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Effects of Dharam Karma Yoga:

Simply spoken, the effects of this yoga are much fortune and success obtained through right and honorable actions.

Dharma Karmadhipati yoga arises when the lords of the 9th and the 10th houses counted from the ascendant or the Chandra-lagna (Moon sign), [whichever is stronger], establish a sambandha (mutual relationship) preferably in a Kendra [angle] or a trikonasthana [trine] house.

This is a very auspicious yoga or combination of planets.

The 9th house signifies Purvapunya [past good deeds], Dharma [righteousness] and Bhagya [good fortune], which are all auspicious significations.

The 10th house, known as Kirtisthana [house of good activities] and the Rajyabhava [house of high status] is the Karmabhava or the Karmasthana [house of all actions].

In general the 10th house refers to occupation, profession or means of livelihood, temporal honors, foreign travels, self-respect, knowledge and dignity.

But without luck, much success is not possible through hard work alone and there comes in the 9th house.

To form a really active yoga, each of these planets must have sufficient strength and auspiciousness and be free from afflictions.

Joined together in right manners these two planets can bestow immense success and gain but right and honorable actions at work will be required.


How the yoga forms & which houses are involved in your birth chart during its formation:

Individually positive and mutually beneficial relationship between the lords of the 9th and 10th houses causes this yoga in a birth chart.

The specific degree and type of gains enjoyed by a person will depend on the houses involved in the formation of the yoga.

In your birth chart, your ascendant is Aquarius.

Venus, the lord of the 9th house [Libra] from ascendant Aquarius is conjunct with Mars, the lord of 10th house [Scorpio] from ascendant and forms the Dharam-Karma yoga.

These yoga planets are not blemished with association of any malefic planet but it is having conjunction with 6th lord Moon which reduce positive influence of this yoga and unable to give bless freely as per expected.

Further, Mars [the lord of profession house] very positively aspect with natal Moon and which would be supportive to reach at higher authorities which would be strengthen and encouraging position & powers in working life.

At the same time the above yoga karak planet both are being tenanting in the constellation of Moon which would be gainful for growth and this confirms and boosts the effects of the yoga even more.

Together the yoga planets are placed in Taurus, the 4th house [stability & security house] from ascendant and the 1st house [of personality & approach] from Moon.

These houses relate well with the basic purpose of the yoga by achieving success in career through good fortune and personal initiative and hard efforts.


Principles on which Dharam Karma operates :

Besides conjunction between the yoga planets in a good house [the best form of this yoga], there are other relationships also that can cause this yoga and may give encouraging effects.

The other relationships are of four kinds:

These are mutual exchange of signs, or mutual aspect, or when one planet aspects the other planet but in turn is not aspected by the other planet, or when the planets occupy mutual angles or trine positions.

There is still another form of this yoga, where the other house owned by the yoga planets [excludes Sun, Moon, and the nodes] is not a good house.

But all these five forms of this yoga will offer lesser results in decreasing order of merit.

Also to produce really effective results the yoga planets should form an immediate relationship with the ascendant which is possible by occupying or aspecting the ascendant or by associating with the lord of the ascendant without being afflicted by malefic planets or by the lords of the 6th, 8th and 12th houses from ascendant.


How to best utilize Dharam Karma for success:

It is always the best, to NOT depend on any good yoga but to utilize its supports for maximum benefit.

This will imply that you must work very hard to earn better and hold on to the money that you earn, while you stay on the right path always to achieve good success in life.

Your natural intelligence and proficiency in any area of life is of high order.

In order to get the full benefit of your Yoga, you will need to develop more self control and avoid sudden emotive actions in earning or spending [the Nodes are having is square aspect to the conjunction of Mars-Venus].

Any possible inclination for restlessness to reach your ambitions should be avoided with care.

Otherwise this may affect your attitude about various actions and also your financial balance too easily and can even disturb your physical vitality that is necessary for sustained earning and holding more money.

You will also often find that at certain times you have some mental instability or emotional imbalance along with weakness of health [Ascendant lord Saturn is placed at his debilitated sign along with having retrogression].

Such unevenness of feelings and thoughts can adversely affect your observation, perception, interpretation, speech and action in all matters or events of life.

This emotional imbalance has to be removed by your own free will or at least reduced to the extent possible.

