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Life Style Report(outline):

General health Issues you could be Prone to due to your ascendants (Lagna and moon):

•    Problems to do with circulatory system
•    High blood pressure
•    Eye trouble
•    Acidity/bile dominated problems
•    General stress
•    Soul,heart,stomach
Also( To a lesser extent)
•    Care for lumbar region is suggested
•    Lower part of larger intestine
•    testes and prostrate glands to be kept under vigil
•    Diabetes
•    Semen
•    Sex drive
•    Skin diseases
•    venereal diseases
•    Renal problems

A)    Blood Pressure Section

     Your ascendant = sun and is weak in 4th(night birth).
     Making you a bit prone to blood pressure as sun rules blood as well.

     Sun is aspected by  Saturn that is lord of 6th = health.
    This mean whenever Saturn would get weak in transit you may get heart or blood        pressure related problems. So you need to keep track of transits of Saturn whenever it is between 0 to 5 degrees or 25 to 30 degrees or is retrograde you should be careful.

Mars is a signifactor  of blood is also not strong and rules heart from ascendant and is in 12th from moon, so suggests blood circulation and heart problems.

   You run planetary period of mars up to 2018.
   As indicated above as this planet rules 4th/heart and is weak- you have to special care of heart and blood pressure in this time.

  Blood pressure matrix:

Chance of having Blood pressure    HIGH
When is the chance HIGH  in near future    in mars period  AND when Saturn is weak in transits
Other matters to be careful about    Heart Diseases
Suggestions to prevent or reduce the impact    exercise/graded yoga and doctor consultation, wearing sri yantra
B)    Diabetes  Section

Diabetes is ruled primarily by Jupiter (Liver and allied areas/includes pancreas) and Venus (for sugar problems).

You have a strong Jupiter, though it rules 5 and 8th, but mad affects of 8th house would be later in age.

Also Venus is on Jupiter, Jupiter is strong and exalted- so means by grace of Guru and GOD you would generally remain  protected  for  diabetes

Venus has an aspect from moon  ruling  12th, so it may cause trouble some time- tut chances are less as Jupiter gives it fair enough energy

Yes, Jupiter when in weakness( 0 to 5 degree or 25 to 30 degrees) Or when retro gate or when transited by malefic could cause trouble to liver/pancreas.

      You run planetary period of mars.
      Mars ahs not direct bearing on Venus.
     So Venus is mostly protected.
 In  case of weak transits of Jupiter, the natal Jupiter is strong enough to support the Venus.

Diabetes matrix:

Chance of you  having Diabetes    LOW
When is the chance HIGH      When Jupiter  is weak in transits
Other matters to be careful about    Liver  Diseases
Suggestions to prevent or reduce the impact    exercise/graded yoga and doctor consultation, wearing Venus Yantra

C)    Stress section

The ascendant is weak and is sun so stress prone.
Moon is again weak and close to sun and has aspect of rahu.
This could make person prone to  phobias and confidence issues-leading to trouble of nerves.

Saturn is old so this problem of nerves could be there.

When rahu is weak in transit , or sun is weak in transit, mental stress levels could go high.

This is the time to do yoga and pranayama to cool the nerves.

Moon is weak house or houses like 6/8 and 12th could cause frequent mental troubles.

   Current dasha evaluation.
 You run mars , this planet affects 4th house = mind and could create anger and stress.
 You need to take special measures to keep the nerves cool this time.

Stress  matrix:

Chance of you  having stress     VERY HIGH
When is the chance HIGH     When moon  is weak in transits PLUS when Saturn is weak in transits and in mars dasha

Other matters to be careful about    Stress related   Diseases like blood pressure and diabetes

Suggestions to prevent or reduce the impact      Exercise/graded yoga and doctor consultation, wearing moon  Yantra

Suggestions on for Health:

•    Yoga
•    Regular exercise
•    Control of ego
•    Proper diet good and fibers
•    Sunlight exposure and natural healing
•    Blood pressure verification regularly
•    There is no substitute for doctor’s advice

Remedies for health problems:

Blood pressure:

The other alternative is wearing Ruby , at least 5 rattis in gold in the ring finger of the
right hand.
•    Serving ones father and old age needy persons
•    Give wheat soaked in 20 gms Gur /jiggery to cow on Sundays
•    Do suryanamskaras at sunrise
•    Observe law of the land

•    Chant  sri sukta
•    Could wear sri yantra
•    Could chant Shiva chalisa


Diamond is one of the stones, which would like to wear. This could be worn on Fridays and ring finger.

•    Being considerate to ones wife and helping women in distress
•    Donate sugar/rice and cooking oil
•    Offering white sweets to birds
•    Offering silken clothes of bright colors
•    Sri sukta
•    Durga sapta shati
•    Sri yantra
•    Lakshmi sukta


Wear moti (pearl) 2-4 rattis in the little finger of the right hand on Monday in silver.
This would prove to be very beneficial.

•    Serving old women
•    Give dough to cows on Mondays
•    Keep a fresh water pot for birds
•    Offer boiled rice with sugar to birds.

•    Chant shiva chalisa