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We have been providing astrology consultation and advice on true vedic principles on the internet since 2000 and serviced over a million customers with our free and premium services. We have prepared Foundation Pillar Horoscope 20 years report:

Any horoscope is founded on four basic pillars that act as the fulcrums of most of the important events of our lives.
These four pillars are the ascendant, the 4th house, the 7th house and the 10th house.

Role of Ascendant:
It is the 1st house of a horoscope and denotes the self, stature, health, general wellbeing, vitality, vigor, nature, temperament, disposition, personality and success and failure in efforts.
The Ascendant indicates the traits that the individual is inclined to be striving to.
This is the most personal part of the horoscope.

Role of 4th house:
It denotes mother, residence, property, education, and happiness, peace of mind, comforts and general welfare.
This is the area of our deepest concern for security and shelter.
This is concerned with home, traditions, stability, and nurturing. This is where one seeks comfort and protection.
One’s activities here will be private and concealed.

Role of 7th house:
It denotes spouse, partner, marriage, family relationships, business partner, and relation with public, marital happiness, sexual desires, travels abroad, diplomacy and honor in another country, business tact, general happiness, general prosperity and cure of disease.
The personal tone of the houses 1 through 6, relate to interaction with others through the 7th house.
It suggests how one relates to the nearest ones.
This house is sometimes called the house of partnerships and marriage.

Role of 10th house:
This house denotes occupation, position, status, honor, dignity, respect, power, and travel to other countries, father and Karma.

Rating of each pillar in order of strength and suggestions about which one of them [self, home, spouse or career] should be the most important.
From the point of view of inherent potential as indicated by your horoscope, the houses 10th, 1st, 7th and the 4th houses have gradually reducing potential.
Thus the 10th house [career] is the most potent house while the 4th house [home] has comparatively the least potential.
At the present stage of your life and even later, you should not go by this order but you should consider the first house [ascendant] to be the most important and it must receive your maximum attention, followed by the 4th, 7th and the 10th house, in this order.
Due to several astrological reasons, the order of importance required by various houses is different from the order of their own strength.

Areas to be prioritized and areas not to be prioritized:

Here we talk about the following areas after taking note of your age and station in life:
Whether work or marriage should be more important:
The area of marital life should have more priority over work, while the area of work need not be summarily set aside.
This is due to the fact that the 10th house is not very effective [despite being numerically quite strong] and it has comparatively much less possibility of progress or even continuity during the coming 20 years while the 7th house will get somewhat better natural support from the birth chart and the transits of planets.
All direct or even indirect attention to the 7th house will bring more benefits to you and your life.

Whether home or work should be more important:

Home life should be more important purely based on the most fundamental and practical logic that your health at the present stage of your life needs to be protected on priority in comparison to financial gains through continued attention to work and only a more secured home life can ensure this.
The 4th houses from ascendant or Moon are quite afflicted while the 10th houses of career [from ascendant or Moon] are comparatively better placed and demands much lesser attention.
Since the planetary afflictions cannot be removed, more attention to home life will help to tone down this glitch and will improve peace of mind and will also improve your performance at work, if you are still working.

Whether spouse or family should be more important:

At this stage of your life, you need to take more care of your spouse than of your larger family [who are expected to be sufficiently mature in age to look after themselves and their needs].
Your spouse may need support in certin areas that only you may know well about and she will need your direct attention as a very important member of the overall family.
Though your spouse should be more important, you need not entirely ignore the larger family who may need your wisdom and experience to guide them.

Whether self-development or work and family should be more important:

Self development is a continuous process and cannot be neglected at any stage of life.
But as is seen from your birth chart and the ruling periods and transits, the coming years of your life may not offer you any scope for self improvement or for any meaningful return from any efforts made in this direction.
Self improvement however will be much useful if this involves your health improvement only.
Trying to make yourself more competitive for career through skill development will not be applicable in view of expected events during the next 20years.

Brief predictions for 20years:

General progress in each pillar:

First House:

