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We have been providing astrology consultation and advice on true Vedic principles on the internet since 2000 and serviced over a million customers with our free and premium services. As per your requirement, we have prepared Wealth and Status Combination Report for 2017:

The forecast of the events likely to happen in the area of finance, wealth and status during  2017 are given below after taking into consideration the following:

1. Your birth horoscope.
2. Transit position of all planets with respect to these charts.

Effects of individual planets as per birth chart:


Jobs in MNCs
Jobs in Corporate sector
Overseas jobs
Travel to the foreign countries
Health problems
Problems with influential people
Hard working
Warm hearted
Long distance trips


Profession growth
Monetary gains
Good social reputation
Good position in society
Good looking
Love and harmony in family
Short trips
Fond of music and fine arts
Visit to holy places
Love for work
Independent thinker
Inclined towards human nature
Elder brother and sister


Passive sources of income
Gains from spouse
Gains from fixed assets
Gains from inherited property
Gains from insurance policies
Black money
Income from the unjust means
Younger siblings
Jobs in a foreign country
Corporate sector/multinational companies
Over confident
Professionally qualified
Needs to keep busy
Religious deeds


Much struggle in family
Professional growth
Hard earned success
Good in mathematics
Success in competitive exams
Reading and study
Faith in destiny
Professional growth
Social networking
Higher post
Jobs in Corporate sector
Ill health
Conflicts with people


Jobs in overseas companies
Getting married
Life style
Love and harmony in family
Indulged in loving relationships
Higher standard of living
Prosper after marriage
Popular in social circle
Financial gains
Faith in God/religion
Throughout success
Kind hearted
Faith in destiny
Job in corporate sector
A great lover of justice
Public relation work
Intellectual ability
Fond of mystery
Expenses on religious deeds
Long distance trips
Business partnerships


Financial gains
Business partnership
Corporate sector
Improvement in standard of living
Purchases (property, household appliances, ornaments, vehicles, cloths)
Foreign travel
Job opportunities in Corporate Sector
Faith in religion
Involvement with Multinational companies
Beautiful life partner
Celebrations in family
Fond of music and dance
Flair for money making schemes
Money from varied sources
Expenses on social causes
Health problems


Monetary gains
Professional growth
Profession related to media, marketing or teaching
Loving relationships
Long distance trips
Good professional prospects
Health problems to family members
Hard working/long working hours
Laborious job
Financial gains from property
Social networking
Media studies
Creative writing
Good for younger siblings
Family responsibilities
Conflicts in family


Settlement abroad
Jobs in MNCs
Long distance trips
Father’s professional rise
Higher education
Unconventional/new ideas
Contracts with influential people
Many friends
International brands
Social contracts
Higher learning


Worries related to family and children
Health problems
Social network
Learning of different languages
Religious deeds
Recitation of religious books
Faith in God
Spiritual growth
Sharp mind

Suitable Area of Activity:
(This applies to next one year)

For Service:
(Given in decreasing order of preference):
Position in the following areas in decreasing order of preference or a suitable combination of them:
Pharmaceutical industry
Medicine and all allied areas
Health Care Services Industry
Hospitality industry
Entertainment industry
Automobile industry
Luxury goods industry
Food grains industry
NBF industry
Chemical industry
Iron and steel industry

For Business:

For Self-employment:

Suitable Method of Work:
(For next one year)
Service or business or self-employment:

SUITABLE (jobs in academics and higher learning will be beneficial for long term)



(For next one year)

(Given in order of preference)


Investment suitable in:
(For next one year)

Most suitable.
Covers deposits in major banks, government bonds and securities.
Should invest throughout to the maximum extent possible.

Real Estate:
NOT suitable for gain through investment.
Somewhat suitable for own use.

Debt Instruments

Equity (direct investment)
Not suitable.

Mutual Funds:
Suitable in a limited way but only in MFs offering capital appreciation guarantee or at least capital safety guarantee.

Own business
Not suitable.


Any Combination holding back Monetary Success:
There are many combinations present to obstruct generation of wealth or cause unplanned or wrong expenses.

Some of these are as below:
1. Moon is the ruling planet of the money gains and prosperity. Moon receives the aspect of malefic planets Sun, Mars and Saturn. Moon is in the axis of Ketu and Rahu. This causes instability in financial gains.
2. Venus brings prosperity. Venus is in the sixth house which indicates much struggle in career.
3. Your ruling planet is Mercury. Mercury is ill-placed in the sixth house. This causes lack of support at the work place. This also indicates much struggle in life and off and on health problems.
4. You are under the influence of the major period of Jupiter. Jupiter is in the 12th house which is favorable for jobs in MNCs and institutes funded by foreign agencies. However, rise in expenses may also bother you a lot during this period.

Overview of Wealth and Status during 2017:

Career prospects will be good during June till August 2017
New doors are likely to open on the career front. Career expansion plans are also possible. Cash inflow will be good, but you should keep a tab on your expenses.

During 20 January-5 February 2017 professional consistency shall remain high on agenda for you. Better not to disclose things till success is with you. Rise in expenses can bother you a bit during the period. Be careful about taking on increased expenses. The key is to spend less than you make so should you get a raise, keep your lifestyle affordable and stock some extra cash away.

