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Guru-Chandaal Yoga:
At times, planets move together to form special combinations throwing up opportunities at us to improve our lives.
While showering us with their blessings, some planetary combinations at times may dull out our sensitivities and take away compassion from our relationships.
And under their influence, while we do get the opportunities to better our lives, we may also lose out on our human side as a cost of achieving success.
One such tricky as well as a beneficial celestial combination is coming up starting November 3rd, 2015 when first Venus conjuncts with Rahu, the Dragon’s Head, and then Jupiter moves in with Rahu forming another conjunction from 3rd December 2015 till 20th June 2016.
This conjunction of first Venus & then Jupiter with the Dragon's Head, Rahu is called Guru Chandaal Yoga.
Guru means our conscious & good counsel while Chandaal is the inner demon & the base instincts we have.
Guru Chandaal is thus symbolical of coming together of the ‘opposites’ like the combination of black with white.

Effect of Venus-Rahu combination:

Rahu, the north node of Moon, is one of the major triggers behind many of the negative traits and events of life and he acts in very sudden manners.
Rahu takes over the qualities of other planets [in this case Venus] when in conjunction with them and also behaves like the lord of the sign where he is placed or like the planets that aspect him.
When Rahu becomes positive under the influence of positive planets he can bless one with sudden success and gains but otherwise the effects will be sudden and harmful.
Additionally he is a strong Karmic planet and has some similarities with Saturn in giving effects.
Rahu-Venus combination is favorable primarily for actors, painters, poets, singers, dancers and musicians who are strongly ruled by and dependent on the influence of Venus.
On the negative side this combination can often lead to laxity of morals and skin ailments.
Rahu conjunction with Venus can make one fearful of losing a relationship and this can make the person possessive and suspicious in nature.
Rahu’s need to experience different relationship may lead to multiple unions.
This could potentially cause a deep sense of failure.
Basically this combination makes one incapable of choosing the right partner and thus one can often fail to select the right person in one’s life or a right choice gets inordinately delayed.
Usually this combination will cause you to leave behind the right partners and make wrong choices in the end.
It can lead to excessive sexual desires which may go beyond the limits of acceptable social standards.
The greatest problem of the Rahu and Venus conjunction is the lack of trust it generates within the mind of a person.
Thus one must learn to develop trust in a chosen relationship as only this can make life simple and easy.

Effect of Jupiter-Rahu combination:

Basically the conjunction of Rahu [a major malefic planet] and Jupiter [the most benefic planet] will create heady mix of conflicting tendencies with your sub conscious mind.
You may tend to act in an agnostic, if not in a truly atheist manner.
Latent hypocritical tendencies will try to raise their head and to break out of the control that you impose on them.
You will be an upholder of truth and justice but in your own life you may act contrary to what you preach or talk highly about.
You will be entirely practical in a strictly materialistic and worldly sense and will stay focused on desired results irrespective of the quality of ways and means to get them.
This approach will defeat the preference for practicality and usher in failure on longer term.
It will be best to stick to one’s inherent respect for personal honor.
Offer similar honor to others and stay on a righteous path without caring for immediate material benefits or tactical moves or any hidden agenda.
This will give you a clearer and peaceful mind and will bring social appreciation.
During the Guru-Chandala Yoga period, you may take actions [apparently practical] that will make you a poor manager of wealth and thus you will lose or waste your money and will invite financial stringency.
Avoid greed, haste, over confidence and showy behavior.
Stay grounded, principled and disciplined in all your thoughts and actions.

How these combinations would effect on material matters, relationships and spiritual matters:

Venus-Rahu conjunction will operate in Virgo sign during 03 Nov 2015 to 30 Nov 2015.
Jupiter-Rahu conjunction will operate in Leo sign during 30 Jan 2016 to 11 Aug 2016.

Effects of Venus-Rahu conjunction:
Transit Venus [lord of your wealth and fortune houses] and Rahu will be in Virgo in your ascendant.
Thus your ambition for personal growth and your desire level will become quite high and there will be much need to take determined control over them since despite the time being generally better for career and income, and also for various enjoyments, it will not be easy to achieve growth in career while success in love and associated enjoyments will be strongly obstructed by transit Rahu [by causing mistrust and confusion] and by transit Saturn through sheer direct obstruction.
This is not a favorable time for love life and it will not be useful to try hard in the area of setting up or developing any love relationship.
Due the same planetary positions, any success in the spiritual direction will not be successful due to the basic reason that your mind will be elsewhere.
For material success this period will have good potency to improve your luck, especially related to your occupation and matters of children and their welfare and success and also for financial gain at work [provided all these areas are handled with appropriate caution].
Personal rationality and wisdom will increase along with greater freedom for self expression.
You will be brave and expressive to others without selfishness or egotism.
Relation with others will greatly improve in general [except in love related matters].

Effects of Jupiter-Rahu conjunction:
With your 7th house lord Jupiter being in your ascendant you will face certain degree of domination in your occupation yet you will be able to work hard and well and showcase your ability.
However you may not get due return or appreciation at this stage.
Demands on your finance will be quite high and quite a few of them unexpected yet unavoidable.
You will not get any financial support from any outside source and will need to depend on your own resources only.
Matters related to spiritual activities will be downplayed as material issues will weigh you down too much.
In relationship you will do well to not expect much satisfaction or success.
Your handling of such matters will be quite half hearted and confused and you may not be able to stick to any specific person or any specific approach with necessary determination.

Opportunities that would come with: Venus-Rahu and Jupiter-Rahu combinations:

You will get many options to get involved in creative work and intellectual application of mind.
Your overall luck will improve considerably and despite transit Saturn being over natal Sun and mercury in Scorpio, you will get to work in important projects.
Your creativity, performance and delivery will be quite impressive and will attract further attention of people who matter.

Potential with this Guru Chandaal:

Options for harder work in better projects, reasonable increase in returns in terms of financial gains, success of children assisted by you with necessary discretion, capacity to negotiate the negative effects of transit Saturn and to maintain your importance at work will be highlighted and will enjoy support from planets.


Meditate or pray regularly.
Keep east side windows and doors of your residence open for as long as possible.
Offer water to Sun God every morning, facing east and after full bath.
Chant “Om Durgaoii Namah” as frequently as possible, the more the better.
Even silent chanting will do.
Keep fast during evenings and nights of all Saturdays.
Sleep with your head towards the South direction.