All predictions given under this pillar [and also under other pillars] are subject to your overall health status prevailing at any stage during the next twenty years.
Despite the fact that your health will remain variously affected in possibly significant degrees till 27 Oct 2017 and will exacerbate much thereafter, you will also see some positives also.
Till 14 Jul 2015, your initiative, self expression, mental agility and keenness to put in continued efforts into your life will be maintained.
Failure rates or delays in all undertakings will tend to come down.
But after 14 Jul 2015 to 15 Jul 2016 you will suddenly have more ego and you may possibly develop some harmful pride.
You will compulsively feel the need to be personally more important, will radiate misplaced confidence, will have a rather commanding and demanding attitude and will prefer association with people in higher circles and not so much with family members.
Yet some of the good things mentioned above will continue though at a reduced degree while your basic luck may somewhat increase.
From mid Jul 2016 to mid Jul 2017, all material gains or mundane successes will slow down while your attitude will soften up, basically due to ill health.
The period after mid Jul 2017 will take a clear negative turn and this status will become even more difficult from after 27 Oct 2017.
There may not be any career after Mar 2019 [at the most], even if you are working till this date.
Period after 27 Oct 2017 till 24 Jan 2020 cannot bring any progress in any area of life due to advancing health issues especially from around Jun 2018.
This period will add much negative energy to your life events and you may fail to shoulder any responsibilities in any area of life and this will be primarily due to your quickly failing health.
Period from 25 Jan 2020 to Mar 2021 will be even more difficult for health and hence for all important areas of life.
Health will keep passing through increasing number of challenges from Apr 2021 to May 2022 and will make your overall health very weak and unresponsive to medical support.
This period will be a very risky and even life threatening for you.
In particular, the period from 15 Apr 2022 to 01 May 2022 can be exceptionally challenging for health and longevity and you may not be able to cross this stage.
Just in a hypothetical case, if you can cross this stage and can live till 2035, you will not be able to handle any responsibility the way you have been doing earlier.
Your personal wellbeing, your home life and needs of your spouse [if applicable] will have to be dependent on others’ support [not necessarily financial dependence].
On the whole you will see many challenges to your health and get moderate support from others during the applicable parts of these twenty years and you must have the right sense to take the right decision on various matters at the right time and try to manage to hold on to what you have already achieved.
Just stay truly grounded and act with due foresight, patience and fairness.
Attitude, anger, arguments and hasty decisions will be big “NO, NO”.
You must avoid all combative situations with anyone at any stage.

You will do well to remember that the main period lord, Jupiter [applicable from 10 Oct 2015 to 09 Oct 2031] is a primary Killer planet [Maraka] in your birth chart D_1, in sickness D_6 chart and also in D_11 chart for longevity.
During Apr-May 2022 the period of Jupiter-Mercury-Jupiter will operate.
Jupiter is a primary killer as given above while Mercury is another primary killer planet in your birth chart D_1, being placed in the 2nd house from ascendant.
Additionally during the above period, transit Jupiter will be in Pisces, in trine to natal Saturn, the lord of your 8th house from ascendant in D_1 chart.
At the same time transit Saturn [the lord of 8th house from ascendant] will be in the 8th house [Capricorn] during the above period.
Simultaneously the point designated by the summation of longitudes of natal Jupiter and of natal Rahu, falls in Scorpio, trine to Pisces, where transit Jupiter is placed during the above period.
All the above points are mutually supplementary.
Thus none of the prevailing planetary configurations can provide adequate protection or promotion to your longevity and life events during the given period and thereafter.

Fourth House:
The 4th houses from ascendant and also from Moon are basically much afflicted [Saturn, lord of 4th house from Moon, is extremely weak while Mercury, the lord of the 4th house from ascendant, is conjunct with weak Saturn in the family house from ascendant while Moon, the lord of this house is debilitated].
Differences, oppositions and confrontations within your home can be quite active throughout and these may not reduce much even with occasional benign aspect of transit Jupiter.
Property matters may suffer from various differences of opinion within home.
All such issues will be exacerbated in varying degrees during Oct 2017 to Jan 2020, May 2022 to Mar 2025.
Thus these problems at home will never be entirely eliminated and you will be required to take all due and possible care of your home life, throughout.
Health of mother and your relationship with her, if and when applicable, will remain a concern most of the time.
Level of domestic comforts will not improve to the degree that you may look for.
But more rational adjustments pursued consistently can actually give you a better status of home life and property matters.
But property matters can be quite tricky during 2015 to mid 2022.
Avoid going for purchase, sale or mortgage of any property during all these years.
Gifting it or transferring these to the name of anyone should be done after much deliberation to avoid problems later.

Seventh House:
Per se the area of love, relationships, marriage and marital life is quite afflicted in your horoscope despite the facts that the 7th house is strong.
This deficiency is due to the facts that the 7th house from Moon has Rahu placed there while Jupiter, the lord of 7th house from ascendant gets malefic aspects from Rahu and Saturn.
Also Venus, the planet of love and marital happiness, is placed at the center of the nodal axis.
More over transits of Saturn and Rahu do not support you much either in this area most of the time.
If you are not married at this point of time, no chance for marriage is expected.
During the coming years, events of your 7th house will be of mixed nature but these will be somewhat more on the negative side throughout.
However some positivity may be possible in the area of relationship or marital life during 2015-2019 in varying degrees.
At other times the events of this house will be moving between difficult and very difficult and you will need to put in much effort to keep things even just about fair.
During all the better periods only transit Jupiter will specifically help you on this while transit Saturn will grossly oppose this positivity.
Health of spouse, overall relation with spouse and even with those at work can be made only modestly good, provided you act very positively and also in flexible manner with all of them in a consistent manner.
You will get a fair degree of cooperation and support provided your own approach to them remains energetically positive throughout and not in spurts.
Period till 2019 will be modest without being very stable in its quality and will be ready to deteriorate quite easily, especially with spouse, family members and with colleagues and superiors at work and also with neighbors, as applicable.
Thereafter till 2022, all relationships will suffer much trial and tribulation, specifically in marital or love related matters and in career with colleagues and seniors.
During this phase equation with peers and with superiors will be highly disturbed, challenging and basically negative.
This period can cause major issues at work if not handled with equanimity, tact and determination.
Period from 2023 to 2028 [if applicable] will be just a shade better and slightly moderated while period from 2028 to 2034 will be practically very difficult to keep it within the realms of any form of positivity.
All through you will need to maintain a flexible attitude to make better use of the planetary transits, especially of Jupiter.
Avoid being stubborn or egoistic and take the path of compromise, both with spouse and also at work place and with family members, since transit Saturn will create major obstructions in various relationships.
Take all important decisions after discussion with your spouse [if applicable] though it is not necessary that you do whatever she says.
This approach will satisfy her self-esteem and will help your relationship with her.

