1. Name:                      XYZ
  2. Date of Birth:          1st Jan 1970
  3. Place:                       New Delhi
  4. Gender:                    Male
  5. Time:                       06:00 AM 
  6. Report:                    Detailed Horoscope Reading for 2 years 

Dear XYZ,
Following was the planetary position at the time of your birth.

House wise placement of planets:

Sun in 9th house
Moon in 6th house
Mars in 4th house
Mercury in 10th house
Jupiter in 4th house
Venus in 11th house
Saturn in 5th house
Rahu in 4th house
Ketu in 10th house

Sign wise placement of planets:
Sun in Capricorn
Moon in Libra
Mars in Leo
Mercury in Aquarius
Jupiter in Leo
Venus in Libra
Saturn in Virgo
Rahu in Leo
Ketu in Aquarius

Analysis of effects of all planets:
The following are the effects of individual planets in your charts.
The future events will NOT necessarily be exactly in these lines due to mix and match of
their effects and also their locations at future points of time.

Long life.
All kinds of wealth.
Gains and pleasures by father’ s good fortune.
Good inheritance.
Good and successful progeny, if any.
Good memory.
Shows concern about his elders.
Deeply attached to children, if any.
Effeminate body.
Financially well off.
Fond of reading.
Natural artistic ability.
Fond of music.
Financial success, medium.
Friction in domestic life.
No happiness of children.
Head governs the heart.
Love for all pleasures.
Travel to pleasure spots.
Fond of speculation.
Fond of women.
Over anxious.
Gains from maternal side.
Landed property.
Education in foreign land.
Highly enterprising, if possible.
Self confident.
Tremendous vitality and passion.
Mentally sharp.
Strong constitution.
Trials and tribulations in educational career.
Harm to education.
Break in education possible.
Marital life much affected.
Spouse often lives in or goes to her paternal house.
Threat to longevity of spouse.
Pleasures from gambling.
Many losses of lands, houses and conveyances etc.
Relatives, inimical.
Much harassment related to residence.
Much self importance.
Much vanity.
Fickle minded.
Mental restlessness.
Heart disease.
Chest pain.
Dental diseases.
Sharp intuitive faculty.
Good at selling ideas.
All kinds of wealth acquired.
Ensures happiness to children, if any.
Spends for own happiness.
Frugal for others.
Much of your wealth will be lost through indiscretions.
Frequent change of residence.
Strong minded but poor to grasp.
Slow to form and change opinions.
Long life.
Good material gains.
Win over enemies.
Influence through popularity and social prestige.
Open minded.
Just and fair.
Philosophical outlook.
Success over enemies.
Healing ability.
Too dependent on others.
Attraction for luxurious and comfortable living.
Enmity with superiors and the state.
Sufferings through fraud, theft and menials.
Poverty possible.
Long life.
Much wealth.
Good finance.
Good health.
Enmity with own people.
Friendship with others.
Mediocre happiness in matters of wealth.
Debts promoted.
Deprived of sexual satisfaction.
Disliked by opposite sex.
Harm to partner or spouse.
Love affairs.
Troubled by enemies.
Less prospects of combating diseases.

Self made fortune.
Stays away from native place.
Not happy in occupation.
Spends freely.
Heavy expenses.
Fond of showing hospitality to friends and relatives.
Troubles in financial matters through government.
Accidental losses.
Loss of wealth.
Loss of fortune.
Difficulty in old age.
Unhappy conjugal life.
Separation from family.
Full of enemies.
Fear from enemies.
False accusations.
Sharp tempered.
Harsh boastful language.
Landed property.
Good career.
Good social status.
Sudden downfall in career and social position.
Chequered career.
Sudden changes in career.
Earnings through unfair means.
No or limited children.
Worries cause to children, if any and to spouse.
Aggressive nature.
Lack of amiable manners.
Favor from government.
Accumulation of wealth.
Taste for fine arts.
Spiritual progress.
Deprived of property.
Loss of land.
Loss of vehicles.
Loss of mother’ s happiness.
Dwelling far away.
Very impatient.

