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We have been providing Astrology Consultation and advice on true Vedic principles since the year 2000. Over two million customers have benefited with our free and premium services till date. We have prepared Detailed D2 Financial report with 20 years Scan:

1.Signification of Hora chart and its utility for generating wealth:
Hora chart is a divisional chart of the birth chart and specifically deals with wealth.
Here wealth does not mean only money or property etc.
It governs all kinds of wealth like health, intelligence, creativity, foresight, virtue, hardworking nature, education, success in career, growth in income, honesty and fairness, good attitude towards people, to events and to life as a whole along with money and property.
The way of analysis of this divisional chart is quite different from that of birth chart and of any other divisional chart.

Such analysis of Hora chart is quite important to determine which areas of life need special attention and hard work and which areas of your life give the best result easily and without much effort [this may indirectly mean luck for wealth as defined above].
All people are either born in the Hora of the Sun or Hora of the Moon. Hora of the Sun is about daytime and Hora of the Moon is about night time.

2.Strength of various planets and their effects on the horoscope as determined through Hora chart:
Sun, Venus and Jupiter, and also Ketu are planets that are strong in Hora of the Sun [otherwise they are weak and negative].
Moon, Mars, and Saturn and also Rahu are planets that are strong in hora of the Moon [otherwise they are weak and negative].
Mercury is strong depending upon the time of birth.
If the birth is during sunrise or sunset, then Mercury will be strong for both hora-s, otherwise it's usually neutral.
The above strength, weakness or neutrality of the planets, is also passed on to the signs owned by or occupied [applicable for the nodes only] by these planets [ie Sun-Venus-Jupiter-Ketu or Moon-Mars-Saturn-Rahu].

3. Assessment of the D-2 Hora chart & strength of the birth chart wealth factors in D-2 Hora chart:

A.The planets’ strength in 2nd house of wealth of birth chart D-1:
Your ascendant in birth chart D_1 is Scorpio.
Mars, the lord of ascendant and lord of 6th house of debts from ascendant, is well placed in the 5th house of judgment and investment but has nearly zero digbala [directional strength] and hence he is entirely inactive for offering good results.
Also Mars gets malefic aspect of Rahu, carrying the malefic influence of Saturn and of 7th/12th house lord Venus.
The house of wealth from ascendant, Sagittarius, suffers from strong Papa Kartari Yoga between, Saturn and Mars.
Jupiter, the lord of wealth house from ascendant and the main planet for wealth, is placed in Virgo opposite malefic Mars.

Mercury, the dispositor planet of Jupiter and the lord of gain house from ascendant, suffers from strong Papa Kartari Yoga between, Saturn and Mars.
Moon sign is Cancer while Moon [planet of financial stability] gets malefic aspect of Rahu, carrying the malefic influence of Saturn and of 7th/12th house lord Venus.
Sun, the wealth house lord from Moon sign [and the career house lord from ascendant], suffers from strong Papa Kartari Yoga between, Saturn and Mars.
Sun also has much inauspiciousness and very poor directional strength and residential strength [ineffective].

Further, Venus, the lord of loss house from ascendant, is placed in the ascendant.
Thus the strength of D_1 birth chart in respect of wealth is basically inclined to be quite mixed, weak and even negative quite often.
But D_1 chart may also be slightly inclined to help your finance due to aspect of natal Jupiter on the fortune house natal Moon.
All financial events and movements will occur in a highly restricted manner such that actual growth of finance is not really supported by the major planets in birth chart and also in transit chart.
The end result is not very encouraging per se but can be improved through constant efforts.

B.The planets aspecting the 2nd house in Birth chart D_1:
The 2nd houses of wealth from ascendant gets no good or bad aspect while the 2nd house from Moon get negative aspect of Saturn, the planet of contraction.

C.The D_2 Hora Chart and ruling periods for twenty years:

Only four out of nine planets [Sun, Moon, Mars, and Saturn] are in favorable Hora - positive for wealth.
But in D_1 chart, Sun, Moon and Mars are heavily afflicted as given above while Saturn is quite weak and is highly inauspicious and has nearly zero directional strength.
Saturn is also much afflicted by Rahu in Scorpio Ascendant.
Leo is your ascendant in D_2 chart while its lord, Sun is placed in the Sun’s Hora [positive].
Mercury, the lord of wealth house from Leo ascendant, is neutral per se, but he is conjunct with Saturn [the planet of contraction] and hence is negative for giving wealth.
Moon, the planet of financial stability, is in Moon’s Hora and hence positive.
Sun, the lord of wealth house from Moon sign in D_2 chart is in Sun’s hora and hence positive but is highly negative in D_1 chart.

