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We have been providing astrology consultation and advice on true Vedic principles on the internet since 2000 and serviced over a million customers with our free and premium services. As per your requirement, we have prepared D9 Navamsa report with 5 years Scan

Why use the Navamsa chart:

  • A Navamsa Chart throws up many deeply hidden but highly significant planetary combinations & results that are not apparent with a straight study of your birth chart from Sun sign or Moon sign or star sign or ascending sign etc.
  • This is due to the fact that Sun takes 30 days to traverse a zodiac sign while Moon takes about 2.5 days, a star takes about 24 hours and an ascendant takes about 2 hours while a Navamsa takes only 13 to 15 minutes.
  • Thus in a D9 chart, the reference point becomes very precise and helps bring out very accurate forecast for an individual.
  • This method is especially suitable for matters of relationship, marriage and marital life.

Description of your life partner based on your birth chart D1:

  • Your spouse or partner will be basically ill tempered, not of very good mentality and will have insufficient power of reasoning but he will give you much luck, after marriage with you.
  • He will have youthful looks and will be wealthy and will come from a wealthy family, but may be inclined to earn money through unworthy means.
  • He will be rigid, shrewd, proud and haughty, and will be too fond of sex and have strong attachments to all other mundane pleasures and be much fond of gambling.
  • Basically marital life can be thoroughly spoilt.
  • You may often be undermined by him and can get humiliation due to disrespect.
  • He will have illicit company of women, suffer from diseases in the generative system and may see loss of virility.
  • He will be a selfish and cruel natured person, not reliable and not very intelligent.
  • Marital difficulties like separation or his associations outside marriage or relationship can occur easily.
  • He will be quite impatient and even inconsiderate when he is aroused sexually.
  • He will not be well disposed to you but will take good care of you at times, yet he will do all these in much dominating manner and with an “I have done this for you, please remember” attitude.
  • Basically he will have some insecurity in his mind but will never admit it.
  • Overall he will not be able to give you a satisfying, comfortable or a happy life.
Assessment of your D9 Chart - to check the physical & mental attributes of your partner, your sexual orientation, general luck in such matters:

Physical and mental attributes of spouse/partner:
  • Ascendant in D9 chart is owned and occupied by a natural malefic planet Mars and hence it is very adverse for getting marriage and quality of marital life.
  • Venus, the 7th house lord (spouse) is in 2:12 location from Mars in their own sign.
  • Thus spouse will be too strongly passionate and will be unreasonable in this area.
  • Adverse aspect of Saturn on Venus will affect real love for you and he can move him to other women easily.
  • He will be too determined to get what he wants from you, physically or emotionally.
  • Conjunction of Rahu with Jupiter in Sagittarius in 6:8 locations from Mercury will adversely affect his judgment, temperament and intelligence.
  • Thus unfair and even highly biased analysis of things, events and people by him and wrong actions based on these trends will affect your life, financial disturbance will develop while lack of understanding will take away your domestic peace.
  • These will in turn affect your basic health and vitality can come down significantly.
  • Due to conjunction of Rahu and Jupiter, he may have digestive issues and some weakness of nervous system.
  • At the same time the negative effects of opposition by Saturn to Venus will be exacerbated by Papa Kartari yoga on Venus by Sun and Moon-Mars combination.
  • This will make all his attractions short lived and this will be valid for marital life with you too.
  • This will cause lack of sustained warmth in any relationship, in marriage or otherwise.
  • He will not be quite practical and realistic and hence the matter will generally not remain under control.
  • Though he will much enjoy sexual intimacy with her spouse or partner, it may become occasionally lesser due to physical failures on his part due to over activity.
  • Alternatively such physical love with you may occasionally lack in keenness and this may lead to doubts leading to conflicts at a later stage.
  • But the status will not be modified or improved since there is no positive aspect on Jupiter or on Venus.
Your own sexual orientation and general luck in such matters:
  • In your birth chart you have your Venus is in the 5th house from ascendant and in the 2nd house from Moon and in Cancer sign.
  • Thus you will passionate, over emotional, and may have fickle relationship with persons of changeable and undependable nature.
  • You will be easily sorrowful and this will adversely affect your love and passion.
  • You will have basically strong sensuality, tendency for various indulgences and expensive habits and high expectations from beauty and from material possessions.
  • You will have much craze for enjoying luxury and style, strong emotional and sexual leanings, lack of principles and you will love affairs with many persons but will finally settle down in marriage but marriage is expected to be quite delayed.
  • You will be able to attract several men to you.
  • Your Moon sign Gemini is afflicted by Ketu while the 7th lord from Moon sign, Jupiter is with Mars and opposite Saturn.
  • Thus you may not get a timely marriage or sufficient satisfaction through your marriage.
  • Due to opposition of Venus by Saturn, you may have an insatiated sex life and many discords in marital life.
  • You may act in cold manner to your partner or spouse and this can easily lead to doubts and misunderstandings.
  • You may not always like to fulfill the needs and demands of your spouse or partner.
  • Yet you will cling to them for security or money or material support or gain.
  • You will need to keep in mind that you will require to keep your spouse or partner fully and consistently satisfied.
  • This is very important since you may often have mood swings about sex life or even when just being together.
  • Since your Jupiter, the significator of marriage, is in your house of family and domestic life from Moon in birth chart, you will be able to maintain balance within relationships and keep them from going out of hand.
  • In D9 Navamsa chart, all the good and bad trends seen from D1 birth chart are repeated in your D9 Navamsa chart.
  • Jupiter, lord of your 5th house of love placed in the 2nd house of family in D9 chart will make you highly keen for raising your family.
  • Thus while your spouse provides you with deep sexual enjoyments in love, you can take the overall status to a higher degree through raising your family.
  • Your overall luck in marital or other relationship with any male can be quite exciting and enjoyable and at the same time quite vigorous in sexual matters.
  • To keep this positivity on a higher tone, you can use your fineness, intelligence and determination to maintain stability and happiness through various adjustments.

