Name:                                XYZ
Date of Birth:                    1st Jan 1970
Place:                                New Delhi
Gender:                             Male
Time:                                 6:00 AM
Report:                              Detailed Life Reading with 20 Years Forecast

Dear XYZ,



Fond of travel.
Many merits.
Helpful to others.
Exceptionally passionate.
Short tempered.

Basic health is much afflicted.
Many common functional ailments.

The 18,24,30,33,35,36,37,42,45,46,50 and 57th years of your life will be very significant ones.

Irrespective of the periods you pass through the following salient points will be highlighted in your life events.
Poor health.
You will be very hard working and persistent in your efforts.
Urge to amass wealth and property will be stronger.
It will be common for you to suffer several losses.
Serious losses through women, speculation and extravagance.
The following are the effects of individual planets in your charts and the future events will NOT necessarily be exactly in these lines due to mix and match of their effects and also their locations at future points of time.


Religious bent of mind
Good memory
Concern shown for elders
Lack of self worth
Much difficulty in arriving at success in life without exceptional fine tuning of actions
Poor health of father
Effeminate body


Attractive face
Pleasing manners
Strong family ties
Selective of friends
Hard working
Prosperity after marriage
Spouse from a wealthy family
Afraid of failure
Low self esteem
Much delay in all issues of importance
Little happiness from mother
Ill tempered spouse


Strong will power
Medical proficiency
Gains through spouse
Prosperity in foreign land
Fond of travels
Lack of self control
Suppressed anger
Too sensuous
Mars dosha
Excessively strong sex drive
Strong erotic feelings
Spouse may be much fond of sex and alcohol
Marriage in unusual manner or out of religion or race likely
Dual marriage can occur
Dominant spouse in either case
Loss through enemies


Long life
Proficiency in mathematics
Inheritance of patrimony
Strong minded but slow to grasp
Slow to form and change opinions
Interest in sex and mysticism
Poor oratorical power
Stage fright
Doubtful character
Eye on others' wealth and women
Incurs enmity
Unhappiness through elder sibling
Poor health of father
Devoid of fortune
Many failures
Sickly body


Highly intuitive
Involvement in large scale ventures
Financially well off
Living life to the full
Highly over indulgent habits
Losses in speculation
Self gratification
Self importance
Devoid of education
Bereft of learning
Weak minded
Mental aberrations
Friction in domestic life
Unhappiness and worry from or about children
Troubles from children, if any


Honest dealings
Firm disposition
Fond of travels
Attracted to social gatherings and a good life
Over emotional
Too Passionate
Too much fond of sex
Fickle love affairs with many persons of inconsistent and unreliable nature


Good qualities
Courteous disposition
Gains by own efforts
Slow but steady wealth
Financial strain
Bad debts
Poor relation with spouse
Lack of family comforts
Domestic disharmony
Addicted to wine and women
Hypocrisy about religion and philosophy
Bad thinker
Troubled by enemies
Harsh speech
Inclined to obesity
Poor eyesight
Looks spoilt


Material comforts
Success through foreigners
Defeat of enemies
Worries from enemies
Worries from the government
Worries from relatives
Troubles to wife and children, if any
Disorders in nervous system
Accident prone
Prone to danger from water bodies


Responsible position
Increase in reputation
Association with saintly people
Good living
Lots of travel
Changes in career
Many changes of residence

All predictions given hereafter are to be understood in light of the above observations and the fact that each result can be modified partly or fully by the transit position of various planets prevailing at any point of time.


Slow and fluctuating career will bring some important growth points.
Relationship with superiors and colleagues at work must be handled with pragmatism and tolerance.
Income from career would be managed well but only from 2012.
Loss through luxury, indulgence, women, speculation and medical issues.
Gain of moderate inheritance may occur.
Love life would be non-productive.
Marriage, if applicable, will remain unhappy and will end through possibly demise of spouse.
No happiness of children is expected.
Health will remain afflicted by many functional ailments.


