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We have been providing astrology consultation and advice on true Vedic principles on the internet since 2000 and serviced over a million customers with our free and premium services. We have prepared Jupiter Transit & Fortune Report:

1.  Effects of Jupiter transit:
Transit Jupiter in Libra will offer many positive effects as per his inherent benevolent nature.
Extent of such effects will be subject to the strength, activity level and auspiciousness of Jupiter in the birth chart.
Jupiter in transit will give positive effects to MOST of the houses where he is placed during transit while he will offer positive effects to ALL houses that he aspects (influences) from his location.

Effects of transit Jupiter from ascendant:
In your birth chart, transit Jupiter in Libra will be in the 11th house from ascendant.
Thus you will see the effects given below.
New position, honor, gain of money, domestic happiness and good health can occur.
Gain of luxury items, various pleasures, promotion, and prosperity, fulfillment of hopes, help and benefits from friends and elders, and also from brothers are possible.
Do not go for any work alone.
Group working will be beneficial.
Do not be selfish.
Troubles and sorrows through matters of children are expected.

Effects of transit Jupiter from Moon:
In your birth chart, transit Jupiter in Libra will be in the 6th house from Moon.
Thus you will see the effects given below.
It is a good transit for any kind of work and for meeting duties that brings personal growth.
You will see good health, personal growth and higher responsibility.
Enjoyment and fulfillment of desires, improvement in service, or getting a new job or position with better opportunities are indicated.
This is a very good period for health, vigor and vitality.
Avoid all kinds of over indulgence or else financial shortage and ill health may develop.

Overall effects will be a mixture of the above and also the nature of the entire birth chart.

2.  Effects of Jupiter on natal planets:

Transit Jupiter will influence other planets through conjunction with them or his aspect on them.
In your case transit Jupiter will conjunct with Mars and Mercury.

Transit Jupiter in conjunction with natal Mercury:
Fortunate in money matters, power to attract others and to overcome enemies will be highlighted.
You will be pious and a person with good capacity for intellectual work.
Extensive information bank and sharp intellect, foresight and ability for long range planning will be yours.
You will be optimistic while this is a good period for making decisions.
You will be fond of performing arts and of opposite gender.
Success in any study, especially law is seen.
You will be religious and spiritual.
Communications will be fortunate.
But be warned not to over extend yourself.

Transit Jupiter in conjunction with natal Mars:
Here Mars is ill dignified.
Thus your humor may not appreciated, and you will be often coward, idle, unprincipled, and fond of broils and strife, liable to accidents, wounds and injuries.

Transit Jupiter square natal Venus:
This transit will make you very lustful in every way.
Maintain balance in your actions and trends.
Avoid too much of eating or drinking.
A new love relation, especially flirtation with opposite sex will be indicated.
This is a good period for finance, enjoyments and luxury.

Transit Jupiter square natal nodes:
You will be at one extreme or the other and never in the middle of the road.
Hindrance in good luck and opportunities will develop.
Avoid being reckless or of revolutionary attitude.

Aspect of Transit Jupiter on natal Planets:
Transit Jupiter does not aspect any natal planet.

3. Areas that Jupiter positively impacts and areas which should be developed:

Positive areas:
Jupiter will be very positive for material gains, in terms of money, purchases, landed assets, education and other studies, arts, intellectual ventures, creative activities, love affairs and various enjoyments, travels, especially short ones, growth and enlargement of social life and also growth and prosperity of conjugal life.

Areas to be developed:
Transit Jupiter may offer many opportunities but he will also expect you to be respectful to his blessings and make right use of them.
There are some areas which will need specific efforts from you to augment and to duly utilize the beneficial effects of transit Jupiter.

The area of highest priority will be right attitude, neither over nor under confidence will do.
Use your intelligence and communication with appropriate circumspection and fairness.
Dealing with members of opposite gender must be under right decorum and without any assumptive approach.
Under situations that need quick thought and action, do not fall prey to short term benefits and keep fairness at the top in order to gain in the long term.

4. Areas that Jupiter negatively impacts and areas which should be controlled:

Negative areas:
Jupiter (in the 6th house from Moon) can promote wasteful expenditure of money, wrong investment decisions and thus can cause debts.
Once you fall prey to this, you will miss the excellent effects of Adhi yoga forming in transit for one full year.

Areas to be developed:
a.Transit Jupiter, square to natal Nodes, will encourage the tendency to go to one extreme or another in any matter, event, or issue, and will restrict you from being reasonable, just, fair and logical and from walking on the middle of the road.
This situation has the ability to act as a big spoil sport and can ruin all the good possibilities, trends and opportunities or at least restrict them much from offering their due benefits.
Constant watch and self-control is needed to avoid this tendency.

b.The area of control over judgment must be made adequately slow and precise.
Negative effects of Mercury conjunction with Mars will be promoted by transit Jupiter and thus exacerbation of hasty thoughts and action can occur and can be really disastrous if not handled with adequate care.

5. Special combinations that Jupiter will form (Adhi and other super beneficial combinations):
A quite functional and strong Adhi Yoga will be formed in your birth chart during the current transit of Jupiter.
Transit Jupiter in the 6th house from Moon will offer excellent opportunities for intellectual and financial growth opportunities and will be very ably supported by Mercury in Libra in the 6th house from Moon in natal birth chart.

6. Remedies:


Chant “Om Namah Sivaya” as frequently as possible.

Visit any Vaishnavite temple and offer five ripe bananas on each Thursday.

Water a banana plant every morning.