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The strength of 3 tripods (1st house, 5th house & 9th house):

The ascendant [1st house], the fifth house [Purva Punya or accumulated Karma – good or bad Karma, accrued over the past births] and the 9th house from it [fortune and luck due to good karma during the present birth but also includes some effects of Karma of the last births] are the main houses that determine what benefits one enjoys or what sufferings one faces.
These houses are linked through mutually trine positions.
The strength and disposition of these houses gives a measure of the quantum and quality of the benefits or otherwise and ideally all the three should have high strength for better results.
In your birth chart, these houses have 7.03, 7.08 and 7.81 units of strength respectively.
Thus your Punya is quite better and supportive than Purvapunya , that’ why all attainments and results would be depend on your karma due to lesser strength of Purvapunya .

Planets that influence the 3 tripods and the effects that would be felt on luck:

Mars, the lord of ascendant, is ill placed at his inimical sign of Gemini.
In spite of, it is also being tenanting in the constellation of Rahu along with square (inharmonious aspect) with natal Venus and Sun.
However sign lord Mercury is also placed in sign of Mars and indicating interchange of sign with Ascendant lord Mars, which would be important for your life perspectives and able to give opportunity through your positive initiation.
But due to fixed Ascendant, it may give approach of firmness and rigidity which may unsupportive to construct your planning and targets.

Jupiter is the lord of 5th house from ascendant, which is placed positively at friendly sign of Aries.
The Jupiter is also having close conjunction of Mercury (the planet of hopes, sources of income and unexpected changes) along with in 10th house from Moon sign.
However, both are having inimical relationship together but also natural benefic planet of your chart and also making Amala yoga in your chart which is strengthen perspectives of your life through own initiation.
It will also supportive to attain your expected things through support of your elders and seniors.
But you will have to avoid self-importance and arrogance due to having square aspect of Saturn too, which is placed in the house of fortune.
All issues would be solved through ground level efforts then it will convert into such beneficial results.
However, conjunction of Ketu and opposition of Rahu may give unexpected actions during deciding of important issue of life which may also create your opponents and hindrances in routine life.

The 9th house lord is Moon which is placed strongly in own sign.
But Moon is also having close conjunction with most malefic planet Saturn, which is cause of obstruction in fortune and delayed results of your hopes.
In spite of, Moon is making most inharmonious T-square in your chart in between Rahu & Ketu-Jupiter-Mercury.
However close trine aspect with Venus and sunapha yoga by Mars is reinforcing abilities and opportunities in abroad but due to above unfavorable aspect satisfaction level will never in your range.
Criteria and leveling of happiness will be increasing time to time and makes you much ambitious but it may cause of mental stress.

Description of effect on 5th & 9th house to see Purvapunya & comments on what you did or experience in the past birth:

Due to the various planetary influences on the 5th and 9th houses as described above, the following effects emerge about what you did in your earlier birth and how these will influence your life in this birth:

5th House:
You have experienced most of the conditions of humanity.
You have already walked in the shoes of many types of people in many different situations.
All of this experience is stored in your subconscious.
You wanted to allow you opportunity to deepen spiritually and come to a place of full self love and acceptance by releasing any accumulation of unresolved issues.
You also have ample opportunity to gently nudge others along their path though sharing your sensitivity and insights.
As a result of all these, the ambition of you is greatly aroused.
You have desire to attain the highest and most comfortable status in life, the acme of glory.
However it will not conducive to children and this sign eliminates all kinds of material attachments.
You will enjoy an independent and peaceful life and will be helpful to others without looking forward to anything in return.
You will be quite religious and have a comfortable life.

9th house:
Sometimes you may feel as if you've just worn yourself out in past lives.
A great deal of rushing around, talking to others and being talked to, figuring things out...whew. You've actually carried a lot of information forward into this life with you.
You were attracted to religious fervor, had good moral standards and enjoyed material fortune.
However you were not fond of gathering more and more wealth and were ready to part with it anytime for any good and worthy cause.
Thus in this life, you will get all comforts and conveyance in your life.
But it may bring some restlessness and dissatisfaction with regular routines.
Make an effort to initiate new projects or activities that expand your mind, feed your spirit for adventure, and stretch your imagination.
You may feel renewed by a new perspective on your life, something philosophical or spiritual that you read or learn, or an adventure that takes you away from the mundane routines in your life.

