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1.Signification of Hora chart and its utility for generating wealth:

Hora chart is a divisional chart of the birth chart and specifically deals with wealth.
Here wealth does not mean only money or property etc.
It governs all kinds of wealth like health, intelligence, creativity, foresight, virtue, hardworking nature, education, success in career, growth in income, honesty and fairness, good attitude towards people, to events and to life as a whole along with money and property.
The way of analysis of this divisional chart is quite different from that of birth chart and of any other divisional chart.

Such analysis of Hora chart is quite important to determine which areas of life need special attention and hard work and which areas of your life give the best result easily and without much effort [this may indirectly mean luck for wealth as defined above].
All people are either born in the Hora of the Sun or Hora of the Moon. Hora of the Sun is about daytime and Hora of the Moon is about night time.
2.Strength of various planets and their effects on the horoscope as determined through Hora chart:
Sun, Venus and Jupiter, and also Ketu are planets that are strong in Hora of the Sun [otherwise they are weak and negative].
Moon, Mars, and Saturn and also Rahu are planets that are strong in hora of the Moon [otherwise they are weak and negative].
Mercury is strong depending upon the time of birth.
If the birth is during sunrise or sunset, then Mercury will be strong for both hora-s, otherwise it's usually neutral.

The above strength, weakness or neutrality of the planets, is also passed on to the signs owned by or occupied [applicable for the nodes only] by these planets [ie Sun-Venus-Jupiter-Ketu or Moon-Mars-Saturn-Rahu].
3.  Assessment of the D-2 Hora chart & strength of the birth chart wealth factors in D-2 Hora chart:
A.The planets’ strength in 2nd house of wealth of birth chart D-1:

Your ascendant in birth chart D_1 is Aries.
Ascendant is occupied by Rahu [loss through dissolute expenses – negative].
Mars, the lord of ascendant, is in debilitation sign Cancer and is placed at the center of the nodal axis [very negative].
Mars also has nearly zero digbala [hence totally inactive for offering good results – negative].
Moon, the dispositor planet of Mars and also the planet of financial stability, gets the adverse aspect of Saturn, the planet of contraction [very negative].
Saturn aspects the wealth house from ascendant [negative].
Moon sign is Taurus and it gets the malefic aspect of Saturn [negative].
Venus, the lord of Moon sign, has very marginal strength and gets the adverse aspect of Rahu [negative].
Mercury, the lord of wealth house from Moon, has very poor digbala and hence he is quite inactive for offering good results.

Mercury also gets the adverse aspect of Rahu [negative].
Jupiter, the planet of financial growth is placed at the center of the nodal axis [negative].
Saturn, the Yoga Karaka planet from Moon sign, is extremely weak and has extremely poor digbala [no good effects – negative].
Thus the strength of D_1 birth chart in respect of wealth is basically inclined to be quite mixed, weak and even negative quite often.
But D_1 chart may also be slightly inclined to help your finance due to Vargottama Jupiter.
All financial events and movements will occur in a highly restricted manner such that actual growth of finance is not really supported by the major planets in birth chart and also in transit chart.
The end result is not very encouraging per se but can be improved through constant efforts.
B.The planets aspecting the 2nd house in Birth chart D_1:
The 2nd house of wealth from ascendant gets aspect of Saturn [only negative effect possible] while the 2nd house from Moon does not get any positive aspect.
C.The D_2 Hora Chart and ruling periods for twenty years:

Only three out of nine planets [Mars, Venus and Saturn] are in favorable Hora - positive for wealth.
But in D_1 chart all these three planets are variously much afflicted, as given above.
Cancer is your ascendant in D_2 chart while its lord, Moon is placed in the Sun’s Hora [negative].
Sun, the lord of wealth house from Cancer ascendant is in Moon’s Hora [negative] and he is conjunct with the nodes, Saturn [the planet of contraction], Mars and Mercury and hence is further negative for giving wealth.

Moon, the planet of financial stability, is in Sun’s Hora and hence negative.
Venus, the lord of Moon sign in D_1 chart, is in Sun’s Hora in D_2 chart [positive] but Sun himself is negative in Moon’s Hora as given above.
Mercury, the lord of wealth house from Moon sign in D_1 chart, is neutral, but is quite inclined to act negatively due to association with the nodes, Mars and Saturn in D_2 chart.
Venus, the lord of wealth house from ascendant in D_1 chart is favorably placed in Sun’s hora in D_2 chart [positive] but Sun himself is negative in Moon’s Hora as given above.

All the above points related to D_2 chart combined with D_1 chart may be or may not be only very slightly encouraging for wealth generation and retention as the three planets [Mars, Venus and Saturn] will have to deal with many opposing factors.
The next ten years will be ruled by the main period of Saturn and the sub periods of Mercury, Ketu, Venus, Sun, Moon and Mars while all of them are highly afflicted in various ways [as given in detail above and also in the following paragraph] and hence they cannot offer any meaningful support to financial stability or growth.
Ketu is ill placed in the 7th house [very negative for loss through speculative and other similar investments] while Jupiter, the planet of wealth is placed at the center of the nodal axis.
Thus none of the ruling periods [main or sub periods during the next twenty years] are supportive for promoting financial status or position.
4.Best investment path to follow as per D-2 chart:
Investment in debt instruments will be the best.
Investment in speculative ventures will not be advised as this can invite much loss.
5. Predictions for next ten years:

The status of your finance during the next ten years [till 30 Sep 2026] will be much dependent on the transits of major planets Saturn and Jupiter, especially due to the fact that the inherent weakness of D_1 and D_2 charts is too strong and continuous while the period lords do not help your finance.
Till 27 Oct 2017:
Transit Saturn will be in Scorpio, in the 7th house [of demands] from Moon, in the 8th house from ascendant, and square to Sun, Mercury and Venus.
Career will not make any progress now and even hike in pay may not come or may be at least much moderated.
There will be many unexpected and some expected demands for funds on you and meeting all these at the same time will be very difficult.
This period cannot offer any significant hike in income while you can lose much money through excessive expenses on fruitless endeavors and through wrong investment decisions.
Financial status cannot grow while losses can mount.
There will be no support to you from any friend of relative in your difficult time.
Yet this period should be treated as a preparatory stage for the next period since that will be even more difficult.
Till 25 Jan 2020:
Transit Saturn will be in the 8th house from natal moon [Astama Sani – very negative for financial health].
Income can increase only just fairly through routine hike in pay.
All high expenses, many of them risky and often needless, will continue, and many losses through social life and various other attractions will occur.
The level of unexpected demand that are well and truly unplanned will be very high and entirely unmanageable.
Financial shortages will be too strong while you will not get any cooperation, guidance or financial support from anyone, far or near.
Even your own funds will remain locked and will not be accessible at the time when you need them most.
Past expenses cannot be replenished and thus overall shortfall can only increase or may stay at the old level at the most.
Till 01 May 2022:
Change of job may be possible in this period but only with much effort.
However the increase in income through any such change will not be enough to make it worth the effort and expectations.
In any job, old or new, you will face many obstructions and restrictions from colleagues and seniors respectively.
Thus progress in career position or encouraging advancement in your pay will not be possible.
Major restrictions on rise in income will occur due to transit Saturn opposite natal Jupiter.
Obstructions from colleagues at work will further restrict your career and thus growth of income.
None of your needless and avoidable expenses will be controlled.
Further expenses on some possible addictions will not be effectively controlled and thus these may increase.
If you cannot be strict enough with your way of handling money, this period can easily pull you into major debts.
Much self-control and foresight will be needed to reach the next period without any collateral damage.
Till 30 Mar 2025:
This is a much better period when you can actually turn around your finance in a major way.
But stay cautious as much of it will depend on your personal judgment and self-control.
An excellent change of job will bring a much better position with much higher pay.
Overall earnings from career and any leftover asset will have very good chance to develop, provided you act in the right manner and direction.
None of your existing preferences and financial commitments and desires will reduce or stop.
High living style, various enjoyments, and rising demands from social attachments will suck out your money effortlessly.
The area of maximum loss will be through personal and social life.
Take care to avoid all avoidable expenses with a strong determination.
Strictly avoid speculative investments and thus avoid further loss.
This period can be a true turning point in your life in every ay but only if you take good care of its demands of discipline.
Till 30 Sep 2026:
Very good position in career will continue while this period will bring in much higher income through excellent hike along with some perks.
This will tempt you to take your living style even higher beyond what is already taxing for you.
Sudden and thoughtless investments, especially in property related areas will occur and this will either get into dispute or become otherwise loss oriented.
This must be avoided at any cost.
However it is not expected that you will finally go by every word of these advices but it will be good for your financial and even physical health if you do care.
Thus it is quite likely that all the possible losses out of any risky action will be yours alone.
Overall you will not finally benefit from the positivity of this period while you will be entirely unprepared for the years ahead of this period when challenges will be too strong.
6. Remedies - if any, considering the D-1, D-2 and D-10 charts:
Pray to Sun God in the morning and offer water.
Avoid non vegetarian food on Mondays.
Donate to orphanages, whenever possible.
7. Suggestions for improvement in your career based on your D_10 chart:
Your natural intelligence and proficiency in work in any area are quite good.
But you may not get the full benefit of these if you do not develop more self-control, improve your judgment and communication and avoid investments in risky areas.
Otherwise your lack of attention to important areas will continue to affect your expenses and investments and will also disturb your mental stability that is necessary for sustained good earning and better deployment of money.

You will need to strike a balance between what you prefer to do and what needs to be done for your benefit in career and other areas of life.
This is very important and even crucial since you may also have an inclination to be impatient and hasty to build up your wealth.
This tendency will create many very difficult situations for you and cause avoidable loss of money and peace of mind.
You will do well to accept others’ views and opinions too, based on merit or not based on whim or convenience.
Cooperate willingly to get cooperation and absorb good advice in time.
Take regular small breaks in your work or else expenses for your health can increase and will thus slow down your overall financial progress.
8.Things to avoid for success in career:
Avoid hasty judgment, speech and action.
Do not go for any arguments.
Do not expect your own views, opinions, way of working or your own priorities will be accepted by others as this will not happen normally but can affect your earning ability.
Expecting less will give you more energy and positivity as your efforts will have more chances to be successful.
But while trying to achieve the above, you must avoid all varieties of emotional expenses or copycat investments at all times.
Maintain high financial ethics, stay organized, grounded and disciplined in your work and maintain high standards of obedience to seniors and professional integrity to ensure growth of income.
Focus only on your ambition for better wealth status and nothing else.
Sincere hard work should be your target and should also be your bench mark.
Maintain decent thinking and precise and honest communication.

Pt. Punarvasu