22 AUG 2008 TO 30 SEP 2009: SATURN-MARS.
01 OCT 2009 TO 06 AUG 2012: SATURN-RAHU.
07 AUG 2012 TO 17 FEB 2015: SATURN-JUPITER.
18 FEB 2015 TO 16 JUL 2017: MERCURY-MERCURY.
17 JUL 2017 TO 13 JUL 2018: MERCURY-KETU.
14 JUL 2018 TO 13 MAY 2021: MERCURY-VENUS.
14 MAY 2021 TO 19 MAR 2022: MERCURY-SUN.
20 MAR 2022 TO 19 AUG 2023: MERCURY-MOON.
20 AUG 2023 TO 15 AUG 2024: MERCURY-MARS.
16 AUG 2024 TO 04 MAR 2027: MERCURY-RAHU.



Work would be much demanding now.
Responsibilities may increase.
You may make many mistakes at work and may not get along well with others.
The above status would be acute till 15 Jun 08 and may become a little better after this date if you are careful and adjusting.

No increase in income is seen.
Expenses will not reduce.
You will not really try to cut down on your many needless expenses.
Loss through enemies, social life and through speculation would occur.

No love with anyone, even within marriage, if applicable.
However many liaisons with unreliable ladies.
Physical enjoyments will remain on.

Marriage [as defined in the tenets of Vedic astrology] is down right denied.
However it is not necessary that you cannot of have other forms of marriage or 'marriage-like' associations.
Such marital [?] life will not be happy.
Ill health of both self and partner.
Mutual equation would be warm but quite selfish and not respectful.
But your partner would be lucky for you for material gains.

This is a very weak area.
Children are not expected.
Just in case, you can produce any children, they may not enjoy good health or good luck.
Things can deteriorate very rapidly and unexpectedly.
You may be much worried for them.
Better to avoid stepping into this area.

Poor health in general.
Low immunity and poor vitality.

22 AUG 2008 TO 30 SEP 2009: SATURN-MARS.

You will face many restrictions in your work.
You will not get along well with anyone.
Your efforts may be blocked by co-workers and superiors.
Your good work too would be criticized often and this will create enough self doubt and despair.
Only very honest hard work can change this situation positively provided you are not proud or rigid.
Chances are that you will act rather abrasively with all and especially with your seniors.
This can push you to a more negative situation and risk to your job can develop.
You would like to change your job too.
Suitable change is not seen as possible till Nov 2008.
On the other hand the possibility of loss of job would be high on the cards by the end of 2008.
In all likelihood you may loose your job or leave your job under compulsive situations during Dec 08 but without any other job ready for you.
You are not likely to get a suitable job during this period despite your best efforts.

Income will fall from after Nov 08.
No expense will come down.
Style of living will remain quite high.
Loss through indulgence and speculation too will be high.
Medical expenses will rise steadily.
Financially the period would be quite difficult.

No love is seen.
But excessive indulgences will continue without any heed to your current financial problems.
These activities will bring much sorrow and loss of health and money.

This is a risky period for your domestic life.
Both of you will expect a lot many things from the other.
Personally both will possess many good qualities.
But your combination would be quite unsuccessful.
Period from Dec 08 to May 09 can certainly cause more threat to your living together or the life of your partner.
The relationship can end here depending on the chart of your partner.

Many functional ailments.
Accidents and injuries possible.
Drive very carefully.

01 OCT 2009 TO 06 AUG 2012: SATURN-RAHU.

Career cannot improve at this stage.
The problems of your attitude, poor communication, pride, over fussiness about details of job offers and your unreasonable expectations will not make things any easier for you to resume your career.
Career may restart with a new job during 2010.
This would certainly not be a planned issue.
This job will occur from out of the blue through the support of a foreigner.
It will be very sudden and unexpected event and may give you wrong notions of your capacity to find a job.
This job would be purely through luck and not through your efforts or capabilities.
The position would be just about fair but with much potential for growth if you can handle things right.
However you may take no time to get into differences with your superiors.
You would be proud and lofty and will argue with and show disrespect to your seniors.
Your pride will be mortified by the authorities very profoundly but you may not learn any lesson from this.
This status will get better from after end of 2011.
Your luck would be certainly better in most matters.
You will perform quite well in your at this stage.
The years 2011 can make the foundations for next three years.
So handle it carefully.