Moon, the lord of Moon sign in D_1 chart, is in Moon’s Hora in D_2 chart [positive per se but is placed with Saturn, the planet of contraction, hence negative].
Sun, the lord of wealth house from Moon sign in D_1 chart, is positive in in Sun’s hora [positive].
Jupiter, the lord of wealth house from ascendant in D_1 chart is ill placed in Moon’s hora [negative] and is also highly afflicted in D_1 chart as given above.
All the above points related to D_2 chart combined with D_1 chart may be or may not be only very occasionally encouraging in minor degree for wealth generation and retention as the four planets [Sun, Moon, Mars, and Saturn] will have to deal with many opposing factors.
The next twenty years will be ruled by the main period of Venus till 02 Feb 2019, then main period of Sun till 02 Feb 2025 and followed by the main period of Moon till 02 Feb 2035 and finally by a part of main period of Mars till 30 Sep 2036.

The sub periods of all the nine planets will work under these four main periods and all of them are highly afflicted in various ways [as given in detail above] and hence they cannot offer any meaningful support to financial stability or adequate growth.
Thus none of the ruling periods [main or sub periods during the next twenty years] are supportive for promoting financial status or position.
Due to major afflictions to Sun, Moon and ascendant lord Mars and many other factors, serious health issues will develop and these too can obstruct sustenance of income from occupation well before the end of the 20yr period.

4. Best investment path to follow as per D-2 chart:
Investment in debt instruments will be the best.
Investment in speculative ventures will not be advised as this can invite much loss.

5. Predictions for next twenty years:

The status of your finance during the next twenty years [till 30 Sep 2036] will be much dependent on your health status, besides the astrological analysis given above.
Please see the cautionary note given under Sun-Venus period [2024-2025].

Up to 03 Dec 2017: Venus-Mercury.
Progress in career.
Better income.
Higher expenses, many of them avoidable.
Finance cannot improve without self-control.
Avoid risky investments.

04 Dec 2017 to 02 Feb 2019: Venus-Ketu.
Major problems at work place.
Superiors very unhappy.
No progress possible.
No rise in income.
Expenses keep increasing.
Many needless expenses.
Higher expenses for family.
Financial stringency possible.

03 Feb 2019 to 03 May 2019: Sun-Sun.
Difficulties with seniors exacerbate.
Moderate increase in income.
Expenses very high.
No control over finance.

04 May 2019 to 21 Nov 2019: Sun-Moon.
No progress in career.
Income increases fairly well.
Expenses increase even more.
Accumulation suffers.
Loss through extravagance and wrong investments possible.

22 Nov 2019 to 28 Mar 2020: Sun-Mars.
Unable to improve career due to health issues and problems at work place.
No change in income.
Expenses remain uncontrolled.
Medical expenses increase.
Financial improvement not expected.
But no new debt.

29 Mar 2020 to 20 Feb 2021: Sun-Rahu.
Uncertainty in career.
Health issues will not allow proper working condition.
No rise in income.
Expenses will be quite high, especially on medical issues for self and spouse.
Financial stringency will be seen.
Accumulation will be quite low.

21 Feb 2021 to 09 Dec 2021: Sun-Jupiter.
This is a very tough period.
You may be forced to retire due to personal health issues.
There will not be any form of resumption of career after this period.
Your retirement benefits will be quite good but nothing great.
You will need to invest in suggested areas only, to get regular returns without any hold up.
Medical expenses on account of spouse will be absent.
Medical expenses for self will increase.
Overall finance can be kept stable with some self-control.
Financial stringency will not be any less now.

10 Dec 2021 to 21 Nov 2022: Sun-Saturn.
Fair inflow of money from savings and investments.
Expenses will remain high for medical issues.
No dissolute expenses.
But expenses will suddenly start rising from May 2022 [Astama Sani Starts] and these will be for entirely unexpected matters.
Yet these cannot be avoided.
Decline in health will continue keeping medical expenses quite high and unavoidable.

22 Nov 2022 to 28 Sep 2023: Sun-Mercury.
Sub period lord Mercury will remain very ill placed in ascendant Scorpio.
Wrong or hasty decisions about investments will bring in definite loss.
Avoid taking others’ advice.
Spend only when unavoidable.
Medical expenses will continue to rise.

29 Sep 2023 to 02 Feb 2024: Sun-Ketu.
Stable finance but much disturbed by sudden increase in medical expenses.
No support from any other source.
Even your own fund may not be readily available to you when needed.
Financially difficult period.
Avoid investments.
Health decline too quickly now.
Medical expenses will shoot up making dents on your finance.

03 Feb 2024 to 02 Feb 2025: Sun-Venus.***
The year 2024, especially the period Apr-May 2024, will be life threatening for your health [age - 68 years].
Living a longer length of life will be quite doubtful.
In reality the readings for finance given for periods after May 2024 are basically hypothetical and are based on the assumption and hope that you will be able to cross the harmful phase despite the threat to life during 2024.

