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The strength of 3 tripods (1st house, 5th house & 9th house):

The ascendant [1st house], the fifth house [Purva Punya or accumulated Karma – good or bad Karma, accrued over the past births] and the 9th house from it [fortune and luck due to good karma during the present birth but also includes some effects of Karma of the last births] are the main houses that determine what benefits one enjoys or what sufferings one faces.
These houses are linked through mutually trine positions.
The strength and disposition of these houses gives a measure of the quantum and quality of the benefits or otherwise and ideally all the three should have high strength for better results.
In your birth chart, these houses have 9.98, 9.11 and 6.61 units of strength respectively.
Thus your PurvaPunya is very high and supportive than your punya of present life, while the Punya acquired during the present birth is demanding consistent & serious efforts to make balance in life due to lesser position of it.

Planets that influence the 3 tripods and the effects that would be felt on luck:

Sun, the lord of ascendant, is well placed at his exalted sign of Aries.
It is also having conjunction with 11th the house of sources of income & wishes and 2nd the house of wealth & possession lord Mercury, which is making budhaditya raj-yoga in your chart.
This planetary combination is strengthening your thought, vision and approach about life along with positive results.
But it is having close square aspect with most inharmonious Saturn which is reducing positive influence of Sun and its prosperity.
Thus Ascendant and its lords is influencing and increasing your abilities and skills along with leading approach but sometimes you may incline for rash decisions, temper tantrums, and excesses. The desire to oversee the goings-on in their circle can sometimes amount to bossiness.

Jupiter is the lord of 5th house from ascendant, which is placed in the house of association at sign of Aquarius.
The 12th lord Moon is placed in 5th at sign of Jupiter along with having favorable sextile aspect with its lord Jupiter and Jupiter is having sextile aspect too with Ascendant lord Sun and Mercury.
In spite of Jupiter is having square aspect with profession lord Venus, which demands concerned approach in professional relationship, otherwise it may cause of trouble in your growth point of career.
You should maintain your self-esteem and recognition through consistent efforts & support of your seniors, then you will be able to give a right direction to your professional activities and relationship.
Thus the 5th house of PurvaPunya is auspiciously strengthened to a very high degree and is qualified to offer much positive luck and many useful opportunities to you and also success in your endeavors.

The 9th house lord is Mars which is placed in second sign of Jupiter at his friendly sign of Pisces.
However it is posited in 8th the house of unwanted challenges along with making square aspect with Moon.
In spite of, it is also having sextile aspect with his inimical planet like Saturn and Venus.
Due to this, your fortune is quite weak and each thing will be attained by you through your hard efforts.
Communication will also be very important and become base of your karma and consistent efforts.
Due to this, tension and pressure would be part of work which may create condition for communication gap or disagreement with working associates and dear friends.
Overall this would be supportive to reach at higher position of professional life along with availability of all happiness and pleasurable things.

Description of effect on 5th & 9th house to see Purvapunya & comments on what you did or experience in the past birth:

Due to the various planetary influences on the 5th and 9th houses as described above, the following effects emerge about what you did in your earlier birth and how these will influence your life in this birth:

5th House:
You come from a past that held an extremely limited perspective for you.
However, you bring with you an extraordinary understanding of the motivations of mankind.
So much so, that knowing the potentials of life, you are ready to explore them.
You have already walked in the shoes of many types of people in many different situations.
All of this experience is stored in your subconscious.
You wanted to allow you opportunity to deepen spiritually and come to a place of full self love and acceptance by releasing any accumulation of unresolved issues.
You also have ample opportunity to gently nudge others along their path though sharing your sensitivity and insights.
As a result of all these, romantic inclinations are also highlighted, as are any kind of celebratory, playful, and just-for-fun endeavors.
You will be especially aware of your need for approval and feedback from others, deriving pleasure from the ways your own creativity impact the world around you.
This can be a passionate time for you, and a time when you might feel more bold than usual.
Creative projects are likely to fare well and could possibly even bring some type of recognition or reward.
You are feeling quite free from responsibilities at this time, making it easier for you to let your hair down and have a good time.

9th house:
Your past lives probably involved a lot of waiting for and watching others.
You have learned the danger for yourself of excessive daydreaming.
Needless to say, life didn't happen at your pace, but at theirs.
This could have come about from some kind of confinement or disability.
Learn and discover from your pastlife influences.
Your test is to not be afraid to take action when you feel a nudge from within.
Your intuition is good and your impulses may take you to just the right place at the right time.
Sometimes you may feel as if you've just worn yourself out in past lives.
You've actually carried a lot of information forward into this life with you.
You were attracted to religious fervor, had good moral standards and enjoyed material fortune.
However you were not fond of gathering more and more wealth and were ready to part with it anytime for any good and worthy cause.
Thus in this life, you will see prosperity, enhanced prestige, respect from others, happiness, pleasures and happiness at home, increased income and land and houses.
Pilgrimage and good spiritual progress will be possible.
This position for transit Jupiter is very good for expansion.
You may get opportunities for extensive and long travels.
You will be interested in studies of profound subjects like philosophy, metaphysics and religions.
Gain through religion, correspondence, foreign travel can occur or you may be involved in business, contracts and other similar things.
You will develop a more religious and awakened mindset.

