• Name: XYZ
  • Date of Birth: 3rd November 1970
  • Place: New York / NY / USA
  • Gender: Female
  • Time: 01:01 AM
  • Report: Love Transit Report for 6 Months

Dear XYZ,


Your Love Transit report for 6 months is as below:

OVERVIEW FOR THE SIX MONTHS 8 June – 8 December 2012

Your birth ascendant is Libra whose ruling planet is Venus. Venus is in conjunction with Moon in the fourth house of family. This is a good planetary combination for love and harmony in close relationships and for the step-by-step growth in professional life. Your ruling planet Venus also receives the aspect of Saturn. Saturn is the ruling planet for love. This planetary combination indicates a loving relationship.

You have been passing through the major period of Rahu which is ill-placed in the 8th  house of hidden affairs and receives the malefic aspect of Mars and Saturn. Generally, during the period of Rahu in 8th house, one takes a hasty decision in the lovei relationship and regrets later. 

You have been passing through the sub-period of the Sun which is placed in the 3rd house. The sub-period of the Sun is favorable for social networking, moving around with a loved one and spending quality of time with each other. However, the sub-period of Sun comes to an end during 24th October 2012. From 25th October onwards, the sub-period of the Moon will begin. The Moon is the ruling planet for professional growth. He is well aligned with your ruling planet Venus. The combination of Venus and Moon is good for professional rise, love and harmony in family and step by step growth. Therefore, from 25th October onwards, you will be more inclined to your profession and personal goals. You will be able to take a firm decision of your  relationship. 

June is reasonably good for loving relationships, taking short trips and spending great moments with your loved one. 

July will be an exceptional month for romance & affair. Your personal relationship will be rejuvenated and your romance will move more rapidly as you relate well on the intellectual level as well. You will move towards a long-term commitment. 

August will be average  for love. You will be spending quality  time with each other. 

September could be stressful but good for straight conversations. You may be feeling a little defensive or may be quick to react. 

October can be a great month for a straight-up conversation and to be crystal-clear about your needs. An honest dialogue can help for mutual understanding. 

During November you will be feeling relaxed, dynamic and attractive. This is the time to forgive, forget, and open your heart again. You would be traveling or finding other ways to expand and grow. 


8 June – 7 July 2012:

You will be able to make your relationships more lively and comfortable by opening the lines of communication. Mutual love & understanding will develop. You would be taking short trips, spending quality time with each other, going  out, otherwise making contact and taking a light-hearted approach towards your love life. 

You might just find that this is a period when you are at your best behavior—as long as you are  listening instead of reacting! Your partner's romantic desires may attract you, but if you listen closely and non-defensively, you will learn a  lot about your lover. 

Happiness in your relationship, the integration with your loved one, and your personal accomplishments depend a great deal on the love & respect you have for each other. You may realize that you have to act responsibly and take practical steps toward improvement. 

8 July – 7 August 2012:

You will declare your love for your companion in a sweet, respectful and comprehensive way. You will be able to take short trips, spend lovingmoments with each other. There will also be opportunities to get closer and more committed than you’ve been—to really experience being “as one” with the person you love. 

Don’t feel shy about expressing your affections & desires. You will also crave attention and you enjoy flirtatious banters..

8 August – 7 September 2012: 

The  relationship will be strengthened by  mutual  love, understanding and commitment. Avoid egocentric attitudes and learn to share your decisions with your lover. Learn to control your abundant energy and you will find big improvement in your relationship with h simplicity, sincerity and nobility,. Learn to speak but also listen, give advice and also think about the advice given to youIn fact, learn to find the right balance between you and your loved one. 

Don't be over possessive  for your loved one  or be tempted to impose your point of view on him. Try to stay on the middle ground. Though this may require  personal efforts from us but will always bring good results. 

Speak in “I” rather than “you” language. For example, “I would like to spend more time together” is likely to garner better results than “You never make time for me!” 

8 September – 7 October 2012: 

You will share your desires during this month. Just make sure you’re not being over demanding in the relationship. You may need to compromise.

You may need to hash out a few disagreements. You may be feeling a little defensive or quick to react. You can solve your issues without arguing. You may have some values and goals out of alignment, or perhaps an unmet unrealistic expectation.. Sit down and talk this through—if you address it as a couple, any resentment or disappointment can be healed. Focus on closure and on speaking to each other in considerate, mutually respectful way…no matter how stressful your life may be. 

It’s time to clear the air and leave no topic untouched. Be diplomatic,fair, and gentle with your partner, but speak your truth. 

Your ego blocks love because it keeps the two of u separate. You're right and the other person is wrong. Or you're bad and he or she is perfect. Either ways, it's a distorted view of the situation and that's what's keeping you from   enjoying this  relationship. 

A relationship  grows and fructifies when mutual confidence & respect exists. Before you can get to a place of forgiveness, you need to be heard…and you also need to listen. Traveling together or finding other ways to expand and grow as a couple is the key of a successful relationship from October 2012. 

8 October – 7 November 2012: 

This is the perfect time to surrender, give it up and let it go. Picture yourself releasing your past pain to helpful guides, white light, or whatever image offers a sense of relief. It's never too late to make a change. What happened in the past is not very important--it's the future you're eyeing now. It’s possible to create/make a relationship that’s both stable and exciting at the same time. 

This is a favorable time to travel and enjoy a journey with your loved one. A deep discussion could take your heart forward by leaps and bounds. You feel touchy and sensitive, more accommodating and compassionate in relationships and not take things personally. You may find yourself wanting to go on fun dates. This is the perfect time to initiate more romance and make long lasting connection with a loved one.  

This is the time to balance sense and sensitivity. It may be time for a talk about long-term goals and plans. Don’t expect it to go seamlessly—it’s likely to be a negotiation process. Sociability and friendliness are the themes of attraction in loving relationships.  

A loving relationship is either harmonious or unharmonious! Happiness in your relationship, the integration with your loved one, and your personal accomplishment will depend on a great deal on the respect you have for each other. It is best to let go of negative feelings about relationships and situations gone by.  

8 November – 7 December 2012:  

The sub-period of Moon begins. The Moon is in the 4th house of family. You would be more receptive and gentle on a romantic level, and tend to be sentimental to your family and love relations.   

This month brings love, romance and excitement back in personal relations. The  personal relations are likely to get closer and stressed or limited relationships are likely to fall apart.  

An inspiring conversation could pave the way for deeper bond. Share your views and values openly to  get a clear idea on how compatible the two of you  are.  

This month is lucky for love. It will be hard to contain your feelings, and you could be expressive in ways you normally aren’t. Sure, there could be some drama or a few fireworks, but most likely, it will only make things hotter between you and your beloved. Peacekeeper Jupiter is standing by to ensure that you mostly make love, not war.  

The situation is a lot better than you thought. Perhaps it’s a solid relationship with some unhealthy elements. That too, if youboth are willing to put in the work, can be sorted  in the coming weeks. Use this month to discuss those hidden feelings and fears that are blocking you both from taking things to the next level. 

Although you may be wildly attracted to someone, you want to make sure there's long-term potential in the relationship.. Now is the time to believe that you CAN have it all: hot chemistry and the commitment - both.  

As much as you love someone, you need to weigh how well the relationshipfits in with your larger goals. Do you feel destabilized by this person? Or, on the other hand, is this connection all about practical matters and lacking in passion? You may need more balance. Be practical and check  your priorities and long-term goals. Set your standard but be prepared to compromise.