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Why use the Navamsa/D9 chart:
Navamsa Chart throws up many deeply hidden and highly significant planetary combinations & results that are not apparent with a straight study of your birth chart from Sun sign or Moon sign or star sign or ascending sign etc.

This is due to the fact that Sun takes 30 days to traverse a zodiac sign while Moon takes about 2.5 days, a star takes about 24 hours and an ascendant takes about 2 hours while a Navamsa takes only 13 to 15 minutes. Therefore in a D9 chart, the reference point becomes very precise and helps bring out very accurate forecast for an individual.

This method is especially suitable for matters of relationship, marriage and marital life.

1. Description of your life partner based on your birth chart D1:

Your life partner will be a truthful, dutiful, intelligent, good natured and religious minded person.
He will be a good business man or working for a business.
He will be highly enterprising, very diligent, and respectful about his responsibilities at work and also at home.
He will have meticulous planning, realistic ambitions, will take decisive and result oriented actions, very tactful and influential and very purposeful.
He will be a down to earth person.
On the flipside, he may be a bit hasty and arrogant, somewhat cruel, fickle minded, and greedy.
He may have negative associations that he will not shake off.
He will be much passionate and may be even quite impatient and even inconsiderate when he is aroused sexually.
He will be quite well disposed to you and will take good care of you but he will do everything in somewhat dominating manner but can be very easily turned around with loving talk and tenderness.
Basically he will have a bit of insecurity in his mind but will never admit it.
He will have a strong constitution and will procure much landed property.
But his education level may be lesser than your and this will give him a complex.
He will come from a moderate family but you may gain much from him materially.
He will be quite brave and active and will have much leadership quality.
He can be much useful to you in various ways and in many areas of life.
He will be a lucky person and will bring this luck onto you and there will be all round success.
Her smart attitude along with daring and sharp temperament and strong masculinity will make your marital life very enjoyable and satisfying.
She will be amenable to right handling and will accept your suggestions if told with softness and love.
Overall He will be able to give you a satisfying, comfortable and happy life if you understand him and accept his needs and ways and act accordingly.
In case of a remarriage, your spouse may not be very stable in her affections to you and as such you will need to handle this state intelligently according to the level of her attitude.
With appropriate care and support from your side, you can get much cooperation and affection from him.

2. Assessment of your D9 Chart to check the physical & mental attributes of your partner, your sexual orientation, general luck in such matters:

Physical and mental attributes of spouse/partner:
Since Venus, the lord of 7th house from your ascendant in your D9 chart, is placed in the 8th house in Scorpio, your spouse will have some sudden issues with his health [most probably related to his heart or some accidents] but will possess a very positive mindset.
Also Venus in Scorpio navamsa, may give him excessive passion and much jealousy arising out of his possessiveness about you.
This can even lead to doubting your fidelity or getting violent to any other male for being friendly or even formally close to you.
At the same time he may be attracted to any other woman in case she attracts his attention sexually and may commit avoidable mistakes that can put him in big troubles.
Square aspect between Mars and Venus will cause exacerbation of this inclination.
But he will be quite practical and realistic and hence the matter will generally remain under control.
But opposition of Venus will cause lack of sustained warmth in any relationship, in marriage or otherwise.
Despite all these, the very positive aspect of Jupiter on his 7th house of relationship from ascendant in D9 chart will keep your marital equation quite within safe limits.
Though he will much enjoy sexual intimacy with her spouse or partner but it may become occasionally.
Alternatively such physical love with you may occasionally lack in keenness and this may lead to conflicts at a later stage.
But the status will be partially modified and improved by the benign influence of Jupiter as mentioned above.

Your own sexual orientation and general luck in such matters:
In your birth chart you have your Venus is in the 3rd house from ascendant and in the 4th house from Moon and in Sagittarius sign.
Thus you may have love affairs with many persons but will finally settle down in a fairly good marriage.
You will possess an elusive magnetism and will be able to attract several men to you.
Yet you may not get sufficient satisfaction through your marriage.
Due to square position with Jupiter, you be proud, superficial, prodigal, lustful and occasionally intemperate.
Laziness will clash with over enthusiasm in doing anything to better your relationship or marriage.
Due to square position of Venus with Saturn, you may act in cold manner to your partner or spouse and this can easily lead to doubts and misunderstandings.
You may not always like to fulfill the needs and demands of your spouse or partner.
Yet you will cling to them for money or material support or gain.
You will need to keep in mind that you will require to keep your spouse or partner fully and consistently satisfied.
This is very important since you may often have mood swings about sex life or even when just being together.
Your artistic trends and emotional stability will help you to make material gains from your partners and from spouse.
Since your Jupiter aspects your house of domestic life from ascendant in birth chart, you will be able to maintain balance within relationships and keep them from going out of hand.
In D9 Navamsa chart, Jupiter the significator for marriage, aspects the 7th house of relationship, the 9th house of fortune and the 11th house of gain.
Thus your spouse provides you with deep and real love and can take the overall status to a high and decent degree.
Your overall luck in marital or other relationship with any male can be quite fortunate and gainful and at the same time quite vigorous in sexual matters.
To keep this positivity on a higher tone, you can use your fineness, intelligence and determination to maintain stability and happiness through various adjustments.

