Name:                      XYZ
Date of Birth:           9th August 1975
Place:                       New Delhi
Gender:                   Male
Time:                       01:01 AM 
Report:                   Composite Astrology Report with 20 Years Forecast 


General Readings:
Your Attitude.
Sharp mind.
Highly passionate.

Your Health:
Long life.
Afflicted health through out.
Many functional ailments get chronic.

Your Important Years in Life:
The 31, 34, 36, 42, 44, 45, 51, 53 and 60th years of your life will be significant ones.

Detailed Readings:
Irrespective of the periods you pass through the following salient points will be highlighted in your life events.
You will be more social, intuitive and sympathetic.
Lucky in financial matters but you will loose through your enemies.
You can be a successful in authorship if you take sufficient interest in it.
You will be much ambitious and determined but extremely proud in the process.
Thus you will have your feelings offended leading to sorrow.
A peculiar pattern of emotional imbalance would be produced.
The actions and stress of such imbalance would be quite sudden and unexpected and would adversely affect your health.
Problems with women would be included in such emotional imbalances.
You will always be at one extreme or the other of any issue and never on the middle of the road.
Hindrances in good luck and opportunities will be seen quite frequently.
Ever ready to revolt and always restless, you will damage you health and will contract several ailments.
You will be too much under the influence of your friends [?] who would be below your level and quite harmful for you.
Too secretive about your transactions, you will not hesitate to adopt any unscrupulous method to earn wealth and may have to face charges of misappropriation in financial dealings or decisions at work.
You may run the risk of being put to blackmail or litigation or government action due to these.

The following are the effects of individual planets in your charts and the future events will NOT necessarily be exactly in these lines due to mix and match of their effects and also their locations at future points of time.


Warm hearted
Firm disposition
Lack of confidence
Marital life affected
Unhappy marital life
Inclined to hurt and inflict spouse
Ambitious spouse
Quarrelsome spouse


Much emotional strength
Good education
All kinds of wealth
Much property
Many conveyances
Financial gains through government
Easily influenced by women


Long life
Win over enemies
Growth in career
Good material gains
Gains of property
Debts promoted despite much wealth
Highly strung
Ceremonial minded
Quarrels with boss
Enmity with superiors and the state
Troubled by enemies
Sufferings through fraud, theft and menials
Poor immunity to ailments
Health suffers frequently
Duodenal ulcer
Colic pain


Long life
Proficiency in mathematics
Interest in psychology and sex
Not truthful
Not wise
Materialistic outlook
Lack of real courage
Harsh in dealing with others
Enmity incurred very easily
Friends from lower rank, strata and culture
Unfair practices
No approbation from good people
Inclination to cheat may develop
Attached to unworthy women
Fond of good food, drinks and gambling
Doubtful character
Eye on others' women and wealth
Untoward effects in matters of spouse, wealth, friends and progeny
Unfortunate marriage
Spouse may not be good
Career never smooth
Many misfortunes
Financial returns lesser than efforts put in
Poor oratorical power
Stage freight
Inferiority complex
Sickly body


High position
High honors
High sense of duty
Prominently known
Control over senses and wrong acts
Over conscious about personal respect and reputation
Moderate paternal bliss
Difficulties through career
Liability to disgrace, discredit and persecution from superiors and government
Likely to be punished by the state
No progeny


Fond of travels
Wealth through women and other countries
Spouse from a wealthy and good family
Beautiful spouse
Gains after marriage
Love affairs
Much fond of sex
Highly passionate
Attraction for social gatherings and a good life
Laxity of morals
Wastage of money on gratification of senses
Poor marital life
Sickly wife
Putra dosha


Longevity increased
Devoted to elders
Long life but ends after prolonged illness
Polluted attitude
Opposed to others
Poor memory
Lack of confidences
Prone to commit violent acts and take dangerous actions
Loss of spouse
Indifferent career prospects
Many reversals in undertakings
Highly chequered career
Life full of losses and obstacles
Suffer many calamities
Struggling life
Uncaring and imprudent about money
Careless expenses and greedy and over confident investments
Sufferings from thieves, cheats and swindlers
Chromic ailments
Disease of stomach and private parts


Acquisition of landed property
Not straight forward
Shrewd personality
Strong attachment to mundane pleasures
Rigid character
Addicted to evil deeds
Setbacks in occupation
Hoards money
Face many family intrigues
Weak health


Cordial relation with people
Spoilt marital life
Humiliation due to disrespect
Outspoken spouse with a lashing tongue
Ill health of spouse
Loss of spouse
Company of bad women
Loss of virility
Skin problems
Diseases of the urinary tract
Fear of watery accidents

All predictions given hereafter are to be understood in light of the above observations and the fact that each result can be modified partly or fully by the mix and match with effects of other planets and the transit position of various planets prevailing at any point of time.
All predictions exclude the effects of the remedial measures suggested.