Tenth house:
The main period lord, Rahu, will operate for a very short time till 09 Oct 2015 and this can be a fairly successful period with necessary cautions.
The next main period of Jupiter ruling till 09 Oct 2031 will not offer basically good effect except in small segments.
This is due to the fact that Jupiter gets the malefic aspects of Saturn and Rahu.
Thus the main period of Jupiter cannot provide any significant or adequate protection or promotion to your career.
Your transit chart is comparatively a shade better and offers some occasional support to your career.
If you are working now, your initiative, self expression, mental agility and keenness to put in continued efforts into your career will maintain stability till 14 Jul 2015 but no positional growth is expected but good increase in income is possible.
Performance will be good and failure rates or obstructions at work will tend to come down.
But after 14 Jul 2015 to 15 Jul 2016 you will suddenly become very egoistic and you may possibly develop some harmful pride.
You will want more self importance and thus power struggle may be on.
You will have a rather too bossy and dominating attitude and will not get along well with your colleagues or superiors.
Your seniors will quite dislike your attitude and will not see you as a good team man.
But your luck will help you to remain stable in your job.
From mid Jul 2016 to mid Jul 2017, you will moderate your attitude yet this will be too late and no specific benefit will accrue to you now.
Your weakening health will obstruct much hard work and this too will go against you.
The period after mid Jul 2017 will take a clear negative turn due to health issues and this status will become even more difficult from after 27 Oct 2017.
Period after 27 Oct 2017 till 24 Jan 2020, especially from around Jun 2018, cannot bring any progress in career as your health issues will aggravate.
This period will add much negative energy to your career events and you may fail to shoulder your responsibilities properly due to your quickly failing health.
There may not be any career after Mar 2019 [at the most], even if you are working till this date.
However just in case, you can manage to keep working beyond Mar 2019, the period from 25 Jan 2020 to Mar 2021 will be even more difficult for health and hence for your career too.
Health will keep passing through increasing number of challenges from Apr 2021 to May 2022 and will make your overall health very weak and unresponsive to medical support.
There cannot be any career after the above stage as your health will not permit you to work.
Just in a hypothetical case, if you can cross this stage, you will not be able to handle a career with necessary ability.
During the coming years [as applicable], TIME may not support you adequately or consistently and you may not get any positional growth point but may get good financial benefit.
Often times you may take wrong routes and make wrong decisions about career matters and may thus get into issues and face loss of support, and above all loss of peace of mind and loss of health.
Handled well you may be able to bring down any possible restriction to your position and opportunities.
You must also maintain a cool mind, shun pride and remain focused in your efforts.
On the other hand transit Jupiter in very favorable locations will protect your position and will bless you with good financial gains.
All you will need to do is to maintain good health so that you can continue putting in hard efforts.
Also take care to maintain a low profile, avoid arguments and controversies and just do your work with all earnestness and maintain good relation with all.
Your attitude and communication failure will be behind your frequent differences with colleagues and seniors.
If these are not avoided at their genesis, these can bring in major issues and can work against your own interests.
There can be many obstructions to your work and your performance can suffer, if communication is not proper at all times.
Often times you may not be allowed to use your own powers freely.
Your attitude towards such restriction must be streamlined through improved moderation of attitude.
But you can cross all these without much damage if you go by the suggestions give above.
You should refrain from any power struggle at work since differences and restrictions can then graduate to censor and may make things tougher for you to handle, especially if you are not keeping good health.
Just focus on team work and cooperate with all and stop offering unsolicited views, suggestions or comments.
If you can act in this way, transit Jupiter will keep your position stable and safe during the applicable periods within these twenty years.

Which pillar should be a focus of life?

The focus of your life during the coming twenty years should be personal health followed by your home life and then marital life and then your career.
Handled intelligently, your home life may offer you emotional support and confidence, will help you to keep better health and will encourage you to be able to work and to accrue gains through that and through a grounded state of mind.
These together will much help you to maintain a better health and a better life.