Analysis of effects of all bhavas [houses]:
First House [Udaya/Tanu Bhava]:

This house basically covers matters related to your personality, looks, attitude,
temperament and basic strength of your horoscope.
Mediocre height and good physique, broad and strong shoulders, a thick neck, short arms and legs, round face, big eyes, broad forehead and thick lips, may have moles in her face and back, a birthmark in the shape of garlic drop in body.
Emotional, reliable, persistent, ambitious, affectionate, sensuous, trust worthy, warm
hearted, strong willed, industrious, liberal in giving gifts, self reliant, remarkable power
of endurance, fond of beauty and music, Forgiving disposition, cautious, careful, prudent,
liberal heart, does not retain anger for a long time, stamina, imaginative.
Lazy, possessive, nervy, unimaginative, dependent on others, stubborn, greedy, resentful,
self indulgent, unoriginal, obstinate, proud, prejudiced, fixed and rigid temperament,
materialistic, slow in action and occasionally selfish and vindictive.
Career and fortune is good, fond of good living, and unending progress in life.
Weak health with less immunity, But no chronic ailments.
Enterprising, diligent and dedicated in work.
Many setbacks in education but finally good educational accomplishments.
Popular through generosity and social prestige.
Good relationship with siblings.
Intelligent spouse from wealthy background.
Happy marital life, and happiness from children.

Second House [Dhana Bhava]:
This house basically covers matters related to your family life, speech, thinking patters
and accumulation of wealth, success in investments, income source and general level of
Intelligent and logical speech.
Talkative and argumentative but no oratorical power.
Rude and hurting speech creates too many enemies.
Gain through inheritance, from father and mother’s brother.
Expenses will be always high and savings will fluctuate.
Major rise and in financial status due to this and also due to fluctuation of income.
Generally good morals but compromise on morals issues related to earnings are quite
Gain from/through wealth of parents or maternal side can occur.

Third House [Shourya Bhava]:
This house basically covers matters related to your initiative, courage, competition,
communications ability, siblings, friends and other associates.
You will be quite determined, brave and independent with much initiative and very rare
form of determined enterprise.
But you may be over confident and vain and will overdo the courage bit and cause loss to
yourself through such indiscretion.
Communication will be intelligent, logical but not necessarily convincing as these will
be hasty, arrogant, thoughtless, conceited, tactless and often indiscreet in respect of time,
place or person.
Very close to your siblings, if any.
Your overall popularity will not be high within your family but better in society yet this
to may vary with your current station in life.

Fourth House [Sukha/M atru Bhava]:
This house basically covers matters related to your parents, domestic harmony and the
level of happiness in life.
Your mother may not have normal health and peace in her mind.
Relationship with her is good.
Health of father may not be good either and relationship with you will not be cordial.
Yet gain from wealth of father’ s fortune and from the maternal relatives may be possible.
You will be very close to your relatives.
Your accomplishments in education will be quite encouraging but after many problems or
obstructions or even breaks in education.
Marital life will smooth and happy.
Intelligent spouse from wealthy background.

Fifth House [Atmaja Bhava]:
This house basically covers matters related to your children, social status and creative
Birth of children will remain quite difficult and delay.
Children, if any, will not enjoy good health or good attitude but will be quite successful
in their adult life.
They will not be cordial or friendly with you and may bring you dissatisfactions.
You will be very intelligent, sharp minded and ambitious.
You will aspire for a good, comfortable and luxurious life style.
Your social status will be quite high but will decline very suddenly to a very low level.
Your concept of status will be based on material success and the power of wealth.
However you will have some genuine spiritual inclinations too but these will develop
very late in your life.

Sixth House [Vighna Bhava]:
This house basically covers matters related to your enemies, health problems, debts,
obstructions and service to others.
Far too many enemies throughout your life.
Female enemies will predominate in number and effectiveness.
You will suffer severe and repeated losses through your enemies.
Several fluctuations will be present in career and life.
Your constitution will be basically strong but your power of immunity against diseases
will be quite low.
Thus several common ailments will be possible but none of these will be any serious
disease except clear weakness of your generative system and the heart developing over
Stomach ailments, poor vision, low immunity, impotency or low masculine
vigor, bad effects of worry and anxiety, hyperacidity, migraine, urinary problems and
weakness of your heart will be present.
Regular Yoga, Pranayam, regular prayers and avoidance of over indulgence, various
forms of over excitements and emotional stress will help you to keep better.
Financial stability will be absent.

