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Onlinehelp: hello hello
Onlinehelp: i am pt. onkar nath and will take this chat session with you good afternoon sir
Onlinehelp: good afternoon
Onlinehelp: we will discuss one topic at a time for the ease of discussion okay sir
Onlinehelp: let me confirm your birth details first 12-11-1968 born time 5.14 pm coimbatore india
Onlinehelp: let us start with your queries now yes sir will lik eto know about marriage
Onlinehelp: ok
Onlinehelp: the 7th house of the chart signifies marriage and itis in Taurus okay
Onlinehelp: which is aspected by saturn and mars both ok
Onlinehelp: being aspected by mars it forms manglik dosha ok
Onlinehelp: so it is suggested to match for a girl who also has mars in lagna to cancel this dosha completely
Onlinehelp: further the aspect of saturn delays the matter ok
Onlinehelp:  so youcan expect delayed marriage by what age do u think it is possible
Onlinehelp: even now adays running dasha and transit favours marriage okay
Onlinehelp: but the resultsare weak and are expected to work out nearly november 2007 or after will i find my own girl ot will it be a arranged marraige okay
Onlinehelp: it will be arranged marriage okay can it be from the same caste or
Onlinehelp: effect of Saturn on 7th house suggests some difference in match
Onlinehelp: it may be any of these like difference in age okay
Onlinehelp: may be some elder or too young oh okay
Onlinehelp: or may belong to different community
Onlinehelp: or it may be difference in educational or cultural background also thats is okay with me okay
Onlinehelp: that makes no problem in marital compatibility
Onlinehelp: but yes compatibility may be hindered by mars so it is suggested to go for proper matching so i will get married i had actually lost all hopes i am reaching 30 okay can we go to another topic
Onlinehelp: yes please would like to know more about what i will do iam at present working in us
Onlinehelp: about your career want to go go back home and start my own businees yes sir do u thinki should start some thing on ,my own
Onlinehelp: effect of Saturn on mars indicates some technincal skill with you is it right? yes sir i am a chef
Onlinehelp: is it related to computers or so? no cooking
Onlinehelp: ok
Onlinehelp: the 10 th house in fiery sign ok
Onlinehelp: actually jupiter - the significator of business and saturn- the significator of job in your chart holds equal power okay
Onlinehelp: no doubt that you are wise and intelligent enough to run your own business do u think it is advisable for mw to go back to my own city adn start muy sis was already running a res so can i tale over the res
Onlinehelp: but if you wish to start it then favourable time is after 7th june 2008 okay can i get to back to india i alwasy wanted too my country
Onlinehelp: yes you can do that i do not have father or mother both o fthem have passed away so i have to do what ever it is my self will i be succesfulll my first 27 yrs i didnt earn much or achieve much when will nmy good times start
Onlinehelp: regarding financially
Onlinehelp: this is already a good time
Onlinehelp: as mars is lagna lord okay okay
Onlinehelp: but the 11th house with Rahu sometimes give illusion yeah confuses me
Onlinehelp: so decision regarding source of income is somewhat confuses you
Onlinehelp: you can perform remedy of rahu and strotra of mars yes sir okay
Onlinehelp: otherwise jupiter exalted in ninth house protects you from any misery
Onlinehelp: and gives you good fortune thank u i have always dreamed and achieved what i wanted i want to or i fell that i will becoem a very succesfull person and warn lots of money do u thonk that is achiec=veable i have also wanted to bulid a temple
Onlinehelp: your respect for religion and wise people will also add good fortune thank u
Onlinehelp: yes it is possible as gaja kesari yoga
Onlinehelp: from fourth of moon gives inclination to build a religious institute ok
Onlinehelp: but that time will certainly come after rahu leaves and jupiter enters
Onlinehelp: your spirituality will also become high then
Onlinehelp: apart from that you will also read religious scriptures too is it possible t o give good times  as in dates
Onlinehelp: yes it is possible but it may take some longer time
Onlinehelp: on the surface i can give you some of them okay are u getting my messages are u getting my messages
