Name:                         ABC
Date of Birth:             21st June 1974
Place:                         UK, London
Gender:                      Male
Time:                          1:00 AM
Report:                      Financial Status Astrology Report For 10 Years

Financial Report for Ten Years [till 30 Jun 2018].
Suitable Area of Activity:
[This applies to next ten years.]

For Service:
[Given in decreasing order of preference]:
Position in the following areas in decreasing order of preference or a suitable combination of them would be gainful for you:

  • Medical equipment electronics.
  • Software for use by medical research and practice.
  • R&D related to defense equipments.
  • Aeronautics.
  • Space science.
  • Specialized transports industry.
  • Metallurgical sciences.
  • Tools and machinery industry.
  • Software related to law and allied areas.
  • Industrial law.

For Business:

For Self-employment:

Suitable Method of Work:
[For next ten years.]

Service or business or self-employment:


Not Suitable

Not Suitable

[For next ten years]

[Given in order of preference]:
Only Service

Investment suitable in:
[For next ten years]

Much suitable.
Covers deposits in major banks, government bonds and securities.

Real Estate.
Moderately suitable.

Debt Instruments.
NOT Suitable.

Equity [direct investment].
Not suitable.

Mutual Funds:

Own business.
Not suitable.

Any Combination holding back Monetary Success:
There are combinations present to obstruct generation of wealth or cause unplanned expenses.

Some of these are as below:

  • Jupiter, the main planet for wealth and also the lord of fortune from Moon sign, gets the aspect of Rahu.
  • Vargottama location of Jupiter is more harmful than gainful due to his adverse lordship.
  • Moon, the planet for stability of wealth and lord of career house, gets aspects from Saturn while she is placed opposite to Mercury.
  • Moon is placed in the junction of two signs.
  • Moon is in the 8th house in the D_9 chart.
  • Moon is also in the 8th position in D_9 chart with respect to her position in D_1 hart.
  • Jupiter and Moon are in consecutive signs.
  • Saturn is in 10th house from ascendant.
  • 8th lord Venus is in the house of gain.
  • Fortune house lord Mercury is in the border of two signs.
  • Gain house lord Sun is placed in the house of loss.
  • Mercury, the lord of loss house is placed in ascendant.
  • Rahu is in the house of accumulation of wealth.
  • Rahu aspects the house of debt and the house of career.
  • Saturn aspects Sun.
  • Saturn aspects Moon.

Financial Overview of next Ten years [till 30 Jun 2018]:

  • Too many fluctuations in income and indiscretion in expenses and investments restrict proper growth of your finance.
  • The years till 2011 and 2015 to 2021 can be very difficult.
  • The years during 2012 to 2014 will bring major growth points in income.
  • Overall financial growth would always be less than your expectations.
  • Savings would be irregular and investments over ambitious and indiscreet.
  • Major losses through social life, speculation, possible addictions and through medical issues will be high and continuous.
  • Only better self control in career and in handling money can keep your financial growth steady and healthy.
  • You can always do much better than what you will actually do for your finance.

Notes and Year wise Forecast:

The following are some of the points that bring out how wealth can be generated:
Mars is in the 8th house.

Year wise Forecast:
The results given below are based on the understanding that the guidelines for earning and investments given above are followed.

Year 2008:

  • Your income from career will be quite decent but may tend to be uncertain.
  • More care in financial dealings and commitments would be needed.
  • There can be a risk of fall or stoppage of income from career at the end of this year.
  • Your expenses would be quite high, often quite needless.
  • These should be avoided with strict determination.
  • Otherwise your savings may not remain stable or regular.
  • In the area of investments you will tend to be over ambitious and greedy.
  • This will lead to frequent mistakes in investment decisions and result in financial loss for you.
  • Loss through social life, many enjoyments and possible addictions, speculative investments and medical issues would be very prominent till you take strict control over them.
  • No possibility of rise in your income from career is seen.
  • Rather income may suffer major loss during the last moth of the year.

Year 2009:

  • If you can save your income from career at the end of 2008, you may not be equally successful at the start of this year.
  • Loss of job will have much chance to occur and no income from career is expected till Apr-May 2009.
  • Only much lesser income may be possible from Jun 09 to dec 09.
  • If you do not accept such income then financial pressures on you would be much more.
  • You will be forced to withdraw money from your past savings and other assets.
  • Your lifestyle will be curtailed or you will have to spend more from past savings.
  • Since most of your personal weaknesses will remain you will find it very difficult to reduce or control your spending.
  • Thus financial stringency will surely develop but you will still have the capacity to better that what you will.

Year 2010:

  • You will be successful to earn a much better income this year through a new job achieved through your own caliber.
  • This income may be more than what you lost.
  • However mishandling of money will not ease off much and controls, if any would be relaxed.
  • Loss through speculation, dissolute social life and medical issues would be quite high.
  • You will need to spend much for medical treatment for self and spouse.
  • You may fail to avoid these medical issues but the other areas can be and should be controlled by your own efforts.
  • Despite lack of adequate control financial position would be better than 2008 but this would be nothing great.
  • Savings and investments will be better to a minor extent though much better can be done.
  • The current financial status would be no good to take you anywhere.

Year 2011:

  • Good income will continue but no rise in income is expected.
  • The annual pay hike would be of very average level and will not make you happy.
  • Your control or discipline will improve but certainly will not be adequate.
  • You will loose lesser amounts through speculation due to your self control to avoid it.
  • However some occasional loss in this area is indicated.
  • Medical expenses will remain a major issue and will keep increasing steadily.
  • On the other hand you will also need to regulate your expenses through possible addictions and social life.
  • At this stage, try to avoid your women friends as much as possible, especially anyone from the past.
  • Despite all the above you will make some very shrewd and mature investments at this stage.
  • Returns from these will be growing very quickly.
  • Financial outlook will be better as a whole if such positive actions are continued and dissolute expenses are avoided meticulously.

