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The forecast of the events likely to happen during the next one year are given below after taking into consideration the following:

  • Your Birth Horoscope
  • Your new year [birthday] horoscope applicable for 2017.
  • Transit position of all planets with respect to these charts.

Effects of individual planets as per birth chart:


  • Optimistic
  • Freedom-loving
  • Jovial
  • Expansive
  • Open-minded
  • Honest
  • Blunt
  • Philosophical
  • Irresponsible
  • Tactless
  • Restless
  • Good natured
  • Generous
  • Enthusiastic
  • Judicial
  • Impartial
  • Sincere in his opinions
  • Change of residence


  • Active
  • Agreeable
  • Courteous
  • Optimism
  • Love for work
  • Magnetic personality
  • Distant and aloof
  • Frosty 
  • Enigmatic
  • Original
  • Inspirational with flashes of genius.
  • Peculiar
  • Independent
  • Unexpected
  • Fond of secret


  • Very strong sex drive
  • Feelings of bitterness
  • Resentment or hatred
  • Vengeful nature
  • Tricky
  • Passionate
  • Inventive
  • Clever
  • But resentful
  • Executive
  • Able
  • Materialistic
  • Proud
  • Romantic courtship
  • Financial profit by marriage
  • Fond of hazardous enterprises
  • Weak health in youth stronger later
  • Unfortunate speculation


  • Talkative
  • Passionate
  • Inspirational
  • Ambitious
  • Aspiring
  • Just
  • Generous
  • Earnest religious faith
  • Aptitude for medicine, science and literature
  • Changeable
  • Enthusiastic propagandist
  • Many journeys
  • Illness while traveling
  • Quarrel with relatives


  • Conceited
  • Determined
  • Haughty
  • Overbearing
  • Careful
  • Emotional
  • Proud of birth
  • Jealous enemies
  • Peculiar intrigues with superiors
  • Profit through litigation
  • Societies
  • Arbitration
  • Public investment
  • Strange adventure


  • Sexually passionate
  • Luxurious
  • Wasteful
  • Very possessive
  • Jealous
  • Resentful
  • Seductive
  • Jealous
  • Always liable to extreme
  • Misfortune through love affairs
  • Inherited money
  • Delay in love and marriage
  • Tendency towards immodesty and lack of restraint
  • Flair for investment and financial management.


  • Teachable
  • Sensitive
  • Hasty
  • Honest
  • Trustworthy
  • Intuitive
  • Philosophic
  • Occult
  • Humanitarian
  • Popular
  • Money through judicious investments
  • Unassuming conditions
  • Prophetic insight
  • Freedom from mercenary
  • Dual life of popularity and seclusion
  • Politics


  • Giddiness
  • Enmity
  • Quarrels
  • Unpleasant domestic environment
  • Fear and will suspect the partner
  • Will not trust anybody
  • Changes the occupation and also residence
  • Suffer from contagious disease
  • Mental unrest
  • High fever


  • Defective vision
  • Few children
  • Weak minded
  • Unprincipled
  • Trouble from enemies
  • Loss of money
  • Sale of property
  • Litigation
  • Cutaneous disease
  • Mental anguish
  • Disagreement with relatives
  • Secret activities


The total effects of all planets can be different due to mix and match of the effects of various planets and their transits.

Year 2017-2018: An Overview

  • Existing working environment would be average for professional prospects due to such unfavorable transit planets. 
  • The period post Apr 2017 will be suitable for change in work profile or nature of service.
  • There would be good chances to get opportunity for change in working life during Apr-May 2017.
  • You must secure optimum consolidation from existing career through hard efforts.
  • Then professional life would be going upwards and also getting prospects in working environment.
  • Such little hindrances would be there but would be bearable.
  • This period indicates good communication with new working associates.
  • With Oct 2017 there would be frequent journeys due to existing projects but it would be fruitful for good return and existing n projects.
  • This will be beneficial for future prospects but work pressure will be continued.
  • Very tight working schedule would be continued up to end of the year.
  • So you should do work in discipline and organized manner.
  • Awareness of this time will pay in future.
  • Professional life may also disturb by personal life. 
  • Precaution must be required in matter of health.

