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Please find below the Love Transit 3 months Report made for you:

The overview for  3  Months

  • The current period has high amount of attention and focus on love matters and long time bonding.
  • The main period of Rahu and sub period of Venus will help you to focus on marriage related decisions after May 2012.
  • There exists a deep desire but due to a mental disconnect there is not much meeting of the minds.
  • Extremely powerful emotional change in your life may be possible.

Detailed month wise reading:

Jan 2015

You might find that you stand up for yourself or your principles. Your more passionate nature comes to the fore. It's time to take the initiative, to apply your confidence and energy to something constructive. This is a period in which you are living spiritedly, indulging your desires without going overboard, and acting spontaneously. You are bound to feel energetically supported by the circumstances of your life and by the people around you now.

Communication with others tends to be friendly and refined and polite especially. Mentally you will not have the concentration that you are used to. This is a good time to tackle diplomatically sensitive subjects and for negotiations. Socializing is favored. Financial transactions benefit during this period as it is a favorable period for commerce.

Emotional frustrations or setbacks are more like to occur. Relationship problems that arise now are likely to have their roots in emotional unrest and some confusion between what you want to do and what you think you should do. You are more excited than the usual, and less inclined to make rational, thought-out decisions. Whims could take hold.

Feb 2015

You may be inclined to seek amusement and spontaneity, especially in your relationships. It is possible that others may seek to surprise you, or you may want a change from your usual routine for a while. You should try to be financially conservative as this is sometimes the cause of unexpected expenditures. If you are artistic, this can be a time of great creativity and originality in your work.
It’s a good time to express your feeling to your loved one. You can also prepare for long term bonding during this period. This is a time to work around the a problems or to face difficult tasks together. You will have an opportunity to experience how the others handle trouble, inconveniences, or frustration. Beware of the tendency to blame or to see  others intentionally annoying you.

Differences in values or ways of expressing affection in your personal relationships are very noticeable  now. Whether or not, you are romantically with someone , you could be feeling underappreciated or even unloved. If there is a confrontation with the loved one now, it's unlikely to be very confrontational! Rather, it's likely to take the form of  distancing and side-stepping the real issue. 

March 2015

If you are committed, there may be some tension over what each of you want and is willing to give, and unless you are conscious of what is happening, you may feel drained at the end of the day without knowing as to why its happening. Be as direct as possible about what you want without being demanding, accusing or pulling too much on your partner's energy.

Your individual agendas and desires are pulling you in different directions for the moment. It would be best to let each other go off alone; if you are together you are apt to irritate or get in each other's way.

This period generates feelings of affection and makes you feel supported by your partner. It is an excellent time for romance as you and your partner will have time alone together. Your home life, the peacefulness of your surroundings generates greater contentment in your personal life. This is a good time to spend at home with family and friends. You may be more sentimental than usual. The only down side to watch is a tendency to be overly self-indulgent.

You can see the gentle side of one another now, and your hearts open to each other in sympathy, compassion, or spiritual appreciation. The feeling between you is tender and sweet, not particularly passionate or earthy.

This transit creates success in your social affairs, so it is an excellent time for a party, a special event like wedding and graduation. You feel like celebrating and this is an especially fun time. You are likely to be more popular as others actively seek you out. You are more likely to meet new people who can advance your interests or move into influential social circles. This is a great transit for upward social mobility.