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We have been providing Astrology Consultation and advice on true Vedic principles since the year 2000. Over two million customers have benefited with our free and premium services till date. We have prepared Detailed D10 Career Report 20 years Scan:

1. Basic assessment of the D10 chart & strength of the birth chart career factors in D10 chart:

A.The planets’ strength in 10th house with secondary clues from planets in 6th and 7th house:
Your ascendant in birth chart D1 is Scorpio.
Mars, the lord of ascendant, is debilitated, is conjunct with Saturn and also placed at the center of the nodal axis [all these are negative].
Sun, the lord of career house from ascendant, is quite strong and active.
Sun forms Budh Aditya yoga with Mercury and is placed with Venus in Taurus in the 7th house from ascendant [all very positive and auspicious].
Mars remains debilitated in career chart D10 [negative] but Sun is very well placed in the career house in D10 chart [very positive].
In birth chart D1, Mercury, the lord of Moon sign, is placed with Sun and Venus [very positive] but in the 12th house from Moon sign [negative and hence mixed results].
Jupiter, the lord of career house from Moon sign in birth chart D1, is placed in the gain house from Moon in D1 and is in the 4th house from Moon in D10 career chart [both positive].
Mercury the lord of career house in D10 chart is very well placed in Capricorn sign.
In your birth chart the 10th house will contribute much more to career advancement as compared to the 6th house [since 6th house lord Mars is debilitated].
The 7th house is well involved in career progress as given above.
Overall the analysis of birth chart D1 and career chart D10 will offer mixed results but positivity will be more.
All above effects will get mixed altered by the effects of the period lords and by transits of major planets.

B.The planets aspecting the 10th house:
The 10th house from ascendant of birth chart D1 gets very positive aspect of Jupiter.
The 10th house from Moon does not get aspect from any planet.

C.The D10 Chart:
Virgo ascendant is occupied by Ketu [negative] while the 10th house is occupied by Sun [very positive].
Moon suffers from Papa Kartari yoga between Mars and Ketu.
Mercury, the lord of career house from ascendant, is very well placed in Capricorn in the 5th house from ascendant but gets malefic aspect of Mars [mixed results].
Sun, the lord of Moon sign is well placed in the career house from ascendant and in the gain house from Moon.
Venus, the lord of career house from Moon is placed well in the 9th house but is adversely placed with debilitated Saturn [mixed effects].

3. Best career path to follow as per D10 chart:
Employment career will be the most suitable, stable and growth oriented for you.
You can get many opportunities in this type of career.
Business or self employment will not be adequately beneficial though you have the ability to work well in these areas but will miss out on suitable opportunities or overall luck for success or growth.

4. Industries & types of profession suitable as per D10 chart:

Areas related to leadership roles, intellectual careers involving much mental activity, legal occupation, accountancy, financial management, insurance, banking, NBF industry, medicine and all allied areas, health care services industry, pharmaceutical industry, journalism, tourism and travel industry, hospitality industry, press and publications, communication, import-export, mechanical engineering or production industry, chemicals industry, oil and natural gas industry, armed forces or police department.

5. Predictions for next twenty years [till 15 Jul 2036]:
The next twenty years will offer mixed results that will keep getting better in steps over the period.
To give this positive trend a higher tone, you should take full advantage of Budh Aditya yoga present in your birth chart.

The current main period lord Saturn [rules till 07 Oct 2026] is strong and active in birth chart D1 but is placed in the loss house in D10 chart.
Further Saturn in the 2nd house from Moon and in the 9th house from ascendant in D1 birth chart will also cause halting or even unsatisfactory movement at times.

The next main period lord Mercury [rules from 08 Oct 2026 to 07 Oct 2043] is very weak and inactive.
Thus you will need to handle the next twenty years with much care and extract the maximum possible advantage and benefit from applicable transits of planets.

Period till 27 Oct 2017 will present you with many challenges and problems due to presence of transit Saturn in Scorpio and opposite to your natal Sun.
Despite good support from transit Jupiter, you will face many strong disagreements and differences with seniors.

Communication failure will be quite frequent and judgment can be below par.
At times you may even feel that your position is under threat but position of transit Saturn in the 3rd house in D10 career chart will protect you.
Progress in position in situation or through a change of job is not expected while your pay will increase each year in quite decent degree.
Just keep your cool and work hard and disallow any avoidable argument.
Take care of health by avoiding anxiety and worry.

From 28 Oct 2017 to 25 Jan 2020, the status of career will not change materially.
Your responsibilities and workload will be increased many folds.
Disagreements with and opposition from seniors [transit Saturn opposite to natal Sun in D10 chart] will not go away but may remain hidden.

Your performance will be quite good and you will get your hikes too but peace at work will not improve.
Change of job is not possible at this stage.

Major progress in career will be possible through a very good change of job during 25 Jan 2020 to Apr 2022. The time for this change will start from Jan 2020 and you will need to try very aggressively for it.
You will be successful in getting this job during mid 2020 to mid 2021.
Your position and rank will go up much along with a big improvement in your compensation package.
You will have more responsibilities and your role may have various shades.
More people will work under you now.
On the flip side you will have chance of making mistakes at work in your hurry to please your seniors.
Though you will admit to these mistakes and will correct them to without allowing any loss of money or image to your employer, you will be much restricted in taking further decisions.
Your colleagues too will obstruct you at this stage.
Thus doing good work continuously will not be easy at all.
However this will not affect your performance or not influence your hikes in pay any adversely.
Overall this phase will be quite positive though not easy.