Income from career will not be more than what you lost during 2008-2009.
But you will get opportunities to increase your compensation if you handle your job right.
Major pay hike can occur during 2012 in such cases.
On the expenses front your personal discipline about finance will not get better.
Many needless expenses and hasty and over confident investments would cause losses.
You can certainly make your financial position much better if you can control your attitude to life.

Some old relationships would temporarily revive till 2011.
From 2012 till 2014 many of these and some more will fall through.
Your social life will suffer and you may be quite lonely.
This is a blessing in disguise and should be utilized accordingly.

Any relationship will pass through many differences and quarrels.
In case your domestic life had broken up during 2009 you may be in a different relationship now.
But such relationship would be without any real romance or love or mutual attraction.
Sexual satisfaction would be nearly non-existent.
The failure of sex life will be caused by poor and selfish outlook to life, poor health of both, your increasing inability to perform and the various bad habits of your spouse or partner.
You will hate your home life and so will she.
But no break up would be easy to develop or execute at this stage.
The whole picture would be too hard, practical and physical.

Rapid fall in health and stamina.
Clear cut impotency, possibly irreversible, develops now.
Many functional ailments.
Chances of injuries through road accident or risk through water bodies would be prominent.

07 AUG 2012 TO 17 FEB 2015: SATURN-JUPITER.

This is a comparatively better period for most important issues.
On the positive side your intellectual capacity, work related ideas, your good luck for opportunities and for material gains would be quite prominent.
Sudden chances for growth points are quite likely.
But on the negative side you will act in very proud, angry, ungrateful and even treacherous manner.
You would be a big, very big looser if you are not careful and pragmatic at this stage.
Your excessive ambitions will invariably come out in very selfish and intimidating manners.
This will provoke others to try and stop you or at least oppose you in your regular work.
You will develop a tendency to be bitter and antagonistic with one and all.
2014 would be the best year and the early months of 2014 can have very high chance of giving you a major promotion.
But the final events will be basically dependent on your professional attitude, maturity, patience and right communication and team spirit from 2012 to early 2014.
Opportunities for growth would be there but you will have to convert them into reality.
However even if you can make the promotion possible your pride will increase further.
You will get into arguments, controversies, conflicts and debatable situations.
The bad effects of such attitude will show up gradually from 2015.

Your income from career will increase during end of 2012 end and early 2014.
Such increases would be quite significant but can be equally unstable.
You will earn much better now and your savings and investments would go up considerably.
Yet some losses through extravagance, indulgence and speculation would still remain unavoidable.
Overall growth of finance and the returns from various investments would be quite encouraging but can certainly be made much better.

Social life would be generally in much disarray.
You would be in many liaisons but none of these would be dependable.
You will be insatiate and dissatisfied in general.

Marital life however can see better days now.
Not that you will be in deep love with your spouse or she would shed her dominating and quarrelsome nature and her various addictions and demands.
But generally the mutual frictions will be lesser now and with some more flexibility, adjustment and tolerance you can make your home life better.
Yet chances are more that such opportunities would not be made use of with any dependable continuity. Health of both will however decline in either case.

Poor health.
Functional ailments.
Liver issues.

18 FEB 2015 TO 16 JUL 2017: MERCURY-MERCURY.

By itself Mercury, the lord of the current main and sub period would be well placed in Capricorn.
But Mercury would be under the adverse aspects of Saturn, Rahu and Mars [through Rahu].
The support of transit Jupiter in Cancer will not be enough.
Mercury in ascendant as fortune house lord cannot do much good due to his basic weakness in natal chart.
However Saturn would be in the gain house in 3rd house from natal Sun would be good for your career and other matters in a general way.
Superiors would be generally more supportive and less critical.
Despite your wrong attitude at work the time will help you during 2015.
You are most likely to change your job to a much better one during 2015.
This job may involve a change in your location but this will not be far away.
You will attain a much better position and status with matching compensation.
But the bad effects of higher power and position will render their adverse effects anyway.
You will be haughty, proud, hasty and intolerant and will often cross the limits of your power and jurisdiction.
As a result you will meet with several restrictions and limitations to your working, to growth opportunities and expansion avenues.
Challenges and oppositions to your working and your ideas and plans will occur very frequently through out the period and not only during 2015.
You will need to take special care of the quality of relationship with others working with you.
No further expansion is seen and the current status will have to be maintained with much care and caution.

