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It is mostly observed that a person does well in a certain place. The destiny of a person flourishes at a specific place. The magnetic waves of a place boost up the potential of a person that influences him and makes him successful. To know which place is better suitable for your love prospects and where your stars could shine can be assessed by the planetary relocational chart or better known as Astrography chart.

In this report is clearly stated whether you need to relocate or not? Which direction will produce better benefit to you- which place or country will provide you support to flourish your love.
1) Chances of love at birth place or distant place:

General strength of birth chart:

Lagna [ Below Average] : Lagna in Scorpio.  Scorpio indicates that you stand up for your rights and never submit to imposition. You worry too much for the things, which may happen, and also for the things, which may not happen. You have an intense emotional nature, strong will power and have a magnetic personality. Basically you are a calm and quiet person unless you are aroused to lose temper. Besides being angry you are having an unforgiving nature too. You have strong likes and dislikes. You are a great self-reliant person that is why you do not depend or trust others. You live in the world of reality and are materialistic. You have your own independent opinions and would avoid confrontation with those having different views from you. You are very choosy about making friends but oncemade then you would be intimate with them in a short period. As you are generous and sensuous so you like dynamism in love life. When you love someone or have a life partner then you expect the devotion of your partner through his body, mind and soul. If your expectation is not fulfilled then you become frustrated and unhappy. It then led to momentarily irritable behavior.

The ruler of Lagna is Mars is placed in the sixth house in Aries – a malefic house where most of the positive aspects are hidden.  Scorpio governs North direction.
Most of the planets of the birth chart is in sixth house along with Lagna lord. It makes you struggle in most areas of life and love too.

The fifth house governs love and emotions. It is in Pisces whose ruler is Jupiter is in the twelfth house makes it difficult to get success in love affairs. It indicates often trouble in getting the desired response in love matters. Either it is difficult to establish new relationship or it is difficult to continue with partner in love relations. This position shows dissatisfaction in love and many a times loss of love relation too.
The promise of love in the current chart is weak.

The relocation chart is Sagittarius rising: it makes you bold and courageous. It makes your personality acceptable and freedom loving. You will have a certain type of flexible personality that works well for you. Because of your need for independence and freedom, you are apt to constantly put yourself in changing circumstances and different environments. Such changes would, in turn, require a certain amount of adaptability. This will make you easily adaptable with others and opening the chance of stability in love relations.

When chart is relocated – then the Sagittarius rising gives strength. The ruler of Lagna is Jupiter in the eleventh house – auspicious for all social activities and also for love relations and social activities.

The fifth house of love is in Aries with its ruler Mars in it. Presence of five planets – Moon, Mars, Venus, Saturn and Mercury and aspect of Jupiter on it makes the house of love strong. The varga chart – supportive chart for love- is also Libra rising with strong success in love relations.

The seventh house governs marriage and the seventh house of the relocation chart is in Cancer whose ruler is Moon is in the fifth housewith the fifth lord – strong possibilities and bond of love leading to marriage.

Other than that the eleventh house is house of sociability and also for source of income, is in Scorpio where Jupiter is placed makes your social circle wide. It is aspected by its own ruler Mars supports it. The source of income will become wide and you will be able to expand it through distant lands also.
2)   Direction for success:

According to relocation chart the success in love relations is on the fifth house.
It is in Aries and Mars is the strongest planet in the chart.
Aries governs Eastern direction.
Mars governs South direction.
The two directions are favorable for you – East, south and south east directions where possibility of love relations become strong.
3) Countries Suggestion


4) Whether same religion or race.

According to new chart formed the fifth house is in Aries whose ruler is Mars is in the fifth house. It supports love. Here the presence of five planets with aspect of Jupiter on it puts influence of six planets on the house of love. This opens maximum chances of love. Interaction with others will increase and potential of love becomes strong. There will be many possibilities but you will take here time to think and assess the person before coming to a final decision due to presence of Saturn here. That also shows that you will be able to decide about your life partner who may belong to different race or religion. He will be wheatish or sun tanned – not very much fair in complexion. He will be active and intelligent. Either there will be a big age gap between you and your partner or he may be younger to you.
Saturn in the fifth house- aspects the seventh house too. It indicates formation of love relationship and marriage with the partner of other religion or community. Saturn also provides stability and maturity in love relations. Thus this chart gives possibility of love relation leading to marriage.

The current birth chart shows possibility of love in distant place. Where it is possible to find love at your work place or in the similar field of your work which may help you to establish but due to malefic influences it will not be stable or lead to marital knot. This makes to find love in different place where it will be possible for you to find more possibilities of love leading to a long term relationship.
The relocation chart gives better opportunity of love and marriage when compared to the current birth chart. Here you will be able tocome across many people with increase of possibility of formation of love relation that will lead to a committed relationship. Sagittarius rising toowill help you to change your persona. Your inner changes along with personality will make it possible to attract love in air. This will make you expansive and then your reserve nature will also soften down.
Thus, by looking all these aspects a new place will open new avenues for love and stability in relations.