Dear A and B,


We have been providing astrology consultation and advice on true vedic principles on the internet since 2000 and serviced over a million customers with our free and premium services. We have prepared Love Partner comparison report:

Relationships are about choices, while family is about destiny.

This report is prepared with an attempt to help you assess and compare the potential relationship; you could have in case you are interested in more than one person.
The report is completed considering the following:-

1) Placement of your mutual constellation and assessing a complex vedic analysis which work on analyzing instincts and how people turn out and develop over a period of time.

2) Mutual Placements of planets such as Venus for Love , Mars for Desire , Jupiter for Wisdom & Saturn for crucial energy .

The results might startle you initially but are prepared on checking the effect and nature of planets which manifest over a period of time.

The comparative analysis is as below:


 Compatibility with  A
 Thinking  Mismatch in thinking 1.THINKING PATTERN - Quite unfavorable due to tendency to oppose each other and being argumentative. Areas of common interest would be quite low too.
Possibility of getting into ego clashes. Not very good for long term
harmonious relations.
 1. THINKING PATTERN - Not favorable since there would not be very many areas of common interest. There could be mutual disinterest in each others
activities. Common areas of interest should be built up otherwise there would be a tendency to drift apart in the medium / long term. Not good for a long term relationship.
 Personality  Not favorable as you will find a basic mismatch in mindset towards society and common goals  Similar position but here you might be more indifferent to Justin Expectation
 Financial  Not much support for each other in financial matters  Justin Would gain much in his association with you, while it will not be a very favorable relation for you.
 Sexual  Mismatch. There would be over expectation from your side which would not be fulfilled  Mismatch. There would be over expectation from your side which would not be fulfilled
 Children  Happiness & Success in matters related to children  Happiness & Success in matters related to children
 Ego & Values  A mismatch. Problems & major adjustment issue  Average match. There will be harmony.
 Feelings & Natural Love  Not much support. Most of the attraction will be physical. Love and soft feelings will not exist. Sexual attraction will be high  Very high feeling of love & emotional attraction.
 Spiritual  Similar feelings about spirituality. Harmony in religion/Spiritual pursuit.  

Similar feelings about spirituality. Harmony in religion/Spiritual pursuit.

 Longevity of Relationship  Not much Natural Support  Not much Natural Support

Conclusion :-

Both persons are not very positive for you in terms of a relationship. You score 13/36 point with profile A and 16.6/36 points with profile B. Although undoubtedly the relationship will be happier with B, still you should avoid both and look for another person for you.