Forecast for the next 2 years:
Career events will be quite positive during these two years as transit Jupiter, the growth & development house lord, will be in the house of expenses till 14 Jul 2015 and thereafter in your 1st house of Ascendant and personal approach till 12th Aug 2016 and then in the 2nd house [house of wealth, possession and family] after 12th Aug 2016.
All these are very positive for your career growth and stability.
It will give good money, domestic happiness, gain of wealth, and of commodities.
Defeat of enemies, new position and status will be possible.
You will gain money or if you concentrate, you can increase your spiritual standard and other dimensions of your life.
Do not mismanage your resources but make necessary changes in them to achieve your desires.
Comforts and pleasures will be at your command.
It will be good form to enhance your specific knowledge and skills set, and find much enjoyment in so doing.
During this long-term trend, neighbors or relatives could be especially beneficial.
You will express your ideas with more enthusiasm, and they are received well.
You will be able to understand complex issues and explain them in such a way that others can readily understand.
You may decide to buy a new car, or transportation opportunities present themselves.
You will more cheerful and sociable, and others tend to appreciate your company more as a result.
Your personal health, self confidence, mental agility and capacity to put in harder efforts will increase.
But transit Saturn in your 4th house from ascendant in your career chart D_10 and also 12th from Moon sign your Sadesati has started.
The bosses will not be favourable and your competitors will be at your throat.
If not careful you may have lose your position and may be forced to change your job.
There will be unnecessary expenses and waste of money.
Income will not be sufficient and money will not come when required.
Peace at home will be at a premium and there will be constant disputes and arguments with your family members.
Your love life will take a beating.
Your social life will not be smooth either and you may lose your reputation.
Think carefully and weigh all the pros and cons before taking any serious decision as your mind will be a bit fuzzy during this period.

Period will give mixed results in professional & personal matters due to impact of unfavorable sub period.
However till Dec 2014 you would be missing your usual concentration due to lot of work pressure.
Earlier average growth in career would be continued as usual up to this period.
Positive attitude will be supportive to attain expected professional targets and results.
So you should pass this period with very calmly and sensitively.
Post Jan 2015 communication with professional friends would be positive and encouraging to attain better results in career.
During 1st half of 2015 your impact and impression will slightly increase at your authorities.
But post Jun 2015 pressure of work will be increasing in remaining period due to delayed projects.
Existing working conditions would be average by change of team members or seniors.
Working environment might be tough due to change of working associates.
In remaining period of 2015 you are unable to utilize your abilities and powers in proper way.
Hidden opponents may also be dominating at your work and it develops such obstacles in your running projects.

Till Mar 2016 you may also feel harass which may divert from your regular path.
This attitude can disturb your path of future and luck.
You should maintain discipline and regularity in your working environment along with conscious about your work and targets.
Such projects will be completed by Apr 2016 in decent manner and also get recognition for it.
Professional life will go towards upward.
A schedule promotion may be happen during May-Jun 2016 and got involvement in new projects.
Then professional growth will be very decent.
Till end of 2016 professional life will run in very smooth way with increasing your contacts.
You should utilize your professional skills in managed way then you will be able to finish your work in expected period.
You may need to consciously pay more attention to your marital life.
If you are still together the status will remain highly volatile.
You should keen of spouse and his emotions & expectations.
Good communication is required for good understanding between you.
Children will do quite well and happiness through them will be quite satisfying.
From Mar 2016 till the end of the two years, you will need to maintain a more flexible attitude.
Avoid being emotional or touchy and take the path of compromise at home and also at work.
Regular precaution would be continued as earlier which would be required for regular health.
You should very concern about that otherwise contained stress may create a big problem in future.
You should overcome through regular exercise and yoga.

Remedies & suggestions for improving luck:

Your attitude may remain somewhat stubborn, especially with seniors. Judgment and communication failure can be a major issue and this can work against your own interests.
There can be some obstructions to your work and thus your confidence can suffer.
Within the above frame, you must stay methodical and practical in your working.
Plan things meticulously your future.
You must rise to the demands and expectations of your superiors.
Do not avoid taking more responsibility as you will come out successful if you try.
Avoid communication failure, differences, power struggle and quarrels.
You must control your expenses and various pleasures to help you accumulate more money.
Avoid risky investments.
You must be of firm mind but rigidity will make the circumstances worse.
So stay flexible.
Controlled activity in any area of life will benefit you.
Be contented with what you get and work slowly to get your work done.

Any mantra, puja or yantra for enhancing luck:

You should chant “Om Namah Bhagvateh vasudevvaya Namah” as frequently as possible, the more the better.
Chant with total trust and surrender.
Even silent chanting will do.
This will cover most of the planetary afflictions that can obstruct good luck.
You should wear an iron-ring in middle finger of your right hand from Saturday evening.
In spite of, you should wear a yellow Sapphire of 1300 to 140 mg in gold ring at index finger during Thursday morning.