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prepared D9 Navamsa report with 2 years Scan:

Why use the Navamsa chart:
A Navamsa Chart throws up many deeply hidden but highly significant planetary combinations & results that are
not apparent with a straight study of your birth chart from Sun sign or Moon sign or star sign or ascending sign
This is due to the fact that Sun takes 30 days to traverse a zodiac sign while Moon takes about 2.5 days, a star
takes about 24 hours and an ascendant takes about 2 hours while a Navamsa takes only 13 to 15 minutes.
Thus in a D_9 chart, the reference point becomes very precise and helps bring out very accurate forecast for an
This method is especially suitable for matters of relationship, marriage and marital life.

1. Description of your life partner based on your birth chart D_1:
She will be attractive, pious, charitable and honest and capable of producing many children.
She will be personally wealthy.
She will be good looking, artistic, from a wealthy family, well-educated and very intelligent.
She may be a working lady.
But your spouse may have weak health with some risk to her life.
Unhappy marital life is expected if you cannot handle it with due maturity and adjustment.
She will be very intelligent, frank, and proactive and moderately wise and this will help your marital life.
Your spouse will be basically a happy person and will naturally inclined to make you happy too.
In case of a remarriage, your spouse may not be very stable in her affections to you and as such you will need to handle this state accordingly.

2. Assessment of your D 9 Chart - to check the physical & mental attributes of your partner, your sexual orientation, general luck in such matters:

Physical and mental attributes of spouse/partner:
She will be beautiful, faithful, virtuous, good natured due to placement of Moon in the 7th house in D_9 chart. Venus, in the 7th house from your ascendant in your D_9 chart, will grant all happiness and a happy marital life along with prosperity.
But adverse aspect of Mars on Moon and Venus cause some differences with marital life while it will bring much sexual interest and vigor. Desire level of your spouse for deep intimacy leading to vigorous carnal enjoyments will be very strong, frequent and active.
But opposition by Sun to moon and Venus, your spouse may not be consistent in her desires, and thus her fondness for you will keep changing from time to time and this quite normal for most people.
Your own sexual orientation and general luck in such matters:

In your birth chart D_1, you have Venus located in Scorpio sign [ruled by Mars] in the 8th house of sex life from
ascendant, and this represents deep, decent, sincere and reliable attitude towards sexual orientation.
But the 8th house is also occupied by Mercury in an enemy sign and this can bring in sudden desire to change your partner.
This tendency is further confirmed by the fact that Mars placed in your house of love, aspects both Mercury and Venus in your 8th house.
But Jupiter [significator for marriage and also the planet of sober actions] is conjunction with Moon and Mars and this will have chance to keep your desire level within decent control and thus help your marital life to remain stable.
Thus your overall luck in marital or other relationship with any female may fluctuate due to your mood at any particular point of time and you can only use your intelligence and determination to maintain stability and happiness through various adjustments instead of thinking on the lines of changing your partner or spouse.

3. Predictions for this period till 15 Oct 2018:
The next two years are ruled by the main period of Rahu and by the balance of sub period of Venus [till 13 Dec
2016] and then by the sub period lord Sun [till 07 Nov 2017] and finally by a part of sub period of Moon.
In birth chart D_1, Saturn adversely aspects natal Venus [much negative] while Sun is debilitated and Moon is highly afflicted by Mars and Rahu.
Affliction to these three planets [very important for marriage] will delay your marriage and many alliances may fizzle out.
Main period lord Rahu is ill placed in Leo with Moon and Mars.
Rahu is in the 8th house from Moon and in the 2nd house of family from ascendant in D_9 chart and these positions are highly obstructive and inauspicious for marriage and marital peace.
In D_1 chart, Venus is adversely aspected by Saturn, and also by Mars carrying the adverse effects of Rahu.
Sun is debilitated in D_1chart and is ill placed in ascendant opposite to Venus in D_9 chart.
Moon is afflicted by Mars and Rahu in D_1 chart and gets the adverse aspect of Mars in D_9 chart.
Thus period lords cannot give good effects for marital matters while they may offer highly mixed results and therefore much will depend on your wisdom, anticipation, judgment, priorities, efforts, cooperation and adjustments.
Till 27 Oct 2017, transit Saturn will be in the 8th house from ascendant and over natal Venus in D_1 chart and moving in the 4th house from Moon and staying square to Rahu and Mars.
All these will delay and obstruct relationships and marriage.
In D_9 chart transit Saturn will remain in 2:12 positions from Venus and opposite to Mars and thus strongly obstruct marriage or relationships.
Thus you will need to show your patience and use your maturity and continued determination for a positive movement of events.
But transit Saturn will also remain in the 8th house from ascendant [quite non-cooperative and not encouraging].

After 27 Oct 2017, transit Saturn will be in the 5th house from Moon and in the 9th house from ascendant in D_1
chart [very moderate period] and over Venus in D_9 [quite negative].
Thus all your efforts for love and romance should be guided by patience and determined efforts without feeling
If you can do that well and truly, you may have a chance for marriage during the second half of 2019.

4. General attitude towards relations & type of life partners you could attract:
Sun in the 7th house from your ascendant will make you inclined to rule your spouse or partner and you may tend to hurt her rather too easily.
With Venus, the lord of 7th house placed in the 8th house from ascendant, will make you look for a spouse with much desire for sex but still you will prefer to rule her even in this area and will expect her and prefer her to accept this pressure, else you will feel ignored or disobeyed and get angered over this.
With Venus, your 7th house lord from ascendant in D_9 chart getting the aspect of mars, you may face marital discord despite very active and even aggressive sexual relation.

Tendency to separate from spouse or partner can develop suddenly and this should be avoided.
Due to your inherent tendencies and qualities, you will attract partners who have well developed health and are very submissive in sexual matters, who are wealthy, and very tolerant.
You will want your partners to be as much impatiently fond of carnal pleasures as you.

5. Suggestions for success in love / marriage:
It will be necessary to assess what you can offer to your partner or spouse before you start assessing him with respect to your own needs and expectations.
This will prepare you take measures for betterment of self and make yourself more desirable for a longer duration.
There will be many occasions of disagreements but do not reject them as normal and insignificant, but do not also over react to them.
All disagreements should be noted, thought about impartially and acted upon for a better love life or marital life.
However do not submit yourself to each and every hint for a change or demand, be sure that you can accept them and meet them for a longer duration.
If you are sure that you can take all these, go ahead without any confusion.
Trust each other well but ask questions when you need to really ask.
Avoid discussing your friend circle or your past voluntarily or seeking such information on these areas from your spouse or partner.
In brief, it is live and let live that will give you the most stable and peaceful life for you.

6. Remedies:
Chant “Om Durgaoii Namah” everyday as very frequently as possible, the more the better.
Even silent chanting will do.
Donate sugar and milk to any temple of any Goddess or to orphanages on every Friday.
Donate five [or any other odd number] ripe banana-s every Thursday as above.