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1.Signification of transit of Jupiter:
Jupiter is a heavy, slow moving and naturally the most benefic planet.
His transit and aspects are more effective, life changing and very positive than its natal location in a birth chart.
His transit is even more potent in common signs [except when he is in exaltation], since he owns two of the four common signs.
Very important and gainful changes are brought in by transit of Jupiter.
Jupiter is a giver - the planet of 'expansion and growth'.
It is known to expand any aspect of life, it touches upon.
Whatever good effects Jupiter gives, last quite long.
So one can expect gains in finances, wisdom, knowledge, comfort & luck when a strong Jupiter transits in a horoscope.
In fact, a strong Jupiter in transit even negates the malefic effects of other planets and makes us sail through seemingly tougher times easily.

2.Current transit of Jupiter:
Jupiter changes in Virgo sing on 11 Aug 2016 in direct motion.
Now it will start its annual movement into the sign of Virgo on August 11, 2016.
This will augur very well for all major areas of life, as Jupiter will come out of the adverse and restrictive aspects of Saturn and Rahu.
During his benefic sojourn through Virgo, Jupiter will also associate with other benefic planets like Venus and Mercury and the overall effects will become even more beneficial and varied.

3.How current transit Jupiter in Virgo acts in your birth chart:
Placement from ascendant/ Moon Sign:

Effect of transit Jupiter in the 4th house of friends from ascendant and 10th house from Moon sign Sagittarius:
New position, honor, gain of money, domestic happiness and good health can occur.
Gain of luxury items, various pleasures, promotion, and prosperity, fulfillment of hopes, help and benefits from friends and elders, and also from brothers are possible.
Do not go for any work alone.
Group working will be beneficial.
Do not be selfish.
Troubles and sorrows through matters of children are expected.

Placement from planets in your birth chart:

Transit Jupiter moves secound to natal Jupiter:
You will see gain of finance, but with much hard work.
It is a fortunate period for material possessions and financial self sufficiency.
You will have good wisdom.

Transit Jupiter opposite to natal Sun:
You will get financial good luck and material success without sacrifice.
Proper use of knowledge and wisdom will be shown by you.
You will be philosophical.

Transit Jupiter opposite to natal Mercury:
You will have positive and optimistic attitude towards others.
You will be subtle, easily persuaded to change the situation.

Transit Jupiter square to natal Rahu:
It is a good period to start a new job.
But good planning, initiative, foresight and self confidence will be needed.
It is a good period to approach others, particularly if you have differences.
Such differences can be settled now.
Win in any litigation will be supported.

Transit Jupiter square to natal Saturn:
All your affairs will go smoothly, and without much effort.
It is a time to relax.
Gain and growth in possession, and social life is possible.
Success in hopes and desires, good time for education, training and travel, improved relation with superiors and legal affairs will be in your favor.

Transit Jupiter trine to natal Venus:
You will get harmony in relationship and my also get significant new relationship with opposite gender.
Lavish and beautiful things will attract you most.
This is a suitable time for good investment but avoid squandering of money.
You must concentrate and work out details for your work and must plan well.
There can be emotional turmoil in your relationships, conflict with loved ones since you will want total freedom and possessiveness in love.
Your diet and consumption of alcohol, if applicable, should be controlled to avoid gain of weight.

Transit Jupiter trine to natal Mars:
This transit will demand avoidance of haste in doing work, working in practical way for gain, and will offer expansion of business and chance to start new business.
Take life seriously but with a sense of humor.
No setback will affect you seriously.
Do not allow material expansion or property etc.

Finer analysis of effects of transit Jupiter in Virgo:
The one year period of Jupiter’s transit through Virgo will offer varying opportunities depending on finer divisions of this year.
The year will basically have four important sectors that will offer different events and opportunities.
Journey of Jupiter in Virgo [from 11 August 2016 till 12th September 2017] can be divided into 4 important phases as described below.

11 Aug 2016 to 13th Oct 2016:
During this period transit Jupiter throws open for you an exclusive window of opportunity in career forming a beautiful Adhi Yoga with Mercury & Venus, all in transit.
Due to the favorable transits of Mercury, Venus and Jupiter you will get the following effects.
Your power of concentration will increase and you will be more and more practical.
Your mind will act in logical and versatile manner.
You will be quite articulate and your memory will be more retentive.
Though highly analytical, your mind will always act in quite rational manner.
It will become more and more sharp and active and capable of weighing the pros and cons of any matter and of taking balanced decisions.
You will learn new things and will use them to your advantage.
You will maintain a strong sense of family while your powers to function in a leadership role will improve and will bring you into lime light through newer and better opportunities.
All these will open the gates to growth and you will need to use the time for your gain in a more focused way.

12 Dec 2016 till 01 Mar 2017 and then again from 27 May 2017 till 11 July 2017:
During these two stages, transit Mars will strongly aspect transit Jupiter in Virgo and will try to interfere with the final results that Jupiter wants to sanction.
The results of Jupiter transit can be influenced in major ways due to the high and aggressive energy of Mars as compared to the sober and ethically positive effects of transit Jupiter.
Mars will bring in much impatience and haste in all your observations, analyses, thoughts, speech and action with the sole objective of immediately getting things done or achieving progress quickly at any cost.