Predictions for five year period till 31 Mar 2023:

  • In birth chart, Venus is conjunct with Mars and opposed by Saturn.
  • In D9 chart, Saturn is opposite to Venus and Moon is debilitated and with Mars in D9 ascendant.
  • Thus your marriage is expected to be quite delayed but it may have a modest chance to happen within the next five years, in case you are not already married.
  • Marriage is possible during period till Sep-Oct 2018 or during the 2nd half of 2019.
  • Irrespective of the time of marriage, the following readings for marital life will apply.
  • The next five years [till 31 Mar 2023] are ruled by the main period of Jupiter and by the sub periods of Venus, Sun, Moon and Mars.
  • In birth chart, Jupiter is lord of ascendant and well placed in 5th house of love in cancer.
  • But Jupiter has very poor digbala and hence cannot offer good results.
  • Jupiter is also afflicted by conjunction with Mars and opposed by Saturn, both very negative.
  • In D9 chart Jupiter is very ill placed with Rahu and placed in the 2nd house of family, adverse for family and marriage.
  • In D1 chart, Venus is highly afflicted by conjunction with mars and by opposition from Saturn.
  • In D9 chart Venus is opposed by Saturn and in 2:12 with Mars.
  • In D1 chart Sun has nearly zero digbala and hence totally inactive for giving good results.
  • In D9 chart Sun is very adverse at the center of the nodal axis.
  • In birth chart D1, Moon is strongly afflicted by the nodes.
  • In D9 chart Moon is debilitated and is conjunct with Mars.
  • In D1 chart, Mars is in his debilitation sign, has nearly zero digbala and auspiciousness.
  • Mars is also opposed by Saturn.
  • In D9 chart, Mars is adverse in the ascendant/Moon sign and is in 6:8 locations from Saturn.
  • Thus the period lords cannot adequately promote or protect your love life or marital life but can give only mixed effects and much will depend on your wisdom, anticipation, judgment, priorities, efforts, cooperation and adjustments.
  • Together all of them can offer only minor opportunities for love or relationship, provided you can communicate well and in right time.
  • Till 25 Jan 2020, transit Saturn will be in Sagittarius moving over Rahu and in 6:8 locations from Mercury (7th lord of marriage from ascendant), from Sun (5th lord of love from ascendant), from Venus (significator for love and marriage), Jupiter (actuator of marriage and Mars (another significator of marriage) and all these are negative for love and marriage.
  • But on the positive side, transit Saturn will remain in the 7th house of marriage from Moon sign and will positively aspect the 7th house of marriage from ascendant.
  • At the same time transit Jupiter will be very favorable in Libra till early Oct 2018 then then in Scorpio and Sagittarius till 2019 and beyond.
  • This will bring opportunity for marriage till Oct 2018 and then again during the second half of 2019, the later chance being stronger.
  • But the period late 2018- early 2019 too can be positive due to planetary support to D9 chart.
  • Quality of marital life, if any, will move through a somewhat troubled phase when mutual demands will be high and can increase further and none of you may be ready to or able to meet them adequately.
  • There will be many differences and disagreements and frequent lack of mutual cooperation.
  • Handling all these will be quite difficult and in turn these will affect home life peace quite prominently.    
  • All these will also oppose chances for getting or building up any new relationship either.
  • This period will need your mature and continued attention and support for positive growth or at least for maintaining stability.
  • After 25 Jan 2020, transit Saturn will be in Capricorn in the 11th house from ascendant (quite positive for growth) but will adversely aspect the 2nd house of family from Moon sign and the 8th house of instability of marriage from ascendant.
  • At the same time transit Saturn will be in the 8th house from Moon (Ashtam Shani – extremely negative, for all matters but especially negative for marital peace and stability, till 30 Apr 2022), and opposite Jupiter and square to natal nodes in D1 chart.
  • Transit Saturn will also be over natal Saturn and opposite Venus, Mars and Jupiter.  
  • All the above will be much obstructive to any happiness within your marriage.
  • Many unexpected issues or exacerbation of existing issues in unexpected manners and to unexpected degrees will surely occur and these will be very difficult to handle.
  • These issues, if not anticipated and understood well and in advance, can cause major problem with marriage and can even lead to a breakdown type situation.
  • Domestic finance will be highly disturbed and restricted and this will grossly add to the unhappiness.
  • But transit Jupiter in good houses in both D1 and in D9 chart will help to control this situation and will try to bring some stability.
  • Thus all your efforts for love and romance and stability should be very patiently focused and very intelligently handled so that you can have a relationship (or marriage) to continue, adequately and successfully.
  • Nurture any relationship (or marriage), in such manner that you can keep it secure throughout these years while you remain focused to make a good life for yourself