Forecast for the next 10 years:

Career events will be quite positive during these ten years as transit Jupiter, the wealth, growth & development house lord, will be in your fortune house till 14 Jul 2015 and thereafter in your 10th house of professional activities till 12th Aug 2016, then in the 11th house [house of hopes, sources of income and wishes] till 12th Sep 2017, then in the 12th house [house of expenses & journeys] till 5th Nov 2019, in the 1st house [house of personality, thought and new visions] till 20th Nov 2020, in the 2nd house [house of wealth, family and possession] till 20th Nov 2020, in the 3rd house [house of immediate environment, courage and mental strength ] till 21th Nov 2021, in the 4th house [house of home, peace & happiness] till 14th Apr 2022, in the 5th house [house of growth & development] till 23rd Apr 2023, in the 6th house [house of health, service and enemy] till 02nd May 2024 and then in the 7th house [house of place change & association] after 02nd May 2024.

The 1st three transits out of these ten, you will see prosperity, enhanced prestige, respect from others, happiness, pleasures and happiness at home, increased income and land and houses.
This position for transit Jupiter is very good for expansion.
You may get opportunities for extensive and long travels.
Your priorities are easier to see, as you gain perspective on your life and its meaning.
Faith in your purpose and in a higher meaning to your life helps to ease stress and open doors for you.
Authority figures and influential people tend to look upon your favorably.
More freedom is likely to be experienced in your career.
This can be a time of fulfillment of professional and social goals if you have been working toward specific ones.
But you will have to make balance with your working associates and partners, otherwise such important issues may stop due to conflict of self-esteem.
In 4th year it’s a cycle in which you can rid yourself of self-destructive tendencies, deep-seated fears, and deeply-ingrained tendencies towards guilty feelings, acting much like a guardian angel.
You are more able to get in touch with your subconscious mind.
By 5th Year of transit it will bring again noticeable improvements to your environment as well as self-confidence to your personality.
This transit heightens your optimism and increases your generosity along with inclination towards objective of life.
Investments in stocks and other speculative matters could earn good profits.
Till 8th year transit period will be favorable in the sphere of material possessions, family and resources.
By 9th year onwards you have to be extremely careful at work as your superiors and co-workers, which would not be favorable.
It is not the time to look for any advancement but to hang on to what you have.
Relations with your spouse will be strained and conjugal bliss will be lacking.
Legal matters or challenging relationship problems from the past can be resolved, and more casual disputes can be settled as well.
Your personal health, self confidence, mental agility and capacity to put in harder efforts will increase.
But transit Saturn in your 2nd house from ascendant in your career chart D_10 and 5th from Moon sign.
You may feel limited initially by a lack of internal "spark" or "spunk".
You will have a stronger sense of purpose, and a re-worked ego.
You will also associated with love and attention received from others.
As you learn the lessons of this transit, you should learn to love yourself and take pride in yourself.
Looking outside of you for "ego strokes" (whether through romance or other such "applause") may prove to be fruitless.
You will learn through the course of this transit to depend on yourself and to take pride in yourself for what you really are, not only how others see you.
There would be good chances to attain new development in professional perspectives, but it would be hard to bear your responsibilities.
Very careful about your professional relationship and shouldn’t faith on others, otherwise such losses may occur due to dependency on them.
However it would be good to make plan for financial assets through investments.
But avoid risks and new assignments about monetary transitions.
Health would also be average and getting gradual weakness.