Seventh House [Kalatra Bhava]:
This house basically covers matters related to your marriage, partnerships and all other
Marital life will smooth and happy.
Mutual attraction and your financial stability will promote happiness.
You will be sexually insatiate in marriage.
Intelligent spouse from wealthy background.
Progress in career with the help of spouse.
Children will do well in their lives but may not bring you happiness or may not be very close or cordial to parents.

Eighth House [Guhya Bhava]:
This house basically covers matters related to unknown or hidden or suspicious issues,
unearned wealth, sudden losses of wealth and also property and luck.
You will be a quite just and fair person and will not favor any unfair activities in
your life.
But financial stringency, fluctuation in honest income can encourage you to make any
gains through unfair means.
You will gain legacies of your father and/or of maternal relatives.
You may not be always strict or disciplined in matters of sexual enjoyments.
Sexual life will not be satisfying in your life.

Ninth House [Dharma/Bhagya Bhava]:
This house basically covers matters related to your level of luck, length of marital life,
interest in religion & spirituality and level of morality.
You luck will favor you in some areas.
Good luck will support you to live a long life, to cross many obstructions to good
education and many fluctuations in career and financial well being, and also in getting
large inheritance.
Your luck for unearned wealth may give you legacy from maternal relatives too.
Luck for good and thinking friends, dependable health, peaceful home life, success in
business, independent profession, speculation or a career free from issues or a satisfying
social status will be clearly absent.
Your morals will be generally astute but you are likely to curtail the restrictions in
matters of fairness in financial dealings or mode of earnings.

Tenth House [Agnya/Karma Bhava]:
This house basically covers matters related to your career, your Karma & the kind of
deeds, your authority and name.
Business or self employment is not suitable for you.
You have the inclination and the necessary capabilities for business.
But luck for success in business is absent.
Service will be the only option for your career.
Career will fluctuate frequently and very sharply.
Your success rate and achievements will be quite high but the falls from such positions of
excellence will be too hard and demoralizing.
Overall success will therefore remain clearly lesser than your efforts or ambitions.
At work you will be alert, very diligent, untiringly enterprising and very sincere but you
will not be tactful and may get into arguments too frequently and easily.
With your many qualities you will be suited to many forms of employment.
Areas dealing with the following in the given order of preference or a suitable
combination of them will be good for your growth.
Commercial units.
Healthcare services industry
Hospitality industry.
Entertainment industry.

Eleventh House [Labha Bhava]:
This house basically covers matters related to your gains and inflows from various sources.
You can gain meaningfully from only three sources.
These gains can accrue to you from your career and from legacy of father/maternal
relatives and also possibly from your spouse.
Investments in real estate, safe deposits like government bonds and securities and mutual
funds with capital appreciation or capital security guarantee will be most suitable for you.
Only losses from speculation are expected after some initial tempting gains.
All gains will be fluctuating and never remain stable or dependable.
Total material gains will be considerable.

Twelfth House [Vyaya/Antya Bhava].
This house basically covers matters related to sexual desires & their fulfillment, losses,
expenses, travel to other countries and all events beyond your control.
Luxury, emotional and addictive indulgences, speculation and medical expenses etc will
cause you significant and frequent losses.
As you will remain sexually insatiated, the primary pleasures of bed will be satisfactory
in your life.
After passing through all these, you will have mentioned spiritual progress but this will
be quite late in life.
Though late you will surely develop well in the area of human evolution.

