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An Overview:
This is the year when you have to leave your fear and confusion behind. Stars are ready to transform every opportunity into possibilities for having love and harmony in life.. The time ahead will be truly rosy and will give you good pleasure in the area of love. Strong feelings and passions will be at its peak. Sooner or later you will find yourself desperate for good results and that is something you have to keep in control.

The combination I can read here for you is indicating some mental stress and downfall if you just use your impassioned side of the personality to handle things related to your love life. You will be more e sensitive and sometimes confused too. So you need   to be practical in your actions and use your brain over heart most of the time. Less interference by others will make you achieve your goal easily . You just have to trust your fortune and positive energies within you. And you can expect some awesome results as well as have some great experiences that will be bring more harmony in your love life.

20 September 2012 to 20 October 2012

Till 29th, you may  get mixed signals from someone. Don't bother trying to decipher what they mean to say they’re really trying to say; they  probably are unsure of their own feelings  Wait to get this period out.
During 2nd - 13th October, some   restlessness will be seen with a close friend or an associate.
Don't become embroiled in problems that don't belong to you. You may have to alter a personal goal to succeed.

After 13th Oct, communication with good friends promise to bring hope, joy and good feelings. Organizational involvements can now stimulate new ideas, outlooks and projects.
A dream could become a reality now.

21 October 2012 to 20 November 2012

From29th  to 14th Oct, things are looking up for you. During this period, you may find that  your words are more soothing than ever to  your loved ones. You don't have to say much, but what you communicate will mean a lot, because your words come from the heart. You can collect a sea of admirers who may be just as inclined to communicate with fervor. After 15th Oct, you should  speak less and listen more. Others aspect will need your attention. You will be diverted in this period. After 15th Oct, your emotional attitude will get attention by others.

21 November 2012 to 20 December 2012

In this period, you should   behave in a very balanced way. It could be a great time to talk your way to whatever you've been wishing for lately. From  10th  to 20th Oct, you will be completely dedicated  towards your relationship. You can make a dream come closer to being true if you express yourself now. .Till 25th you will be in a  better  mood and  attitude. From 26thOct to 31st Oct, you will have enjoyable moments. Your energies will be completely diverted towards your love life.

21 December 2012 to 20 January 2013

Till 23rd Dec, you will have a lot of  positive result. This will be a much better period for you. Life could look up after drawing firm personal boundaries. There's no need to let folks talk you into activities that make you unhappy. You'll feel much better once you keep your own space. Plans are coming together quite nicely right now. It seems as though you're in for a period of smooth sailing. This is a good time to catch up on your reading or take an advanced class of some sort. Better month for taking some initiatives.

Think only for you and your wishes. You will handle your desires in a much better way this time. After 3rd Jan, your action will make major impact on your future growth.
6th Jan will be a better day for you.

21 January to 20 February 2013

During29th  to 10th Feb, you will  have some great encounters and developments. T his is a very good month when it comes to harmony. Now is the time for restructuring the dynamics of your interactions and personal involvements. There's no wrong side of the bed to get up on this morning .It's time to examine what you really want for your love life. During 12th to 20th Feb, new admirers are drawn to you, and they may or may not be secretive about it. Whether it’s a   perfect fit or not, you will enjoy the attention and handle it with your usual aplomb. Keep your enthusiasm high after 20 Feb, things will get smooth. And you will enjoy your relationship. .

21 February to 20 March 2013

You could get some lovely, enjoyable and harmonious moments. During 28th Feb to  10th March, you can use your charm to create some magical moments., It’s about taking initiatives , leaving the hesitation behind and let things come your way more freely. Though you are not likely to get distracted by pretty faces, but right now you'll have to make a conscious effort to look beyond it. For, inner beauty takes some finding, but it lasts forever

Till14th March, you will be completely devoted towards your relationship.
15thto 20th March will be a better time for you.After that, some nice communication and practical approach will be required.

21 March 2013 to 20 April 2013

30th March onwards your energy is channelized  towards this aspect of life. You have to be more practical with the situation. With your past experiences and with the help of your inner instinct, you will have to turn  the situation in your favor. Look for someone who has known you for a long time for any help you need. Remove all the doubts and just go for the enjoyable moments. In this period you can ask for favors, give some surprises and express yourself to your beloved. Just take care of your temper from 5th  to 8th to avoid conflicts. During 12th  to 18th April,, you will have emotional moments and some fluctuations in your feelings. Speak less and listen more.

21 April 2013 to 20 May 2013

 Your health should be your priority. As the mental tension may affect your fitness levels Compromise with others to make them happy. Situation will be positive for you if you give attention to your communication. There’s nothing wrong in being a  little diplomatic. Communication can help a lot in this period. After 28th April, it will be a  much better period for you. Lots of activity and communication are promised now especially with your loved ones you will probably feel as though you're living life in the fast lane in this period. There will be a proper support of luck. After 2nd May, be careful of your health. Some past problems can solve easily in this period.

21 May 2013 to 20 June 2013

During 21st May to 5th June, your desires will be high and you would love to enjoy. You will have some real good time with your loved one. Try to enjoy the madness of the love. Do not care for anything else, except for your health & fitness. Till 9th June, things will be favorable. After which, some domestic issues can create problems in your love life. After 20th June, you will enjoy the love relationship and you will find balance in your attitude. Practical approach will be needed in this period. Plenty of spicy romantic times will be there but you should be careful of your attitude. You must realize the importance of changes and enthusiasm in your life. Few comprehensive moves can reestablish things in your life. The coming period will be packed with romantic opportunities if you have a little mature behavior in this period.

21 June 2013 to 20 July 2013

Till 28th June, avoid any kind of conflict and speak very carefully. You may be focused on personal goals right now. This is an excellent time to go after what you want in life. Plans to improve your surroundings are particularly favorable  now. Reach for the stars. What you know other people may not; charm's not all about talking. There's also the allure of being an active and fascinated listener, not to mention the judicious use of body language. You've got it goingnow.2nd July to 12th July, you will have real satisfaction, stability and enjoyment. Plenty of good energy is coming your way, with the definite potential for a dash of romance!

21 July 2013 to 20 August 2013

In this month, your attitude will be completely changed. Now is the time ,when you will  find yourself looking for change. A good discussion with your companion might help you a lot. Keep in touch with loved ones and friends from afar. Be prompt in answering social invitations in this period. After 11th Aug, t you will have good support of others. After this month, I can see some enjoyable moments coming your way, just open your mind for accepting the changes.

There will be some great chances for re establishing things which have been missing in past. 12th Aug  to 15th Aug are the best phase you will have for new opportunities and people around you. , There will be enjoyment and freshness in life.

21 August to 20 September 2013

Till 25th Aug, things are looking harmonious for you. Doors can open to you today that are often illusive. People who are in position of influence may be more willing to listen now. If you have any requests or demands, make them now.9th to 12th, you will have emotional fulfillment.  Try to utilize past experiences in this period. A cheerful attitude could help make a terrific impression on others. If you find yourself chatting with an important person, try to convey positive energy. Luckily, you should find yourself with enough energy to accomplish both your domestic and professional duties. I would certainly encourage warm and open relationships with loved ones.

Overall, the phase is going to be filled with excitement and new experiences.. Along with that, I  suggest, you give priority to your love life in this period. Stars are ready to help you; you just have to keep your approach positive.