Overall these ten years will give mixed results in professional & personal matters due to impact of average period lord.
By Apr 2015 period would be progressive for professional prospects along with better perks but pressure of work would be continued as usual.
Then your earlier problems will be removing rapidly along with improving your professional strength.
However you will have to adjust with existing working environment in remaining period of 2015, 2016 and 2017.
In this period you will not able to get decision independently in your professional life but position would be continued with increasing pay & perks.
By Jan 2018 period will be quite positively poised for new opportunity in career with better benefits and profitable position.
Then period will also be supportive to take many long ranging decisions in career and elsewhere.
Your professional performance will be better as per you along with expected results in remaining period of 2018, 2019 and up to Aug 2020.
In this period, positional enhancement may also occur which will increase your professional powers.
Professional relations will improve and by support of your seniors you will attain a precious position in career.
Professional prospect and influence will enhance and you will get much support in your working environment.
But post Sep 2020 your professional responsibilities will demands discipline and hard work.
So you should utilize your working environment in very organized way.
Some little obstacles would be continued as usual along with schedule growth in remaining period of 2020 and till Nov 2021.
If you would not be careful about working duties and responsibilities then you may face acute problems in your professional prospects, otherwise earlier things will go upwards.
But post Nov 2021 period would not be favorable to take any risk because such hidden issues may obstruct your professional path.
You should more alert about it otherwise such monetary losses are shown in the period of 2022 to Oct 2024.
Professional enemies may also be dominating.
You should very careful about that and not involve in any professional issue which may impact your working position.
You should evade any illegal issue and arguments.
So you should not rigid and adamants to issue of self recognition and possessions.
Otherwise this period indicates professional conflict with your seniors and colleagues, which would be harmful for your expected growth and profits.
If you do wrong, you should accept without any hesitation.
This quality will give you support to continue your work in future.
Overall you will meet with ups and down in professional life but never back from possessed position.
You will earn well through career and will have many comforts.
You will get good hikes in pay too despite the displeasures of your seniors.
The period of 2019-2020 would be very favorable to make a property or fixed assets.
But expenses will also increase time to time and you may spend more than necessary which will cut down on your possible accumulation of fund.
You can improve this area with more attention to financial prudence.
This period would be good for marital relation if you will take the precaution.
Some confusion might be there in your personal relationship due to different view on issues of routine life.
Professional responsibility may disturb your personal life, which can give such regular disturbances and confusions in your personal life.
You will have to leave your suspicious nature towards spouse.
You should trust own self and partner’s attitude.
If you do it then you can maintain your relation by mutual understanding.
Children will do quite well and happiness through them will be quite satisfying.
Growth of child will respective in all ways.
Physical and intellectual growth will be at pace.
At this stage physical growth will be noticeable over intellectual development
Happiness of children will give you more strength for life.
Your health and vitality will be stable but demands regular care for future.
Headache & functional problems may there due to mental stress in work.
During 2021 and 2022 some injuries may possible, so you should take precaution while drive the vehicle.
Cervical and nerves related problems may also affect your health.
In this period you may also face such infectious problem, which may disturb regular health.
So you should be careful about it.

Remedies & suggestions for improving luck:

Your attitude may remain somewhat stubborn, especially with seniors. Judgment and communication failure can be a major issue and this can work against your own interests.
There can be some obstructions to your work and thus your confidence can suffer.
Within the above frame, you must stay methodical and practical in your working.
Plan things meticulously your future.
You must rise to the demands and expectations of your superiors.
Do not avoid taking more responsibility as you will come out successful if you try.
Avoid communication failure, differences, power struggle and quarrels.
You must control your expenses and various pleasures to help you accumulate more money.
Avoid risky investments.
You must be of firm mind but rigidity will make the circumstances worse.
So stay flexible.
Controlled activity in any area of life will benefit you.
Be contented with what you get and work slowly to get your work done.

Any mantra, puja or yantra for enhancing luck:

You should chant Sundarkand or Bajrangbana as frequently as possible, the more the better.
Chant with total trust and surrender.
Even silent chanting will do.
This will cover most of the planetary afflictions that can obstruct good luck.
In spite of, you should wear a yellow Sapphire of 1300 to 1400 mg in gold ring at index finger during Thursday morning.