Otherwise these can bring you to face a wall and your desires and ambitions can be strongly opposed as you may lose your opportunities for growth through displeasures of seniors and also lose your hard earned money through inimical actions of your opportunistic associates.

Career and hence income will be the areas that can be most affected if you are not in full control of yourself at the right time.

Therefore your reactions need to be willfully moderated wherever and whenever possible.

Only ethical and above board actions will give you good results.

Cooperate to get cooperation and always follow the path of give and take, tolerance, obedience and discipline.

Very strictly shun investing in speculative areas and keep your social life away from your money.



The following remedies can help in triggering and supporting the yoga

Chant “Om Sam Sanicharaya Namah” as frequently as possible, the more the better.

Even silent chanting will do.

Avoid any wrong or unworthy or unfair action.

Stay grounded always.

Avoid shortcuts and optimizations.


Times in life when Dharam Karma effects would manifest:

Any yoga will operate during the main or sub periods of the yoga planets.

Thus in your case the main or sub period of Venus and Mars will give the good results of the yoga.

The balance of the current main period of Saturn operates till 16 May 2032 under these twenty years.

Within this time span, sub period of Mercury operates up to 27th Jan 2017.

Within the main period of Saturn, the sub periods of yoga planets Venus, Mars and Jupiter, will operate positively and supportive to access expected objects during coming years.

Then remaining years will come under main period of Mercury which is quite well placed in the house of courage, imitation & efforts and operates up to 15 Jun 2036 and beyond.

Thus the yoga effects within next twenty years will be seen only during period from now till 27 Jan 2019 [effect of Saturn-Mercury], then during 27 Jan 2019 to 07 Mar 2020 [effect of Saturn-Ketu], then during 07 Mar 2020 to 07 May 2023 [effect of Saturn-Venus], then during 07 May 2023 to 18 Apr 2024 [effect of Saturn-Sun], then during 18 Apr 2024 to 18 Nov 2024 [effect of Saturn-Moon], then during 18 Apr 2024 to 27 Dec 2026 [effect of Saturn-Mars], then during 27 Dec 2026 to 02 Nov 2029 [effect of Saturn-Rahu], then during 02 Nov 2029 to 16 May 2032 [effect of Saturn-Jupiter], then during 16 May 2032 to 12 Oct 2034 [effect of Mercury-Mercury], then during 12 Oct 2034 to 09 Oct 2035 [effect of Mercury-Ketu] and during 09 Oct 2035 to 15 Jun 2036 [effect of Mercury-Venus].

Thus during 02nd half of 2016 period would be mediocre for the getting influence of yoga results.

From after 14 Aug 2016, transit Jupiter will move over the yoga planets [very positive] and this will continue till the middle of Aug 2017.

Transit Jupiter will be having average aspect by position in the house of unwanted challenges from ascendant but very favorably aspect the relationship & partnership house from Moon sign.

During the period till 27 Oct 2017, transit Saturn will remain in Scorpio in the 10th house from ascendant Aquarius and this position of transit Saturn can try to produce some obstructions to your progress at work and to your advancement of income and accumulation of money.

Now nou may not see much specific progress in career or in other areas of life till this date because this yoga will unable to guide you to take righteous decisions in all areas of your life.

Running position would be continued as earlier till Aug 2016 and condition will be average for your professional profile.

Your professional position may be problematic due to disturbance in professional relations before 13th Aug 2016.

Post 13th Aug 2016 there would be gradual improvement in your position, which may give involvement in new projects.

However pressure of work will be continued along with having involvement in important projects in remaining period of 2016 that’s why you will have to do work in very sincere and organized way.

During Jan 2017 to Jun 2017 things would be very favorable and such unexpected attainments may possible there.

Relationship with your senior person will improve along with expanding influence of you.

Till 2nd Jul 2017 you will able to attain your targets and professional attainments as per your expectations.

But post 3rd Jul 2017 working responsibilities may enhance at same designation, which may increase mental pressure and stress about working life.

Till Oct 2017 working environment might be tough due to conflict or communication gap with professional associates.

Personal issue may also be dominating in working life.

You may feel harass and restricted which may divert from your regular path.

Stable income would be there up to Aug 2016 and there would not be any positive change in the source of income under this period.