Special Notes on Finance and Investment:

Suitable Area of Activity:
[This applies to next twenty years.]

For Service:
[Given in decreasing order of preference]:
Positions in the following areas in decreasing order of preference or a suitable combination of them would be gainful for you.
Production industry.
Metal work industry.
Chemicals industry.
Liquids and chemicals.
Marine products.
Oil and natural gas.
Scientific and technical services.
Medicine and its practice in all forms, variants and their related areas.
Hospital management.
Defense services.
Other Martian services.
Manures and fertilizers.
Water transport.
Hotel industry.
Hospitality industry.

For Business:

For Self-employment:

Suitable Method of Work:
[For next twenty years.]

Service or business or self-employment:


Not Suitable


[For next twenty years]

[Given in order of preference]:
Only service.

Investment suitable in:
[For next twenty years]


Real Estate.
Moderately suitable on some occasions.

Debt Instruments:
Not suitable.

Not suitable [direct speculative investment in stock and shares].

Own business:
Not suitable.

Not suitable.

Mutual Funds [with capital appreciation guarantee]
Most suitable subject to limitations given below.
Prefer proven and reputed MF-s or banker's MF with global presence.
Don't invest in MF-s during till 2009, 2012 to 2017, during 2021 and 2027 to 2030.
Withdraw all existing investments as early as possible just before these periods.
On withdrawal must reinvest them in safe investments like government bonds and securities.
Invest moderately during 2010, 2011, 2018 to 2020, during 2022 and 2025 to 2027.
Invest more during 2023 to 2025.
The years 2023 to 2025 would be comparatively the best years for making gains through MF-s.
Mutual Funds [with capital security guarantee].
Quite suitable as a secondary option to the above.
Prefer proven and reputed MF-s or banker's MF with global presence.
Don't invest in MF-s during till 2009, 2012 to 2017, during 2021 and 2027 to 2030.
Withdraw all existing investments as early as possible just before these periods.
On withdrawal must reinvest them in safe investments like government bonds and securities.
Invest moderately during 2010, 2011, 2018 to 2020, during 2022 and 2025 to 2027.
Invest more during 2023 to 2025.
The years 2023 to 2025 would be comparatively the best years for making gains through MF-s.
Mutual Funds [with no guarantee].
Generally not a particularly preferred mode.
Prefer proven and reputed MF-s or banker's MF with global presence.
Don't invest in MF-s during till 2009, 2012 to 2017, during 2021 and 2027 to 2030.
Withdraw all existing investments as early as possible just before these periods.
On withdrawal must reinvest them in safe investments like government bonds and securities.
Invest moderately during 2010, 2011, 2018 to 2020, during 2022 and 2025 to 2027.
Invest more during 2023 to 2025.
The years 2023 to 2025 would be comparatively the best years for making gains through MF-s.

Own business:
Not suitable.

Any Combination holding back Monetary Success:
Yes, there are several combinations present that obstruct generation of income or cause loss of money.

Some of the major combinations are:
Jupiter, the main planet for wealth and the lord of fortune house, is debilitated.
Moon, the main planet for financial stability and the lord of property house, is debilitated in D_9 chart.
Jupiter and Moon are in the center of the nodal axis.
Career and gain house lord, Saturn, is in the 8th house.
Mercury, the planet of investment, is in Scorpio sign and in the 8th house with Saturn.
Mercury is very weak.
Loss house lord Jupiter is in career house.
Venus is conjunct with Ketu in the house of relationship.
Rahu is in the 10th house from Moon.

Special Notes on Remedy:


Chant "Sri Vishnu Sahashranama" daily evening.
Chant "Sri Hanuman Chalisa" daily, eleven times in the morning and eleven times in the evening.
Wear a good quality Diamond [100mg to 150mg gem weight] mounted in a gold ring [gold weight 6gm min, of 96% purity].
Choose a flawless gem of good quality and of brilliant cut.
Bottom of the ring should be open and the gem should be able to touch your skin very well.
Wear this on the ring finger of your right hand.
Wear this on any Friday within one hour from sunrise, after dipping it over night in fresh milk and then washing with pure water.
Chant "Om Namah Narayana" 108 times before wearing the gem.
Try to choose a day during the bright half of a month.

