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The strength of 3 tripods (1st house, 5th house & 9th house):
The ascendant [1st house], the fifth house [Purva Punya or accumulated Karma good or bad Karma, accrued over the past births] and the 9th house from it [fortune and luck due to good karma during the present birth but also includes some effects of Karma of the last births] are the main houses that determine what benefits one enjoys or what sufferings one faces.
These houses are linked through mutually trine positions.
The strength and disposition of these houses gives a measure of the quantum and quality of the benefits or otherwise and ideally all the three should have high strength for better results.
In your birth chart, these houses have 9.1, 6.4 and 6.66 units of strength respectively.
Thus your ascendant is high and supportive than your punya of present life and fortune or luck, you may experience that making efforts are not enough for you and you have to perform more social service or enhance your spiritual side to add fortune in life.

Planets that influence the 3 tripods and the effects that would be felt on luck:
Moon, the lord of ascendant, is placed at his friend sign Aquarius that has 25% potential to give positive results. Overall Moon is malefic for chart and will give negative result in various phases of life. Ascendant lord Moon also has opposition with second house lord sun which shows struggle within yourself and some close and very important people of your life. You can have an imbalance emotional side as well. Some sort of discomfort will be associated with parents and that can actually make you stretched between reality and desires.

Moon has sextile aspect with Saturn, Saturn which is retrograde and also not in very good position in the chart will try to help Saturn and allow you to regulate your life in favorable phases, however that will also give changes which may happen with some struggle. You can find your enemies/challenging situaions forcing you to fun away or find another path to get happiness. You would always try something different or start with scratch to get happiness in life.

So your ascendant which basically emotional, caring and sensitive, and has potential to give fulfilled life is in need to get right and nourishing energies (more constructive environment and positive people). Situation becomes challenging here since placement of moon is in eighth house which is more about ending and transforming energies, so most of the time real sense of stability will be missing.
Mars the lord of 5th house from ascendant, which is in neutral sign and benefic for the chart.  Placement of possession and family house in the second house along with Venus conjunction gives opportunity to look for happiness in certain phases of life. This aspect has potential to keep creating hope for love and family life. You need to express yourself in a way that makes you feel important. If you do not feel like you’re contributing enough in life, you don’t feel great. You can be a passionate person and stick with things once you’ve set your mind to them. You don’t mind doing something daring as long as you have a logical reason for it. You usually have a long-term goal that you work hard at achieving in your life, and you can attract people to you who will help. You are loyal, and when betrayed, you have a hard time forgiving. You have a big heart, but also a big ego and a lot of pride that can get in the way sometimes. If you can keep that from controlling you, you can be warm and have an easy time leading people.
Thus the 5th house of PurvaPunya is not that strengthen but also doesn’t have negative energies, there is always scope for you to do well in life and see some improvements in this area. Stored luck may not give you benefits but your efforts will keep creating opportunities for happiness in life. Make yourself more expressive, creative and loving, in every sense with the nature, society and people around you.

The 9th house lord is jupiter which is benefic planet of your chart its placed in Scorpio sign and in the 5th house which is the house where you get maximum opportunity to repair the damage. 5th is also love and relationship house, having Jupiter there itself adds positive energies, some sacrifices are there however it will be beneficial for yourself in long term. Placement of Ketu in 9th house shows that you have to become more spiritual and connected with philosophical side of yours. Ketu also shows that let your past go and keep moving in all circumstances. Having higher understanding, learning and spiritual journeys will open new ways for fortune is not always in favor unless you are so devoted to supreme, let your negativity go and new hope added in life. So because of strong lord you will be able to improve your fortune and get the right direction in life. Placement of ketu is not that good so keep doing right things in life, good for other people, and also try to improve your understanding for people more with every passing day. You can’t always depend on your luck, Jupiter needs efforts and righteous activities in life to get luck in favor.

Description of effect on 5th & 9th house to see Purvapunya & comments on what you did or experience in the past birth:
Due to the various planetary influences on the 5th and 9th houses as described above, the following effects emerge about what you did in your earlier birth and how these will influence your life in this birth:
5th House:
your past shows that there was so much hidden , unexpressed or not fulfilled.

