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It can be read under following heads

  • Detailed description of  Jupiter  in 10th house considering the sign & house position & the age at which  these results would manifest in life
  • Analysis of navamsa & dasamsa  & some other key varga-s
  • Comments on shadbala
  • Aspects that are cast on the planet & aspects that the planet casts, their effects, and results
  • Interpretations of dasa /antardasa for the period of ordered report:
  • Do-s and don’t-s
  • Remedies


Detailed description of Jupiter in 10th house considering the sign & house position & the age at which these results would manifest in life

  • Your ascendant is Leo and your Moon sign is Pisces.
  • The Lion is the sign of a Leo. The Leo's ruling planet is the Sun and the element is Fire. Sundays are said to be lucky days for a Leo. Strengths of a Leo include kindness, big-heartedness, an energetic nature, optimism, honesty and loyalty. The weaknesses of a Leo are prone to jealousy, possessiveness, egotism or a more dominating personality.
  • In your chart Jupiter is the ruling planet of the fifth and eighth house.

  • Jupiter is the ruling planet of the fifth and eighth house. The fifth house is the house of education for a child, birth of children for a young person and spirituality in middle and old age. This house indicates worship of God. 
  • The fifth house represents the higher education, intelligence, emotions, karmas of previous life, change or break in professional life and Body Part: upper abdomen. This house basically covers matters related to your children, status and creative powers. This house represents loving relationships, love marriage, social networking, authorship, media studies and creativity.
  • The eighth house represents the longevity, sudden fall, secret aspects of life, and wealth of spouse, disgrace, change, unorthodoxy, inheritance, and adjustment in married life, controversy, legacies, sudden financial gains, prolonged illnesses, inherited diseases and conjugal life.
  • This house basically covers matters related to unknown or hidden or suspicious issues, unearned wealth, property and luck. The eighth house of the horoscope is known for struggle, hidden enemies, inherited health problems, joint finances & monetary gains from property, long term investment, banking, fixed assets, sudden expenses, parent’s property and ill health of elderly people in family.
  • Jupiter is well placed in the fourth house and receives the aspect of Sun and Mercury. The fourth house basically covers matters related to your parents, domestic harmony and the level of happiness in life. This house is called as “Sukhesh” means the house which gives happiness from all luxuries in house, conveyance, comfortable life and luxuries, domestic happiness, education which gives satisfaction means education of own choice.
  • This house also represents mother, property, home atmosphere, domestic happiness, female family members, parliament, attainment of post, thrown and improvement in the standard of living.  Presence of Jupiter in the fourth house is favourable for higher learning, jobs in your field of expertise and spiritual practices.


Analysis in navamsa, dasamsa & some other key varga-s

Navamsa chart D9:

  • In D-9 chart Jupiter is well placed in the fourth house of domestic happiness.
  • This is favorable for enhancing your social circle. Professionally this is favorable for money matters, getting a higher position, and growth in career.


Dasamsa chart D10:

  • In D-10 chart Jupiter is in the twelfth house and is in conjunction with Moon.
  • Jupiter is in the twelfth house is favorable for higher learning, success in written examinations, interviews, winning the battles, and getting a job in your field of expertise.


Saptamsa chart D7 (progeny and intellectual creativity):

  • In D-7 chart Jupiter is in the tenth house of growth in career which is favorable for money matters, gains from banking and investments, domestic harmony and growth in career.


Comments on Shadbala:

  • Jupiter has very high overall strength and very high digbala (hence he is very active for promoting good results) getting the highest points.


Aspects that are cast on the planet & aspects that the planet casts, their effects and results:

  • Jupiter receives the aspect of benefic planet Sun and Mercury. This is favorable for getting success in written examinations, success in interviews, getting a higher position in career and money matters. There will be gains from the government and people in authority. You will take interest in love life, children, and spiritual practices.


Interpretations of dasa /antardasa for the period of ordered report: 

  • You are under the influence of the major and sub-period of Rahu during 28 November 2016-11 August 2019.

Rahu is in the second house.

  • The second house basically covers matters related to speech, thinking patters and accumulation of wealth, success in investments, income source and general level of affluence. This house is known as family of one’s parents. This house has to be seen for speech, right eye, the food one eats, the money one gets, ornaments, longevity of spouse and marriage.


This period energizes these locations of your life.