Such little betterment may occur by Sep 2016 and gradual saving along with investments will be supporting to make good wealth.

But major expenses may disturb your routine financial perspectives.

However all material pleasure would be available there along with good support of spouse.

Such short term investments would be profitable during Feb to Jun 2017.

Earlier investment will also give good returns under this period.

In spite of you should avoid risky decisions about monetary transitions.

Average period for professional relationship but personal would be good.

Some professional environment may also affect your personal life.

Such important associate may end now.

Proper communication and frankness must be required about life plans.

Such pleasurable journey will increase understanding in your relations.

Some little health problem will be there.

Throat or stomach problems may occur by over diet of food.

With this you should careful during changing of seasons, otherwise cold-cough or throat ailments may effective.

On the other hand, during period after 27 Oct 2017, transit Saturn will become mediocre in the 8th house from Moon and in 11th house from ascendant which may also give mixed impact for the developments in your life however this phase will demands hard work & disciplined approach due to sweet & salt experiences by this yoga.

Running period would be continued as usual and professional surroundings would be average.

In this period you should try to maintain only your position and shouldn’t prefer any change because in remaining period of 2018 and 2019 would not be right to get any important decision related to your profession.

So you should try to make adjustment with existing working environment otherwise such professional disputes may take place with close associates especially in Aug 2018 to Sep 2019.

However gradual growth would be there in your career but you will have to do hard work with positive approach of you.

So you should manage your work with carefully and try to finish tasks in organized way before Dec 2018.

Although with Sep 2019 such things would be positive by enhancement of professional activities.

In remaining period of 2019 you will meet with new professional associates who would be precious to develop another source of income.

So you should take it very optimistically and positively.

In this way you will able to get back some of your good sense and rationality in remaining period of 2019.

Professional things would be good and continued under sub period of Jupiter up to Jan 2020.

Overall professional path would be progressive and encouraging new professional prospects under this period.

Financial position will be improving gradually.

But some fluctuation in steadily income in remaining period of 2017 & 2018 due to unwanted expenses.

Savings would not be satisfactory and risky investments must be avoided under this period.

Some losses may there through sub-ordinates or more extravagance on built up the resources under this period.

No speculation otherwise loss through it.

However source of income would be better by Jan 2019 but expenses will also be increasing respective of income.

A growth of income would be there by change of working environment.

With this savings will also be better now by systematic and earlier investments.

During 2019 period would be good for personal and professional relation.

You will link with new relations.

Good relation with family members

You will always receive the support of near and dear ones.

The year of 2019 would also progressive for marital relationship and make happy environment around your life.

Maintain the love and harmony.

Some little health problem will be there.

You should very careful and conscious about your eating habits and allergic ailments, otherwise you may face such frequent troubles in your routine health position.

At this stage [from after 24 Jan 2020] transit Saturn will be in Capricorn sign transit Saturn will able to constant results due to position in the 9th house from Moon and in 12th house from ascendant which would be quite favorable aspect too with his yoga and keep your position along with profile in working environment but you will have to maintain systematic and disciplined approach till 17 Jan 2023.

Running period would be continued as usual in 1st half of 2020 and professional surroundings would also be gradually progressive.

You will have to make yourself as per requirement of your professional environment.

Till Aug 2020 your attitude will be just right and you will act with enough flexibility along with respect to others.

You should not involve in any issue which will be against of your position under this period.

You should manage your work with carefully and try to finish tasks in organized way.

Post 15th Sep 2020 things would be better now and you will attach with new project in professional life.

In remaining period of 2020 your professional journeys will favorable and all things will go upwards.

However, working area and responsibility may also enhance in career, which will open new path in your professional prospects.

During starting of 2021 you may reach at important position in your career.

Then period would be most prosperous for professional activities.

Your professional relations will improve and get support from seniors or authorities.

You will do work in well manner and also get recognition of work.

Up to Apr 2021 you will be continuing your job without any obstacles.

But post May 2021 onwards troubles in work will be increasing and you may feel much stress in working life.

So need for careful and organized work in remaining period of 2021.

During 2022 hindrances would be continued and affect your professional progress.

Working conditions will more unfavorable for any change in working associates or environment because change of team members or seniors may troublesome for your expected professional targets.