Year 2017-2018: Detailed readings

Part One:

The effects in the major areas of life are likely to be on the following lines during 2017.


  • Such frequent hindrances would be continued in existing working life up to 6th Apr 2017.
  • Up to this period there would be such mental pressure and stress of work.
  • This may divert you from existing working profile.
  • Post 7th Apr 2017 there would be good period for new chances in career.
  • To materialize these opportunity you will have to do hard efforts  
  • Working profile and position would be better with this professional change.
  • Professional circumstances will improve and there would be progressive professional life.
  • The career would notice good betterment with this change.
  • Good success in career undertakings would be possible.
  • By your personal efforts and hard work must be required to improve your professional status and then you will get rewards for work.
  • Things would be continued in regular way in remaining period of 2017.
  • In Oct 2017 your involvement may occur with new important project which would be better platform to display your abilities.
  • Due to this there would be much stress and pressure along with unexpected journeys in your working life.
  • So discipline and good management must be required to attain regular gain and profits.


  • Stable income would be continued.
  • But you are unable to control your expenditures during 1st quarter of 2017.
  • But it will expand with professional change during May 2017.
  • Beneficial period for regular or long term investments.
  • Short term and risky financial matters must be avoided.
  • Good financial support by family or near and dear ones.
  • Your expenditure will also increase time to time.
  • The last quarter of 2017 would be fortunate to invest money in fixed assets or property.
  • Overall financial graph will go upwards.

Love Life:

  • Up to Mar 2017 period would be very critical for new relationships.
  • But with Apr 2017 support of friends and near & dear ones will be increasing good feeling about professional work.
  • Period would not be supporting to strengthen your understanding without involvement of dear ones.
  • But in Oct to Dec 2017 some professional condition may also hurt you, but should try to overcome them.
  • So you should be careful about that.

Marital Life:

  • Period would be also average for your marital relations.
  • Professional matters will dominate in personal relation; there would be problems to make durability and consistency in your relations.
  • Required proper communication and frankness must be required about personal perspectives.
  • You should serious about home pleasure.
  • Such pleasurable journey will increase understanding in your relations.


  • Physical and mental growth would be good.
  • But your encouragement must be required to give a proper direction in their life.


  • Health status will be average due to frequent ailments.
  • Such functional problems may problematic and your health demands proper care along with required precautions.
  • Otherwise it may problematic for further life.
  • So you should very careful about that. 
  • Yoga would be best things to maintain your routine health.

Effect of the transit of Jupiter

Jupiter in transit is crossing over the 7th from your ascendant and Sun-sign this is a year when you are more likely to establish or solidify a significant partnership. Financial benefits could possibly come through partnerships. Legal matters or challenging relationship problems from the past can be resolved, and more casual disputes can be settled as well. You may find yourself taking on the role of consultant or advisor, or you could benefit from help from same. Good publicity may come your way. If your work takes you before the public, you can safely expect popularity. Relationships and partnerships benefit from expansive, warm energy, difficult relationships may be absolved, and/or successful new ones are entered into this year.

Jupiter in transit is crossing over the 5th from your Moon-sign you will especially imaginative, original in your self-expression, and creative during this cycle.
Creative projects are likely to fare well and could possibly even bring some type of recognition or reward. You are feeling quite free from responsibilities at this time, making it easier for you to let your hair down and have a good time. Investments in stocks and other speculative matters could earn good profits. Healthy risks are likely to pay off, but be careful of overconfidence in speculative investments. Relationships and hopes with your children may be especially fulfilling now. You may find great joy and reward in your creative projects and hobbies, and could discover a previously hidden talent for a particular craft. Pleasure-seeking activities, recreation, and amusement are increased. You are far less inhibited when it comes to expressing yourself creatively, and you are a lot more fun to be around.