4. Wear three beads of Kaalagni Rudraksh with a white thread around your neck.
You can also use this as a locket attached to a chain of gold or platinum or silver.
The Rudraksh-s should touch the region around your heart.

Purpose of Remedies:

1. `Sri Vishnu Sahashranama'.
To develop, improve and maintain the capacity for correct perception and judgment in all matters, to reduce obstructions to and delay in marriage, improve chances of better domestic felicity, to create chances of childbirth, to remove various losses, enmities, debts, sicknesses and to avoid laxity of moral and other indiscreet and dissolute actions and decisions.

2. `Sri Hanuman Chalisa'.
To improve your health, your chances of a good marriage and to protect against marital problems, break down of marriage and/or loss of spouse.
To protect you against sudden and unexpected negative changes in life and to avoid obstructions, delays, fluctuations, restrictions, failures and enmities in career and in all other important matters.
To reduce excessive desire, selfishness, anger and wrong thoughts, actions and decisions and to improve real courage and overall moral rectitude.

3. "Diamond".
To ensure betterment and stability in the areas of personal health, marital felicity, wealth, landed property and overall progress in life.

4. "Rudraksh-s".
To improve all aspects of life, especially health, luck, career and finance, marital life and children and to avoid delay in all matters of importance.
This remedy will give exceptional support to avoid sudden or unexpected negative turns in any matter in life.
This will act as your `savior' at all negative periods of time.

Time to apply remedies:
All remedies -- immediate and through out life.

Sleep with head towards south direction.
Generate or promote spiritual inclinations.

Don't visit hospitals, cemetery or morgue or any other similar place with the gemstone and the Rudraksh-s on your body [Take bath before wearing them again].

Next Twenty Years: An Overview:

Events in the following areas will occur:
Very good growth in service career, quite slow initially but faster later.
However you will face several changes and ups and downs due to your own attitude.
A pragmatic outlook and self control can reduce the needless changes, make you professionally more astute and thus avoid most of the fluctuations.
Savings and investments would be good but much neglect and indifference too would be present.
Major losses through social life, enjoyments, indiscretions, indulgences, speculation and medical issues.
Delayed marriage.
Poor marital life ends through divorce within 9 years of marriage.
No children.
No second marriage.
Poor personal health will remain much afflicted and very weak and will demand much care and disciplined living style.
All predictions and answers to questions are independent of remedial measures.
Specific questions are answered at the end of the readings.

Breakdown of the next twenty years into eleven effective sub periods:

Up to 29 Jun 2009: Balance of Ketu-Jupiter.
30 Jun 2009 to 07 Aug 2010: Ketu-Saturn.
08 Aug 2010 to 05 Aug 2011: Ketu-Mercury.
06 Aug 2011 to 04 Dec 2014: Venus-Venus.
05 Dec 2014 to 04 Dec 2015: Venus-Sun.
05 Dec 2015 to 04 Aug 2017: Venus-Moon.
05 Aug 2017 to 04 Oct 2018: Venus-Mars.
05 Oct 2018 to 04 Oct 2021: Venus-Rahu.
05 Oct 2021 to 04 Jun 2024: Venus-Jupiter.
05 Jun 2024 to 05 Aug 2027: Venus-Saturn.
06 Aug 2027 to 30 Sep 2028: Part of Venus-Mercury.

Sub Period wise detailed readings:
Up to 29 Jun 2009: Balance of Ketu-Jupiter.

This period will not give you much of opportunities for growth or stability.
Despite transit Jupiter in your house of fortune till 10 Dec 08, things would be difficult at work due to poor transit positions of other planets.
Others may create many difficulties for you and make you feel insecure.
Superiors and persons in authority will not be congenial or supportive.
Most of your actions at work would be questioned and criticized.
You are likely to make many mistakes at work and will remain afraid of making more of them.
However you will remain argumentative as usual.
From Dec 08 the period may turn out to be quite critical full of tensions and crisis of confidence.
Your responsibilities will increase and you will need to be more patient, flexible and diligent.
But this may not be fully possible for you to the necessary degree.
Therefore loss of job or demotion or reduction in pay or any other persecution on similar lines may occur till Apr 09.
You may suddenly leave your job too.
No new job would be available till May-Jun 09.

