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We have been providing astrology consultation and advice on true vedic principles on the internet since 2000 and serviced over a million customers with our free and premium services. We have prepared Foundation Pillar Horoscope 2 years report:

1. What are the Foundation Pillars?

By definition and theme, the cardinal houses are the four foundation pillars of any horoscope.

1a. First house attributes:

It represents the person or self, and all matters originating from or related to the self, the body per se, health, longevity, appearance, character, stature, temperament, disposition, personality, happiness, vigor, vitality, prosperity, success and failures in attempts, level of general wellbeing, beginning of life, childhood, and environment born in.

1b Fourth house attributes:

Mother, home, house, residence, hereditary or constructed landed property, firm, field, orchard, crops, mines, acquisition of property,

Friends, relatives, family, education, peace of mind, comforts, general welfare, fondness, masses, fame, intelligence, savings, cattle, agricultural gains, trade, false allegation, private affairs, secrets, secret life etc.

Exclusively for females, sexual intercourse and faithfulness in marital life are also covered.

1c Seventh house attributes:

Spouse, partners, marriage, marital happiness, sexual desires, general happiness, children, family relationship, relation with public and masses, business relationship and contract, business tact, business partner, coworkers, travels, journey abroad, diplomacy and honor in foreign country, general prosperity, trade and speculation, vital power, litigation, second spouse, and sexual diseases etc.

1d Tenth house attributes:

Occupation, all actions, reputation, Karma, respect, honor, status, dignity, position, success, authority, reputation, command, authority, morality, father, superiors, election, litigation, and government jobs etc.

2.Strength of your Foundation Pillars:

Strength of your foundation pillars are as below:

First House:4.87 units

Fourth House:8.21 units

Seventh house: 5.17 units

Tenth house:9.11 units


What can be done to improve each pillar?

For First pillar:

Stay disciplined and physically active, and eat healthy.

Avoid addictions.

Think straight and fair.

Avoid sudden excitements.

Maintain respect for and obedience to superiors.

Work hard.

For Fourth House:

Expect and be prepared for destined events.

Stay careful about equation with children.

Avoid joint ownership of property.

Avoid dealing in real estate.

For seventh house:

Handle all relationships, especially marital life, with open mind and adequate care to ensure peace and continuity.

Take special care to look after property, if any, received from or through spouse.

Stay very careful of health of spouse.

For tenth house:

Do not opt for business or self-employment even if opportunities come.

Strictly avoid being carried away by your good luck in the areas or occupation and earning.

Back up your good luck for growth, through continued hard and honest labor.

Avoid hasty changes in occupation.

4. Dasa-Antardasa analysis of period when each pillar/angle is going to be activated, either through dasa operation or by ownership or occupation, conjunction, aspect or exchange etc:

The next two years have main two parts.

The first part till 22 Aug 2018 is covered by the main period of Mars and sub periods of Venus, Sun and Moon.

The second part, from 23 Aug 2018 to 15 May 2019 and beyond, is covered by main and sub period of Rahu.

Mars is strong in overall manner but has nearly zero digbala and hence he is incapable of offering or supporting good results in any area of life.

Further Mars suffers from strong Papa Kartari Yoga between Sun (in his sign of debilitation), and Rahu.

Thus overall trend of events during Mars main period may not be encouraging.

However the sub period lord Venus, is in a very superior combination with Mercury and Jupiter in the 2^nd house of family and wealth, and will offer very good results till 15 Sep 2017 (end of Mars-Venus period).

The support from Venus will be too good and will nearly balance out all negativity of main period lord Mars, and can bless you with growth or welfare in the areas of accumulation of money and consolidation of family happiness.

During this period of Mars-Venus your speech too will make everyone happy about you.

During Mars-Sun period, you may not expect such good results to continue.

Sub period lord Sun is very weak with very poor digbala and also is much afflicted by opposition from Saturn, and aspect of Rahu.

Therefore the areas of your health and personal image and honor will take a beating.

You will face many oppositions from your immediate environments but this will be actually due to your inappropriate attitude.

No progress or growth in any area is expected.

Health is expected to suffer frequently, through fever and stomach issues.

Care of heart too can become important.

Sub period lord Moon too is very weak in digbala and also in overall strength and is exceptionally afflicted by Saturn and Sun.

Thus Mars-Moon sub period will have a clear tendency to cause ill health, loss of money, significant differences with seniors (Moon conjunct Saturn opposite Sun).

The second part of the two years, from 23 Aug 2018 to 15 May 2019, will be under Rahu-Rahu.

Rahu is ill placed in the 7^th house, while 7^th house lord Saturn is opposite Sun (both Saturn and Sun are in their signs of debilitation).

Thus this sub period will have much potency and inclination to adversely affect all relationships, especially marital equation, along with causing harm to financial stability (Moon) and also physical health, with specific affection to blood circulation.

However the grand alliance of Jupiter, Mercury and Venus will have enough power to tone down all negative effects in this sub period and also during the earlier sub periods.

Overall these two year may not be able extract all the possible good effects to the fullest degree while the negative effects can be restricted well with the cares suggested above and also the other suggestions and remedies given below.

5. What should be the life's focus for each pillar/angle?

For first house:

Focus on personal health, both physical and mental.

Next important is peace of mind and good name.

Also maintain a disciplined and simple life style free from any possible addiction.

For fourth house:

Develop more amity at home.

Drop short term compulsions and priorities.

Think of old age, when your ego is not enough to keep your chin up.

For seventh house:

Stay rational and flexible with all.

Offer cooperation to get cooperation.

This is a priority area.

Keep a constant watch on your spouse’s health.

She is your responsibility.

For tenth house:

Develop and maintain good working relationship with all at work, especially with superiors.

You can grow only through them and your image counts much here.



It is important that you make your efforts count for your own welfare in life.

Maintain good health and personal image through regular care and discipline.

Care of your ears is necessary even if you do not have any issues at this point of time.

Take your people and family with you in your life’s journey and take good care of them.

Put to good use the money that you earn.

Do not needlessly hurt anyone and create enemies out of friends.

Superiors are superiors and should be respected.


You should also perform the following remedies.

1. Worship Saturn in a Sani temple on every Saturday and this should be stated from now itself as such remedies take effect quite slowly.

2. Chant “Om Durgaoii Namah” every day from now, as very frequently as possible, the more the better.

Even silent chanting will do.

This remedy is very effective, if done with total trust and surrender.