3. Predictions for this period:

In your birth chart, Moon is with Saturn while Sun is in Capricorn, a sign of Saturn.
Venus is placed opposite to Saturn in D9 navamsa chart.
Thus your marriage is expected to be quite delayed and it cannot happen within the next two years.
Just in case you have been able to get married already, the following readings will apply.

The next two years [till 31 Oct 2018] are ruled by the main period of Rahu and by the balance of sub period of Mars [till 27 Jun 2017] and then by a part of main and sub period of Jupiter.
Rahu in the 10th house in Caner sign in birth chart D1, is quite negative for relationship and marriage.
The same applies to Rahu in the 9th house from ascendant and in the 4th house from Moon as seen in D9 chart.
Additionally Rahu is in 2/12 locations from Venus.
Mars is afflicted by the nodes and is too close to Sun in birth chart in the 4th house of domestic life from ascendant and in the 5th house of love from Moon.
In D9 chart Mars is square to Venus and Saturn [negative].
Jupiter is much afflicted by Saturn and placed in the house of loss in D1 birth chart while in D9 chart, Jupiter is directly afflicted by the nodes while Saturn suffers from strong Papa Kartari Yoga between Saturn and Mars.
Thus period lords can give only mixed effects and much will depend on your wisdom, anticipation, judgment, priorities, efforts, cooperation and adjustments.
Together all of them can offer only minor opportunities for love or relationship, provided you can communicate well and in right time.

Till 27 Oct 2017, transit Saturn will be in Scorpio and will very adversely aspect mars, the lord of 7th house from ascendant and will be in 2/12 locations from Venus.
Transit Saturn also negatively aspect the house of bed pleasures from Moon sign in D1 birth chart.
In D9 chart transit Saturn will be over Venus.
Thus marital life, if any, will move through a highly troubled phase when mutual demands will increase too much and none of you will be ready to or able to meet them adequately.
There will be many differences and disagreements, total lack of mutual cooperation, many unexpected yet unavoidable situations, events and demands for major expenses.
Handling all these will be quite difficult and in turn these will affect home life peace in a very big way.
Transit Saturn will also move opposite natal Saturn, square Mars and over Venus in your D9 chart and this will make way for acute shortage of good sense or logical adjustments.
All these will also oppose chances for getting or building up any new relationship either.
This period will need your mature and continued attention and support for positive growth or at least for maintaining stability.

After 27 Oct 2017, transit Saturn will be in the 4th house from Moon and over natal Venus in D1 chart.
All the above will be much obstructive to any happiness within your home.
Domestic finance will be highly disturbed and restricted and this will grossly add to the unhappiness.
But transit Saturn in trine to Moon in D9 chart may try to revive this situation and bring some stability.
Thus all your efforts for love and romance should be very patiently focused and very intelligently handled so that you can have a relationship started or can continue any existing one well and successfully.
Nurture any possibility of relationship if you get, in such manner that you can keep it secure throughout these years while you remain selective about making the best choice.

4. General attitude towards relations & type of life partners you could attract:

With Rahu being in the 10th house of career in cancer while Moon is in the 12th house of loss from ascendant in D1 chart, you will be have preference for wealthy and sexually active partners.
Saturn with Jupiter, the lord of 7thhouse from Moon sign will make you look for stability without contributing anything towards it.
Both of you will prefer to consider yourself right in any given situation..
Thus both you and your spouse may also feel dominated or contested by each other though this is not the real picture most of the time.
Saturn squares Venus in D1 chart and opposes Venus in D9 chart.
Thus the love or relationship that you get may not have very strong foundation and will not be able to bring much lasting or meaningful happiness if you do not take proactive actions.
A comparatively better trend is applicable to D1 chart but nullified by D9 chart.
You may face frequent marital discords despite very active and enjoyable sexual relation.
Due to your inherent tendencies and qualities, you will attract partners who are financially well off and of healthy and strong built or at least looks active and lively.
You will find that all of them are much fond of carnal pleasures.

5. Suggestions for success in love / marriage:
It will be necessary to assess what you can offer to your partner or spouse before you start assessing him with respect to your own needs and expectations.
This will prepare you take measures for betterment of self and make yourself more desirable for a longer duration.
There will be many occasions of disagreements but do not reject them as normal and insignificant, but do not also over react to them.
All disagreements should be noted, thought about impartially and acted upon for a better love life or marital life.
However do not submit yourself to each and every hint for a change or demand, be sure that you can accept them and meet them for a longer duration.
If you are sure that you can take all these, go ahead without any confusion.
Trust each other well but ask questions when you need to really ask.
Avoid discussing your friend circle or your past voluntarily or seeking such information on these areas from your spouse or partner.
In brief, it is live and let live that will give you the most stable and peaceful life for you.

6. Remedies:
Chant “Om Durgaoii Namah” everyday as very frequently as possible, the more the better.
Even silent chanting will do.
Donate sugar and milk to any temple of any Goddess or to orphanages on every Friday.
Donate five [or any other odd number] ripe bananas every Thursday as above.