Income would be quite decent for your age and experience till 2008.
Income will come down during 2009.
You will spend very liberally and this will be quite needless.
Savings and investments would not be worth mentioning.
However you will need no financial support from others.

Love Life:
You will be quite active socially.
Many liaisons are expected but they cannot be love.
You may be involved with revival of some old friendships.

Marital Life:
Marriage will not occur soon.
Marriage would be delayed till 2013.

This is a very weak area.
Getting a child would be a void issue for you at any time.

Indifferent health.
Weak constitution.
Functional ailments.

30 Jun 2009 to 07 Aug 2010: Ketu-Saturn.

Jun 09 to Dec 09 will remain a low phase in career and no recovery would be possible in the current job or through any new job.
Any new job, if any, at this stage would be for lesser position.
2010 will bring a better turn of events in career.
You will be able to secure a better job and change over to it.
The position would be higher with a very good compensation package.
However peace at work will not develop.
You will remain too firm in your views and ways of work and will not be ready to deviate from your chosen path no matter what happens.
Enmity would be in abundance and you will largely contribute to this development.
Your argumentative approach will not benefit you.
Rather you will meet with many difficulties due to this.
Disputes and conflicts with others will be frequent.

8 Aug 2010 to 05 Aug 2011: Ketu-Mercury.

This is a period of enormous frustration and hard work and can be handled only with disciplined energy.
You will be very easily prone to get violent, have very poor and afflicted communication and may even threaten others.
Thus you can become a victim of others' wrath or aggressive intentions.
You may feel that there is no obvious stimulus from your side but basically this would be due to your wrong handling of professional issues.
Avoid anger at all times and even be far from being sullen or bitter with anyone.
You will have limited or no scope for progress despite your superiors being quite fair with you.

No development in income would be possible.
You will need to be very careful with the money you earn.
Major losses through wrong investments, possible gambling and dissolute living will occur.
Medical expenses will rise considerably.
However these can be largely offset by inheritance of ancestral property during this period.
However this inheritance will have much chance of spilling over to the next period.

Love Life:
You will have a low phase in social life.
Many of your associations will fall through
There would be no love or romance.
However other enjoyments would be quite possible.

Afflicted health.
Many functional ailments.
Nervous weakness.
Poor digestion.
Fall in masculine vigor.

06 Aug 2011 to 04 Dec 2014: Venus-Venus.

You will change your job rather abruptly at the start of this period.
Thus the new job will not be very well selected.
You will get a fair rise in your position and income but the comfort level at work will not get better in any way.
You will have to work under many restrictions and the scope for expanding your horizon would be very limited.
Avoid making any far reaching plans as these will not be successful.
From 2012 the situation would get even tougher for you.
More restrictions would develop and you will not get any meaningful support from superiors or colleagues.
You would be prevented from using your due powers and privileges.
You may even have to seek clearance for minor decisions.
This will make you feel very restless and angered.
Your attitude will tend to get more and more negative.
You will act in proud, mean, treacherous and insolent manner.
Your judgment of events, tasks, situations and people would be nearly 100% wrong.
This can be a phase of personal and professional defeats if you loose patience and control over your attitude.
This is a testing time and you will need to prove yourself equal to it.
You must concentrate your energy in pure work and not scatter it through indulgence in the peripheral issues.
However 2012 will pass off without any damage to your career.
2014 will produce more problems for you though you will be spared from harm even now.
At this stage your equation with superiors will go down even further.
Your creative talents and ingenuity will go down considerably and you will be able to work in a routine manner only.
Thus no growth in career would be possible during 2013 either.
But 2014 will give you a major benefit, once again by way of a change of job.
This would be a big position under a major employer.
Here you will need to note that you have been doing very well in getting selected for good jobs but not so in keeping them.
This is a major weak point in your attitude that must be removed if you want a better career graph.
Somehow you will be more focused during 2014 and in a more prudent manner.
You will work very hard and would be more or less obedient and less argumentative.
Gradually you will earn a good name that you really deserve.

Very good developments in income from career during 2011 and 2014.
You will be more careful and disciplined in handling your money.
Very little inclination to speculation is seen now.
Savings and shrewd investments would be possible and the returns from these would benefit you.
However loss through social life and medical issues will remain generally unchanged.
Gain of inheritance would occur during 2012-2013 in case you did not finally get it during the last period.
You will get material gains through marriage too during this period.
Thus overall financial status will grow quite significantly.

