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Effects of planets:
Three important planets [Saturn, Rahu and Mars] will move through Libra sign and will bring in events that may not be easy to handle without advance preparation of your mind.
Effects of Saturn's transit in the 2nd house from ascendant:
These following important effects of Saturn will revolve around wealth, finance, family matters and your speech and also spirituality.
Any over involvement in money natters will be a source of trouble.
You may lose wealth through untimely actions and/or lack of judgment.
All matters related to your family you will face some obstructions from many sources but especially from your own mind.
You will see advancement in psychological, spiritual and moral values, though you may or may not plan to move in such directions at this stage of your life.
Effects of Saturn's transit in the 7th house from Moon:
All your relatives and your close associates will make increasingly larger demands on you and it will be quite difficult for you to meet all of them at the same time.
This can even end or at least strain many of your relationships that can include familial ones.
Love life or marital life will be the easiest ones to get affected or stalled.
Marital discords can develop if you are married now Peers at work too will be more or differently demanding now.
Travels are expected and may keep you separated from family.
Expenses will increase and your health may not keep fully fit.
Ill health of spouse, partner or father may occur.
Effects of Saturn's transit in the 8th house from Sun:
This is a difficult transit but good for you on long term.
You may be liable to take incorrect actions.
Even otherwise you will see your actions being criticized.
Troubles through relatives, possible litigations, unworthy company and possible disrepute can occur.
Unsavory displeasures from superiors or the authorities and some restrictions or confinements are expected.
You will have problems with your finance and various possessions.
Money held under the custody of others will not be available when you need them.
All resources from others will be cut off.
On the positive side you will learn to depend more on yourself and will get to know your own resources and the value of them.
You will also get to know the reality of people around you.
Rahu in the second house from ascendant will fulfill your desires for personal possessions and you financial condition will improve.
You will become practical and your power of endurance and perseverance will develop.
Persons of good standing will be closer to you and you will get fame.
This will improve your position and you will see gains.
You will be quite confident but may be influenced by unworthy people too.
Rahu in the 7th house from Moon will give gains through partnership.
Public life and domestic life will get better.
You will get cooperation and happiness.
You will win over your opponents.
You will be too fond of the opposite gender.
Rahu in the 8th house from Sun will have chance to bring in some legacy.
You may gain from others' money and may have carnal enjoyments.
But relations with family members will remain strained and they may even desert you in extreme situations.
Mars will move through your Virgo and Libra, your ascendant and the 2nd house from it, in the 6th and 7th house from Moon and in the 7th and 8th houses from Sun.
Through ascendant:
Relationships will be difficult.
Many obstacles are expected.
Health may be disturbed.
Through 2nd house from ascendant:
You will be too sensitive about your finance and also about all major material possessions.
Disputes over property are quite possible.
You will be possessive yet very extravagant and wasteful.
Displeasures of superiors and from enemies will operate.
Through the 6th house from Moon:
It is necessary to work hard to get things done.
Obey superiors.
Honor team work.
Infections, fevers and injuries are possible.
Gain, progress and happiness are expected.
Favor from seniors for good work and victory over enemies can occur.
Through the 7th house from Moon/Sun:
Tension in all relationships can be overcome by cooperation and not by arguments.
Adjustments will smooth out strained relations.
Through the 8th house from Sun:
Fever, fear, accidents, injuries, loss of money, blood poisoning, fatigue and mental worry can occur.
These effects will be either very subtle or very blatant.
Your ego can drive you to confrontation with others.
Disagreements with spouse can occur.
Trying to raise a loan from anybody at this stage can lead to more financial problems than solutions.
Suggestions on what to do and what not to do:
What you should do:
This is the best time to organize your finances.
You will need to stay economical but circumspect.
You must try to remain alert to avoid fear of financial insecurity.
You will need to exercise prudent control over your material possessions and your desire or need to increase them quickly.
Just stay economical.
Take care of your family with achievable expectations since things will move slowly and your actions many not bring expected results or as quickly as wanted.
You will need to take care of your marital or love life with due intuitive approach.
You must keep all your agreements with everyone.
This is the most fundamental test of this period otherwise you may suffer.
You must be ready to handle various issues by yourself.
It is a time to make impression on others through much activity and hard work.
Cooperate with superiors and stay obedient.
Honor team work.
Focus only on necessary work and nothing else.
Learn to give in and stay flexible.
You will need some restraint in your fondness of the opposite gender.
Above all, stay calm, always.
What you should NOT do:
Do not dwell too much on a materialistic plane.
You must speak without thinking as you may end up saying something that you will rue sooner than later.
You must not count on others' help or support or even guidance from others.
Strictly avoid being possessive, extravagant or wasteful.
Take all with you, even your enemies.
Do not assert yourself overmuch.    
Do not get into needless or avoidable conflicts.
Avoid seeking or raising a loan now.
Do not take risks with driving faster than safer.
Do not eat out without knowing where or with whom you are eating.
Specific astrological remedies to either reduce the bad effects or
to improve the good effects.
Chant “Om Durgaoi Namah” as frequently as possible, the more the better.
Even silent chanting will do.
Keep fast during evenings and nights of all Saturdays.
Sleep with your head towards the South direction.
Perform some social work or community service voluntarily.
Other points you would do well to take note of:
All events at work will be destined at this stage and you will do well to go with the natural flow of events.
Despite good care being taken, significant mistakes are possible at work and these can bring in major issues even if you admit to these mistakes.
Communication failure will occur in every area of life.