Opponents may again dominating and able to create disturbances in your working life and it develop such obstacles in your running projects.

Existing conditions will demand concerned approach and discipline in working life till 17th Jan 2023.

Regular enhancement may occur by professional performance.

With Sep 2020 your income will be enhanced and get decent package.

Financial position will be better now by systematic investments.

You will enjoy all material pleasure in remaining period of 2020 and 1st half of 2021.

But post May 2021 you will unable to control your expenditures.

Due to unwanted and unexpected expenses financial restriction will be increasing.

However you should try to control and keep balance on your extravagance.

During 2022 whole period will not favorable for your new investments, so you should far-away from that.

Lending money may also become unfortunate if you do.

So fluctuation would be there in your financial position till Jan 2023.

Pressure would be there due to working responsibilities.

But you will able to get physical enjoyments which will continue smoothly.

You should just give and take.

Realize the futility as early as possible.

Due to frequent change of places it will be disturbed.

Spouse will support you in every condition and situation.

Some voyage with spouse will increase love.

Gratification may occur in marital relationship.

Period would be average of health.

Headache or eyes problems would be continued as earlier.

Some gastric or stomach problems may also develop by mid of 2021.

At this stage [from after 17 Jan 2023] transit Saturn will be in Aquarius sign in 10th house from Moon sign that’ why circumstances would be quite hard and tough, due to this there would be least chances to grow your positional development so you should take it very sincerely & optimistically.
Due to this average phase would be continued in reference of professional perspectives and surroundings.

Now working profile would be satisfactory during in remaining period of 2023 but you will have to accountable for your responsibility.

Till Dec 2023 you will be able to control on your situation through hard efforts but by Apr 2024 pressure of work will be increasing in remaining period due to delayed projects.

Existing working conditions would be average by change of team members or seniors.

Working environment might be tough due to change of working associates.

In remaining period of 2024 you are unable to utilize your abilities and powers in proper way.

Hidden opponents may also be dominating at your work and it develops such obstacles in your running projects.

You should make yourself as per requirement of your existing working organization because this period would not be favorable for any professional change.

You should manage your work with carefully and try to finish tasks in organized way.

Your attitude will be just right and you will act with enough flexibility along with respect to others.

This would be restricted phase for you to keep in existing environment up to Dec 2024.

With Jan 2025, earlier problems will be removing gradually and again get the track of betterment.

Friends and senior person will be supportive to attain new position in career which would be materialized in coming sub period.

Now you will able to reach at your targets, which will give good strength in your working environment.

You should be focused about your work, because your involvement would be profitable to make better relation for company.

Up to Mar 2025 professional life will run in very smooth way with increasing your contacts.

You should utilize your professional skills in managed way in this phase you will be able to finish your work in expected period.

Financial position would be continued as earlier during period of 2023 and 2024 along with a schedule growth point in professional life which may there in Jan 2025.

Financial position will be increasing gradually during sub period of Venus.

But balance between income and expenses might be disturbed during 1st half of 2023 and last quarter of 2024 that’s why you will have to very concern to make control your expense on unusual things.

Saving and investments would not be as per your expectations so you should go for that with hasty approach.

However such beneficial changes may occur during starting of 2025 which indicate good strength to balance your environment.

Not good period for relationship with stranger.

Believe of self-will would be supportive to avoid mental stress.

Balance must be required to maintain your personal relationship.

Proper communication and frankness must be required about life plans.

Overall period would be average for health.

Such throat or functional ailments may develop in 2nd half of 2024, which may affect your regular health in remaining period.

Headache and stress will also increase by pressure of work.

You should overcome through regular exercise and precautions.

At this stage [from after 29 Mar 2025] transit Saturn will be in Pisces sign which would be in 11th house from Moon sign that’s why you would be in stress along with facing troubles to manage your professional & personal life perspectives before 23 Feb 2028.
Running period would be continued as usual but with Jul 2025 professional surroundings would be average.

In remaining period of 2025 you will have to keep adjustment with your working environment because this period would not be favorable for any professional change.

However working environment is indicating resistance and restriction in 1st quarter of 2026 but you should maintain your concentration & discipline in existing organization.

Post Apr 2026 period indicates inclination for professional diversion but it would not be suggestible.

Your attitude will be just right and you will act with enough flexibility along with respect to others.

