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We have been providing astrology consultation and advice on true Vedic principles on the internet since 2000 and serviced over a million customers with our free and premium services. We have prepared 2017 Comprehensive Horoscope report for you after analyzing:

  • Your birth horoscope
  • Transit position of all 9 planets and their results on your life
  • Dasa analysis

Your 2017 Comprehensive Horoscope can be read under the following heads:

  • Effects of 9 planets as per birth chart
  • Year 2017 - an overview
  • Year 2017 - detailed readings - career, finances, love, marriage, health
  • Year 2017 - month wise trends

Effects of 9 planets as per birth chart


Mentally alert.
Success after suffering.
Lacks originality.
Intellectual arrogance.
Unfriendly to relatives.
Much passionate.

Long and comfortable life.
High position.
Self made properties.
Expertise in many fields.
Changes in occupation.

Highly enterprising.
No luck in business, lottery or in speculation.
Sorrow and mental disturbances due to matters of children.
Difficulties from children and losses through or due to them.
Discord with children.
Over confident.
Self importance.


Gainfully employed.
Financial success.
Versatile mind.
Many friends.
Fond of travels.
Inimical to siblings and servants.
Hated by relatives.
Given to easy anger.
Unsteady disposition.

Long life.
Inheritance of patrimony.
Gain through legacies.
Good qualities.
Luxurious life style.
Faces failures.
Devoid of fortune.
Rigid beliefs.
Accentuated sexuality.
Delusions of invincibility.
Much proud.
Inimical towards others.
Insatiable appetite.

Lucky after marriage.
Gains from journeys.
Impressive in speech.
Sensitive to immediate environments.
Elusive magnetism.
Dissatisfaction in marriage.
Changeable affections.
Addicted to luxuries.
Over confident.

Gain of houses and lands.
Gains from maternal side.
All comforts and enjoyments.
Progress and even general prospects of career affected.
Loss of ancestral property.
Education suffers.
Poor health of mother.
Unhappy mind.
Calculating mind.
Sickly and feeble constitution.


Acquisition of property.
Not straight forward.
Poor health of mother.
Strong attachment to all mundane pleasure and enjoyments.
Addicted to unworthy acts.
Rigid nature.
Weak health.

Marital life spoilt.
Humiliation due to disrespect.
Loss of spouse.
Company of unworthy men possible.
Skin problems.
Disease in urinary tract.
Loss of fertility.
Fear of watery accidents.

Note: The total effects of all planets can be different due to mix and match of the effects of various planets and their transits.

Year 2017: An Overview
Career and income from it can make fairly good progress during this year.
But there will be too many problems at work, with your seniors and also possibly with colleagues.
Your professional image may get affected.
To avoid threat to your position, you will need to avoid conflict of attitude and controversies.
Income from all sources will be quite good but high expenses will cause your accumulation to remain inadequate.
Loss through wrong investments decisions, social life, high living style, needless expenses, travels, and medical issues will be significant and you must avoid these as much as possible.
Social life will be active but this should be cut down if not avoided altogether.
Marriage, if not married, may bring a thin chance but this may not be reliable or definitive.
Marital life, if applicable, will remain unsatisfactory and not happy.
Health of spouse will suffer.
Happiness of/from progeny will be low or absent.
Personal health will remain affected variously, by common ailments.

Year 2017: Detailed readings
Part One:
The effects in the major areas of life are likely to be on the following lines during 2017.


Business or self employment is not a right career option for you.
Yours should be a job career only.
The main period lord Mercury and the sub period lords Venus and Sun covering this year are all quite strong and auspicious.
Also the transit chart of the year is quite favorable for good progress in career and for income from it.
Professionally gainful and financially beneficial change of job is possible, in case you are ready for it.
In case you cannot change or do not want to change your job, you may get a change to a better role or area of work or may get more responsibility, with better compensation in either case.
On the flip side your health may not be stable or free from troubles and this can affect your performance.
Also you will be liable to get into many serious controversial situations with superiors and colleagues.
At the same time your current high energy level can make these situations worse.
Your communication too will not remain very precise, convincing or timely.
You may make the mistakes of going against the authorities in hasty ways and of entering into avoidable arguments with them.

These controversies can lead to their unhappiness and displeasure about you.
Though superiors will remain more or less satisfied with your work, your ego will remain strongly present and will be expressed at wrong moments and this will be quite negative for you.
Superiors will keep you under many restrictions and you will be denied the freedom to enjoy your power to take independent decisions.
All the above will apply to any job or role, current or new.
Right, flexible and prudent attitude will be the deciding factor and thus you must remain as much grounded as possible must try to effectively avoid such differences.
Unwanted haste in speech or action can spoil your good luck for growth of your occupation.
Strictly avoid offering unsolicited ideas, or making or demanding changes in work style.
But you can slowly bring in small, practical and prudent changes tactfully since this approach can favor you immensely.