Highly disturbed financial status.
Unable to handle financial arrangements properly, due to ill health.
Much expense on medical treatment will be quite unavoidable.

03 Feb 2025 to 03 Dec 2025: Moon-Moon.
Modest financial status.
High expenses on medical care will continue.
Yet you will be able to keep your finance within limits of stability.
You will spend with discretion and will save returns from investments in conservative areas.

04 Dec 2025 to 04 Jul 2026: Moon-Mars.
Higher expenses on medical treatment due to hospitalization.
Yet stable finance.
No dependence on others.

05 Jul 2026 to 03 Jan 2028: Moon-Rahu.
Good returns from past savings and assets.
Some disturbances in handling finance.
Some wrong decisions and mistakes are possible.
However no major losses or debts expected.
Increasing medical expenses continue.

04 Jan 2028 to 04 May 2029: Moon-Jupiter.
Expenses on medical treatment will increase.
You will be able to meet them well.
Yet some occasional financial stringency is expected.

05 May 2029 to 03 Dec 2030: Moon-Saturn.
Stable but very tight finance.
High expenses continue and gets higher.
Yet no roadblocks or debts are seen.

04 Dec 2030 to 04 May 2032: Moon-Mercury.
Finance can be disturbed through sudden urge to invest.
Avoid any financial risk.
Good returns from conservative savings.
Lesser stringency.

05 May 2032 to 03 Dec 2032: Moon-Ketu.
Increase in inflow but more increase in expenses.
Anxiety about finance.
But no issue will develop and there will be no shortages.

04 Dec 2032 to 04 Aug 2034: Moon-Venus.
Higher expenses on medical treatment.
Financial stringency can suddenly become more.
Your funds may not be immediately accessible.
However things will remain within control, finally.

05 Aug 2034 to 02 Feb 2035: Moon-Sun.
Stable but slightly disturbed finance.
Spend only when forced.
Good financial back will remain but liquidity may be less.

03 Feb 2035 to 01 Jul 2035: Mars-Mars.
Mars in ascendant at this stage will remain at the center of the transit nodes.
Health issues can exacerbate very suddenly and strongly.
Major expenses are expected for handling this situation.
Your savings will suffer a significant drain.
Financial stringency can develop.

02 Jul 2035 to 19 Jul 2036: Mars-Rahu.
No relief from health issues.
This status will not allow control or reduction of expenses.
Major expenses on health will cause depletion of assets.
Yet this will remain unavoidable.
Weak finance is possible at this stage.

20 Jul 2036 to 30 Sep 2036: Part of Mars-Jupiter.
Both Mars and Jupiter will be quite highly afflicted on your Moon sign.
Financial status will face increased pressure.
You will not need loans but fast depleting accumulations will cause much worry and this will have cumulative effect on your health and hence on finance.

6.Remedies - if any, considering the D 10 chart:
Pray to Sun God in the morning and offer water.
Avoid non vegetarian food on Mondays.
Donate to orphanages, whenever possible.

7.Suggestions for improvement in your career based on your D_10 chart:
Your natural intelligence and proficiency in work in any area are quite good.
But you may not get the full benefit of these if you do not develop more self-control, improve your judgment and communication and avoid investments in risky areas.
Otherwise your lack of attention to important areas will continue to affect your expenses and investments and will also disturb your mental stability that is necessary for sustained good earning and better deployment of money.
You will need to strike a balance between what you prefer to do and what needs to be done for your benefit in career and other areas of life.
This is very important and even crucial since you may also have an inclination to be impatient and hasty to build up your wealth.
This tendency will create many very difficult situations for you and cause avoidable loss of money and peace of mind.
You will do well to accept others’ views and opinions too, based on merit or not based on whim or convenience.
Cooperate willingly to get cooperation and absorb good advice in time.
Take regular small breaks in your work or else expenses for your health can increase and will thus slow down your overall financial progress.

8.Things to avoid for success in career:
Avoid hasty judgment, speech and action.
Do not go for any arguments.
Do not expect your own views, opinions, way of working or your own priorities will be accepted by others as this will not happen normally but can affect your earning ability.
Expecting less will give you more energy and positivity as your efforts will have more chances to be successful.
But while trying to achieve the above, you must avoid all varieties of emotional expenses or copycat investments at all times.
Maintain high financial ethics, stay organized, grounded and disciplined in your work and maintain high standards of obedience to seniors and professional integrity to ensure growth of income.
Focus only on your ambition for better wealth status and nothing else.
Sincere hard work should be your target and should also be your bench mark.
Maintain decent thinking and precise and honest communication.