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Effects of Dharam Karma Yoga:
Simply spoken, the effects of this yoga are much fortune and success obtained through right and honorable actions.
Dharma Karmadhipati yoga arises when the lords of the 9th and the 10th houses counted from the ascendant or the Chandra-lagna (Moon sign), [whichever is stronger], establish a sambandha (mutual relationship) preferably in a Kendra [angle] or a trikonasthana [trine] house.
This is a very auspicious yoga or combination of planets.
The 9th house signifies Purvapunya [past good deeds], Dharma [righteousness] and Bhagya [good fortune], which are all auspicious significations.
The 10th house, known as Kirtisthana [house of good activities] and the Rajyabhava [house of high status] is the Karmabhava or the Karmasthana [house of all actions].
In general the 10th house refers to occupation, profession or means of livelihood, temporal honors, foreign travels, self-respect, knowledge and dignity.

But without luck, much success is not possible through hard work alone and there comes in the 9th house.
To form a really active yoga, each of these planets must have sufficient strength and auspiciousness and be free from afflictions.
Joined together in right manners these two planets can bestow immense success and gain but right and honorable actions at work will be required.

How the yoga forms & which houses are involved in your birth chart during its formation:
Individually positive and mutually beneficial relationship between the lords of the 9th and 10th houses causes this yoga in a birth chart.
The specific degree and type of gains enjoyed by a person will depend on the houses involved in the formation of the yoga.
In your birth chart, your ascendant is Libra.
Mercury, the lord of the 9th house [Gemini] from ascendant Libra is conjunct with Moon, the lord of 10th house [Cancer] from ascendant and forms the Dharam-Karma yoga in Taurus.
These yoga planets are not blemished with association of any malefic planet and thus they can bless you with opportunity and right attitude for making progress in career and finance.
Further, the yoga planets are in a sign of Venus who is exalted.

This point will boost and promote the yoga effects to a high degree.
Since Venus is also the lord of ascendant, the yoga planets are directly associated with the lord of ascendant and thus makes the yoga even more authentic and effective.
The 5th house placement of natal Jupiter also supports the yoga.
Yet since the yoga forms in a trik house [here it is your 8th house from ascendant] there can be a few sudden issues that can try to oppose the yoga, just in case you are not careful.
The yoga houses relate well with the basic purpose of the yoga for achieving success in career through good fortune and personal hard efforts.

Principles on which Dharam Karma operates:
Besides conjunction between the yoga planets in a good house [the best form of this yoga], there are other relationships also that can cause this yoga and may give encouraging effects.
The other relationships are of four kinds:
These are mutual exchange of signs, or mutual aspect, or when one planet aspects the other planet but in turn is not aspected by the other planet, or when the planets occupy mutual angles or trine positions.
There is still another form of this yoga, where the other house owned by the yoga planets [excludes Sun, Moon, and the nodes] is not a good house.

But all these five forms of this yoga will offer lesser results in decreasing order of merit.
Also to produce really effective results the yoga planets should form an immediate relationship with the ascendant which is possible by occupying or aspecting the ascendant or by associating with the lord of the ascendant without being afflicted by malefic planets or by the lords of the 6th, 8th and 12th houses from ascendant.

How to best utilize Dharam Karma for success:
It is always the best, to NOT depend on any good yoga but to utilize its supports for maximum benefit.
This will imply that you must work very hard to earn better and hold on to the money that you earn, while you stay on the right path always to achieve good success in life.
Your natural intelligence and proficiency in any area of life is of high order.
In order to get the full benefit of your Yoga, you will need to develop more self control and avoid sudden emotive actions in earning or spending [10th house lord, Moon is conjunct with Ketu in the 8th house, while Sun, the lord of 11th house of gain is in the 8th house.
Also Jupiter is at the center of the nodal axis ].

Any possible inclination for restlessness to reach your ambitions should be avoided with care.
Otherwise this may affect your attitude about various actions and also your financial balance too easily and can even disturb your physical vitality that is necessary for sustained earning and holding more money.
You will also often find that at certain times you have some mental instability or emotional imbalance along with weakness of health [Moon has no digit strength and she is conjunct with Ketu while Jupiter is at the center of the nodal axis].

Such unevenness of feelings and thoughts can adversely affect your observation, perception, interpretation, speech and action in all matters or events of life.
This emotional imbalance has to be removed by your own free will or at least reduced to the extent possible.
Otherwise these can bring you to face a wall and your desires and ambitions can be strongly opposed as you may lose your opportunities for growth through displeasures of seniors, and also lose your hard earned money through inimical actions of your opportunistic associates.
Career and hence income will be the areas that can be most affected if you are not in full control of yourself at the right time.
Therefore your reactions need to be willfully moderated wherever and whenever possible.
Only ethical and above board actions will give you good results.
Cooperate to get cooperation and always follow the path of give and take, tolerance, obedience and discipline.
Very strictly shun investing in speculative areas and keep your social life away from your money.

The following remedies can help in triggering and supporting the yoga effects:
Chant “Om Durgaoii Namah” as frequently as possible, the more the better.
Even silent chanting will do.
Avoid any wrong or unworthy or unfair action.
Stay grounded always.
Avoid shortcuts and optimizations.

Times in life when Dharam Karma effects would manifest:
Any yoga will operate during the main or sub periods of the yoga planets.
Thus in your case the main or sub period of Moon and Mercury are able to offer the good results of the yoga.
The next five years of your life till 15 Jun 2021 will be ruled by the main period of Jupiter and the sub periods of Saturn, Mercury, Ketu and Venus.
This sub period of Mercury operates from 31 Oct 2017 to 05 Feb 2020 and will offer yoga results while the other sub periods will not.

Yet from after 14 Aug 2016, transit Jupiter will move into Virgo for one full yet and will very favorably aspect the yoga planets [very positive] and this will continue till the middle of Aug 2017.
After Aug 2017 transit Jupiter will also very favorably aspect the fortune house from both ascendant and Moon sign.
Thus it will be in complete order to expect a growth point in income from career, during the period till the middle of Aug 2017 to mid Aug 2018.
During yoga period of 31 Oct 2017 to 05 Feb 2020, both transit Jupiter and transit Saturn will favor growth on their own accord and this will join the good effects of the yoga period.
Thus you can expect a good growth point during 2018-2019.
This growth point can come through an expansion of your role in current job or a change over to a better job.

But an expansion of your role will be more possible and you will do well to accept such an offer when it arrives.
The new role will bring you more power and advanced income while you will have more responsibilities in this new role.
With due focus and effort, you will be much successful in handling this role and make way for future growth points.
The Dharam-Karma yoga will help you on yet another major count.
During the period after 27 Oct 2017 to 24 Jan 2020, transit Saturn will remain in Sagittarius in the 8th house from Moon sign Taurus and this position of transit Saturn can try to produce some major obstructions to your progress at work and to your advancement of income and accumulation of money.
But the generous positive effects of the yoga will be successful in toning down such adversity and will also guide you in your day to day decision making.
Overall the good effects of the yoga during it period, will remain steadily available to the due degree and will successfully push you to further progress in your career and benefits through it, despite the above obstructions.
It will also help you to handle your expanded role quite efficiently and earn a good name for yourself.