You should manage your work with carefully and try to finish tasks in organized way.

Opponents may again dominate at your work and by Aug 2026 it may again develop more hindrances in your running projects.

You should not involve in any issue which will be against of your position.

With this you should prepare to face this critical situation.

Up to ending sub period of Moon you should not consider about opponent’s behavior and do work systematically.

Post Jan 2027 you should balance yourself by determination and dedication towards work.

In this year there would not be any major changes.

In remaining period of 2027 you should keep your position with patience and positive concentration.

But with Dec 2027 discipline must be required along with organized and systematic work because there would be much professional pressure and new responsibilities.

Things would be continued as usual in 1st quarter of 2028 you should control your feeling otherwise such professional conflicts may take place.

If you would not be alert about it then it may become most unfavorable phase in coming twenty years.

Financial position would be continued as earlier along with a schedule growth point in professional life.
There would be a schedule professional enhancement along with financial growth.

With gradual enhancement of income, expenses will also be arising there that’s why savings would not be as per your expectations.

Expense would be more on enjoyment and such wastage things.

In spite of you should also avoid any short term or risky investments, otherwise such losses may occur.

This phase would also average for usual relationships.

Some professional environment may create problems in your professional life.

Such conditions could be there as ending important associate under this period.

These working conditions may also impact badly in personal life.

Professional conditions may affect your personal life.

Professional pressure may affect your personal life and getting such unwanted communication between you.

You should try to maintain your positive attitude with spouse.

Health status will be average.

Earlier problems will be increasing now so you should be careful in sub period of Moon.

In-take food or diet should be very systematic; otherwise problems may acute in future.

With this regular check-up must be required to maintain good health.

At this stage [from after 23 Feb 2028] transit Saturn will be in Aries sign which would be in 12th house from Moon sign as first phase of sadhesati of Saturn that’ why circumstances would be quite better but you will unable to get support of your fortune along with such unexpected journeys & expenses.
This period will also quite difficult as earlier and obstruct growth point post Apr 2028.

The existing differences at professional person will suddenly escalate from after Oct 2028.

In remaining period of 2028 and 1st three quarter of 2029 many major differences will lead to controversies.

Opponents may dominate at you and creates regular obstacles in your running projects.

You should not consider about opponent’s behavior and do work systematically.

You should not involve in any issue which will be against of your position.

Otherwise you should prepare to face this critical situation.

However you will be able to somehow handle them without taking any rebellious action.

This period will keep threatening you with loss of work but finally nothing will happen up to Aug 2029 you will get a break to polish yourself.

During this period you should read and write motivational and inspiring matters.

Done the work by you will not recognize during this period.

There would not be any new developments or growth points in your stable income.

All expenses will keep rising despite your best efforts.

Further, many wrong and hasty decisions will bring down the possibility of good savings.

Loss through speculation must be avoided.

So you should not hasty to earn by short term and continued regular savings.

Some obstacles may occur due to work.

It would be very critical period for professional relationships.

But physical enjoyments will continue smoothly.

Just give and take.

Positive communication must be required to make harmony in life.

Such pleasurable journeys may also be there, which would be profitable to overcome professional pressure.

Indifferent health.

Professional stress will increase such health problems.

If you will not conscious about it then will have to face such serious infectious ailments during 1st half of 2029.

At this stage [from after 8th Aug 2029] transit Saturn will be Taurus sign at 1st house from Moon sign and 4th from Ascendant that’s why things would be more stable and progressive than earlier along with control on unusual things of your life. These planetary positions in transit would be supportive and encouraging your professional pursuits along with giving results as per your own.
With Nov 2029 such things will better by expected results of earlier projects.

Problems will reduce at some level which will give relief in professional circumstances.
You should improve communication which will be really important for your working profile.
Till Jul 2030 period would be good to put efforts to get expected results in professional life.

Post Aug 2030 your intellect and creativity will function at their peak now.

In remaining period of 2030 you will be having good control on your professional circumstances.

During period of Feb-Mar 2031 things would be more precious to get professional enhancement.

These would be happen in unexpected way.

The remaining period of 2031 would be right period for long range plans to be made at your work.

In general you will be happy but you will be too proud and touchy about your ideas.

Till May 2032 you will get smooth professional life and try to maintain superior’s trust.