You will continue in the same job during May 2022 to Feb 2025.
Colleagues will be much less obstructive at this stage but you will see that your ego is gradually taking over your sense of priority and balance.You will have strong chance of taking on your seniors in a big way.
This will only increase problems for you and will obstruct your further growth in career.
Through the support of your D10 chart you can easily avoid such situations from developing.
Just mind your own needs and ambition for progress and put aside differences since you cannot remove them anyway.
This period can give you good hikes throughout, despite issues at work, simply because your performance will be very good and cannot be ignored.

From Mar 2025 till 24 Feb 2028, your career will see more growth and this growth must be retained even after Feb 2028. The second half of 2025 will offer you a much better position and matching compensation but may involve a change of location though not too far away.
In this position will be the best so far as it will give you growth with much peace of mind.
Both seniors and colleagues will offer you much cooperation.
Your views will be appreciated, used and you will be rewarded, at times bypassing some rules or conventions.
You will have new responsibilities but you will adapt very well and will perform very well.
Your seniors and colleagues will be much happy with you.
You will face no issues and will get much encouraging hikes and other amenities.

This favorable status of career will see restriction during Feb 2028 to Apr 2030 and you must do your best to hold on to the image that you have attained.

Transit Saturn in debilitation will move over natal Jupiter, opposite Rahu and square to Saturn and Mars.
Thus several issues will develop very frequently and will take up so much of your time and attention that you may at times fail to address them or sort them out suitably or timely.
This will invite many criticisms and some of your powers may be restricted.
There will not be any mistakes from your side except that your attitude will not let you think or work as you were doing till recently.
Just change this attitude without any internal arguments within your mind and you will soon get back the smooth status you enjoyed so far.
Improve your communication by listening better and talking as less as possible.
Slow down decision making to avoid unpleasant surprises to others.
With little effort but with full involvement in cutting down ego, you can easily make the status to quite positive.

In any case your work will still get much appreciation and you will get very good hikes as before.
Such course correction in time will let you avoid many problems with superiors during Apr 2030 to May 2032.
At this stage you will see some organizational changes and will be reposed with more areas of work.
Pressure on you will be very high and you will need to deliver quickly.
To do well in your work take care to avoid taking decisions in a hurry as that will cause more delay.
Give due tie to everything and this will help you to avoid communication failure and displeasure from seniors.

Just stay calm and not anxious and you will complete all tasks well.
Forget about yourself or your preferences and just carry out what you are told to do.
If you act in this way you will be able to maintain complete stability at work but no progress will occur in position in this period.
Good hikes will continue as before.

During Jun 2022 to Jul 2034 you will see the very best time in these years.
Now Sade Sati will act much to your advantage.

You will be promoted during mid 2022 to mid 2023.
The promotion will come in rather unexpected manner.
You will get a coveted position along with considerable advancement in your pay.
At work you will get sufficiently good cooperation from both seniors and colleagues.
Yet some signs of unhappiness will be seen from some colleagues you have superseded for getting the promotion.
The best thing to happen now is that your mind will work much more positively and your attitude will remain under your complete control.

Thus your output as well as your professional image will grow much.
But after Jul 2034 till Jul 2036, this will change rather suddenly.
Your health will not support you adequately and this may cause much anxiety and you may frame wrong opinions about people at work quite quickly and without any real reason.
You will develop differences with and doubts about various people and will fail to get the cooperation from them as before.

Your output will slow down slightly but this will affect you more than the level of slow down.
This can have cumulative influence on your health.
You are advised to maintain calm, look after your health and work hard but without any stock taking on a regular basis.

This will turn the situation favorably but gradually.

6. Remedies required considering the D10 chart:

Pray to Sun God in the morning and offer water.
Avoid non vegetarian food on Saturdays.
Donate to orphanages, whenever possible.

7. Suggestions for improvement in your career based on your D10 chart:
Your natural intelligence and proficiency in work in any area are good.
But you may not get the full benefit of these if you do not develop more self control, improve your judgment and communication and avoid disagreements with superiors and sudden bouts of anger.
Any possible aggressiveness towards your seniors at work must be curtailed.
Otherwise your ego and anger will continue to affect your patience too easily and will also disturb your physical vitality that is necessary for sustained hard work and good performance.
Your attitude will cause many controversies, displeasures of superiors and others, and will also cause many obstructions in your progress.
You will need to strike a balance between what you prefer to do and what needs to be done for your benefit in career and other areas of life.
This is very important and even crucial since you may also have an inclination to stick to one extreme or the other of any matter or issue and may not be ready to be on the middle of the road.
This tendency will create many very difficult situations for you and too much enmity and unpopularity will be generated.
You will do well to accept others’ views and opinions too, based on merit or not based on ego.
Also most events in your career will occur and move in a predestined manner and you will not have any control over them.
Your efforts to stop them or to change them will bring doubly negative results.
You will need to go by these events as they come.
Cooperate willingly to get cooperation.
Take regular small breaks in your work or your health can be affected and will thus slow down your overall progress.

8 Things to avoid for success in career:
Avoid hasty judgment, speech and action.
Do not go for any arguments with seniors.
Do not expect your own views, opinions, way of working or your own priorities will be accepted by your seniors or your team members or subordinates as this will not happen normally.
Expecting less through career will give you energy and positivity as your efforts will have more chances to be successful.
But while trying to achieve the above, you must avoid all varieties of controversies at all times.
Maintain high work ethics, stay organized, grounded and disciplined in your work and maintain high standards of obedience to seniors and professional integrity.
Focus only on real hard work and nothing else.
Maintain decent thinking and precise and honest communication.