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The Overview

Positive month, although there will be a lot of turbulence this month mostly on account of unsettled thinking, unnecessary aggression as well as build up of stress in personal as well as professional life. Career will see rise in hurdles as well as turbulence after the 23rd January 2015. This is a fairly long phase till March 2015 and therefore the event should be considered seriously and no major moves should be planned. Some setbacks at work as well as home matters possible. Be cautious of your speech after 15th January 2015.

Event to look forward to

Progress due to your intelligence and power of communication, gains in partnerships as well as happiness in marriage related matters. Luck in money matters as well as love life.

Event to be cautious about

Poor energy and stamina after the 16th January 2015. Ego in marital matters till the 15th January 2015, over aggression, anger and ill health connected with both high and uncontrolled expenses.

Be cautious in health and professional issues on 3rd January,7th January and 18th January 2015.


Not an easy period in career as there will be impatience due to health and other psychological pressures. Further some down turn in overall market position possible, which could further get affected after the 23rd January 2015. Certain setbacks in career not ruled out in the period that will continue from 23rd November 2014 to March 2015 and care should be taken to avoid new projects. There will be some issues close to the 18th January 2010 also and unnecessary aggression should be avoided.

  • Business matters will still be better, although pressures and setbacks will continue. New opportunity could come close to the 17th January 2015.
  • Job matters will be positive although there would be rise in anxiety and hurdles after the 15th January 2015.
  • Professionals have a positive month through with good level of monetary gains.

Money Matters

  • Positive period in money matters as good level of inflows would be possible due to a luck being on you side. There would be unexpected gains around the 17th January 2015.
  • Income will be effected and could see hurdles and reversals after the 23rd January 2015. Be cautious in money matters.
  • Further liquidity could be hampered after the 15th January 2015 till the end of the month.

Romance/ Marriage

Positive month for love matters. Despite your own volatile temperament, there will be rise in level of happiness in love matters. There could be positive development in new relationship around the 17th January 2015. A relative fall in level of opportunities could come after the 15th January 2015.

  • Marriage matters will remain very positive and there will be a revival in all relationships.
  • Marriage possible for the unmarried during this month.

Personal, Family and children

  • A disturbed month personally as you will not be at ease with yourself and temperament will remain quite volatile. It will be beneficial to avoid major decision, aggression and any significant moves till 4th January 2015.
  • Family life will be very positive. There will be happiness and overall satisfaction in family related matters level of support from family will also be good, although atmosphere at home will continue to be disturbed & could turn turbulent after the 23rd January 2015.
  • Children related matters will not be positive. There will be certain mental distances and thereafter some setbacks in relationships after the 16th January 2015. Some amount of ego issues could crop up around 3rd January 2015 to 7th January 2015.

Spiritual / Religious 

  • Not an easy phase for spiritual progress. Mind would be disturbed and out of focus which will not encourage any sort of spiritual activity. Further a rise in desire of material and high level of monetary commitments will just increase the pressures. Wait till at least February 2015 for any meaningful spiritual progress.
  • Religious affairs will see a rise in religious fervor. There will be increase in such activity although not with much satisfactory results. It is a positive phase but not with much achievements.