This tendency of Mars must be kept under check through willful self control or else you may go wrong in timing or action leading to possibility of failure and loss of opportunity and image.
It will be better if you retain the high capacity of enterprise and self confidence of Mars and mix it with the sober and mature guidance of Jupiter.
This way you can keep the best effects of both transits and stand to gain always, without any risk of failure or of allowing your health getting affected adversely through uncontrolled energy.

27 Jan 2017 to 20 Jun 2017:
At this stage, transit Saturn will be temporarily located in Sagittarius and will very adversely aspect transit Jupiter in Virgo.
This aspect of transit Saturn on transit Jupiter will cause a serious need for adjustments to be made in your life.
It will separate you from people and circumstances that are not doing any good to you.
You will also change many standards of behavior and morality.
You may face tension during this process but it will be to your advantage.
Select your advisors carefully.
You will feel restless and uncertain yet do not do anything in a hurry.
Stay careful of your finances.
Changes in job will be for your good and beneficial.

07 Feb 2017 to 10 Jun 2017:
This time slot of 124 days denotes a period of retrogression of Jupiter in Virgo.
Good effects of transit Jupiter will become more pronounced and will bless you with many opportunities for getting appreciation, progress and development.
Your career and finance will get many options to expand through fair means.
Chance of your committing any mistake at work will be avoided.
Success in changing your job to a better one or in investing and saving your money in right and safe manners will be promoted.
Overall your luck and state of mind will be very positive and will tone down the natural idiosyncrasies that comes from your birth chart.
You will need to be careful to look out for the best opportunities and should exploit them fully within this 124 day period.

5.Any opportunities by changing strategy, way of working or of living during this period:
This is an excellent time to focus on personal goals and pursue it without being deflected from your course.
If you know precisely what you want, you now can harness considerable positivity and good luck to attain what your desire as you will get much more support for success.

Being patient and accepting occasional limitations to your desires can fortify you for the occasion when restrictions no longer impede you. However, you can accomplish much during this cycle by working hard on the tasks at hand as you will NOT need to place your own agenda on hold.
Any discipline that is a combination of mental and physical training and that concentrates your energy in a purposeful yet deliberate manner is likely to produce very positive effects which can offset any obstructions that were present till now.
One purpose of this period is to sufficiently focus all your positive energy so that you can see clearly what you truly want and what you don’t want and then grab the opportunities that transit Jupiter will offer.
You can succeed by knowing well your capabilities and choosing your competition and engagements carefully.

Under the above premises, it is quite likely that you will get good options to progress your career and income but only with due flexibility, determination and self discipline.
These conditions on approach or attitude are suggested due to the fact that transit Saturn is moving over natal Saturn and Rahu and opposite to natal Ketu.
Right attitude will protect and promote career growth along with good financial progress.
These will be very well supported by beneficial location of transit Jupiter in Virgo.
All relationships can gradually improve, new love associations can develop or earlier associations can try to revive for renewal or repair and marital life, if applicable, will get better too.
Health will be normal provided you avoid needless excitement or anxiety.

Any problems or difficulties:
You may experience criticism of your working style since you may make some mistakes at work due to your hurry to meet targets or to showcase your efficiency.
Pressures from seniors can be difficult to avoid totally and you will need to get along with it while transit Jupiter will support you in many ways.
If you resist the demands placed upon you, you can become angry from trying to make things happen the way you want.

Avoid such reaction and handle all matters with adjustments, tact and pleasant approach.
Exerting too much force can have unpleasant consequences, especially if it is a reaction to something you dislike.
On ground communication failure and needless or avoidable arguments may not be actually avoided in case you are not focused to go for such restraints in these areas.

7) Suggestions on how to make full use of transit Jupiter in Virgo:
It is important that you observe the various events and people around you, analyze them dispassionately and redirect your efforts toward what really impels you, which ultimately can allow you to achieve your end.

Pressures or criticisms at work should serve as a reminder that it is the right time to press forward but intelligently, and that you benefit more by saving your strength rather than by wasting it on sudden impulse.
Transit Jupiter will guide you to prioritize precisely and without any bias.
Follow your priorities after showing your obedience and compliances with orders at work place and in society.
Avoid impatience, easy anger, attitude issues and develop your standards of cooperation with others in any area of life.
Opt for better and timely communication and prefer time tested ways of handling people and for developing your accumulation of money.
Take no short cuts in matters of love, family happiness, investments and personal image and health and above all your work.

8) Remedies:
Meditate or pray regularly.
Water a banana plant daily or you can donate ripe bananas to orphanages or to anyone who accepts.
Chant “Om Namo Durgaoi” as frequently as possible, the more the better.
Even silent chanting will do.
Sleep with your head towards the South direction.