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Here is your in-depth Find My Love Match report. The report is structured in the following sections:

I.    Description of the person you could be married to
II.   Description of the person you might always be attracted to
III.  Astrological indications of the Signs under which your life partner could be born
IV.  Chances of new love/ marriage in the next 12 months
V.    Possible profession or education field of your spouse

Love makes you do crazy things. We are on cloud nine when we find the love of our dreams. However, if it is a mismatch, it leaves us devastated. Thus, it is important to know everything you can about your perfect match. Vedic Astrology is a boon in this regard. Our reading will help you uncover everything about your life partner, from physical type to the temperament and nature.

I.    Description of the person you could be married to
(Based on what your life partner could be like)

  • Venus as lord of 7th house placed in the 7th house in own sign Libra will give you a handsome spouse of refined taste.
  • He will be much fond of comforts and a good life.
  • The presence of Mercury with Venus will make the spouse quite eloquent, lucky and wealthy but this may cause some minor friction too since Mercury is the lord of 6th house.
  • He will have a mental affinity for you and this will bring deeper cohesion and amity within marriage.
  • Due to presence of 5th house lord Sun in the 7th house in debilitation will make your spouse slightly short-tempered, yet he will be very focused and ambitious to bring his family to a higher level of society.
  • Saturn, the 7th house lord from your Moon sign in the 12th house will make your spouse extravagant but will give him a long life too.
  • Status of Venus in birth chart will give you a successful marriage and most doshas ([afflictions) related to marriage will be eliminated.
  • 7th house lord Venus in the 12th house in Navamsa chart (D9) will bring in more wealth after marriage with you.

II.    Description of the person you might always be attracted to
(Based on what you would like your life partner to be like)

  • Venus, as 7th house lord in the 7th house in own sign will make the person attached to you. He may be living close by before marriage and you may even be familiar to each other.
  • He will be living in the western direction from your residence.
  • He may be a government servant and may be touring often on duty.
  • He will be honest, just, honorable, loyal and wealthy as a person.
  • Venus being conjunct with 3rd lord Mercury and 5th lord Venus, he may be someone within your relatives (close or distant) and may get into love affair with you.
  • Since exalted Jupiter, the lord of fortune house and the greatest benefic planet for marriage, aspects Mars, your ascendant lord, the person you are attached to will have a loving nature and will be very fortunate for you.
  • He will be desirous of having many children.

III.    Astrological indications of the Signs under which your life partner could be born

  • The most likely Moon sign for your partner will be Aries, Libra or Gemini.
  • Please note that this is the Moon Sign and not Sun Sign. Moon Sign is the zodiac where Moon is placed at the time of birth.

IV.    Chances of new love/marriage in the next 12 months

  • Your marriage is most likely to happen through a love affair only.
  • Attraction will start on a sound plane of emotional chemistry and mutual respect though physical attraction will not be lacking.
  • Courtship will be very deep and strong.
  • Your marriage with him is quite likely to occur during 2016 but only after August 2016.
  • Meanwhile, the steps leading to marriage will be finalized but these will move rather slowly but will pick up speed until 14 August 2016.
  • The date of marriage will be finalized late and rather suddenly.

V.    Possible profession or field of education of your spouse

  • He is expected to be educated in the line of accountancy, financial management, financial law, industrial laws and in administration of major projects.
  • His career will be in employment only, despite him having sufficient qualifications for business or self-employment.
  • He is much likely to be in government service.
  • He may be working in a transferable job or otherwise, he may have to travel on duty quite frequently.
  • He will be in a very responsible positions, and working in advisory or legal roles or in quality audit or quality certification roles with important legal implications.
  • He will also do well in liaison and coordination of major projects.
  • He may also work in or change to working in accountancy, banking, NBFC industry or planning, administration, evaluation and certification of major public works/projects dealing with lots of financial investments.