Desires were real intense and expectations were really high, emotional sign shows, you were getting much attention in life however you were not able to give the same in return.You were not easy to handle when someone goes against you, forgiveness was not that and because of that so much unfulfilled desires are stored in your subconscious. You were not able to talk polite and sensitive and now is the challenge to make yourself real polite, sensitive and forgiving.
You were interested in getting to the heart of subjects and people, and prefer hobbies where you can do research and figure out mysteries.
Knowledge can be of interest.
Thus now in this life whatever your hobbies are, you can get obsessed with them at times.
In love, too often you want to change your partner, and are overly emotional or possessive.
You need a cooler head.
You are protective of your children, but can have a hard time letting them go.
You are likely to be very creative, and now focus on your hobbies and the things that you enjoy.
You wanted to do what you want, when you want, and were not a fan of responsibility.
You can date a lot since the 5th house rules love and romance, and believe that you’re in love all of the time, falling in and out of love many times, and not taking it all that seriously.
9th house:
in your past lives there was a feeling of not getting same in return was really high.
You did so much for other emotional and physical and didn’t get same in return.
You were emotional for other at the same time so much curl to yourself and had hurt because of others as well as your overdo attitude for others.
Now still you are connected to your past experiences and that is reflected in your behavior and power of decisions making.
So now in this life your beliefs are important to you, and you apply them to your daily life.
You may be fiercely spiritual or religious, and believe this helps you solve your problems.
You prefer to be around water.
You were attracted to religious fervor, had good moral standards and enjoyed material fortune.
However you were not fond of gathering more and more wealth and were ready to part with it anytime for any good and worthy cause.
Thus in this life, you will see prosperity, enhanced prestige, respect from others, happiness, pleasures and happiness at home, increased income and land and houses.
Pilgrimage and good spiritual progress will be possible.
You may get opportunities for extensive and long travels.
You will be interested in studies of profound subjects like philosophy, metaphysics and religions.
Gain through religion, correspondence, foreign travel can occur or you may be involved in business, contracts and other similar things.
You will develop a more religious and awakened mindset.

Jupiter will transit in your first house until 14 July 2015, you feel optimistic about your life. You become more confident and feel good about the way things are going. This can lead to you making improvements in your life because you feel so good or want to feel better. You could be presented with new opportunities that will expand your life in some way. You may want to expand your life and experience more, seeing what the world has to offer you.
And transit Saturn in your 5th house from and in 10th house from moon sign, which will inspire you to get stability in love life and also make your life socially better and approved. You will overcome obstacles in career as well.

Remedies & suggestions for improving luck:
You should be like someone who is nurturing, sensitive, and shy.
You can seem quite emotional publicly, but you try to keep your feelings to yourself.
You should interpret situations and get a sense of new people through your emotions.
You can pick up the emotions coursing through any situation, and can understand what people are feeling, so must use these power.
Your powers makes you intellectual, and you should listen to your instincts because they process what you may not see with your eyes.
People look to you to be the comforter, the nurturer, the protective one, the mother. You take care of those around you, and are seen as the mother hen.
You may need to get out of your own head.
You need some variety in your life or you get bored easily.
You can become scattered and have a hard time focusing on one thing for very long.
You are an adaptable person, which can make you a good problem-solver.
Don’t indulge in any type of addition weather it is drinking, smoking, or enjoying your pain. You have to become more outgoing, expressive and spiritual.
Show what you feel but what others what from you, be yourself if it’s not favorable for someone then also say it loud, which will give you a right approach.

Any mantra, puja or yantra for enhancing luck:

You should chant “Aum ang angarakaya namah” as frequently as possible, the more the better.
Chant with total faith and submission.
Even silent chanting will do.
This will cover most of the planetary afflictions that can obstruct good luck.
You should wear red coral (set in silver, 3 carat) in ring finger of your right hand begin to wear Tuesday one hour after sunrise.