Money prospects will be good during 6 February-6 March 2017.

You might get new job opportunity in MNC or abroad or transferred during 6 March-15 July 2016. Financially this period will be a stable one.

Detailed Readings for Wealth and Status for 2017:

Part One:

As per the planetary combinations in your birth horoscope you are under the influence of the major period of Jupiter and the sub-period of Mars from 30 March 2017 to 6 March 2017.

Mars is the ruling planet of the third and eighth house.

The third house of the horoscope represents the siblings, efforts made by the native to achieve goals in life, short journeys, communicative skills, talent, servants, subordinates, longevity of parents, friends, social network, neighbors (good or bad relationship with them), right ear, shoulder, arm, letters and quick writing, all extra curricular activities like: sports, singing, dancing and painting. This house basically covers matters related to your initiative, courage, competition, communications ability, siblings, friends and other associates.

The eighth house represents the longevity, sudden fall, secret aspects of life, wealth of spouse, disgrace, change, unorthodoxy, inheritance, adjustment in married life, controversy, legacies, sudden financial gains, prolonged illnesses, inherited diseases and conjugal life. This house basically covers matters related to unknown or hidden or suspicious issues, unearned wealth, property and luck. The eighth house of the horoscope is known for struggle, hidden enemies, inherited health problems, joint finances & monetary gains from property, long term investment, banking, fixed assets, sudden expenses, parent's property and ill health of elderly people in family.

Mars is in the seventh house.

The seventh house of the horoscope is called Kalatra Bhava means spouse. One gets married in the dasha (period) of the seventh lord. This house gives trips to foreign country, marriage, spouse, lover, business & partnership in business, trade, foreign countries, attainment of post, public image and settlement abroad. The seventh house covers matters related to your marriage, partnerships and all other relationships. In modern context the seventh house indicates jobs in agencies funded by foreign investors, corporate sector and multinational companies.

The sub-period of Mars energizes these locations of your life. On the professional aspect the following events are possible:

1. Changes/transfer in job.
2. Sudden expenses/losses
3. Gains from past investments/fixed assets/property
4. Gains from unjust means/black money/unearned income
5. Out of turn promotion, if a colleague leave job.

You will be under the influence of the sub-period of Rahu from 7 March 2016 to 29 July 2018

Rahu is also placed in the seventh house.

The seventh house of the horoscope is called Kalatra Bhava means spouse. One gets married in the dasha (period) of the seventh lord. This house gives trips to foreign country, marriage, spouse, lover, business & partnership in business, trade, foreign countries, attainment of post, public image and settlement abroad. The seventh house covers matters related to your marriage, partnerships and all other relationships. In modern context the seventh house indicates jobs in agencies funded by foreign investors, corporate sector and multinational companies.

The period of Rahu has been found to be a penetrating and a decisive one. Rahu magnifies, exaggerates and magnetizes to lead a person to a dubious life. It carries with it a seduction hard to resist. It pushes worldly life through surreal reflections. The native become non-conformist and unorthodox.

When the period of Rahu begins the native becomes unorthodox. This is good for unconventional ideas and creativity. You will have an unconventional way of life and probably have a talent for diplomacy. Rahu brings you close to people from other religion, caste and community. In the modern context Rahu indicates global connections. Thus, you may get jobs in corporate sector and multinational companies. The period of Rahu also indicates overseas job opportunities and relationship with out caste people.

The period of Rahu indicates global connections, travel, expenditure, learning online courses, freelancing, professional growth, relationship with out caste people and jobs in multinational companies.

The sub-period of Rahu will be favorable for jobs in MNCs or agencies funded by foreign investors. As per your chart a job in your field of higher education/expertise will be beneficial for you.

Part Two:

Further breakup of the year 2017 to focus on more trends on Financial Status and Wealth:

January 2017:
Better month for finance.
Stay very careful to save more.
Maintain discipline and control.
Rise in expenses may bother you.

February 2017:
Increase in income may occur slowly
Just spend less and save.
More savings possible
No investments at all

March 2017:
Increase in income.
Better accumulation possible.
Avoid investments.
Increase in savings.
But expenses on family needs may rise

April 2017:
Money prospects will be good.
Medical expenses rise.

May 2017:
Intelligent handling of money
But sudden loss through hasty decisions
Higher medical expenses
Shortage of liquid cash

June 2017:
Money prospects will be good
You may get hike in salary
There will be expenses on family needs
Intelligent investments
Maintain the current trend of recovery
Avoid all investments

July 2017:
Financial prospects will be good till 19th.
Unexpected expenses possible after 19th
Stick to savings only.
Stay orthodox and cultivate thrift.
Demands for finance may rise.
Take control over all small or big expenses

August 2017:
Ups and down till 5th February.
Financial gains during 6-28 February
Hike in salary is possible.

September 2017:
Financial gains till 6th
Better to postpone all financial decisions.
Do not even try to invest.
New job opportunities shall be there

October 2017:
Much better month for money matters.
Better judgment and control.
Steady income.
There will be sudden expenses.
Stick to savings.

November 2017:
Generally good handling of money
Stay calm and save
You can better your finance now with discipline.

December 2017:
Financially gainful.
Intelligent investments and good returns are seen.
Steady handling of money.
Avoid sudden urge to splurge or invest in risky areas.