Transit of Jupiter square to natal Rahu it should bring a fortunate social period where public recognition, romance and general good fortune can be expected, and all associations with others will prove advantageous in some way. You are socially popular - exhibiting adaptability, good-fellowship, tact and diplomacy. There may be active participation in currently popular religious, philosophic, educational, and cultural trends. An urge to travel to far-away places (real or imaginary) may also be experienced.
You may discover new perspectives on your beliefs, faith, and sense of hope.

Transit of Jupiter trine to natal Moon, you might be feeling quite personally popular and well-received by others at this time. Good will and optimism characterize this period of time because they don't always coincide with specific external events. You should be aware that your faith in yourself and others at this time can be especially rewarding and personally satisfying. Use this time to resolve conflicts with others, as you are bound to be well-received with your sincere and warm demeanor. Do something to improve your domestic life--whether it's simple re-decorations or enjoying family outings.

Transit of Jupiter opposition to natal Sun you might fall victim to wasting opportunities, time, or resources when transiting Jupiter opposes your natal Sun. Generally, this transit is a "feel-good" transit. You are likely to be feeling quite powerful and optimistic. The problem with the transit is that you might over-reach as a result of these inflated feelings of importance. This need not be the case at all. In fact, you might find that you receive a much-needed boost to your ego at this time.

Transit of Jupiter opposition to natal Mercury this may point to a time when a particular plan or business deal/project that you started 6 years earlier is culminating or "bearing fruit". This could also be a time when you are prone to making miscalculations based on an avoidance of critical details.

Finally we come to the Maha Yoga effects caused by the combined transit of Saturn and transit Rahu through Libra:

You will be focusing much of your energy on your place in society, your responsibilities, and your standing. You will enjoy good respect and honour in your social circles. Your friends and elders will be cordial and helpful.But your personal goals come under Saturn's scrutiny as he makes his way through your eleventh house. How you will fit in with others, your affiliations with people and groups, and your peers all become serious matters in your eyes. You might feel that your personal "circle" or your networks are superficial or unsatisfying at the beginning of the transit. You might feel some disdain for the superficial workings of casual friendships, begin to feel uncomfortable and self-conscious about "going through the motions", doing and saying the right things, and so forth. Alternatively, you might meet someone with whom you establish a serious friendship at this time, or you might become a member of a group or affiliation that you devote much of your time to. You will take a hard look at the role you play with others' lives, and consider exactly what it is that satisfies you and contributes to your happiness, beyond your personal and professional life. Investments will yield very good returns and you will recover all your pending dues. You will also acquire some property during this period.

It will give favorable benefits to you. So, you need not worry about this. You will get all kinds of favorable effects in the unexpected ways. You will buy new dresses and new jewels. You will be relieved of from the burden of loans because you are getting increased income. Elder person will be prosperous and they will be helpful to you. If you are suffering from the troubles of court cases will now be relieved of them. If judgments are likely to be pronounced, it will be in your favor. So you will get victory over enemies.

Part Two:

Further breakup of the full year 2017, to focus on more trends.

September 2017

  • This is a difficult month for you.
  • An existing relationship takes a totally different turn. You feel lost and unable to face it.
  • You develop some minor misunderstanding with your partner which is likely to escalate.
  • If you enter into a new relationship as this time then you may be happy. But an existing relationship may go through some problem.
  • Career obligations will take their toll on the relationship.
  • You may find yourself pulled between the two.

October 2017

  • Till the 12th it is advisable to be quiet. Anything you do will be held against you.
  • After the 12th you will find people are more receptive towards you. If you want to sort out old issues, you may do that. You may find yourself lacking peace of mind. You may also be in a very depressed mood.
  • But between the 12th to the 20th if you try then you will be able to get positive help.
  • After the 23rd, you are likely to ruin your relationship due to your ego.