Very sharp increase in income from career is assured during 2015.
Unexpectedly high pay hike too will occur during 2016.
2017 will not bring any further financial development.
Expenses will not be controlled in any manner.
Dissolute expenses on extravagant living, social life and speculation would be high.
Yet you will be able to make good growth in your financial position.
In addition to the above you may also have some chance of getting a moderate legacy during 2016 but this will officially accrue to you during 2017.

As before there will not be any real love with anyone.
All liaisons would be driven by and charged with carnal desire.
However your declining health and developing impotency will not grant much satisfaction in even this level of enjoyment.

Relation with your spouse will come under major conflicts.
Your job will make newer demands that will clash further with your domestic life.
You will be at the cross roads in your home life now but will fail to take any decisive action either way.
You may have to make important changes in your life's priorities if you want peace at office, home and love life.
Otherwise all these three areas will clash in major ways and will damage the prospects of each other.
Communication with your partner/spouse would assume very high priority.
You will need to deal with this with sufficient pragmatism and foresight.
Maintainability of your domestic life will depend only on your readiness to be flexible, rational, accommodating and tolerant.
Otherwise your marital relationship with its very weak foundation can break down at any moment.

Much poor health.
Nervous weakness.
Much mental disturbance and anxiety.
Poor vitality.

17 JUL 2017 TO 13 JUL 2018: MERCURY-KETU.

You will do very good work at this stage.
Your self control would be better and you will handle professional problems with more astuteness and tact.
Frictions or enmity at work will still remain but you will negotiate with them very ably.
By the end of the period or in the early next period you will be promoted.
This is a very fruitful period and you will successfully use this to full advantage

Income from career would remain very encouraging.
You will save and invest very well too.
Loss through speculation and extravagance or indulgences would be avoided.
However there will be no way to cut down your medical needs.

Social life would be much restricted.
You will socialize only very occasionally.
You will not get any satisfaction at all through social life at this stage.
Your outlook and value system may be a little different now.

Health of spouse or partner will go through a very risky phase.
You will take good care of her and will not consider what you did not get from her.
This would be a phase that would be worrisome but will provide you with sufficient opportunity to lift up your home life and relationship.
Hopefully you would make good use of it.

Personal health will not deteriorate but no improvement too is expected either.

14 JUL 2018 TO 13 MAY 2021: MERCURY-VENUS.

You will be promoted now in case the promotion has not already occurred in the preceding period.
This would be an even more coveted position and you will actually earn this position through your hard work and merit.
You will do very well in this new position and your reputation for your work would get higher and higher.
As the period progresses you will do even better.
All your better qualities will come to notice of all and gradually you will get much recognition and respect.
However there will not be any further growth now since your post after the promotion would be quite high per se.
The run of this period till 2020 would be quite favorable and you will not need to take any particular precaution.
However 2021 will bring health issues to a new trough and will grossly challenge continuity of your career.

Sharp rise in income from career.
Better control over finance.
Much better savings and investments.
But medical expenses will increase.
You will also spend enough on donations to charity.

Social life would be further restricted.
But your attraction towards women would be far too strong to leave aside.
You will have occasional bouts of indulgences though without any commensurate satisfaction, largely due to poor health and sexual incapacity.

This period will end your marital life.
Differences would be too acute now but this will not end your marriage.
Divorce or separation may often appear imminent but finally this may or may not happen.
End of marriage can also happen through demise of spouse during this period.
The most likely time for this is 2021.
Your marital life will not exist after 2021.

Poor health.
Vision and urinary system weakness will be quite acute.
BHP would be quite acute and painful.