Love Life:
No love is seen.
Only indulgences and various enjoyments would be possible.
No steady relationship would occur either.
Very materialistic social life, just give and take, at this stage.

Marital Life:
Your marriage will occur in this period during the first half of 2013.
Marriage will be arranged by elders and performed in the traditional way.
Your spouse would be well educated and from a wealthy family.
She would be beautiful and well placed in career.
You will gain much financially during marriage.
But your marital life will be quite disappointing from day one.
Too many differences will develop and poor sex life would be quite a blot on your masculine capacity.
Closeness or understanding will not develop.
Your attitude, lax morals and anger will repeatedly clash with the ambitious and quarrelsome nature of your spouse.
Both would be equally stubborn and sparks will fly frequently.

Weak health.
Developing impotency.
Many ailments of common but disturbing nature.
Emotional imbalance.

05 Dec 2014 to 04 Dec 2015: Venus-Sun.

The fairly stable phase at work will start deteriorating during this period.
Your intellectual and mental view point will become very narrow.
This will add up to your natural proud attitude and spoil your communication even further.
However transit Jupiter exalted in your 4th house will support the welfare in career.
Thus you will be saved from any discomfiture.
But career will not get any scope to move forward.

No development in income from career.
Expenses will increase due to more indiscretion in investments.
Loss through medical issues, social life and gambling will be prominent.
Savings and investments would be lesser at this stage.
Indifferent financial status despite very good income.

Love Life:
No love but many lustful indulgences likely.
Secret activities for carnal pleasures are quite expected.
This is a very risky period for your reputation and health despite excellent support from transit Jupiter.

Marital Life:
Marital life will decay even further.
None of you will introspect or be ready to change your own ways in any manner.
Divorce will be openly discussed.
No efforts to keep your marriage on the rails.
Poor sex life and lack of children will deny you other ways of reconciliation.

Fall in health.
Poor stamina.
Many stomach ailments.
Pronounced failure in sex life with spouse.

05 Dec 2015 to 04 Aug 2017: Venus-Moon.

Sub period lord Moon would be quite ill placed at the start of this period.
But Jupiter in the house of intellect will be in a very healthy and helpful status and will boost your luck to a large extent.
Thus no losses are expected till Aug 2016.
This would be the right time to make up for lost ground in career.
You should work harder now and put your own intelligence to use.
Avoid pride of your intelligence however.
Support of Jupiter will come down from Sep 2016, yet you will continue to get benefit for the purpose of career.
You will get sudden opportunity to make another change of job now.
This change will not give much rise in income or position yet you will be much inclined to take this offer.
You are advised to wait till the end of 2017 so that you can get a much better growth opportunity through promotion.
It is quite likely that you will follow this advice this time around.

Income will not increase now but will hold the promise for a good rise in the next period.
You will however have lesser control over your finance.
Expenses would be needlessly high and will almost certainly exceed your income.
Loss through excessive speculation, gambling, self indulgence, social life and medical bills will peak.
You may even get into debts.

Love Life:
No love for anybody is expected.
But desire level and mental oscillation will misguide much.
You will enter into poor quality relationships with highly unworthy women.
Loss of wealth and health would be a certainty.

Marital Life:
Marital life will become very poor and unstable.
Both of you will like to separate out as early as possible.
Yet this will get delayed due to poor health status of both.
No final decision would be reachable.
Yet a quick end to your marriage would be clearly visible in the days to come.

Poor health in every possible way.
Several ailments.
Excessive weakness and nervous debility.

05 Aug 2017 to 04 Oct 2018: Venus-Mars.

You will be promoted during Nov-Dec 2017 or early 2018.
This would be a very coveted position and will award you with high powers and authority.
Your income will shoot up very sharply.
You will exercise your powers to the hilt and will often cross your limits in your enthusiasm to do better in career or to impress superiors more than is healthy for anyone.
The imprudent pressures put on by you on your subordinates and colleagues would make you very unpopular.
Your selfishly ambitious actions will provoke them to try to stop you or oppose you whenever possible or to obstruct you in your work.
You too would meet their opposition with much of your stubborn conceit and anger.
You will often resort to acting in mischievous, wicked and ungrateful manners with them.
Your failure to carry the team with you will reach your superiors.
You will not get any good results for yourself despite your efforts at work.

