Dear ABC,

What will my Life Partner be like
Marriage or a long term partnership with a member of the opposite gender is extremely important in life.
Physical, intellectual and emotional needs of a person are fulfilled through marriage etc.
One can learn to appreciate others, to become more flexible and rational.
Through the institution of marriage one becomes better ready to face life in a balanced manner and to remain anchored to time tested values of human society.
Prior knowledge of various attributes of the future partner or spouse allows one to be ready for what his marital life will unfold later.
The attributes of your life partner are given in succeeding paragraphs under various heads.
Since the readings are through interpolation of your birth chart and not based on the chart of your spouse or partner, certain general variations are possible.
1. Family background of partner/spouse:

She will be from a family that is fairly wealthy and well established in society.
Her mother will be very rigid, over confident, proud and of afflicted health.
Her father will hold a good position, have influential friends but will be of indifferent health with an indecisive and perfectionist attitude.
2. Looks of partner/spouse:    

Average looks with a happy smile, of short or medium height but well developed stature, large head and large neck, long face, prominent nose and ears, lower teeth and lower lip big, light brown hair, fat thighs and belly, rounded limbs, fleshy arms, bent shoulders, inclined towards obesity.
3. Nature of partner/spouse:

She would be humane, dynamic, jovial, sincere, optimistic, versatile, open minded, philosophical, frank, visionary, active, enterprising, religious, sacrificing nature, god fearing, honest, humble, sympathetic, energetic, prompt, orthodox, good in speech, hates external show or hypocrisy, cannot be brought around by force but can be prevailed upon by persuasion and affection.
She will also be hasty, impulsive, over anxious, restless, indecisive, tactless, careless, boastful, quarrelsome, selfish, occasionally irresponsible, apt to exaggerate, conventional and business like.
4. Health of partner/spouse:

She will not have good health.
Lack of immunity will be prominent.
Irregular menstrual cycles will disturb her life through gynecological issues.
5. Longevity of partner/spouse:

She will have a medium length of longevity.
6. Educational prospects of partner/spouse:

Education will remain a weak and obstructed area in her life.
She will be quite intelligent and working hard but sufficient success will remain elusive.
There can be breaks in education.
She may or may not graduate from University.
7. Career prospects of partner/spouse:

She will have an average career with slow success rate.
Her health and luck will not Support her much in career.
But she is expected to remain employed most of the time.
8. Love or arranged marriage for partner/spouse:

Only arranged marriage will occur for her.
Love affairs are not expected to end in marriage.
9. Your marriage delayed or not:    

Your marriage will be quite delayed.
10. Time of marriage for your partner/spouse:

She will get married during period from mid 2015 to mid 2016.
11. Quality of marital life:

She will be lucky for you and so will be you for her.
But domestic life will not be very pleasant.
Her health will remain quite disturbed.
Mutual differences will be many and arguments or even quarrels will occur frequently.
Clash of ego, and tastes and principles will be prominent.
The differences in achievement in career will also cause some heart burn
All these factors can even affect your sex life.
It is of utmost importance that the horoscopes should be matched for each planet in both charts.
12. Prospects of Progeny:

This is not a strong area in her chart.
She will have gynecological and other health issues.
Childbirth will be much delayed.Take medical help.
13. Nature of your love relationships:

You will have strong chance to be in more than one relationship, moving easily from one to another.
You may not like the same person for long.
Your tastes and preferences will be changing frequently and thus you will expect your partner or spouse to change according to your needs or fancies, which may not occur in marital life.
14. Probable ascendant of partner/spouse:

Sagittarius or Taurus is likely to be her ascending sign.
15. Probable Birth star of partner/spouse:

Anuradha and Sravana are expected to be her birth star.
16. Probable Moon sign of partner/spouse:

Scorpio or Capricorn can be her Moon sign.
17. Direction from which partner/spouse hails:

She will hail from the east direction with respect to your place.
18. Location of partner/spouse, far or near:

She will come from a place that is fairly close to yours.
It may not be a hilly region.
It may not be a big town.