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Onlinehelp : Namaskar : Namaskar
Onlinehelp : I am Pt. OnkarNath and will take this chat session with you : thank you
Onlinehelp : let me confirm the details of birth before we start : ok
Onlinehelp : 19  Mar 1963    4-30 Durban, South Africa is it right?
Onlinehelp : Welcome ABC : correct
Onlinehelp : it is suggested to take one topic at a time for the ease of discussion
Onlinehelp : please start with your query : The first topic is love and marriage?  I am divorced.  I have been in a relationship for a year and a half that has ended recently. : I want to know if I ever will find the right person and settle down one day.
Onlinehelp : yes certainly
Onlinehelp : Venus in the ninth house is exalted so a right person will enter into your life : will that be soon or in years to come
Onlinehelp : this coming year is promising
Onlinehelp : you are very emotional and sensitive
Onlinehelp : you need the person who is equally emotional as you are but somewhat practical also
Onlinehelp : so that he could provide strong emotional support to you
Onlinehelp : you are transparent in nature and anyone who is not keeping transparency in relationship is not tolerated by you : I thought I had that with Mahesh, we were planning to marry and I don't know what went wrong.  I am not sure if he will ever want to make this work.
Onlinehelp : and during this time Saturn is running as sub period
Onlinehelp : which ruled house of marriage
Onlinehelp : and there saturn is just transiting opposite to Venus : what does that mean?
Onlinehelp : that  is the time of relationship tests, struggles, or trials.
Onlinehelp : it acted as eye opening period : so I should move on and not expect him to come back?
Onlinehelp : since saturn is retrograded so it is expected that he may come back to you again
Onlinehelp : and he comes back again which is expected then
Onlinehelp : again that period will be the period of test for relationship
Onlinehelp : if it survives then
Onlinehelp : then it will last for ever : when will that be? Is is possible to say when he will come back?
Onlinehelp : Relationships built on weak foundations may not survive, but if survived then relationships can be improved and strengthened.
Onlinehelp : possibility to hear from him from May end to July end : ok, should I break all communication with him until then?
Onlinehelp : no if possible then try to contact from your side
Onlinehelp : there is no harm in it : ok, thanks
Onlinehelp : and if the things start then be patient and listen to him patiently : will do so....
Onlinehelp : can you please give his details of birth and also name
Onlinehelp : time and place of birth ? : I am not sure of the time, but I think he was born India
Onlinehelp : ok
Onlinehelp : if he is born before 1-00 pm then the chart agrees excellently
Onlinehelp : whereas if he is born after that then chart is below average
Onlinehelp : there is possibility of rash behaviour too from his side
Onlinehelp : please go ahead with your query : The next question I have is in relation to my career.  I am currently employed.
However, I want to start my own events management company.  I want to know if it will be successful
and the choice of a name for it.  The first name I had was Mantra Events, the second name was
liveolive.  Other names I had was Taza Events, Retro Plum, 100Degrees.
Onlinehelp : your chart shows less involvement of parmatmansha nakshatra that is required criteria
for business or self employment
Onlinehelp : this infers that horoscope is little bit weaker side for business.
Onlinehelp : and requires lot of hard efforts and help of others too to make it run successfully
Onlinehelp : According to naam nakshatra Liveolive is suitable : Ok great, I have a contact from India that will assist me with the running of the company.
Onlinehelp : ok
Onlinehelp : now the time is getting over
Onlinehelp : do you want to ask something more ? : studies?  I am busy with my LLB - should I continue?
Onlinehelp : yes certainly
Onlinehelp : now Jupiter is transiting over the ninth house and is good for higher studies : ok, thank you very much.....
Onlinehelp : are you satisfied with this chatsession? : yes, I am
Onlinehelp : Thanks
Onlinehelp : now we are logging off and the transcription of this chat session will be sent to you
Onlinehelp : God Bless You! : Thank you.