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Fortune & Karma Reading - 1 year
Detailed readings:
Astrological trends running now:
Dasa [planetary periods]:
The current period lords are Sun [till 10 Aug 2019], Moon [till 29 May 2014], Mars [from 30 May 14 to 04 Oct 14] and Rahu [from 05 Oct 2014 onwards].
Sun will support you to defeat your rivals [includes all your negative perceptions and reactions].
This will be supported by natal Jupiter to let you remain discreet and sober in your actions and to make you more focused on moving forward in your life.
Any fragile moral standards can make you hostile to learned people or to elders.
You may also spend money on wrong or unworthy areas.
There can be a tendency to be covetous without putting in sufficient hard efforts.
You may tend to socialize over much while you will remain strongly individualistic.
Moon will give you a sharp mind and much creativity.
You will be very ambitious and dexterous and will possess pleasant manners.
However you will be prone to take hasty actions and utter rash comments and these can take away much of the goodness of Moon.

Mars will allow success in your endeavors and financial gains through father.
But some of these may be lost or wasted away due to wrong priorities, negative influence of associates and your desire for various enjoyments and travels.
Rahu will bring in frequent oscillations in your thought process and obstruct smooth progress of your undertakings.
Fault finding about others will be a significant trend that can easily go out of control.
Saturn and Rahu:
Transit Saturn and Rahu in Libra are opposite to natal Moon and in the 8th house from ascendant.
Saturn as career house lord from Moon sign will remain exalted and will get very beneficial aspect from transit Jupiter.
This will promote and protect your endeavors, in education or in career.
But there can be some delays and obstructions too, due to placement of transit Saturn in the 8th house from your ascendant.
You will need to plan well to bypass these impediments.
Transit Jupiter is moving through the 4th house from ascendant and in the 3rd house from Moon.
This will augment and reinforce the good effects of Saturn and Rahu and will also enhance your overall fortune and good luck to significant degrees.
Transit Mars will remain Libra and Virgo till 19 May 2014.
Cooperation to all will be in great demand.
Otherwise tension can develop in any sphere of life.
Enmity will be easily generated.
Learn to compromise with situations and with people.
Loss of money, some failures in actions, occasional common ailments and mental worries will have chance to develop.
To avoid negative results remain as subtle and rational as possible in all thoughts, actions and speech.
If you do this, this transit can transform you into a more mature and practical person.
Changes that would come due to retrogression of Saturn and Mars:
Retrograde Saturn:
Saturn remains retrograde in Libra till 19 Jul 14.
This will cover the 7th house [from Moon sign] of relationships of all types [includes educational, social, professional, and also familial] and the 8th house [from ascendant] of sudden negative effects.
Retrogression of Saturn will primarily slow down the natal effects of Saturn and thus the progresses and gains suggested in birth chart may happen to a lesser degree or speed.
At this stage your retrograde Saturn will induce hastily made decisions not based on wisdom or analysis but based on intolerance and impatience.
You may be in a tense and anxious state of suspension.
This will make any task difficult whether it is education or work or handling various relationships or handling personal finance.
But things will be much easier to handle if you are relaxed.
Determination to win conclusively, without caring for the speed of achieving such win, will make all your tasks much easier and will give you more assurance of success.
Retrograde Mars:
Mars is retrograde from 01 Mar 2014 to 19 May 2014.
He will be in Libra for the first 25 days and then he will be in Virgo.
This is not a right time to opt for any contract or settlement or even verbally agree to anything of consequence.

It will be better to wait and allow the retro phase to pass and then act.
Such a wait, whether done arbitrarily or on own volition or under advice, will surely prove to a blessing and will make your success much easier and more assured or at least will avoid many problems cropping up later unexpectedly.

If you do not wait, much of your energy of restlessness or frustration can be expressed too early in the matters ruled by the house where Mars is retrograde.
The houses involved in your case are 6th [enmity and obstruction] and 7th [various relationships] from Moon sign and the 7th [various relationships] and 8th house [sudden events, mostly negative] from your ascendant.

Thus you will need to avoid committing to any relationship during the retro stage.
Join any new course of study or a job, after this phase, wherever possible.
Schedule all important tasks or activities [like travel, appearing for an interview for employment, changing your residence, investing your money, borrowing of money, dating a friend etc] after this period is over.
You may be apprehensive about this waiting period but you will stand to gain if you do.
Things that will happen irrespective of anything (Karmic):

You will often appear to be aloof even when you are not so in reality.
But your speech, looks, body language will make others feel that you are quite distant.
You will have a tendency to find fault with others, often to the point of exaggeration.
You will need to communicate more freely in order to feel good personally.
But most often than not, you will be unable to do so for no apparent reason.
Hidden tensions with siblings or cousins or even with co-students or peers at work will be experienced.
Precise judgment in most matters [especially those that demand more intellectual application of mind] will remain affected frequently and at unsuitable times.
Things we can do or avoid for better result or avoiding damage [Free will]:

Retrograde Mars brings in un-necessary agression as well as anger . Avoid conflict at all times. Extreme emotions and major decisions should not be taken.

Rashness could prevail and therefore it is important , you wait till 19th May 2014 before any investments , major commitment or any proactive and aggressive action is contemplated .

Remember and analyze that , if there is any action that you can reconsider or are likely to regret later on , avoid that step till the 20th May , no matter what the aggravation or temptation .

Further retrograde saturn would bring on urge to commence new projects or open up multiple channels .

Since new events that commence after saturn retrogression usually die down.

About the time , retrogression ends , it would be a good idea to avoid new projects or beginnings after 6th March till 19th July.

You have to stick to your plans that you have been following prior to  
28th Feb 2014 .

Resistance in life could rise , Despite the resistance keep a steady outlook and continue with your tasks.

Do not shy away from challenges .

At the  same time do not invest further or increase your monetary exposure.

Other suggestions :-
Rise early and take to bed early.
Plan your targets and each of your days and act as per your plan.
Honor your labor and whatever results you get from them as this will give you much peace of mind and better health.
Change jobs only when you have another suitable and confirmed offer in your hand.
Honor superiors or elders, at home, at work and in society.
Control all desires to within healthy or achievable limits since most of your desires for all pleasurable activities will increase much faster than your age.
Any other advice or remedies:
Offer water to Sun God every morning.
Sleep with your head pointing towards south.
Do not lend money for gain.
Perform some social work or community service voluntarily.
Keep fast during evenings and nights of all Saturdays.