November 2017

  • The period till 14th is a period when you may do some mistakes. You may be prone to taking your partner for granted. A lot of expectations will be there. This will cause you to be in a difficulty. Your partner may resent your behavior.
  • She will get irritated and may move away from you. Try not to be too hasty in expressing your emotions.
  • The rest of the month you may spend worrying. So try not to do anything at the start which will affect you in the long term. Try to give your relationship some time.
  • Things will slowly return to normal by the end of the month.

December 2017

  • Romantic liaisons are likely to suffer. You may develop some impulsive attachments. There may be problem with people.
  • Your partner may refuse to cooperate with you. Your expectations may not match with hers.
  • Things are not getting right. You are often misunderstood. There is a lot of expectation from you which you cannot fulfill. This makes you frustrated.
  • There can be inconsequential matters that upset you in this period; try to focus on the positive aspects of new or proposed circumstances. 
  • Avoid depression and try to move on with positive attitude.

January 2018

  • The period till the 14th is a good period for you. Your mind will be happy. You will have inner peace. There will be bliss and happiness in life. There is a possibility of going out on a long journey. But this will not affect your relationship, as you will be in touch with your partner no matter where you are.
  • Some cherished desire will be fulfilled. If you have taken a sudden decision, then there is a possibility that you may find yourself getting into a different mode.
  • Marriage or some celebration in the family is likely.
  • You will conquer all obstacles in your path.
  • You are likely to travel to a distant location.

February 2018

  • This is a period when you may be into religious activities.
  • Some celebration or puja may take place.
  • Much of your time will go in entertaining guests and attending to religious functions.
  • You may go on a pilgrimage.
  • After the middle of the month you may get frustrated and find it difficult to manage things.
  • Partner may not be supportive. Things will smoothen out towards the month end.

March 2018

  • Relationships are not positive in this period. You may be subject to some bickering.
  • You are unable to handle the stress in family life. You will go through a emotionally disturbing period.
  • You will undergo feverish complaints. There is a need to take care of your health.
  • Try to work on yourself. Try to make yourself internally strong.

April 2018

This period brings love, romance and excitement. Use this month to discuss those hidden feelings and fears that are blocking you both from taking things to the next level. This is the perfect time to surrender, give it up and let it go. Picture yourself releasing your past pain to helpful guides, white light, or whatever image offers a sense of relief. It's never too late to make a change. What happened in the past is not very important--it's the future you're eyeing now. It’s possible to create/make a relationship that’s both stable and exciting at once. You’re feeling especially bold and brassy and get deeply enchanted by someone you love. A loving relationship will be more romantic than realistic.

May 2018

  • The entire month is positive for you. Existing relationships will be strengthened. You may find yourself going through a phase of exhilaration.
  • There can be a stimulating and passionate love life after the 9th of the month and you will enjoy a very satisfying month later on. You will find people supporting you. Your family life will be blissful. Domestic life will give you happiness. Till the 23rd you will enjoy a harmonious period.
  • Your partner will support you in all you do. You will get all what you want.
  • After the 23rd you will have to take care of your partner. There is a possibility of health problems.  

June 2018

  • This is a month when family life goes on smoothly. You may get blessings from concerned people.
  • You may be able to accomplish much in this life. You will be able to get joy from your partner.
  • Most of your dreams will be realized. Try to work in a positive manner to sustain any relationship.

July 2018

  • Things will be improving slowly. There may be joy form existing relationship.
  • People will support you. Joy from social interaction is likely.
  • You will experience definite bliss.
  • You will be able to enjoy a happy family life. You need to take care of your health in this period.
  • Just be careful with your way of expression. 

August 2018

  • This is a period of gains. You will enjoy good company. People of the opposite sex will find you charming and interesting. They will support you and help you.
  • There is a need for you to be careful in what you speak. There is a possibility that you will hurt someone by your speech. Things are not going to go smooth on the family front.
  • Possibility of your family members interfering in your personal life is likely.
  • You may find them to be more interfering than helpful.
  • You are more of a person who is individualistic than a team player and it may be difficult for your partner to understand you. 
  • Love life will play a key role over the next few months.