Frequent lapses in speech or inconsistent or combative statements from you can undermine your position, image and status.
This will annoy the support or cooperation from superiors and peers and you will be seen as looking for personal fame, progress or benefit in a selfish way.
Thus you must remain tactful always and every time.
Health might be often quite lower than normal and this can affect your work.

Income from occupation will remain quite decent.
Good increase in income from job is expected.
Expenses will remain quite high and often without any real need or reason.
Loss through high living, wrong investment decisions including speculative ones, social life, travel and medical issues will occur.
Accumulation of funds will be quite lesser than what is possible for you.
Stringency in finance may develop if you do not take serious control over your way of handling money.
The status will be even more challenging from 2017 onwards.

Love Life
Social life will remain quite active.
Some of your earlier associations will try to revive and renew or repair old or broken associations.
But social life will not be good for you at this stage.
You are quite likely to lose money through social life and also lose your peace of mind.
It can also cause harm to you through hidden enmity.
No love or romance is expected.

Marital Life
If you are not married now and looking for getting married, this year will not offer you any reliable option though some tentative chance may develop.
It is better to consider this ONLY AFTER MUCH FORETHOUGHT.
It will be best to avoid this option now.
If you are married at this point of time, marital life will not be per se much happy or satisfactory but will have some chance to get better after Jul 2017.
But basically differences in attitude, preferences, principles and living style will continue to create major issues.
Sex life will not be worthwhile.
Health issues of both will further affect marital bliss.
Health of your spouse may be more affected at this stage but in an up and down manner.

This is a weak area of your birth chart.
You may or may not have children.
In case you have children, they may not enjoy much good health or good luck.
Their equation with you may not be cordial or deep or dependable.
Happiness from your or due to progeny will be low or absent.

Indifferent health will deteriorate gradually.
Many common functional ailments.
You may feel weak and lack sufficient energy.
You must take care of any digestive and nerve related issues right from their start.

Part Two: Month wise trends
Further breakup of the year 2017 to focus on more trends.

January 2017
May face false allegation.
Much worry.
Loss of money.
Much disturbed mind.
Separation from loved ones, on account of work.
Quarrels with superiors at work, elders and disgrace through that.

February 2017
Bigger role in career.
More and newer responsibilities.
Major or important project may start.
Avoid mistakes at work through slipshod or hurried actions.
Stay impersonal about professional issues.

March 2017:
Problems related to parental family may create odd situations.
Cooperate with all people.
Engage in group efforts for better results and possible gains.
Study people around you.
Gain through friends.
Higher responsibility.
Good name.

April 2017:
Religious ceremonies possible at home.
Other good deeds.
Take stock of your faults and virtues.
Travel to other countries or places possible.
Much disfavor from superiors.
Indifferent health.
Friends behave like enemies.

May 2017:
Excellent time to impress others.
But very difficult to work with others.
Superiors do not cooperate.
Marital problems, if applicable.
Indifferent health.
Separation from family on account of professional travel.
Quarrels with friends and relations.

June 2017:

Loss of money.
Financial worries.
Increase interaction with others.
Avoid quarrels with friends and relations.
Property or other resources can be adversely affected.
Headache and eye troubles.
Parties and invitations should be avoided.

July 2017:
Take care of surroundings.
Improve relation with people you deal with daily.
Accelerate the tempo of activity at work and in all other areas.
New role at work possible.
Recognition by superiors is possible yet no good relationship.

August 2017:
Domestic unhappiness.
Pressure from creditors, if applicable.
Fear of ailments.
Loss of respect.
Problems related to property.
Past events may come up again and cause problems.
Take care of health.

September 2017:
Favor or appreciation from superiors.
Victory over enemies.
Harder efforts needed at work.
Efficiency and effectiveness needs to be higher now.
Need to work as per others’ wishes and directions.
Take care of health.

October 2017:
Success in efforts.
Comfortable living.
New relationships form with various people.
Better coordination needed for relationship with spouse, if applicable.
For important issues, you must seek advice of others.
Do not get into anything alone.
Painful urination.

November 2017:
Stomach and anal ailments.
Loss of money.
Ill health of spouse, if applicable.
Displeasure from superiors.
Excessive heat in the body.
Association with bad people possible.

December 2017:
Extravagant expenditure.
Fluctuating BP.
Quarrels with and loss through enemies.
End of some aspects of your personality.
Encounter with an impressive person.
Major changes in perception possible through such person.