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We have been providing astrology consultation and advice on true Vedic principles on the internet since 2000 and serviced over a million customers with our free and premium services. As per your requirement, we have prepared Fortune Karma Reading - 2 years:

Detailed readings:

Astrological trends running now:
Dasa [planetary periods]:
The current main period lord of Saturn runs till 06 Nov 2022.
Current sub period of Sun rules till 09 Oct 2014 and then the sub period of Moon ruleS till the end of 2014 and beyond.

Saturn is strong and auspicious per se.
He will offer a good career and gains through it.
You will also have much initiative and make good efforts to save money in stable areas.
But Saturn will also bring in many common ailments that will become chronic.
He will affect your peace of mind in your home life and can restrict enjoyment of a trouble free career or property.
Your communication can suffer and you may not enjoy the support from superiors.
Your overall luck will be curtailed but you will try to make up for it through your honest efforts.
Sun is ill placed in Saturn's sign and also opposite to Saturn, and thus you may not be able to maintain a smooth career graph.
Sun will also lessen your vitality.
Moon will make you generally righteous but you will be proud and too assertive.
Moon will offer much better opportunities to you but may not support or promote happiness of/from progeny.

Saturn and Rahu:
Transit Saturn, the lord of career house from moon sign is exalted [with Rahu in Libra] is in the 7th house [house of all types of relationships and the auxiliary house for career] from Moon.
At the same time transit Jupiter is in the 3rd house from Moon [aspects the fortune house from moon] and in the house of relationship from ascendant.
Further transit Jupiter very favorably aspects the combination of Saturn and Rahu in Libra.
In your career chart transit Saturn [lord of career house from ascendant] is exalted in Libra in the career house from Moon while transit Jupiter, the gain house lord from ascendant, is very favorably placed in the wealth house.

You will have good chance of progress in career and gain in income through career
Both transit Saturn and transit Jupiter will promote and protect your career growth and will offer encouraging increase in income.
But your health will be unstable and quite weak in various ways.
You will take many hasty and wrong decisions and may get into controversial situations with superiors and with colleagues but mainly with seniors.
Your communication will be quite poor, conceited, impatient, unconvincing and untimely.
You will go against the authorities in hasty ways and enter into avoidable arguments with them.
These controversies can lead to their unhappiness and displeasure about you.
Your ego will remain strongly present and will be expressed at wrong moments and this will be quite negative for you.
Communication failure will combine with this significantly and will affect you much adversely and harm the stability and growth of your career and income through it.

Transit Jupiter is moving through your 3rd house from Moon in your birth chart and in wealth house from ascendant in career chart.
These will favorably aspect the gain house from moon in birth chart and the career house from ascendant in career chart.

This will augment and reinforce the good effects of Saturn and Rahu and will also enhance your career progress, increase in income, overall material growth and good luck to significant degrees.

Transit Mars will remain Libra and Virgo till 19 May 2014.
Mars will travel through the 6th and 7th houses from Moon and the 10th and 11th houses from ascendant.
It is necessary to work hard to get things done.
Focus only on necessary work and nothing else.
Obey superiors.
Honor team work.
Infections, fevers and injuries are possible.
Gain, progress and happiness are expected.
Favor from seniors for good work and victory over enemies can occur.
Tension in all relationships can be overcome by cooperation and not by arguments.
Avoid asserting yourself.
Learn to give in.
Avoid needless conflicts.
Adjustments will smooth out strained relations.
Independent hard work will be called for.
Conflict with superiors and colleagues will occur.
They will block your work.
Your thinking to defeat others and to deal with every challenge will cost you much more.
Failure in some attempts, ill health, fear and enmity and anxiety about events at occupation will be present.
Group relationships will offer success.
Team work WILL BE the watch word.
Maintain balance for effective success.
Gain of money is possible.
You will get reward for hard work done.

Changes that would come due to retrogression of Saturn and Mars:

Retrograde Saturn:
Saturn remains retrograde in Libra till 19 Jul 14.
This will cover the 11th house [of gain from ascendant] and the 7th house [of all types of relationships] from Moon sign.
Retrogression of Saturn will primarily slow down the natal effects of Saturn and thus the benefits and gains suggested in birth chart may happen to a lesser degree or speed.
At this stage your retrograde Saturn will induce hastily made decisions not based on wisdom or analysis but based on intolerance and impatience.
These can even lead to some complications through inimical actions from others.
You may be in a somewhat confused, tense and anxious state of suspended animation of mind.
This will make any task difficult whether it is work or handling various relationships or handling personal finance.
But things will be much easier to handle if you are relaxed.
Determination to win conclusively, without caring for the speed of achieving such win, will make all your tasks much easier and will give you more assurance of success.

Retrograde Mars:
Mars is retrograde from 01 Mar 2014 to 19 May 2014.
He will be in Libra for the first 25 days and then he will be in Virgo.
This is not a right time to opt for any contract or settlement or even verbally agree to anything of consequence.
It will be better to wait and allow the retro phase to pass and then act.
Such a wait, whether done arbitrarily or on own volition or under advice, will surely prove to a blessing and will make your success much easier and more assured or at least will avoid many problems cropping up later unexpectedly.
If you do not wait, much of your energy of restlessness or frustration can be expressed too early in the matters ruled by the house where Mars is retrograde.
The houses involved in your case are 10th house [career] and 11th [gains] from ascendant and the 6th house [enmity, obstruction, and delays, mainly related to career] and the 7rd house [relationships in all areas of life] from your Moon sign.
Thus you will need to avoid committing to any important proposal, any relationship or taking on any adversary or taking any major decision or making investments during the retro stage.
Schedule all important tasks or activities [like health care, travel plans, appearing for an interview for employment, joining a new job or project, changing your residence, investing your money, borrowing of money or dating a friend etc] after this period is over.
You may be apprehensive about this waiting period but you will stand to gain if you do.

Things that will happen irrespective of anything (Karmic):
Your Karmic Control planets, Venus and Mars, are placed in adjacent signs/house and this is not in your favor.
Between them they will push and promote wrong and hasty actions in matters of material benefits and of relationships, especially the matters of investments and of man-woman relationship.
The tendency to remain stubborn [about what you have already done or what you want to do] will remain very strong and you will not be ready to change your stand.
This will bring unhappiness and even possible failure.
Your true emotions will not match with your actions.
It will be quite difficult to arrive at success if you cannot regulate yourself in the suggested ways as given in preceding paragraphs.
Otherwise you actions can lead to material losses and relational conflicts and also significant health issues developing through stress generated in your mind.

Things we can do or avoid for better result or avoiding damage [Free will]:
Rise early and take to bed early.
Plan your targets for each of your days and act as per your plan but remain within limits of righteousness and sufficient humility.
Avoid being over confident or looking for too much to get.
Honor your labor and whatever results you get from them as this will give you much peace of mind and better health.
Maintain good relationship with all but especially with your seniors and members of the opposite gender.
Honor superiors or elders, at home, at work and in society.
Control all desires to within healthy or achievable limits, especially in private and intimate matters, since many of your desires may face obstructions.

Other advice or remedies:
Offer water to Sun God every morning.
Sleep with your head pointing towards south.
Do not lend money for gain.
Perform some social work or community service voluntarily.
Keep fast during evenings and nights of all Saturdays.

All the above mentioned trends in your Fortune & Karma Reading will be predicted for 2 years upon ordering the 2 years reading.