Onlinehelp: first of all i would like to mention okay
Onlinehelp: the period okay
Onlinehelp: during which some precaution against injury should be taken okay
Onlinehelp: the period during june 2010 till june 2011 okay
Onlinehelp: is the period when injury due to sharp thing like knife or so or with any instrument is expected okay
Onlinehelp:  otherwise this period is good for money wise okay
Onlinehelp: 2013 to 2016 is period of change okay
Onlinehelp: change regarding profession
Onlinehelp: you would like to expand ok
Onlinehelp: but since rahu is approaching okay ok
Onlinehelp: so if you go for a new stream or new venture ok
Onlinehelp:  then discuss all the things including pros and cons of the business and analyze it deeply okay
Onlinehelp: you are expected to be shown the things which are not truth
Onlinehelp: you are expected to be shown the things which are not truth okay
Onlinehelp: so if any doubt then dont enter any enterprise ok do we have time for one more question
Onlinehelp: further till 2016 to 2025 is good peirod
Onlinehelp: period okay
Onlinehelp: yes you can ask okay thaank u when do u think as in dates is a good tiem for marriage i will be goign tback to india in june 2008 hopefully and how many kids will i have
Onlinehelp: the period of 2029 till 2031 anxiety and restless ness will lead to change in style of life and will better ment and stability of life will be achieved ok
Onlinehelp: as i told you that this period running is good for marriage okay
Onlinehelp: 2008 year is good
Onlinehelp: further regarding kid
Onlinehelp: your fifth house is somewhat afflicted by ketu thank u okay
Onlinehelp: but aspect of jupiter will bless you with not less than two kids thank u
Onlinehelp: it is suggested to take care of first progeny
Onlinehelp: but will be confirmed better with your spouse chart too what is that whats progeny
Onlinehelp: your birth chart has good potential okay
Onlinehelp: progeny means pregnancy
Onlinehelp: and children okay okay what si ur advise for me
Onlinehelp: you have got good stamina and wisdom of life and your old age will be honourable and respectful in general thank u
Onlinehelp: at present you can perform remedy to removeill effect of rahu
Onlinehelp: and also strotra of mars okay
Onlinehelp: if you wish then i can give you now okay plz sir let me know how
Onlinehelp: One of the best remedies for rahu is reciting the first chapter of Durga Saptasat
Onlinehelp: saptasati okay okay ill get it from the internet every day
Onlinehelp: als you can recit mangal strotra on tuesday 11 times
Onlinehelp: and distribute prasad to all
Onlinehelp: the strotra is as under okay okay
Onlinehelp: Angarakoyamaschaiva sarvarogaapahaarakah <br>Nrishtekargaacha hartaacha sarvadevascha poojitah. <br><br>Lohito Lohitaakshascha samagaana Kripaakarah<br>Dharmatmajah Kujobhoumou bhumido bhuminam <br><br>Rakta maalyambaradharam shulashakti gadaadharah<br>Charbhujo yeshagato varadamcha dharaasutah <br><br>Mangalo bhumiputrascha runahartaa dhanapradah<br>Sthiraasano mahaakaayo sarvakaama phalapradam
Onlinehelp: is it ok for you yes sir i will do it i pray every dau after i wake up that ithe first thing i do i will be happy to do it thank u
Onlinehelp: May God Bless YOu! if i nned a detailed analysis how do we go about ti thank u pandit ji
Onlinehelp: you can contact for detailed analysis
Onlinehelp: are you satisfied with this chat session okay so u already know my name and details ill do it for which one do u suggest extremely i will surely refer my friends
Onlinehelp: there are so many readings you can suggests which one suits you okay
Onlinehelp: 5 years detailed readings or more if you require thanks for ur time and paitence sir okay
Onlinehelp: it will cover all the dasha analysis with respect to your health, relations, profession and finances etc okay
Onlinehelp: moreover you can write your specific demand in that too if any
Onlinehelp: or you can ask our customer care will guide you including marriage because as i told u i dont have anyboduy i am lokking for ward for somebosy in my life okay ill do that sir okay
Onlinehelp: yes
Onlinehelp: shall we log out now thank u yes ir see u soon
Onlinehelp: now we are logging out the transcription of this chat session will be sent to you through e mail