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Now chatting with Pt. Onkar Nath.. : Hi
Onlinehelp : this is the chat session booked for ABC
Onlinehelp : are you there? : yes
Onlinehelp : this is chat session for ABC
Onlinehelp : is it right? : yes that is correct
Onlinehelp : I am pt.onkar nath and will take this chat session with you
Onlinehelp : let me confirm the details of birth before we start
Onlinehelp : 11th October 1953 5-40 in the morning
Onlinehelp : Verval Gujarat India is it right ?
Onlinehelp : it is suggested to take one topic at a time for the ease of discussion : the date is correct but I am not sure of time however we will see if things are
correct according to the chart
Onlinehelp : ok
Onlinehelp : please start with your query : i am under tremondous stress with my job. I have been looking for a job since past
3 years and have not received any response : there are also chances that I might loose my current job
Onlinehelp : according to your chart
Onlinehelp : the period after July 2006 seemed to be unstable - the timeperiod may vary in months as
there is doubt about the birt time is it right? : that is correct but are there any chances of getting an opportunity in the near
Onlinehelp : now you are running under the period of Saturn
Onlinehelp : under the major period of venus and that gives little bit of mental stress too
Onlinehelp : position of saturn is not promising in dashmansha chart : i do not have  a little bit of stress it is tremondous. : what does that mean?
Onlinehelp : and this period will run until 2012 so stability is difficult to find during this
period : so I will not get any new job?
Onlinehelp : yes Venus- Jupiter and then Saturn periods gives tenstion
Onlinehelp : you will get it but stability may not be expected : so far I have not got any. I go for interviews and then get rejected
Onlinehelp : yes it is suggested to perform
Onlinehelp : mantra recitation to minimize the affliction : what kind of mantra? and when does my favorable period start
Onlinehelp : your favourable period is expected to start after 2010 but it will grow slowly
Onlinehelp : after 2016 is good as sun will start and it is good for you : in what month after 2010?
Onlinehelp : have you done anything in higher studies :  2016 is far away. what kind of mantras should I recite?
Onlinehelp : sorry it is 2012 when saturn will be over
Onlinehelp : it was typing error
Onlinehelp : one of saturn
Onlinehelp : and the other for job
Onlinehelp : the first one is for job : I am confused what you are trying to say
Onlinehelp :
 For getting employment or gain you can recite the following mantra 108 times daily. Start it from
Thursday morning.

Onlinehelp : yes please
Onlinehelp : confusion in which thing? : 2012 or 2016?
Onlinehelp : from 2012 the things will move towards better side
Onlinehelp : but it will go slowly
Onlinehelp : and then after 2016
Onlinehelp : the major period changes
Onlinehelp : from venus to sun : will I be able to get better education
Onlinehelp : and sun will bring good changes in life particularly in job : that is far far away
Onlinehelp : yes the fifth house with Jupiter in Pisces is good for you
Onlinehelp : yes that is far away
Onlinehelp : only two to six years :  will things get worse or stay the same until 2012
Onlinehelp : have you understood about the mantra
Onlinehelp : unstable : yes I have to recite it 108 times daily
Onlinehelp : you are suggested to take care of finances too much till then : I understand :  what month in 2012 will things start changing
Onlinehelp : May 2012
Onlinehelp : now for saturn mantra
Onlinehelp : For all Saturn related troubles the following Shani Shodasanama stotra of Dasharatha is
an excellent remedy.

Konassanaischaromandah chhayaahridayanandanah
Maargandaja sudhaasouri neelavastraanjanadyutih
Abrahmanah kroora kroora karmaatangi grahanaayakah
Krishnodharmaanujah shantah shushkodara varapradah
Onlinehelp : recite this for 11 times daily
Onlinehelp : i hope these two things will reduce the problem : so that is 1 1/2 year away : can you email me the stotra's
Onlinehelp : i have already given here
Onlinehelp : and this transcription will be sent to you by e mail
Onlinehelp : the two things
Onlinehelp : first
Onlinehelp : recite the mantra of job given above
Onlinehelp : and second the mantra of shani : thank you. I have applied for a job in the south you think I might receive a
favorable answer
Onlinehelp : given here : sure I will do it everyday
Onlinehelp : the possibility is weak : but you think I should furthur my education and that will be favorable?
Onlinehelp : now presently saturn in the second house suggests that you should be active in replying
in interviews without repeating the sentence
Onlinehelp : yes it will be certainly favourable : i am applying to all jobs
Onlinehelp : yes, it is good for you as when the time is not favourable then efforts should be tried
maximum in all the directions
Onlinehelp : besides this you have moon trine to Jupiter always support in trouble : thank you. I do hope that these mantras will ease some tension : I am not able to sleep at night
Onlinehelp : with high spirits and gives positive thinking so you never get tired of trying and make
ways by your efforts
Onlinehelp : sure
Onlinehelp : yes the troubles are like that but it will only make you feel nervous and weak so take
care of yourself : any other suggestions?
Onlinehelp : you are doing whatever is in your hands and the rest is God to see
Onlinehelp : just take care while in interviews
Onlinehelp : as suggested above
Onlinehelp : avoid repeating the sentences and be active in it : sure
Onlinehelp : May God Bless You! : thank you.
Onlinehelp : now the time is over shall we log off now?
Onlinehelp : are you satisfied with this chat session? : sure thank you : yes
Onlinehelp : Thanks
Onlinehelp : now we are logging off and the transcription of this chat session will be sent to you
by e mail tomorrow morning : thank you