Very superior increase in emoluments and perks.
You will save and invest quite heavily and the returns would be quite encouraging.
However you will continue to waste much money also through your poor quality social associations and other weaknesses.
Medical and legal expenses will contribute in major ways too.
Finance will remain very healthy but much below what it should be or can be.

Love Life:
Resurgence of some old relationships will occur.
But there would be nothing more than carnal extravagance.
This too would be limited sufficiently by your physical incapacity.
Emotionally you will get just about nothing from these associations.
Fundamentally you will remain very lonely at home and also outside but you will not admit this.

Marital Life:
Health of your spouse [and also your own health] will go through repeated difficulties.
In particular health of your spouse can be quite critical at this stage and even risk to her life may develop.
Yet there would be total breakdown of communication between you.
The determination to end the marriage would be firm in the minds of both.
The issue would be in court now.
You will be preparing for divorce at this stage but slowly due to health issues.

More energy but all ailments continue.
Fall in health remain unabated.
Too many functional problems.

05 Oct 2018 to 04 Oct 2021: Venus-Rahu.

Sudden favorable changes in career through unexpected relocation will reduce your problems with colleagues.
However this issue will still remain alive.
You will now work in a different project and your mind would be more focused and pragmatic.
You will be less aggressive but that will be only on the surface.
Deep inside your attitude will not get any better but things would be more stable for you.
At work you will do exceedingly well and will consciously avoid over extending your powers.
You would be more diplomatic and shrewd at this stage.
This would benefit you too.
You will be more and more popular with superiors and they will extend more support and cooperation.
By the end of 2019 you would become an important figure.
During Oct-Nov 2020 you will be promoted again.
His would be a very high position and will come with more power, more money and more problems.
You will face major opposition with your superiors at thus stage.
However you would be well placed to win over their opposition, at least till the end of this period.

Very handsome income from career rises further and quite significantly too.
You will have a lot of surplus funds to save and invest very well and also to waste away on dissolute living style.
Loss through various indulgences, enjoyments, speculation and gambling would be quite high but entirely avoidable.
Medical expenses will shoot up and cannot be avoided.
You will grow very well financially but this growth would be only a small part of what financial progress you can make now with even a moderate level of personal discipline.

Love Life:
No love.
Much indulgence.
Poor associations.
Loss of wealth.
No happiness or peace of mind.

Marital Life:
This period will see the end of your marital relationship.
This will occur during 2021 by divorce through court and by mutual consent.
There would be no issue of any contest or alimony or sharing of property.
Your spouse will happily leave her rights over every material assets and money.
There can be another scenario where you may loose your spouse at this stage through her premature demise.
However this would be a less likely possibility and will primarily depend on the strength or weakness of her horoscope.

Many ailments.
Lack of vitality.
Nervous debility prominent.
Lack of confidence.
05 Oct 2021 to 04 Jun 2024: Venus-Jupiter.

Handling superiors the right way will start getting more and more difficult in this period despite the support from transit Jupiter.
Power and authority will have the natural adverse effects on you.
Your basic arrogance and attitude will provide a fertile ground for this.
Your greed for material gains too will increase and you may get into unscrupulous actions to achieve such gains.
You will act in prodigal, dishonest, insolent and over confident manners.
All these will put you strongly against stronger superiors who would remain determined to mortify your pride and to keep you within a disciplined frame work.
You must make efforts to pass the period till May 2022 without harm to you.
Your caution and self control must increase sufficiently to safeguard your interests.
Support from transit Jupiter will start getting much lesser from now and you will need to make up for that through your personal efforts and self control.
2022 and 2023 will bring you to a better situation when the differences with superiors will melt down to an extent and you too will gradually reform your acts to remain within reasonable professional conduct.

Excellent level of income will continue and you will also get good increments.
But discipline in financial manners will not develop to the necessary extent.
You will save and invest much better but will fail to restrict your dissolute or indiscreet expenses.
Thus the gains would remain somewhat limited.

Love Life:
You will not have any association that will give you pleasures as well as a chance to get homely peace.
You will want to get married again but this will not work out though some occasions may develop and may appear to be promising till they fail suddenly.
Mentally you will remain disturbed enough to handle these issue in a pragmatic way.
Your declining health standard will remain another major issue in this area.

Fall in health.
Many new ailments develop.
Stomach issues and low strength will be typically prominent.

