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Please find the Monthly Love Horoscope given below:


1. Sun in Scorpio till the 15th December 2015 and then moves into Sagittarius.
2. Mars in Cancer throughout the month. It become stationary from 18th December 2011 till 21st December 2015 and then retrograded. Then It will remain in Cancer in retrograded motion till 10th January 2015.
3. Mercury moved into Sagittarius on  2nd December 2015. it will attain retrograded motion on 27th December and remain in Sagittarius till 10th January 2015.
4. Venus is in Scorpio till the 20th December 2011, and then moves into Sagittarius on 21st December 2011 till 10th January 2015.
5. Jupiter in direct motion in Capricorn till 20th December 2015 and then moves into Aquarius on 21st December 2015 and remain there till 10th January 2015.
6. Saturn is in direct motion in Virgo throughout the month.
7. Rahu and Ketu transit Sagittarius and Gemini respectively.

You are born in Scorpio ascendant, Capricorn Moon sign in Dhanishtha Nakshatra.
Current dasha is Jupiter main period with Mars sub-period and Saturn sub-sub-period till 8th January 2015.

The love relations will undergo with some highs and lows. Hidden feelings will not find proper outlet leaving a feeling of dissatisfaction generally. Inner tensions and unresolved issues are likely to be projected into social relationships; and this creates difficult experiences and a scene for crises or turning points.

Your inner pressures are released within relationships, through arguments, dissension, provocation, and antagonism; you take advantage of even trivial issues to turn them into energy-filled confrontations and clashes. This will obviously affect career prospects and domestic life; and these rebellious feelings will always be stimulated by anyone imposing his will on you through authority, orders, or criticism.
You feel emotionally uncomfortable; and others may find you hard to understand. You need to resolve the difficulty of instincts and emotions co-operating with an active and assertive Martian energy.

Sometimes the high energy imparted by the dasha of Mars and retrogression of Mars in transit, you are liable to act impulsively, making sudden decisions which could be irrational and lacking in forethought. Yet such actions may sometimes allow you to break free from restrictive situations. Since Mars is getting retrograding just opposite to your own Moon and then expressing the lunar energy may encourage cautious self-protection, remaining with the status quo, and being afraid to move beyond familiar behaviour patterns. The challenge is to unite both energies, honouring each as equally valid and necessary for a well-balanced personality.

Choosing companions, both friends and lovers, is one area where weaknesses may appear, as you are often attracted to people who turn out to be unsuitable characters with equally volatile emotional difficulties. Intimate relationships may be limited to physical expression, or entered for material reasons, as you may repress the deeper emotional and subtler dimensions of interpersonal contact.
Repressing genuine feelings is not wise. You may need to acknowledge your lunar qualities more openly, and find space in your life to allow proper expression.

Lessons are needed to discover how compromise is important in developing better relations. You may need to find new forms of self-assertion, which recognize that others exist too and should be given equal respect. This can help to moderate your overbearing tendencies. Through greater insight, you can gain relationship clarity, with perspective, realism, and more positive attitudes proving highly transforming as self-centeredness diminishes.

Accepting the need to live harmoniously with others can readjust your sense of proportion and help you realize that you can contribute to the well-being of all, instead of merely indulging in alienated antagonism. Transforming this imbalanced side of your nature will bring considerable personal benefits, improving self-esteem and peace of mind. Achieving this will also heal uncomfortable emotions; and, once their stressful, hidden, contaminating effect on you is reduced, you can discover a clarity of thought and decisive action which can be used for your advantage.