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We have been providing Astrology Consultation and advice on true Vedic principles since the year 2000. Over two million customers have benefited with our free and premium services till date. We have prepared Detailed D-2 Financial report with 2 years Scan:

1. Understanding significance of Hora Chart for wealth:
Hora chart is a divisional chart of the birth chart specifically studied for wealth. Here wealth does not mean only money or property. It governs all kinds of wealth like health, intelligence, creativity, foresight, virtue, hardworking nature, education, success in career, growth in income, honesty and fairness, good attitude towards people, to events and to life as a whole along with money and property.

The way of analysis of this divisional chart is quite different from that of birth chart or of any other divisional chart. The analysis of Hora Chart is quite important to determine which areas of life need special attention and hard work and the areas of your life which will give best results easily and without much effort [this may indirectly mean luck for wealth as defined above].

All people are either born in the Hora of the Sun or Hora of the Moon.  Hora of the Sun is about daytime and Hora of the Moon is about night time.

2. Strength & effects of planets as determined from Hora Chart:
Sun, Venus and Jupiter, and also Ketu are planets that are strong in Hora of the Sun [otherwise they are weak and negative].

Moon, Mars, and Saturn and also Rahu are the planets that are strong in hora of the Moon [otherwise they are weak and negative].

Mercury is strong depending upon the time of birth.
If the birth is during sunrise or sunset, then Mercury will be strong for both hora-s, otherwise it's usually neutral.

The above strength, weakness or neutrality of the planets, is also passed on to the signs owned by or occupied [applicable for the nodes only] by these planets [ie Sun-Venus-Jupiter-Ketu or Moon-Mars-Saturn-Rahu].

3. Assessment of your D2 Hora Chart & strength of birth chart wealth-factors in D2 Hora Chart:

A. The planets’ strength in 2nd house of wealth of birth chart:

Your ascendant in birth chart D1 is Gemini.
Mercury, the lord of ascendant, is quite strong and is well placed in the ninth house of good fortune, name fame, prosperity, good deeds, expenses on social causes, to be associated with voluntary organizations and pilgrimage.
Location of Moon in the 2nd house is forming Dhan Yoga.
Venus is well placed in the fifth house - brings prosperity and good position in career.

B. The planets aspecting the 2nd house in Birth chart:
The 2nd house of wealth from ascendant is occupied by Moon. This is favorable for gains from spouse, business partners, inherited property and assets. Jobs in academics and banking could bring substantial growth.

C. The D2 Hora Chart and ruling periods:

Leo is the ascendant of Hora Chart.
Jupiter, Saturn and Mars are in your hora chart.
Venus, Rahu, Ketu, Moon, Sun, Mercury are in Leo sign.
The favorable effects on career and finance will be prominent during the period of Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Moon, Venus, Rahu and Saturn.
All the above points are very encouraging for wealth generation and retention.

4. Best investment path to follow as per D2 chart:

Investment in property will be the best.
Investment in mixed plans [debt and equity] too will be quite good

5. Predictions for next 2 years:

As per your chart you are under the influence of the major period of Jupiter and sub-period of Rahu from 16 January 2016 to 10 June 2018.
Rahu is in the eleventh house.
The eleventh house is the house of gains, titles and honors one obtains in his life. Period (period) of the eleventh lord brings wealth, status in society, one gets good position and good results in studies. It also represents the elder brothers and sisters, business profits and financial prospects. Body Part: Left Ear and Legs. This house basically covers matters related to your name-fame, gains and inflows from various sources.

Rahu in the eleventh house is favorable for enhancing your social connections, rise in income and gains from the overseas jobs.

You should expect a lively period indeed for social life as new relationships are formed, totally different from anything you have ever experienced during this period. Socially you may attract a new circle of associates and friends some of whom may be quite unusual. You will enjoy going out with family and friends and will be quite popular thanks to your charm and pleasant nature. Keep a tight rein on your expenses though, as you might be prone to overspending at this time.

You may fall short of the expectations that your superiors may have from you during 20 September 2016 to 6 February 2017. But if you do work very hard and achieve all your targets, you will be fully justified in expecting a salary hike or a promotion, or even both. However, if you are contemplating a job change for whatever reason, you would do well to put off the decision for later as the planets are not much in its favour. Maintain the status quo as far as important career decisions are concerned.

You might be working extra hard for extra money during 6 February to 10 June 2017. Some decisions might be forced upon you by people who don’t understand your concern. You should learn to say no, if you are not comfortable with certain things. Standing surety or a guarantor for others in legal matters should be avoided at all costs. Landing support from authority figures is easier at this time. Avoid the pitfalls of pride or arrogance standing in your way of success.

During this period, you might experience tense moments and unpleasant encounters with difficult people, in particular misunderstanding with co-workers and people on influential positions. However if you stick to your stand, keep an open mind and forgive others quickly, things should get a whole lot better professionally and personally. Take good care of your health, eat nutritious food, and drive carefully.