General attitude towards relations & type of life partners you could attract:

  • With 7th house lord Mercury from ascendant, being in the 3rd house from ascendant and 7th house lord Jupiter from Moon, being in the 2nd house of family and wealth in D1 chart, you will be have preference for educated and wealthy partner or spouse.
  • With Venus in Cancer, you will prefer more indulgence in sex but only when you want it.
  • Beyond this, you will also prefer your spouse or partner to be emotionally responsive.
  • With Venus being conjunct with Mars, you will prefer a person of youthful appearance but such a person must not be haughty.
  • With conjunction of Venus with Jupiter, you will also prefer the partner to be chaste and true to you.
  • He must not trespass the moral codes of wedlock.
  • With Venus in the 5th house, you will be quit romantic and will need and demand reciprocation from spouse or partner on this count.
  • With Mars placed with your ascendant lord Jupiter, you will prefer your spouse to be ready to accept your views and opinions.
  • Saturn opposite Venus, will make you look for stability in love and marriage without personally contributing anything towards it.
  • Both of you will prefer to consider yourself right in any given situation.
  • Thus both you and your spouse may also feel dominated or contested by each other though this is not the real picture most of the time.
  • Saturn is conjunct with Venus in D1 chart and opposes Venus in D9 chart.
  • Thus the love or relationship that you get may not have very strong foundation and will not be able to bring much lasting or meaningful happiness if you do not take proactive actions.
  • Both D1 and D9 chart indicate the same.
  • You may face frequent marital discords despite very active and enjoyable sexual relation but occasionally beyond how much and when you would like to have it.
  • Due to your inherent tendencies and qualities, you will attract partners who are financially well off and of healthy and strong built or at least looks robust and lively.
  • You will find that all of them are much fond of carnal pleasures.

Suggestions for success in love / marriage:

  • It will be necessary to assess what you can offer to your partner or spouse before you start assessing him with respect to your own needs and expectations.
  • This will prepare you take measures for betterment of self and make yourself more desirable for a longer duration.
  • There will be many occasions of disagreements but do not reject them as normal and insignificant, but do not also over react to them.
  • All disagreements should be noted, thought about impartially and acted upon for a better love life or marital life.
  • However do not submit yourself to each and every hint for a change or demand, be sure that you can accept them and meet them for a longer duration.
  • If you are sure that you can take all these, go ahead without any confusion.
  • Trust each other well but ask questions when you need to really ask.
  • Avoid discussing your friend circle or your past voluntarily or avoid seeking such information on these areas from your spouse or partner.
  • In brief, it is live and let live that will give you the most stable and peaceful life for you.


  • Chant “Om Durgaoii Namah” everyday as very frequently as possible, the more the better.
  • Even silent chanting will do.
  • Donate sugar and milk to any temple of any Goddess or to orphanages on every Friday.
  • Donate five [or any other odd number] ripe banana-s every Thursday as above.