Year 2012:

  • Income from your career will increase very significantly during early 2012 through change to a much better paying job.
  • The compensation package offered to you at this stage would be extra ordinarily high.
  • Thus despite many losses and higher expenses on some areas your surpluses would be much higher.
  • Savings and investments would improve significantly but you can make it even better.
  • Loss through medical issues, speculation, social life and enemies would be high and will get higher steadily.
  • The increase in expenses will be more in the areas of social life and addiction on one side and much more in health issues on the other side.
  • Your health would be under much stress due to heavy work load and you will be forced to spend more to keep yourself fit for harder work.
  • Finance will certainly get healthier but it is once again repeated that you can certainly make this better.
  • If you fail to make full use of the benefits of this year you will loose a very good chance for financial growth.
  • However you will be conscious that you are doing lesser than you can do for yourself.

Year 2013:

  • Very good income will continue without any out of turn rise.
  • You would become more careful and disciplined about handling your money at this stage.
  • This good trend will be present through out the year but will be stronger and more effective during the second half of the year.
  • Attraction to speculation would reduce during Jan 2013 to Jun 2013 and will be nearly eliminated during the rest of the year.
  • Social life too would be much better controlled and expenses through this area too will come down significantly.
  • But there would be no way to bring down your medical expenses either.
  • Your efforts to reduce this would have to be a continued process and no easy or quick end to this is expected.
  • Savings, good investments and returns through all these will grow quite well but still it must be said that you can do better than this.
  • On the whole you would be able to add healthy muscles to your finance during this year.

Year 2014:

  • Very sharp rise in income will occur during this year through a very superior hike in pay [along with more responsibilities not amounting to promotion].
  • The difference in inflow of money directly from your job will be very significant.
  • You would be more pragmatic and alert about managing your finance better and will save and invest very regularly and in much intelligent manner.
  • Returns would be reinvested in shrewd manners to increase the multiplication factor.
  • Attraction for quick gains through speculative investments will be suppressed with much will power at this stage.
  • Loss through speculation will be avoided and the same amounts will be put to other safer and better areas.
  • Additionally you will gain major assets of land and cash from your spouse.
  • Thus your finance will certainly look up well in this year.

Year 2015:

  • Your excellent income from your job will continue well but through a lot of physical and mental stress.
  • This stress will have much adverse effect on your mind and on your resolution to keep saving and investing judiciously will certainly falter.
  • You will need to have some relaxation to nullify the stress on you.
  • But you will end up encouraging dissolute life style and expenses thereon.
  • The effects on all these will accrue to your health.
  • Medical expenses too will go up concurrently.
  • Thus fresh savings and investments will fall while losses will compound.
  • Yet the returns from past investments and the legacy would be high enough to offset the losses.
  • Your living style will not be affected and no stringency will develop.
  • However the growth possibilities will nearly stop during this year.

Year 2016:

  • The good income of 2015 will continue without any problem.
  • But there will not be any further growth points now except your annual hike.
  • Expenses on medical issues would be quite high.
  • All other expenses may come down to some extent.
  • But your discipline about avoiding speculation will relax and some losses through this route can occur.
  • During the second half of the year here you will have a sudden tendency to invest very major amounts in stocks.
  • But you will need to stop this inclination very firmly.
  • With a better health and a little more determination about investments you can make your finance much better this year.
  • However health will not be in your favor or in your hand.
  • But you have enough character fiber to rigidly decide to cut down on all other varieties of expenses.
  • You must wake up and just to do it.

Year 2017 [till 30 Jun 2018]:

  • You will be lucky this year in that you will make an excellent job change that will take a lot of physical and mental pressure off you.
  • Income from this job would be better and the reduction in tension will keep you in better health.
  • Thus excessive medical expenses will come down to some extent.
  • No investment through stock market is expected this year.
  • Social life will be nearly absent or you will not spend much on this count.
  • Savings and investments would be firmly good but certainly you can do better than this.
  • Despite the above you will need to introspect very seriously about the years ahead of you and the expected career and financial scene prevailing at that time.
  • You will note that you will have very few occasions after 2019 that would support your career/fianc� consistently.
  • Thus your maximum savings and good investments must be made at this stage and not later.

Jupiter’s Current Transit & Dhan Yoga Study( this will be studied for 2 years)

Jupiter moving through Gemini will improve your intellect and will give it enough harmony and refinement and will also favor good judgment in all matters of importance. There can be many short journeys and being fond of change, you will like them. You will take interest in religious matters. Relation with spouse or partner and siblings will get better. Despite Jupiter being in the 12th house of loss from your ascendant, you will achieve success over problems and troubles. You will like to spend time in seclusion and this will have a calming effect on your body and mind. You can get victory over enemies and can even gain through them. You will get good but unexpected experiences through affections, religion, political affairs that will cause definite gains in the end. You will be of religious nature while Yoga and worship will help you further at this stage. All reversals or negatives will be followed by successes. You may get into some secret alliances.

Due to trine position with respect to Rahu and Saturn, you will have increased income, especially through areas related to machinery, vehicles, pharmaceuticals and medicinal practice or selling.

You will enjoy a rather luckier and more comfortable life. Due to trine with Saturn, the negative effects of Saturn will be much reduced and you will get the following effects. If you have plans to build something or take up a new project, the progress will be slow but very positive. There will not be any tension or ambiguity in your mind. You will be well focused on your goal and the achievements will be good. This is a good time to handle all matters of practical concerns since you will not lack in vision or foresight.