there due to mental stress in work.
During May 2016 to Apr 2017 some injuries may possible, so you should take precaution while drive the vehicle.
Cervical and nerves related problems may also affect your health.
In this period you may also face such infectious problem, which may disturb regular health.
So you should be careful about it.

Remedies & suggestions for improving luck:

Your attitude may remain somewhat stubborn, especially with seniors. Judgment and communication failure can be a major issue and this can work against your own interests.
There can be some obstructions to your work and thus your confidence can suffer.
Within the above frame, you must stay methodical and practical in your working.
Plan things meticulously your future.
You must rise to the demands and expectations of your superiors.
Do not avoid taking more responsibility as you will come out successful if you try.
Avoid communication failure, differences, power struggle and quarrels.
You must control your expenses and various pleasures to help you accumulate more money.
Avoid risky investments.
You must be of firm mind but rigidity will make the circumstances worse.
So stay flexible.
Controlled activity in any area of life will benefit you.
Be contented with what you get and work slowly to get your work done.

Any mantra, puja or yantra for enhancing luck:

You should chant “Om Sam Sanicharaya Namah” as frequently as possible, the more the better.
Chant with total trust and surrender.
Even silent chanting will do.
This will cover most of the planetary afflictions that can obstruct good luck.
You should wear an iron-ring in middle finger of your right hand from Saturday evening.
In spite of, you should wear an Emerald of 1350 to 1450 mg in gold ring at little finger during Wednesday morning.