14 MAY 2021 TO 19 MAR 2022: MERCURY-SUN.

This is an extremely difficult period when all your attempts at career and elsewhere will be largely foiled due to opposition from others.
Your superiors will disagree with you most of the time.
You too will act in very vindictive and combative manner.
As a result your seniors would become a serious source of trouble to you and your progress.
2021 would pose all kinds of problems that you will fail to handle or solve.
2022 will not be anything great either.

Income will remain steady.
No new expenses are expected.
However medical expenses can surely go up suddenly.

Social life will be nearly suspended due to health reasons.
However this suspension will pose much discomfort for you.

In case your spouse/partner can cross the last period she is not expected to cross 2021.
In such case your marital life ends through her expected demise within this period.
However this will primarily depend on her birth chart.

Declining health.
Many functional ailments.

20 MAR 2022 TO 19 AUG 2023: MERCURY-MOON.

The first two months of this period will not bring any change in status in any area.
After May 2022 things will turn much in your favor.
Yet the period would give you mixed results due to other reasons.
At this stage you will have chance to change your job that will be at a different place and will call for much traveling.
This will suit you well since you love to travel.
However your health will fail to take this and this obstruction can and will bring down your efficiency.
Per se the new job would be a much better one with a higher position and more pay.
But most of your actions will face much delay and results will be quite slow in coming.
Professional communication will be inadequate and this will create other obstructions.
Yet in general your luck would work in your favor and things done by you will be successful despite the delays.
You will have a disturbed mind at work and will make some avoidable mistakes.
Hard work with a cooler mind alone can let you make full use of the auspiciousness of this period.

You will not have any change in your income.
But expenses will be better controlled.
Thus your savings will get better and investments will bring fairly good returns.

You will not have any specific pattern in social life now.
Very occasional participation will be possible.

Declining health.
Major digestive disorders.
High blood sugar.

20 AUG 2023 TO 15 AUG 2024: MERCURY-MARS.

This and a small part of the next period till 30 Mar 2025 alone would be available to you to prepare for the difficult days that would start from Apr 2025.
Thus it will be imperative for you handle these two time slots very carefully.
In career you will face many troubles and persecution from the top.
Your good luck would be still there and thus your job would be safe.
But you will be forced to work under many restrictions.
Most of your powers would be on hold and you will need to get most of your decisions cleared by your superiors.
At times you too will act in rather mean and foolish manners.
Therefore no opportunity for progress or growth would be available.
Your NAV to your employer would not be dependable.

No rise or fall in income is expected.
You will be quite careful about your money and will have better control in place.
Yet occasional speculative investments, some needless luxury and rising medical expenses will obstruct a smooth savings plan.

Many functional ailments.
Nervous exhaustion.
Much weakness.
Lack of focus.
Lack of power of precise judgment.

16 AUG 2024 TO 04 MAR 2027: MERCURY-RAHU.

You will be working very hard and will try to avoid mistakes at work.
However relationships at work will be much harmed by repeated minor mistakes from your side and poor communication.
Many misunderstandings would develop and lead to controversies.
Nearly all of these can be avoided.
The nodal axis will turn 90 deg and this will misguide you in most matters.
Your perceptions, judgments and decisions would be largely ill placed and harmful for you.
Your weakening health will not allow you to try any harder.
The above status would run till Mar 2025.
You will loose your job at any time close to this date.
You are not expected to land a suitable job during 2025 or 2026.
For all practical purposes the period from Apr 2025 till Jan 2028 will keep you unemployed.

Your income will not change till Mar 2025 but expenses will increase very much due to wrong and wishful investment decisions.
Medical expenses will peak too.
Overall finance will not be healthy though there will not be any financial crunch till 2025 ends.
No new savings or investments would be possible.
Finance would be very tight from 2026 onwards.

Fall in health continues.
High BP.
Intestinal problems.
Acute migraine.


For all practical purposes the period from Apr 2025 till Jan 2028 will keep you unemployed.
However you may get minor opportunities for employments during this period.
But you may not be able to accept them due to your ill health.

Income will be basically dependent on returns from past savings and investments.
Some of your properties may have to be encumbered too.
There will not be any debts but finance would be very tight since most of your expenses will not change.

Major fall in health.
Short confinements possible.