05 Jun 2024 to 05 Aug 2027: Venus-Saturn.

This will continue to be a challenging period and utmost care and caution would be necessary.
Till Mar 2025 you would be in a comparatively safer status but there would be much restriction on you and your past mistakes and wrong actions for personal gains would not be forgotten.
From Apr 2025, these situations of mistrust and enmity will get improved but your workload will increase tremendously.
However from this stage your health will become even more afflicted and weak and you will certainly fail to do enough for your career responsibilities.
Though your luck will still hold to some extent during 2025 and 2026, yet your performance and regularity at work would be disrupted quite frequently.
The negative effects of these interruptions and lower output will not be felt fully during these two years.
But from 2027 your NAV to the employer will start dipping.
There would be many changes around and about you.
Many responsibilities and powers would be taken away from you and would be given to others.
Thus your utility to your employer will fall even further.
They will expect you to leave on your own and you will realize this too.
However you will not get another suitable job and may keep postponing the action.
The period on the whole would not be directly harmful at this stage but will bear all the elements of harm to your career in the years to come.

No further rise is seen in your high income level.
Even your annual pay hikes will be kept at the minimum or may even be denied.
Dissolute expenses will not be present but medical expenses would be extra ordinarily high.
Finance will remain quite healthy but surplus for making savings and investments will sharply come down.
Returns from earlier investments and assets too will not develop or may even come down.
You will need special care and self control to be in place well in advance of this period.

Social Life:
Your desire levels will remain as high as before but you will not have the support of health or even money at this stage to have an active social life.
No love, romance or sex would be possible.

Poor health.
Ailments get mixed up and complicated.
Frequent confinements would be quite likely.
Lack of strength in body and mind.

06 Aug 2027 to 30 Sep 2028: Part of Venus-Mercury.

Career problems will increase further.
Your health will not allow you to work consistently or with sufficient focus.
Your productivity would be quite low at this stage.
You will need to switch to a job that will be less demanding.
But such jobs would not be easily available or even liked by you.
Yet at this stage you will not enjoy the trust or welcome from your employer.
You may have to face the discomfiture of your employer asking you to leave.
You will do well to change over to a smaller job as soon as is possible and avoid new problems.

No increase is possible now in income from career or from past investments.
Rather your income from career may fall in case you change to a smaller job now.
Expenses will not reduce in any manner, especially the medical expenses.
You will not face any stringency yet but you may in the coming days.

Social Life:
No social life would be possible.
Your mental state, finance and health will not allow you to enjoy outside in any manner.

Poor health will continue.
Chance of further decline in health would be very high.

Reply to your specific questions:

When will I find the girl that I will marry and when will I get married to that girl?

Love affairs are possible but these will not lead to marriage.
Marriage will occur through traditional match making by elders and relatives.
Marriage would take place during the first half of 2013 and not before.
You will get to know the prospective bride during Feb-Mar 2013.

Will the girl that I marry be of the same religion/caste as me?

Your spouse would be of your race and religion.
But she will not be of strictly from your caste.
She would be from a different sub caste.

What level of success will I reach in my career?

You will have several major growth points in your career and will achieve high positions of much power and authority.
However you will loose or leave these positions repeatedly due to your impatience, incorrect attitude to work, to life and to your superiors.
Thus career will fluctuate acutely and you will never utilize your full potential.
Yet it is possible that you improve this situation to a degree and extent of considerable significance.
This can be possible if you are ready to meaningfully change your attitude to life and career, focus more on `pure' hard work, more obedience, less arguments, more flexibility, cooperation and open and frank actions.

What will be my financial status and will I be able to make money to secure a good life for my family?

You will earn very well and will save and invest very well too.
However you will turn out to be quite inconsistent in these actions.
Earnings will go up and down widely and frequently while your expenses will often exceed your income through dissolute living style.
Thus your financial status will never reach a level of excellence that you deserve or that is practically possible for you to achieve.
Therefore a consistently good life for you or your family will not be possible.
Points of much shortage and even debts can occur due to lack of self control and indiscretion.

Is there any family issues that I should be afraid of or beware of, or be able to try not allow to happen? The health of my parents for example.

Health of your father will need more pragmatic attention.
Even more attention would be needed for your career, finance and marital life.
You will need to exercise total discipline and self control in your attitude, living style, finance, social life and in your relationship with your spouse.
However the weakest area that needs your serious and continuous attention through out your life is your health.
Only medical care will not be enough.
You must change your outlook and preferences to maintain a better health.