Recommended Gemstone:

Wear a good quality Emerald [Panna] of deep drown [minimum 750mg gem
Choose a flawless gem of good quality and of oval cut.
Set this in a ring of alloy of silver and lead [equal measures] or only in a silver ring with
bottom open in either case.
Bottom of the ring should be open and the gem should be able to touch your skin very
Wear this on the little finger of your right hand.
Wear this on any Wednesday within one hour from sunrise, after dipping it over night in
fresh milk and then washing with pure water.
Try to choose a Wednesday falling on Sukla Paksha.
This stone will improve your luck and overall prosperity and remove or reduce
fluctuations in financial and career status, and happiness from children.
Next Two Years: An Overview:
Events in the following areas will occur:
Career will improve well during 2010 and will be firmed up during 2011and 2012.
Income will rise in the same line.
Many restrictions at work will have to be accepted.
The period will test your professional temperament.
Savings and investments will improve during 2011 and 2012.
Loss through speculation etc will remain possible.
Social life will be inactive.
Marital life will not be better till 2010 but may improve during 2011.
Children, if any, will not keep fit but will perform well.
Health of spouse as well as your own health will remain variously affected.
Breakdown of the next two years into two sub periods:
1. Till 06 Aug 2011: Balance period of Saturn-Ketu.
2. 06 Aug 2011 to Dec 2012: Part of Saturn-Venus.

Sub period wise detailed reading:
Till 06 Aug 2011: Balance period of Saturn-Ketu.
Till the end of 2010, you may not see any improvement in career or in situations at work.
Differences with superiors are possible.
2011 will give you a sharp change towards improvement of career but the improvement
will not be anything big immediately.
This tendency may even start during Apr 2011 but while you should take such
events or opportunities seriously, you should not expect them to occur or to develop into
something tangible at this stage, even if they occur.
2011 will indicate a growth point in career and likely to develop into any change
of job.
Most possibly you may be promoted but kept under probation.
Alternately you may be given higher responsibilities with a good hike in your pay.
At this stage it may not be a regular or complete promotion.
This status [either of the two] will hold through 2011 and will be regularized during
end of 2011 when you will either be regularized into a promoted rank or you will be
completing your probation if promotion had occurred.
Throughout 2010 and 2011 you will have problems with your superiors at work on
various grounds.
Your freedom of movement, power and authority will remain under many restrictions.
You will not get any immediate rewards or even appreciations for your hard work.
It is a time of much perseverance and patience and not one of scattering your energy
Good rise in pay during 2010 and 2011.
Savings will grow during both 2010 and 2011 but more so during 2011.
Investments will bring only modest benefits during 2010 but excellent ones during 2011.
Avoid speculation, gambling and other dissolute expenses throughout.
Love Life:
You will not be popular in opposite sex at this stage.
Social life may remain barely active, with more or less no enjoyments or satisfaction
through women friends.
No romance or love is seen.
Marital Life (if applicable):
Marital equation will remain clearly poor throughout.
However some smoothening can be possible during 2011 provided you are ready to work
towards it.
Mutual attraction and appreciation will not be noticed much.
Spouse will have indifferent health as you too will do.
Sex life will not be active during 2010 but given a chance it may revive during 2011.
Children (if applicable):
If you have any child, they will face a weak run of health and fortune.
You will dote on them and will do everything that can help them.
They will do well in studies etc despite ill health.
If you are looking for a child now, there cannot be any scope for it at this stage.
Indifferent health.
Common functional ailments.
Take care of digestive issues promptly.

06 Aug 2011 to Dec 2012: Part of Saturn-Venus.


Good trend at work will continue in your higher position.
You will enjoy some relaxation of the various restrictions that were operative in the last
You will manage to have no confrontation yet the equation with superiors will not be
very dependable.
Continue to keep them and also your colleagues, in good humor.
Hard work must be persisted with for more gains after 2011.
Increase in income is seen at this stage.
Good investment of finance will be possible.
Avoid over confidence and invest in conventional or conservative modes only.
Healthy finance is seen.
Love Life:
Social life will not develop though you may be more acceptable to women friends now.
Love or romance may possible.
Marital Life:
Some betterment of marital life is possible.
But this will need your active support.
Chance of resumption of sex life is seen.
Children, if applicable, will not do well in health even now.
But this will not affect their study or performance.
You will be expecting more from them but that will not happen.
More or less stable health.
Some functional ailments will occur.