Till this period you will enjoy your work with by good intellect and capacity of hard work.

Sources of income would be very balanced post Sep 2029.

During May-Jun 2030 you will reach much better financial position by professional enhancement.

With this other sources of income will also be there, which may strengthen your financial position.

But expenditure will suddenly increase along with increasing sources of income.

The starting of 2031 would also be beneficial for getting such important growth points in your sources of income along with profile.

The remaining period of 2031 and 1st half of 2032 you will get good return from earlier investments, these investments would be encouraging.

Overall your will be satisfied with materialistic life-style and financial attainments.

This will also improve yours family relationship.

Most such relationships will be formed recently.

Your working position will be improved and also give happiness.

Balance must be required in professional and personal relations because it may harmful for your personal life.

Maintain the love and harmony.

Earlier problems will be continued as gradual way; but such new health problems may develop there.

In 2031 such problems may occur related to allergy, sensitivity or nerves circulation.

If you will not conscious about it then you may face such regular problems related to these ailments.
Precaution must be taken when season takes changes.

At this stage [from after 30th May 2032] transit Saturn will be Gemini sign at 2nd house from Moon sign and 4th house from Ascendant that’s why earlier benefic result would be continued and progressive. So you should keep your optimistic approach for getting new development in your career.

Earlier position will run positively up to May 2032.

Post May 2032 you can get very prosperous position by your earlier efforts.

In respect of changing position your working place may also change, and this will be beneficial for your professional life.

Working environment would be strengthening & encouraging.

With Apr 2033 period would be more respectable for your professional life.

You will complete earlier project and get the reward in remaining period of 2033.

This recognition will support you to achieve aim of your life.

Although you will free for use your actual power & resources but you should not be signed any document without reading.

Otherwise you can face difficulties during Jan 2034 to Jul 2034.

In this period you will get support of working associates and able to get success in team work.

Financial status will be improving significantly and regularly.

Return and profits will have also coming very smooth and greater way post Aug 2032 onwards.

Period of 2033 would be good for decent savings and investments.

Expenses may be related to journey and personal pleasure.

You will be having a progressive income under this period.

During 2034 financial status will also enhance by enhancement in job.

But you should very concern about monetary transition in reference to highly risk during period of 2034.

Otherwise known person may use your powers which may harmful for your reputation.

During this period intimacy will increase with relatives and friends.

With this you will be having good support of family and superiors.

There would be happiness by success in personal and professional life.

Pleasurable journeys and physical pleasure will continue smoothly.

A more reasonable and sober phase in conjugal life.

Your self-control will show and your spouse will be impressed with your life style.

Your own health will be stable.

Weight gain may become a big health problem under this period, so you will have to careful about it.

At this stage [from after 12th Jul 2034] transit Saturn will be Cancer sign at 3rd house from Moon sign and 6th house from Ascendant which would be important for your professional & personal attainments.

During Sep-Oct 2034 you will again involve in new and important projects.

Working environment would be very positive and compatible as per your expectation in remaining period of 2034.

Pressure of work will be increasing in period of 2035 so you will have to do work in very calculative mind.

Now you should do your work with sincerity and disciplined way, otherwise there would be disappointment to reach at your expected targets.

This working environment would be continued up to Oct 2035, so keep patience and regular efforts.

With Jan 2036 your seniors will be quite supportive due to influence of your positive attitude and dedication towards work.

Some hidden issue may create problems in regular life which may obstruct your professional path.

You should conscious about it and should not argue with any professional person in remaining period of 2036.

Otherwise there will again such possibilities for such confusion with your working partners or colleagues.

Existing financial position would be continued as usual up to Dec 2034.

Gradual growth would be there in financial condition in a regular way with Jan 2035.

But in remaining period of 2035 you may not able to save expected money due to major expenses.

Expense would be more at pleasurable and required things.

During 1st half of 2036 saving will be better than earlier period but extravagance will be continued.

You would be liberal in your family life.

Improvement would be there in your relationship.

A more reasonable and sober phase in conjugal life.

Earlier problems would be under controlled and you will be enjoying your decent life.

Health would be average.

There may be pain in backache and cervical during 2nd half of 2035.

Precaution must be taken about your sitting posture.

Otherwise rest would be advisable by doctor.