  • Income and expenses would both increase swiftly during this period. Multiple sources could bring financial gains, particularly from past investments, property and inheritance. Parents would be financially supportive. While money would stream in rapidly from various sources, outflow would be equally quick.
  • Spending on wasteful luxuries may cause some turbulence.
  • There might be quite a few unexpected expenses for you that will stretch your budget to the limit. Someone close to you may try to betray you so be alert and do not trust anyone blindly.
  • Any occasional greed, haste, over confidence and showy behaviour should be avoided. This is not a good period for indulging in rash speculative activities. Don't adopt undesirable means for quick monetary gains. Your communication skills may be weak sometimes so you should be careful about what you choose to speak.
  • Avoid confrontations and arguments, a softer approach will help to maintain love and harmony. Be sure that you also spare some time for family and loves one. Avoid getting into arguments with spouse, family and elderly parents. You have to be extremely patient and handle matters with utmost care.
  • You should also avoid non-vegetarian and cold storage food. It is advised for you to maintain a balanced diet and a regular lifestyle and keep away from intoxicants such as smoking, drinking or chewing tobacco. You should avoid cold storage, spicy and non-vegetarian food.
  • A few health problems like seasonal fever, stress and indigestion can trouble you. Instead of allopathic treatment you should go for homeopathy as the chances of food poisoning or drug reaction can be there. This is the time to keep your exercise routine and good eating habits up.
  • Add more raw juice, fiber, and vegetables to your diet to keep your digestion healthy and indulge in deliciously prepared organic produce. Avoid junk food, cut back on the caffeine, sugar, white flour, and alcohol, and try eating fresh and healthy food only.
  • During 25 April 2017-8 February 2018 you will take interest in higher learning, enhancing your social connections, knowledge base and spirituality. You can expect many significant changes to take place in your life, personal as well as professional during this period.
  • You may be in for a few challenges at work which you can overcome with a bit of determination. This time will bring a lot of opportunities your way which will give a new direction to your life. You will take intelligent, savvy decisions. The cards do predict a lot of excitement and adventure in the love department.
  • Romantically a lovely period, if single you might have an affair with a sensual, romantic soul.  This period shall bring some positive influences in your life, especially on the domestic front. You shall enjoy some pleasant moments with your spouse. You shall be quite fortunate in financial matters, as some extra money is likely to come your way.
  • If you are in business of hospitality, publishing, media and electronic products you will see your profits soaring, as you may attract quite a few high-worth clients. You will experience a very comfortable time at your workplace, and shall be able to manage routine affairs efficiently.
  • Sources of income will increase during 8 February-26 June 2018. You will be very confident with your thoughts and chance of getting monetary gains is highly recommended. You may be successful in bagging projects that require strong communication skills.
  • Approach towards love, romance and life in general will be encouraging. You will share good rapport with your colleagues and seniors. Income sources will be very fine for you and you will enjoy your family life. There will be events of celebrations in close family circle. You will enjoy the company of family and loved ones. You will develop the taste for rich and delicious food.
  • Financially, things get gradually better and if you are able to curb your impulses and save right during 26 June 2018-11 August 2019. Key words are focus, persistence and application of knowledge, however don't overdo things when your body protests.
  • Health matters are good but there could be a minor setback which may make your plans go a little awry. On the professional front seminars and meetings at work will keep you occupied but the final results may not always be as per your expectations. In business decisions should be taken wisely.
  • Consult experts and go through every detail carefully. Before you sign some important documents, legal papers or agreements read the fine print carefully. Avoid making commitments you may not be able to honour.  You shall be lucky on the home and domestic front.
  • You will get good support of your family. The domestic environment will remain peaceful and you may go on a vacation accompanying family and loved ones. It is also a good time to host auspicious functions at home. The influx of guests and social visitors at your home will increase.
  • You will not enjoy good health as the influence of Mars and Moon does not spell well. You might be down with a viral infection. Take all due measures to prevent the issue from getting worse. Rest is very pivotal at this stage. There is no major cause for worry. You will feel better soon with proper medication. A simple diet will also benefit you.


Do-s and Don’t-s

  • Maintain clarity and propriety of thoughts and actions.
  • You should stay grounded, principled and disciplined in all your thoughts and actions.
  • Try hard to improve communication gap or failure and thus improve your communication.
  • This is very important since you may take actions [apparently practical] that will make you a poor manager of opportunities and wealth, and thus you will lose or waste your chances and your money and may invite displeasures of others and other problems.
  • Avoid over ambition, inclination to dominate, avoid haste, over confidence and showy behavior.
  • Avoid making commitments if you are not sure of being able to honor them.
  • Do not expect any real respect, help or even suggestions or cooperation from anybody on any matter, if you cannot follow the above line of action.
  • Do not act in overriding manner.
  • Do not expect to get more than your dues.
  • Do not overestimate what you are to get as this can lead to troubles.
  • Strictly avoid ego, conceit, arguments, controversies and conflicts or you will face extreme form of restriction everywhere.
  • Do not seek help when you can do without it as such action will improve your image.
  • This is also due to the reason that you may be refused any help any way



  • Worship as per your religious faith on Friday.
  • Float coconut in a river or flowing water on Friday.
  • Don't lit fire in the verandah of your house.
  • Float stone or coal in water. After sunrise, feed the birds with grain.
  • Do not create smoke and eat cold storage non-vegetarian food.
  • Applying tilak of saffron or turmeric will also prove to be beneficial.
  • Keep water or silver towards the north-western part of your house.
  • Do not give false testimony.