Sources of income will increase during 10 June & 24 December 2017. This period indicates a favourable phase for your finance and you may enjoy a profitable time. You shall be satisfied with your earnings, and shall have enough capital to invest in expanding your operations. However, you also have a tendency to get carried away by tempting luxurious objects, and as a result you may end up spending too much on them. The inflow of money and finances, in general, will be decent. But, you will have to keep saving for the future.

You will take interest in enhancing your knowledge base and professional connections during 24 December 2017 & 6 February 2018. You will get new opportunities for prominence and leadership or geared up for the next big step on your life path. You will be in a position of authority and will enjoy working with people in your group. You will be in an aggressive mode and ready to take on the world. Take advantage of new opportunities which come your way.

There will be gains from the property and investments during 6 February &10 June 2018. You may also expect to receive some good news, such as an impending increment. Money may even flow in from some unexpected source, raising your spirits, and you may decide to splurge on the material desires of your near and dear ones. Rise in expenses may also bother you so you should set aside a substantial portion of your unexpected income for long-term investments. Expenses on health and family needs will rise during 20 April & 10 June 2018. Health of elderly parents needs to be watched. There can be loss of wealth/documents when you travel during this period. You will also spend money on worthy cause.

You will be under the influence of the major and sub-period of Saturn during 10 June 2018 & 13 June 2021.
Saturn is the ruling planet of the tenth and eleventh house.
The tenth house is the most important house of the horoscope because it is the house of one’s profession, rise in career, government, honors, respect and the dignity achieved by the native. This house basically covers matters related to your career, your karma & the kind of deeds, your authority and name.

Saturn is in the first house and is in its debilitation sign Aries.
The first house represents the physical body, complexion, health, nature of an individual, longevity, the personal development of the person and the character as a whole. This house basically covers matters related to your personality, looks, attitude, temperament and basic strength of your horoscope.

This period indicates slow and steady progress.
Professionally, you will take some smart, sensible decisions. You will have many things on your plate at one time leaving you without any time for yourself. This will be an excellent time for your career though as you will get enough opportunities to prove your competence. You will make some sound financial decisions which will bring you a lot of financial gain.

Sources of income will increase during 10 June & 1 December 2018. This could be an exciting time when you experience more independence, creativity and flexibility in your work life. Do what you do best while your professionalism shines through. If more than one opportunity of financial gain presents itself, choose the least risky and a permanent one. Your business contacts can help you progress. You may also have more commitments and responsibilities than usual.

Professionally you will have a busy life. Do not neglect your health during all of the hard work to come; stay in good shape physically, mentally, and emotionally, and make sure your life is always balanced. Your emotional and spiritual well-being needs attention. You’ll need to manage your stress levels, it’s important that you get enough sleep, eat well, and keep yourself organized. Avoid over indulging in food or drink, as excess of any kind are best to be avoided. You will need to take special care of your digestive and reproductive health. Keep your exercise routine and good eating habits up. Add more raw juice, fibber, and vegetables to your diet to keep your digestion healthy and indulge in deliciously prepared organic produce.

6. Remedies - if any, considering the D2 chart:
Keep fast on Saturday and have only one meal after sunset. Break the fast after performing prayers in the evening.
Or worship as per your faith on Saturday and attend the evening prayers at the place of worship. It may include donation of Shani articles like mustard oil, black sesame and apologies for the known and unknown ill karmas done by you. [Because Saturn is planet of punishment and gains, its strength in Libra whose symbol is scales- it scales the evil and bad karmas and punishes the person].
As an option you can give donation to an old age person (or old age home) you can even donate black cloths, black footwear and eatables.

7. Suggestions for improvement in your career based on your D2 chart:
Your natural intelligence and proficiency in work in any area are good.
But you may not get the full benefit of these if you do not develop more self-control, improve your judgment and communication and avoid investments in risky areas.
Otherwise your lack of attention to important areas will continue to affect your expenses and investments and will also disturb your mental stability that is necessary for sustained good earning and better deployment of money.
You will need to strike a balance between what you prefer to do and what needs to be done for your benefit in career and other areas of life.
This is very important and even crucial since you may also have an inclination to be impatient and hasty to build up your wealth.
This tendency will create many very difficult situations for you and cause avoidable loss of money.
You will do well to accept others’ views and opinions too, based on merit or not based on whim or convenience.
Cooperate willingly to get cooperation and absorb good advice in time.
Take regular small breaks in your work for your health could slow down your overall financial progress.

8. Things to avoid for success in career:
Avoid hasty judgment, speech and action.
Do not go for any arguments.
Do not expect your own views, opinions, way of working or your own priorities will be accepted by others as this will not happen normally but can affect your earning ability.
Expecting less will give you more energy and positivity as your efforts will have more chances to be successful.
But while trying to achieve the above, you must avoid all varieties of emotional expenses or copycat investments at all times.
Maintain high financial ethics, stay organized, grounded and disciplined in your work and maintain high standards of obedience to seniors and professional integrity to ensure growth of income.
Focus only on your ambition for better wealth status and nothing else.
Sincere hard work should be your target and should also be your bench mark.
Maintain decent thinking and precise and honest communication.